Hawaii 5-5. Or, spine-tacular.

“It’s my afterbirth day,” I said to Miss Doxie in a text, and then I found a justice of the peace who would marry me in the simple suit I’d picked out for my cat wedding.

Really, you need to come here every day or you miss things.

Anyway, hello. Yesterday was my birthday,

a birthday I am having in the midst of a pandemic and I know I am not the first or the last. People were nice anyway and I am now on my TWO WEEKS OF LOCKDOWN because who was too social? Was it me?

I know my mother enjoys counting how many calls and cards she got after her birthday, kind of a tally of how important she is to everyone, but I never do that. I did notice, however, that I got messages from my doctor, my credit union, my mammogram place, my dentist, my insurance agent and even

my chiropractor. Who’s Karen? Are they insulting me?

The Lottie Blancos, who live 45 minutes away, zipped over to drop off 8 pounds of food, and see my little house back there? Ima be growing too large for it. Note my sparkly face mask from Faithful Reader Paula H&B.

I was kind of hoping it’d be a light workday but


and I didn’t get to have lunch or fun or anything all day, but when the workday was done, there was a knock on my door and there was TinaDoris! She came over with a card and we chatted a bit till Marty Martin showed up, bearing cupcakes. She didn’t have one and please see above references to TinaDoris being hot. (And by “above” I mean all photos of her from 2011 to the present.) This is why.

Marty Martin and I, who know we are hot on the inside, ate, drank and merried ourselves in a simple suit. We realized I’ve spent, like, every birthday with him for the last 5 years.

I also got cookies and chocolate-covered strawberries from my mother, and if TinaDoris had been here she’d have said no to them, too. Then she might have looked in the mirror and reached for her simple suit to marry herself.

I have to get over that line. Not to mention when have I ever opted for simple anything. My tablecloth alone answers that Q.

Anyway, as pandemic birthdays go it was not too shabby. At the end of the day, I watched Real Housewives, and maybe that sounds terrible to you but it was a perfect birthday extravaganza ending for me.


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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

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  1. Happy birthday, June! Thank you for all the wonderful writing, photos, and musings you share with us.


  2. I ditto those who have noted what great friends you have. You are lucky, but I also think fun people gravitate to you because you are a blast to hang with – even from a safe distance. Glad you got some cake and ate it too! Many happy returns!


  3. I echo Lisa Pie in TX. You do have a way of finding beauty and a delightful way of sharing it. Happy birthday week. And I echo you, if you miss a day here, you miss something.
    The cats’ gift was the best. I just realized half of us are going to have pandemic birthdays this year and it won’t surprise me a bit if we all do. I can tell you right now mine won’t be as sweet as yours was. But I will love it anyway.


  4. Great post and happy after birthday. I am going to be 58 on Monday, my very first pandemic birthday. Here in good ol Florida everything is open, so I can do anything if I wished. But guess where I’m choosing to have my fun- hold on- DMV, because my license expires AND followed by a fun, get nekkid session with the dermatologist who always finds something scary.
    I’m a bit down about it actually but trying to be a big girl now that I’m old. Happy birthday fellow Moon Child.

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  5. The year I turned 55 I started singing that damn song “I can’t drive FIFTY FIIIIIIIIVE!!!” every time I got in the car. I did that till I turned 60 this past year. Now I am finally done with that.
    You know, what I just realized is that after all these many years of reading you every single day is that you have taught me the joy and beauty of noticing the small things. Those are the things that make life, well, wonderful. So thank you, June for bringing the goodness out and making me aware of it.

    Happy day after your birthday, you old joy of life!!!

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  6. You had a magnificent birthday, despite the pandemic. I’m glad you have wonderful people in your life to help make it that way! You deserve it. Kudos to your sweet friends!


  7. I had a Pandemic birthday, too. Except nobody in my family got me anything and my husband, as usual, was completely unaware it was my birthday. So I bought myself a diamond bracelet from Tiffany to make myself feel better. Note: it worked.

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      1. Yeah, both my husband and I pretty much just buy our own things. On his birthday, he came home with a fancy-shmancy GPS thingamajig for his dual sport bike so we both liked our birthday presents.


  8. GetLife. Cracked me up. What a nice celebration of you double nickles birthday. The cupcakes look delicious. Lovely friends to celebrate with you.

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  9. I hope that next year’s birthday, you will be blogging about all the places you went to on Birthday week. That’s my birthday wish for you Dear June. That life returns to some level of the Good Old Days. Though adventure does follow you, even when in Social Distancing- thank you for sharing your interesting view of the world and life.


    1. “ I hope by next year’s birthday….” Omgd I’m starting to type in Cat language…


  10. Happyafter birthday. Ouch, Judgemental Kitty Committee does not approve!

    Lovely post, you’re pretty and I’m glad you had a nice day!


  11. Your cats are hilarious with their GetLife crack. What a lovely birthday in any year, even more lovely in a pandemic year with the Lottie Blancos’ drive-by visit, TinaDoris’s surprise visit and Marty Martin’s 5th annual birthday celebratory visit. Not to forget Paula H&B’s perfect sparkly mask birthday gift. A fine birthday indeed.

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  12. P.S. The photo of portly Diego at the top of your page is amazing. How did Frida think he was such hot stuff???


    1. Did you notice on the photo header that she had on a very nice looking probably low cut dress and he threw a blanket over her chesticle area, no wonder the death to him look.
      You have wonderful friends.
      Happy day after the birthday. Look no hangover. Win.



    It sounds like you made the best of your day, with those who love and care for you (from a distance). Here’s to another turn ’round the sun!


  14. Have an adequate birthday? Too funny! It was lovely of the Lottie Blancos, TinaDoris and Marty to show up bringing gifts for your special day.

    You have good friends, June.

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