Before I begin, let me mention that Milhous is at the water dish, and Edsel came in from outside wanting water, so with his 10-year-old, bad-hearted, arthritic self he minced over there, saw Milhous drinking, and walked away.

“You can share!” I said brightly, injecting myself into the dynamic that is my pets. “Everyone can drink from the bowl! Let’s pretend we’re antelopes at the watering hole!”

But Edsel wouldn’t do it. He walked away, head low.

Oh, I was worried. He needs his water. He’d been in the bedroom with me all night, not drinking (I should really put a bowl in there, shouldn’t I?) and then he went outside in the July sun and now he’s acquiescing to a yellow cat.

splish splish splat

splish splish splaoot

When Milhous is done delicately lapping at the water bowl, he enjoys putting his foot in there and splashing the water all across the kitchen floor. It’s why I’m having him put down later today. “Edsel, now he’s just playing with the water like an elephant,” I said. “Let’s go back and get water.”

He wouldn’t do it. He allowed Milhous this private time and won’t be doing any interviews of him during this trying time.

GODDAMMIT. So now Edsel is over on his living room bed, probably dying of dehydration, while Milhous is satisfiedly cleaning his toes.

As you can see, there’s a can of paint on my floor that should be up on my porch ceiling. I went with Meander Blue.

I got it Sunday afternoon but didn’t see my neighbor and felt bad knocking on his door saying, The paint is here! Come paint for me for free on a Sunday! I’ll just wait till I see him, which I guarantee you will be in the next 46 seconds. He’s a very visible neighbor.

For someone in isolation, I got out and about this weekend and am riddled with coronavirus now.

On Saturday I had to get up fairly early because I had my trainer. Whose cockamamie idea was it to see her 3x a week? Now all I ever do is get out a sports bra. I see her ass again tonight. Yeesch.

Anyway I got up early and had nutritious coffee so I’d be at my best during my workout, and then as soon as I was done with my rigorous Rocky training I had to STAMPEDE to the kitten room and get them in a carrier, oh the breezy getting-ferals-in-a-container technique, and head to the shelter so they could get their shots, which were at this point overdue because GETTING FERALS IN CONTAINERS.

I did it, though, by putting spoons of baby food at the back of each carrier. I was able to just pick up Hissy like a normal cat and get her in there, but Fitz slowly, slowly oh my god SLOWLY went in there. The noises they made on the way to the shelter were noises I never heard cats make. When we got there, it was, you know, Saturday at the shelter, so I sat outside on a corona bench waiting my turn and getting a viral load.

I looked in the carriers and Fitz turned his back to me, which will break my heart forever.

After their shots were done, the shelter vet came out and said she thought they should keep them there, as they have taming-feral techniques that might help Fitz better than I was able to. I didn’t know this was the END of Hissy and Fitz, and I got my usual combination of sadness and relief.

This was the last picture I ever took of Fitz, who didn’t hang around my cats really at all but did enjoy seeing Milhous, who ran in there whenever I opened the door to take out litter or refill water (always water with that cat).

Anyway, the drive home was a lot quieter than the drive there. It took about an hour to clean that room of the myriad kitten things.

I have these five girl cousins from Detroit. A few times a year, my aunt and uncle would round them all up and bring them over to gramma’s (the nice one, not the one I turned into). The whole weekend would be chaos and jokes and things getting moved, and then they’d go. I’d stand on the porch with gramma, waving goodbye till their car was out of sight. When we’d go back in, she’d inevitably end up saying, “Isn’t it so quiet and sad?”

As an only child who was basically a piece of furniture over at gramma’s—I was there constantly—I could see how the atmosphere was … different, and yes, sad, but I was also completely overloaded and relished the quiet of just the click of her maple leaf clicking back and forth on her cuckoo clock.

Anyway, wasn’t it so quiet and sad Saturday after the kittens were gone? No more mysterious thumps coming from that room. No more things being knocked over. I hope Fitz gets unferal and has a good life. Hissy will be 100% fine.

The good news is Edsel didn’t have his usual after-kitten depression because he didn’t get to know this batch.

On Sunday, I was so bored I couldn’t even stand it, so I got in the car and drove around. I drove past my old house, and down past the neighbors whom I had given puppy Ava after Edsel ate her.

I think it’s been four years since that day. I was kind of thinking of Ava when


The whole family was outside! I rolled down my window. I’ve had 87 cars since I lived there.

“JUNE!!” they all shouted, running to the car, including

growed-upildy Ava! Oh she’s such a wire-haired muffin.

