June and Jan have a day

Last week, in the midst of the 200,009 things I’d agreed to do in celebration of a time of year I cannot even stand, I said, “This Sunday, Ima sit around and do nothing.”

“Me too,” said Faithful Reader Jan, but not in a Harvey Weinstein kind of way. Jan said this in the comments, I think. Or maybe on Facebook. I can’t remember which. It all blends.

Anyway, that is the genesis of this brilliant collaboration invented by Faithful Reader Jan and me, brought to you by Jan and me, in which we present to you in photos how we did nothing all day yesterday. Photos by Jan and me®.

I should mention that I’ve “known” Jan—and I don’t air quote that because I have known her biblically—since maybe aught seven or eight, when her sister wrote me. I’d recently had an MRI for my disease du jour, and Jan had had a particularly difficult birth. Her sister told me that once Jan awoke from said difficult birth, she asked, “Did June get the results of her MRI?”

I had. I’d had a sinus infection. So Jan and I were much the same when it came to pain and suffering right then.

Anyway I’ve liked her ever since. Who wouldn’t?

So here’s our Sunday of nothing, in which you’ll note one of us did less nothing than another.

8:50 a.m.

As soon as I stir, Edsel gets on the bed with me, should his hips allow. Some mornings I hear him try to buck like a bronco but he can’t quite make it up.

9:20 a.m.

Jan says she almost never gets to lie in bed and watch Meet the Press, but yesterday she did. Also, am big fan of the Jan bedspread. Ooo, and her bedroom door.

9:24 a.m.

Everyone at my house gets let out, pilled, fed and generally tended to, while I make coffee. Then I drink said coffee.

9:45 a.m.

I unload the dishwasher because that doesn’t really count as doing a thing. Besides there are dishes from the day before in the sink. Perk of living alone: Dishes from day before are one plate, one fork and a cup.

10:07 a.m.

More reading, now with cats!

11:51 a.m.

Jan has made it out of her bed and into her living room, but her dog Wilbur has plans for her. News flash: I love Wilbur.

12:53 p.m.

Jan shows me her impressive elf slippers.

1:27 p.m.

I’ve showered and headed out to play Blu with Edsel. When he first got diagnosed with congestive heart failure, I didn’t play Blu with him at all, and walked him like we were each 109. But as the months have ticked by I’ve carefully, carefully, gingerly learned what he can do and now we play Blu for a decent amount of time and he tolerates it nicely. Look how cute his back feets are in that last photo.

2:31 p.m.

Jan is still lounging about. Am a fan of her huge TV. And the pretty wood thingy that divides the rooms.

2:32 p.m.
Meanwhile I get restless. I am going to Chris and Lilly’s for Christmas and I’ve gotten small gifts for their kids, but nothing for them. Try thinking of something to get people who own a store that sells candles, soaps, plants and geegaws for your yard. So I head out to find them something.

6:37 p.m.

Back home (did finally get something for C&L, and 8 million things for self), now with cats!

6:58 p.m.

^^^ Meanwhile, over at House of Jan… ^^^

And that’s it. That was our combined day of nothing, in which I guess I did something, but it’s because I am so full of Christmas cheer.

Today I have to work, then tomorrow I have Christmas plans and then it’s Christmas and I have plans and then it’s the 26th and I have plans and then it’s the 27th and I have plans.


P.S. Thanks, Jan, for participating. Can I just have your house?

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46 thoughts on “June and Jan have a day”

  1. June and Jan,
    Thank you for a lovely, relaxing post. Glad you both enjoyed your restful day.
    Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and non-Christmas holiday.


  2. Her dog’s name is Wilbur! Those days look so nice. You inspired me to ask for this for Christmas, and it was lovely.


  3. Wilbur,Wilbur , Wilbur……..do nothing….didn’t you get the memo ?
    I think he was getting the June vibe of do a little of something you enjoy.


  4. I was way too busy yesterday to read any blogs! Bought a ping pong table yesterday. I became alarmed that it took a forklift and 4 men to get it in my car. The rest of the day was spent trying to gather my college boys and their friends and Coach at the same time to orchestrate moving it/hiding it. Meanwhile 4 younger kids were heading home from their friends’ house. I called Mini who NEVER answers her phone. She did answer and I yelled: go get ice cream.

    Maddness. Sigh. Yes, I would love a day of nothing. My bday is in a few days, maybe that can be my do nothing day!

    I want a book holder!


  5. What fun! My husband is retired, so he’s home allllllll week long doing whatever he pleases… which I imagine is just sitting and reading all day, but probably more like checking the gas bill and calculating how much interest we earned that day or whatever the heck keeps him so engrossed. ANYWAY when the weekend rolls around (or a long holiday break) he’s raring to go go go do do do. And I’m just wanting a few do nothing days. I so look forward to December 26 every year. A day with nothing looming.

