Yes, I did go straighten that magnolia picture

I like how yesterday my goal was to get you to ask each other about each other and instead it was everyone asking me stuff while I had one of the busiest work days ever. Nevertheless, I persisted.

That line never gets old.

I worked all day yesterday, as one does, then took a break and worked out for an hour with my sadistic trainer who did the workout better than I did even with a broken finger she had to have operated on. Did I tell you she broke her finger? Walking her dogs. And I don’t mean she was playing with a yo-yo. She literally was walking her dogs. They lunged at another dog and they are huge and Darn, that’s the end.

And what you want in a situation like that is me as your masochist. “So, where you having your surgery?” I asked her. “Covid Health, or … ?”

No one likes me.

Anyway, after my workout, which was my relaxing break, I sweatily came back to the “work area” [Narrator: Her work area is the couch] and did some more work.

I have this friend who does a Jacques Cousteau impression. He’d have the worst French accent you ever heard. French dressing has a better French accent than this guy. “By zeez time, my lungs where ayyyyyking for aire,” he’d say. That was his one Jacques Cousteau line. “By zeez time, my lungs where ayyyyyking for aire.”

I tell you this because it was the end of an intense day, and there’s another one coming up today, and when I finally shut that laptop down last night, by zeez time my lungs ware (I can’t quite capture the fake French accent of the word “were”) AAAAAYYYKING for wine. Oh, I wanted wine. Had there not been a pandemic out I’d have gone to the store. Where I could have caught The Virus and my lungs would be ayyyyking for aire.

I considered ordering some to be delivered but it just felt decadent to do that. So I toughed it out, because everyone’s all, June, stop being so tough. You don’t have to be no-nonsense ALL the time.

Anyway, I desired wine. Did not get any.

I did, however, get my nice camellia prints from Kit’s store. They’re nestled with my vintage paint-by-numbers magnolia. I’m quite pleased with them. Let me show you my whole flower wall here from my work space. [Narrator: Her workspace continued to be the couch.]

Do y’all have AirDrop? Now that I’ve got my work laptop here at home, I discovered that when I take a picture from my phone, it gives me the option to push “AirDrop,” and that photo bloops straight over here to this laptop.

Anyway here’s my whole wall of flowers, which I didn’t set out to do but now this is what’s happened. I apologize for that lamp being in the way. That lamp is the bane of my existence. I bought it in 2015 after my year abroad, and one of the lights just doesn’t work. It just doesn’t. Also, it whines. It constantly makes this terrible high-pitched sound that drives me berserk.

And it’s cumbersome.

Now that I’m, you know, enjoying more time at home, I realize what I want over next to the couch is a simple table/lamp combo, kind of like what I have on the other side of the room …


Anyway, if anyone has any table/lamp suggestions I would appreciate it. Also Edsel doesn’t feel well today. He has good days and bad, and he feels nauseated today. His stomach was roiling, I heard it, and then he went outside and ate grass for a long time. Also, he ate breakfast, but he hesitated first. Now he’s over there being Pitiful Pearl. I feel so terrible for him. I hate his bad days.

I know most people adore their aging dogs’ bad days, so it’s good I wrote from this unique perspective.

Crap, it’s 8:28 and I have to get started on working at work from my workspace.

[Narrator: Her work–SLAP]

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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

22 thoughts on “Yes, I did go straighten that magnolia picture”

  1. Hi June, thanks for sharing the Wall of Flowers. I really like that arrangement. I hope Edz will be feeling better soon. I did a Google search “ vintage style table lamp” and there’s several that you may like – plus a “cool cat” lamp.


  2. Love all the flower prints. That was a great find at Kit’s store. I’m so sorry Edz is having a hard day, maybe tomorrow will be better. The problem with the lamp noise could be the bulb. I’m trying to use LED bulbs as the old ones burn out because they don’t make noise (hummmm).


  3. June, I was looking through Kit’s store’s Ebay pages and she has several scarves and pieces of cloth / draperies, textiles is what I am getting at that you could use on your windows for color. Aprons on your kitchen window corners. They don’t have to match .
    About your lamp whining. Those new swirly bulbs do that, so you may need to change the bulbs to regular ones, cheap to give it a try.
    The one lamp that isn’t working should be repairable. Or trade Kit for something you want to replace it with.


