A three-COVID day

Current situation: I’m in my Frida robe, and thanks, autocorrect, for calling it a “Friday robe.”

My lawn guy, Victor, is here, along with his family, and they are mowing and trimming and edging my lawn and I feel like the Rich White Lady of Millhouse Mansion, in here, celebrating Frida in all her Hispanic glory and yet being all, “You guys do my lawn out in the sticky heat.”

Am conflicted.

The important thing is that Victor does not fear snakes and I do, so I am basically paying him to encounter them. I have given him strict instructions to not murder snakes, as that makes me sad. They’re just over there living their snake lives. They shouldn’t be killed for lounging in bushes or gardens, doing no harm. Other than scaring me to death.

Meanwhile, the ferals and I are emotionally readying ourselves for a trip to the shelter, where they are getting their shots. I put off this trip as long as I safely could because I did not know how I was gonna lure Fitz into a carrier if I couldn’t even LOOK at him without him grabbing his hair by the roots and screaming for the police. However, he now lets me pet him when the moon is right and the feelin’s right, so I have a plan to put a little baby food way back in the carrier if I have to, then shutting the door faster than you can say, “Heyyyy. Why Fitz…heyyyyy.”

Hissy, meanwhile, is 100% a normal kitten, almost, which makes it not 100% but whatev. She runs to the door when I walk in here, she leaps up here on the chair and sits with me. Yesterday she even climbed on my lap and slept.

Now someone just needs to adopt them.

Not only do I have to go get COVID at the shelter, I also have to swing on over to (Arby’s Arby’s—does anyone remember that commercial?) the vet and get Edsel’s arthritis medicine. Plus also too I am CLEAN OUT of canned kitten food, so if I forget to ask for some at the shelter (what’s the over/under that I will forget?) I also have to get COVID at the grocery store. It’s a three-COVID day.

Meanwhile I had a dream about Ned that affected my mood. Do you ever get those? Among other things, he had painted his nails silver and I was over there in the dream thinking, In a million years I did not think Ned would paint his nails silver. Unless it was for Halloween. He’s one of those Halloween people.

Anyway, it bothered me, and I hate setbacks like that.

Fortunately I will soon be battling coronavirus, what with my gadding about all day today, so that will distract me.


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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

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  1. Last night, I had a very weird dream about a guy I have not seen in 20+ years. I think I miss him.

    My vet here in NY still won’t let us Covid people in. They bring the meds out to the car and the swipie thing for my debit card…easy peasy. If the kitty has to go in, they come out and take cat and carrier in and do their vet thing.

    Do your grocery stores bring your items to your car? Order online, pay, set up a pick up time, done.
    You will certainly feel like the lady of the manor with all these people waiting on you!


  2. I sometimes have dreams about my one-that-got-away, in which we get back together again. Then when I wake up and realize it’s not true, I feel sad all day.
    Good luck with the kittens. Just when Fitz starts trusting you, eh? That’s a bummer. I hope he’ll forgive quickly.
    Would love to know what the silver fingernails mean.


  3. Hope you did not get the Covid, but if you did can I have the robe? Also, in case you survive, please tell me where that robe came from?


  4. When I saw the new header I showed it to your stepfather and said, “He’s the one who had affairs “(I know she did too), but one can’t help but wonder what anyone saw in him. I do love her shoes. One more week until the big day. Stay safe honey.


  5. Phooey, one really good birthday present idea, down the drain. Glad you got the robe though.


  6. I had to go to the bank this morning to get some papers out of the safe deposit box. I wore my biggest mask, carried two wet hand sanitizer things for handing over my ID and signing the book, had gloves in case I needed them, phone in pocket, keys in other pocket. The bank has someone stationed at a locked door. They let 1 person in at a time for the counter. If you. need to see a banker you need an appointment. They lock the door behind you. Then I get back to the inner sanctum, pull out my key because I am prepared and ready and have no idea what my box number is. Had to juggle it all to call Distinguished to go look up the box number. Drat.
    If any live free or die people out there wonder why I do all that, I know 2 who have died, and 2 who have had it and been hospitalized, and 2 who have it now going on the 3rd week and are sick tickets.