    Thanks for sharing Jan and June. And now I have Elf Slipper envy.


  6. I envy calm Sunday’s. Pastor’s wife. Christmas time as a pastor’s family is always interesting. Last night was our candlelight service. Our little white clapboard church sits on a small hill back in the woods. It has a revolutionary/civil war cemetery in the churchyard. The congregation began before the revolutionary war ,but the “new” building was built before the civil war. It was sacked by Sherman’s troops ,but left standing. It’s really beautiful and the candlelight service is amazing every year. So, I don’t usually get restful Sunday’s but yesterday was lovely.

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  7. Hey! In contrast, I did a lot yesterday because my mom is coming to town. She is, this moment, in a plane somewhere between Dallas and LA. I was fluffing pillows and arranging flowers and buying food and stocking guest bathroom. I hope it’s worth the $200 I’m charging her every night. (Winky emoji)

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  8. Very cozy post. We had a do nothing day yesterday too. Kids home from college. It poured all day….everyone in separate rooms napping or staring at phones


  9. I am so jealous! I have been running ragged. I can hardly stay awake! Today is the day we celebrate with our immediate family before having to go to my sister’s tomorrow, and then I cook on Christmas. So, I was up ’till the wee hours wrapping and planning. I got up early to grocery shop, and now I have to go to a hockey game, and then pick up a few little things that are left. I can’t wait until Thursday!

    Wonderful job doing nothing!

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  10. Oh, this post made me smile for so many reasons. The lovely photos of your sweet critters; the coziness of the blankets, quilts, Christmas tree and decorations. Just the ‘homey’ nature of all the photos. Thanks to both of you for sharing such a delightful Christmas present for us to open. Merry Christmas!

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  11. Jan won the do-nothing day. Love her elf slippers and her Wilbur. I spent yesterday in the sleet, snow… Okay, rain and wind doing some necessary shopping. Got soaked, cold and almost blown away when I gassed up my car. Plus I’ve been wrapping, wrapping, wrapping. Better get back at it now.


  12. Delightful post, Jan and June! Jan, are you one of those extra organized people who has different wrapping paper for each member of the family? It looks like you are!
    I had the opposite of Do Nothing Day. We went to early church, then hosted a big family party from noon to five, cleaned that up, then went downtown to see a musical. Whew!
    This morning Mr. Texas told me to “stay in bed and relax“ then came back 30 seconds later for help wrapping gifts for co workers.

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  13. I feel famous!! My husband is also the can’t -sit -still -and -just -be variety and that bastard has passed that on to our kids. I carefully plotted and planned to have this do nothing day. It helped that my husband took 2 of 3 kids to the Chicago Bears game yesterday.
    I forgot to take photos of our dinner that I ordered through Door Dash. After scarfing it down I was immediately angry that I had forgotten.
    We are at the movies now and he’s yelling at me to get off my phone. I’ll be back.

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  14. What a cozy comforting post all full of pretty things and wonderful little animals. Thanks JanandJune for sharing your restoration. Confession: When I buy presents it turns out to be one for you and one for me, one for you and one for me, one for you and one for me. There’s 10 yous and somehow that amazingly works out to 10 presents for me! Well, things I pretty much actually need, but still.


  15. Oh! I would love a do-nothing day!! I too have a husband who does not sit still for any length of time, and so I’m not allowed to either. Plus 4 kids and 2 dogs, so there’s “Mom! Mom! Mom!” all the live long day. Sigh.


  16. Sunday is my do nothing day. I catch up on all my recorded “trash” TV shows. When I don’t get that lazy day I’m cranky!!


  17. What a fun post! Thanks to you both for sharing your festive decorations and entertainments and pets with us. I had a pretty quiet Sunday, too — I only went out for church and then spent the afternoon doing Christmas cards and the evening reading and watching the HGTV Brady Bunch house renovation, which I didn’t realize was a whole little series. I had heard about the holiday episode and thought it was a one-off, then realized there were six others. I like nostalgic things at holiday time.


  18. I LOVE do-nothing days, however, they rarely happen here as the Hubs is literally incapable of doing nothing for more than 5 minutes. hashtag old farmboy.

    Love posts Jan & June!



    1. Ned was the same way. He could never just sit with me and read a book while a fire was going. “What are we going to do now? What do you want to do? What’s next? I think I’ll go back to the gym.” It was exhausting.


  19. Lovely post Coot.

    Love both houses. Love all the animals.
    My house is a wreck. It is torn from stem to stern. We have peeled the floor out of the kitchen and we are down to dirt. Joist have to be replaced, subflooring etc. And I have no place to cook or prepare and I am lost. Lost I tell you. I had no idea how much time I spent in my kitchen. Upside is I have read a shit ton of books.
    Have a lovely week and remember to put out milk and cookies for Santa.