I sat outside and talked to the neighbors for 15 minutes, which I mentally timed because that’s catch-COVID time.

I was so glad to hear what was new and to see Ava and their collection of lovely cats, including a silky-haired beautiful black one and a grand, bob-tailed orange one who looks like a lion. Basically I left my dog and cats to go visit other dogs and cats.

I knew the dad of the house had been a doctor, but what I learned that day was he was a doctor FOR THIS MILL. All his patients had come from the mill that everyone in this neighborhood worked for. Isn’t that weird?

Small world. Wouldn’t wanna paint it. You know what else I don’t wanna paint? My porch ceiling. Where’s my neighbor?

Anyway on Sunday I ended up going for a long walk with a neighbor from THIS neighborhood, my neighbor R. So now I’ve done so much socializing that I have nine kinds of The Virus.

You can see I have humidity curl up at m’forehead, whereas the rest of my hair has refused to curl lately and is back to looking like insulation, a thing I mentioned on social media last night but it’s true. I’ve no idea what’s up other than I haven’t had one of my specific cuts for curly hair since, you know, November. Also, despite two citronella candles and DEET-filled bug spray, all of my skin was eaten last night and I am writing to you with just bones.

I’d better go, which I’m sure you’re sad about seeing as I have talked about pets for nine hours.


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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

41 thoughts on “Splish”

  1. What a lovely post, June. I would have never guessed puppy Ava would grow up to be a wire-haired adult and I’m happy you had a chance to visit with Ava and her family.

    Love your choice of Meander Blue and can’t wait to see your finished porch ceiling.

    Sad that the kittens unexpectedly vacated the premises, but am sure your other animals will do their best to fill the void.

    In other news, the cicadas have finally arrived here and are filling the summer nights with their sounds. Between the wee little fawn, the deer, fireflies, cicadas, the fox I saw this week and walks with SadieDog, I’m keeping entertained. I haven’t tried riding on the garbage container yet, so have missed out on the Milhous fun ride.

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  2. We have a large bowl of water our GSD drinks from in the kitchen. She would drink what was in a small bowl and be wanting more. Liver slap expected and accepted.


  3. Aw, noble Edsel.
    You can send us a picture of your porch ceiling later and it will look exactly like the blue square up there.
    Hope you can enjoy the upside of having fewer animals to feed up and milk in the morning.


  4. I think my stupid thin curly non-growing hair has improved a bit since March, but the trade-off has been a twelve pound weight gain (all spare tire) and worsening skin. I was not careful enough with my wishes/pleas for change. Undo it Lord I’ll spring for a wig.

    I think I need your trainer. And maybe a dog to walk

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    1. When people ask this, it makes me feel sad. I know you don’t MEAN to make me feel sad. But people come and go from this blog, and the “Where’s [ ]?” always makes me feel like I’m being accused of losing someone or there’s drama or something. Hulk is still my friend; I think he just kind of got over reading. And, I mean, he read from 2008 till like 2018. That’s a lot from a person. That’s a lotta years! He hung in there, reading a girly blog! I’ve never asked him why he stopped and I’m not mad that he did!

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      1. Oh goodness! I’m sorry! I didn’t intend it that way at all. I feel so bad! I knew Hulk went off Facebook and I also know he reads but doesn’t always comment. When I was reading today it made me think of him and his sarcasm. I was trying to channel that sarcasm. I’m sorry it didn’t come across that way and I’m REALLY sorry that I made you feel sad.


  5. I LOVED this post! So sad to see the kittens go, hoping they will be adopted together and little Fitz can find peace and feel safe. The porch ceiling paint is beautiful, that’s going to look so cool. Poor Edz, he’s such a gentleman. We have be distance social with our neighbors, but last week we were staying away from every one because I was exposed to the virus. We were tested early last week and was told it would probably take a week for the results, late Friday afternoon we received the results. NEGATIVE!!!! We were so relieved, but then our neighbor’s grandson got sick and then we were waiting for those test results. NEGATIVE!!! I’m like PJ, I don’t even know what is real time any more. I’m sure being retired doesn’t help the situation, and not attending church, but I have to stop and think about what day of the week it is and even the month and please don’t ask me the date, because I have to look at my phone or calendar. It’s hard to remember the last time I dressed up, even casually, to look presentable, it might have been in mid May when I went to the eye doctor.

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  6. Thank you for all the pics and updates, lovely Coot. Glad you got to see and talk to that nice family.