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  7. I hope you Covided safely, if there is such a thing. I feel a little freaked out that you had a dream about Ned because last night I had a dream that I took a road trip to NC and we got together. Sitting at your kitchen table, I was going on and on about all the crap he did, while you were trying to counter with some of the nice things. I stood up and said, “(Your real name) don’t make me get the taquitos and drive to (his real name) house!” You looked at me in shock and said, “How do you know our names?” and didn’t even address my taquito throwing.

    Then I woke up and remembered the dream, which I don’t do very often, and said to myself I had to tell you! And here we are.


  8. Frida,
    What was the attraction ?
    I know he had multiple affairs, and his relationship with your sister ultimately caused your breakup.
    What was there about him ?
    A friend

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  9. Love that robe! And so happy you have someone to do the yard – you have other things to conquer! The kitties!
    I have maintained a positive attitude about Covid 19 but honestly, last night it gave me some not-so-good dreams…. I am in Arizona – the hotbed of the world. But this morning -taking a deep breath – yes as Laurie says… I am so over this covid-19…… Just say not to covid! Stay safe, June – and all!


  10. Love the Frida robe. Two covid day today for me. And the countdown begins again. May the odds be ever in your favor.


  11. My current resident cat, Cora, spent the first six months with me under the bed. I could see sometimes see her froms afar, but she never came out in front of me. Then one day she just hopped up on the bed. Still more under than out, but she is a pretty girl, and with the fluffiest butt I’ve ever seen, as it’s always in my face. Maybe she likes me.

    Best dream ever was me and Sir Kenneth Branagh. We had gotten married, and I had this beautiful cake-top dress with sheer lace on the top, and nothing underneath, and my girls were magnificent. Leaving town in a vintage convertible, with George Clooney driving. What a night!

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  12. I had a pet shake left over from a boyfriend and always felt bad because I hate that some things are forced to live in cages. I eventually gave him away to someone who was more into snakes. I loved that snake, and I can say that while admitting if I am startled by a snake outside I immediately jump and scream in terror. Then I follow that up with immediately get very very excited over the danger noodle sighting. Makes no sense.


  13. Yesterday when I was returning from grocery shopping, I saw a young man riding a bicycle and holding a snake. A big spotted snake. He was holding it as far away from his body as possible and had a handkerchief or tissue around the snake’s neck where he was grasping it. What in the hell was he going to do with it?

    Good luck with the shots.


  14. Love the robe and I get the conflicted feeling of having the family out there doing your yard, but I believe your snake fear is reason enough. Good luck catching kitty and NOT corona. I am forever telling myself ‘Just remember this one thing (at the doctor or the store, etc)’ and always a miracle if I remember it, so maybe write the cat food on a note and pin it to your shirt or across your mask. Is it just me or are busy days like this totally exhausting now that we are not used to having them? I plan out big days lately like an 80 year old woman when I used to grab keys and purse and list and bolt without a though. Ah, the good ole days.


    1. “Pin it to your shirt” made me think about when I was in kindergarten they would pin everything to our coats before we went home. This was in 1969. I bet they don’t do that anymore!


  15. Oh, like the robe. You are the rich lady with the yard crew, I live with my yard crew, but he has strict orders about snakes, kill them all and let God sort them out. Now, he might be ignoring those instructions, but he doesn’t tell me, which is fine. Only problem, we have copperheads and they are nasty. So, to me all snakes are copperheads or rattlesnakes.
    My feral, fmr., Trudy Trotter, is a Phyllis. We can’t allow her to see the carrier because we would never be able to catch her. Then, when we put her in the carrier she sounds like we are killing her. It’s really pitiful. The other feral, Sgt. Stripes, has progressed to not running away when I go outside to feed him. If I don’t look at him he will stay put, from a distance, but will not approach the food until I am back inside. This morning after he ate he decided he would just lounge (you know how cats just stretch out on their side) for a while. You have done an amazing job with those scared little fosters. Here’s hoping they will get adopted together, because they are a cute, cute pair.

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  16. I got two kittens when I was in 6th grade, brother and sister. Both HATED getting in their shared carrier. Whenever we would get one in, and then try to put the other one in, the first would leap out. Those cats could get some air, man. Eventually my mom would just get their shots from the vet and administer them herself, at home. When I moved out, I took them with me. They never got shots after that. (I know, I know, but the literally NEVER went outside). Lived to be 15 and 16.

    Perhaps this has been mentioned, I’ll need to get out my Big Book of June, but have you read any good biographies on Frida? I would like to but some biographies are SO boring, man.