  20. Jan is my role model and hero. Heroine. With an “e” so not the bad stuff. I used to have Sundays like that before I went and got a puppy. What was I thinking? Was I thinking? I don’t think so.


  21. OOOOOHHH!! Jan!! Wilbur!!! And is that a portion of a cat on Jan’s bed?

    Am so jealous of the way you both decorate for Christmas. I try. For a couple of years, I decorated all over with boughs and greenery on every surface and the banisters and then elves and nativities and santas, and what-all, but I don’t know. I would finish and immediately start itching to take it all down and put it away. Now I just do a Christmas tree, one or two other small things and maybe one thing outside so I don’t get lynched by the neighbors. But your houses look so cheery and merry!! And neat and clean!! My house looks cluttered when I add seasonal decorations. Sigh. Maybe I’ll try again next year. (Bah humbug.)

    I have a friend who decorates for every holiday. I know this because I am at her house every two weeks. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? She’s my nail tech (“tech.” girl, please.) so I’m there every other Saturday. And she decorates for every season and every holiday and it’s cheery but then I get depressed because I don’t do that and maybe I should. She’s lucky she has a GORGEOUS long-haired dachshund or I’d take my nails elsewhere.


    1. My Gramma decorated for every holiday. New Year’s, Valentine’s, St. Patricks, etc. She had more holiday decorations than a craft store. Every table, every surface was decorated. When she died and we held the estate sale, people (especially neighbors) went nuts over the holiday decor items. Then when one of the neighbors died, when I went to her estate sale, why yes, there were my Gramma’s old holiday decorations up for sale yet again. I don’t decorate for any holiday other than Christmas & Hanukkah and by “decorate” I mean I buy a tree and light the candles in the menorah.


    2. I have found that I can’t just add Christmas decorations. For everything I put out to celebrate the season, at least one thing has to go into the bin. That way, I’m not adding (cluttering) but rather, replacing temporarily. Helps reduce the itch to put decorations away. Disclaimer: not advice, as I have no desire to be slapped by a liver. 🙂


  22. Thank you for sharing. I have planned a day of doing nothing on Christmas Day. I always have things to do and I get so frustrated with not ever just having a nothing day.
    I love seeing your house , it feels so cozy. Jan’s house is so pretty too!


  23. You both seemed to have a very enjoyable day. Jan, I love the wood architecture in your home. Is it an old house? June, you know I love your old house.
    We went to a very lovely 80th birthday party for the wife of a beloved co-worker, fmr. We saw all the family that I knew very well through co-worker, fmr. It was great.
    Our Christmas day plans have changed because niece’s husband is sick and all the olds (me, my brother and our spouses) do not want the flu. Our Christmas Eve plans might change if sick kids arrive, we aren’t going, see reference above to olds.
    Loved this post.

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    1. A day of nothing sounds lovely. Jan’s old house gives me green eyes. My daughter came over yesterday and we knocked out 3 pans of baklava and she talked me through using my instant pot for the first time. I made creamy chicken and wild rice soup which was perfect for a rainy day. Boxing day is my favorite, that’s always a do nothing day. I know you are not a fan but merry Christmas anyhow..


    2. Gotcha, Tee. We gave in and acted like normal people and went to a big Thanksgiving dinner with 30 people and a couple of days later Kablam! It’s a month later and we’re both finishing up with the antibiotics from the secondary sinus infections and bronchitis. Olds and colds don’t mix. The kids? They bounced back before we even came down with it.

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  24. That’s my kind of day. I love the woodwork and porcelain door knobs in Jan’s house. They remind me of my grandparents’ house built about 1918.


  25. Sadly, my day would have been more like yours and less like Jan’s. I watch my husband just sit all day long sometimes and I feel so jealous. Yet, I am incapable of doing said sitting. I always seems to think of something that needs to be done then I feel badly about not doing it which leads to less sitting and more doing.


    1. Same, Helen. Same. There is always so dang much to be done, and trying to ignore it and do nothing makes me more stressed than doing the dang thing. But then I resent the fact that I’m doing it and no one else in my house is doing anything except sitting around and reading a book, which is what I want to be doing. It’s ludicrous.

      I spent yesterday in a silent standoff with the husband. And addressing cards, and grocery shopping and meal making and laundry doing and picking up and playing cars with my son and running to a couple of places to finish shopping and wrapping said gifts. Last night, however, I painted my nails and watched “The Witcher” so I can converse with the Girlchild.

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  26. That’s my kind of day! I love Jan’s house. The white porcelain door knobs and the woodwork remind me of my grandparents’ house, built about 1918 maybe.


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