  7. How is it puppy Ava turned into that dog Ava? She is a muffin! So fun how different puppies look as babies and then full grown dogs. It is such a guess to how they are going to turn out. Unless of course it is a pure bred. But I am a mutt snob.

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  8. We used to all gasp when you said something like that’s why I’m having him put down today, and now we just wave our hand in the air and say, “Oh, that June. She’s such a card.”

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  9. Love, love the turquoise tablecloth and all the kitten/Edsel news. That Ava is a dog muffin and I just don’t get why Edz didn’t love her. Great post, June!


  10. Lovely post, pretty June. Sounds like a great weekend even if it did include premature kitten separation.


  11. We also had a vet visit, as you know. Phyllis accepted her fate more readily than usual and tried to escape, but only half-heartedly. Albert was his usual compliant self. She rides quietly in the car, he’s an opera. I liked it better when we went in with them, but c’est la vie. I also had a dental appointment and, as predicted, the entire staff was suited up like Outbreak. I have no idea who I spoke with, who cleaned my teeth, nothing. I know nothing. It could’ve been the guy who cleans our septic, GOD FORBID, moonlighting as a dental assistant. Between the PPE gear, the light on their heads, the magnifying lenses stuck on, it could’ve been ANYONE. Then I sat in line at the bank for nearly an hour because the guy coming to our house this morning wanted cash. CASH. Not Venmo, not Paypal, CASH. Lu annoy.

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    1. I got what I thought was an automated text saying it’s time for my cleaning and I wrote back, “Dude. It’s a pandemic.” and was MORTIFIED when someone wrote back, “Just call us when you feel more comfortable, June.”

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        1. Just cancelled my cleaning for this week. Now watch, I’ll have a tooth dissolve down to the root a day after the appointment.


        2. I have mine today also. Not worried though. I expect the virus will have a hard time getting out of the Outbreak outfit


      1. It’s my understanding they only are allowed to scrap with the pick thingy and can no longer use the Comet and drill to clean and polish your teeth. Why am I having to give WordPress my email and name each time? I KNOW I don’t have to leave all that, but I thought I had signed in.


        1. I had everything. Picky thing. Water blasts. Flossing. Power washer. Tooth polisher.


        2. teesmithii once you clean out your cookies you have to start all over on the sign in doohickies.


  12. Meander Blue is such a nice name. I think I would choose it just for the name but it’s pretty, too. I was out Sunday afternoon starting an agility class because my dog truly needs to do things. It seemed like it would be pretty safe – just a few people, a big building, working dogs one at a time. But at the beginning there was talking and I kept trying to keep my distance and people kept crowding around! And we didn’t wear masks because like I said, it wasn’t lots of people, not a crowded space, more of a barn/pole shed than indoors but I still felt a little panicky. But the crowding part was short and the rest of it was a lot of fun so I’ll probably keep risking it.


  13. Oh, but you had such a lovely weekend! I am sorry though, and a little bit sad, that Fitz and Hissy have moved on, I love the kitten stories.
    Edsel is such a gentleman, a gentleman of the old south. My daughter’s cat loves water as does Milhouse. Halle scoops up her dry crunchies and drops them into her water bowl. She does this to a few at a time and then delicately scoops up each crunchy to lick from her paw.
    Meander Blue looks just like the color I painted both bathrooms. I am excited to see it on your porch ceiling – it will be so beautiful!
    Laurie in NB, Canada

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    1. Nearly every cat I’ve had has loved to take a toy and put it INTO the water bowl. Then sometime later, fetch it out and toss, toss, toss the wet toy. Good times.


      1. My cat loved to “drown” her toy mice and she did the same thing when in her twelfth year we got a real one.


  14. Oh, the pictures of Eds and Millhouse just touch my heart. They are really buddies. Loved this post beCAUSE of all the animal talk. Delightful!

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  15. How nice to get out and about! You know, safe-ishly. We went to a neighbor’s backyard for a socially distanced barbeque Saturday night. It was HOT – our first 100+ degree day of the year, so that was comfy. Honestly, it was so nice to talk to people who don’t love in my house.


  16. Aw, tell R I said hi! We had such rambling conversations while she loosened up my perpetually knotted body;)


    1. She told me yesterday she really misses the people from our workplace. She said we were a collection of odd geniuses.


  17. I’m sad to see the kittens go, and so (seemingly) quickly, but hope they have great rest of their nine lives!

    I, too, am bored out of my gourd (whatever body part THAT is).


        1. I picked up an old journal last evening and was reading some things that felt like they were from 2 years ago and they were from April. I feel like I don’t even know what is real any more.


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