    Good luck out there, in this COVID world.


  17. planning a trip anywhere outside my house now, gives me hives. But we need food! So I don a mask and gloves and carry hand sanitizer and avoid aisles with other people and hope for the best. Sigh, Not a life, at all.

    Hope the kittens are well, and get adopted quickly!


    1. I know June is not a podcast fan so don’t tell her I said this but the History Chicks has a great episode on Frida.


      1. Great to hear that. I’ve heard some of the History Chicks. Time for more.

        We had a stellar Frida exhibit here in Mpls some years back. Wildly popular, so very crowded. I got to go as a chaperone for my friend’s Spanish class, on a Monday, when the museums are closed here. It was a delight to see so much of her work that way. She was definitely one of a kind.


  18. Absolutely love that robe! My daughter is such a Frida fan (art teacher). I like the wild side of Frida, you know what I mean.
    Have fun with your cat rodeo today. We will anxiously be waiting to see which one of you wins the prize. They are so adorable, still hoping they get adopted together.


    1. Cat rodeos would require clowns, right? Would Edsel agree to wear a red nose and big floppy shoes?


      1. Don’t mention clowns. I don’t know which June fears more…snakes or clowns. Now if a clown were found lurking in the bushes or garden, I think I would know the answer.


          1. Yes. For some reason, I thought that translated into a fear of all clowns. One of the funniest episodes of Frasier was when he was treating a nurse who worked at a children’s hospital for her fear of clowns.


  19. We still have trouble catching Phyllis and she’s been with us for five years. When we take out the cat carriers, Albert walks into his, turns around, sits down and orders a martini, very dry. We have to hide the carriers from Phyllis, close all the doors to all the rooms, chase her and grab. Then a second human whooshes the cat carrier under her. It’s stressful.

    The first time we tried to catch her, my daughter trapped Phyllis in the bathroom. I came in with the carrier, cornered Phyllis and got her. I zipped up the carrier, locked the zippers and put the carrier in the middle of my bed so I could take a shower. When I came back, the carrier was empty and Phyllis was in the geometric center underneath the bed. She clearly has a hidden tool belt because how the hell else did she unlock and unzip the carrier? Not to mention finding the least accessible spot in the room.

    When Phyllis’s first owner was bringing her to us, she had to reschedule because she couldn’t catch her. I snorted to my family, “PUH LEEZE. It’s a CAT. Just PICK IT UP.” I have lived to regret that cavalier attitude.

    Both cats have vet visits this Saturday and we have been planning Operation Catch Phyllis for days already.

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    1. Oh my gosh – our cat, fmr., Wednesday was a Phyllis. I trapped her one time on the screened-in porch, went out there with the cat carrier, and … no Wednesday. Finally found her UP THE CHIMNEY. (there’s an odd little fireplace nook halfway up the brick wall that somehow connects in with the actual chimney to the fireplace that we haven’t opened in 15 years) Conceded defeat that day.

      Another time, I had to coach my daughter that we were going out to the car like every school day, putting stuff in, then I would pretend I had forgotten something and go back to the house. Bustled to the kitchen, talking to self, then detoured through the living room on way back to door. Scooped up cat and RAN to car, threw her in there and slammed door. Daughter was under strict orders not to pet her, talk to her, look at her, NOTHING. Had to have two vet techs help get her out of car. We tried drugging her prior to appts, to no avail. They had to put her in a box and gas her to unconsciousness before they could do the exams.

      Same cat would also curl up next to a baby and purr like a freight train. Would perch on top of the net crib tent and stare at my kids, purring. Absolutely turned to gooey love puddle for a baby.

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    2. My 12-week old puppy figured out how to slide back the bolts on her crate. I had to start padlocking her in. Then she started pulling the keys out of the padlocks. It’s like playing chess. And I’m losing.

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  20. That is a Frida robe; do you have the entire collection?
    Yes, funny how those dreams can affect our moods.
    Thank you for being so real. Some things are just raw emotions that come back to the surface like a message in a bottle. I had a dream last night about my Ned. It can still hurt.
    You are a part of my day; the part I always look forward to. Thank you for your blog, my virtual friend!

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  21. Please, say no to covid. Wear your mask and keep the distance. When we leave the house this is the dance. Btw, those kittens are cute and I am so over this covid-19.

    Laurie in NB, Canada

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