  4. The flower was – so inspiring – calming actually! And Eds. Feel better poor baby! He is so sweet and that chair – I just love it!


  5. I love the little Buddha under the giant flower watching over Edsel (the Buddha, not the flower, but really, who’s to say?). And I love Eds’ crossed paws.


  6. Lovely flower wall! And that (mauve?) chair looks so great with your rug.

    The other day friends came by (they didn’t come inside, we stayed on the porch and they at the curb so calm down) and our lab was laying there until they went to leave and we all watched him struggle to get up because of his bad hips. My friend was nearly in tears about how sad it was and what’s even sadder, I am so used to it! Some days are worse than others. Poor ol’ Edsel. As my dad always says, “Gettin old ain’t for pussies!”


  7. Speaking of vintage flowery things I have the cover of a piano bench that my grandmother needlepointed. It’s just lovely but I have no idea what to do with it. Anyone have ideas?

    Feel better Edz!!


    1. Lynn,pillow cover, or frame and hang or foot stool/ bench cover. Put it on a rod and use for window treatment. Not knowing the size. If still on the piano bench , take off hinged lid and hang it up


  8. Love the flower wall, it’s so perfectly you.
    Would you say your decade is the 50’s or the 60’s? I’m sorry Edz’ stomach is upset. Can dogs take papaya enzymes? I hope he’s perked up soon.


  9. Your flower photos look great. I mostly hang photos of my kids on the wall. Living room is all black and white collages of each of their first year. It’s cheap.

    I keep thinking I will blow up one of the amazing photos of a baby moose I took when in Glacier National Park in ’16. My decor is not exactly ‘log cabin/outdoorsie’ so I hesitate. Not sure if it would look silly.

    Sorry Eds is having a bad day.


  10. Kit’s camellia prints were exactly what you needed for your flower wall. What a great find.


  11. I love the color of that chair and that you are content working from home. I’m sorry life can be so hard sometimes, dear Edz. Kisses on your furry head. Hi, June. (waves)


  12. Love the flower wall! I started hanging things on my bare walls because well, home all the time. Then hubby started construction on the bathroom and knocked all the pictures down with his banging. Sigh. He’s lucky he’s cute.


  13. I love your Wall of Flowers. I am TERRIBLE at putting things on my walls. I literally have three things hanging in my entire first floor. Oh, wait – four. I managed to hang a picture over my toilet in the bathroom. I just have such a hard time committing and deciding and well, let’s be honest – DUSTING. Not a fan. So my walls are AYYYYYYYKING for art.

    I would say “get the wine June. Alcohol kills the virus” but I don’t want to encourage you to give yourself a migraine either.

    Happy Weekend Peeps!


  14. Pretty flower wall. I like your taste.
    Poor Edz. It’s sad.
    Scrappy is farting and it smells like old sourkraut. I was stupid enough to feed him a few bites of hot dogs baked in crescent rolls so there is no one to blame but me.
    Life is short. Order the wine tonight. It’ll be the weekend. You are supporting the economy. Did I tell you the liquor store manager said sales are up seventy percent?Seventy! We are the number two hot spot for Covid and we know how to deal with it. NJ strong. hic!

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  15. Sorry about the no wine. I sent my CHILDREN to the store yesterday for syrup. I still feel kinda bad…only one went in, but still. We were having breakfast for dinner, and I swear we had an extra syrup…but no. And I was flipping pancakes and so forth so I sent them. I then had to disinfect them. Anyway, this whole pandemic can bite me.

    Poor Edsel. I just want to kiss his sweet head. Franklin is 12, so we are having days that are good and bad too. No diagnosis, however.

    Lovely post, lovely June!


    1. I wish we all had narrators who pooped and explained things, it cracks me up!
      Great post June!


  16. I love your flower wall! I have a few vintage magnolia paintings, too, and would reallllly like to find some vintage magnolia needlepoints. Turns out that’s harder than I thought it would be.
    Have a lovely day!


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