Waiting for my poem

Last night, I schlepped downtown for a change and parked in the rape garage for the third time this week. (Can’t they do anything to de-pee that place?)

Anyway, I took my coworker Murray Slaughter, who sits next to me. Not only was he going downtown to our creative team party, afterward he was headed to see It’s a Wonderful Life at my old theater, with his wife. He didn’t want to deal with his car and her car downtown, so he just walked there from the party. I noted that we sat in the car the same way we do at work, me on the left, him to my right.

What was sort of cute was I led another coworker down there, as he isn’t from Greensboro and didn’t have a clue where to park or anything. At this point that parking structure is called The June Gardens Rape Lot, so I led him there. But at the same time we arrived, like, 48 other coworkers got out of their cars, and we all walked in a gang to the eyeglass shop like in Reservoir Dogs. A gang of editors. We’ll cut a sentence.

I know I’ve used that line before but come on. It’s a good one.

At the entry to the store was an artist who would draw what she thought you looked like naked. “Get me one glass of wine and you can all see that without your imaginations,” I said professionally.

I never did get my naked image done, but two male straight coworkers had themselves drawn together, embracing like John and Yoko, and I died of happy when I saw that.

I was mostly in the back, because there was a guy with a typewriter in a glassed-in room, and you went in there and told him your life, and he wrote a poem about you.

There were chairs back there and that’s how we stood in line for our poem. This was actually rather great, for I was able to hold court and talk to people without having to flit.

The following is a series of people being annoyed at my photographing them while we spoke, and I want you to think of that next time I am somewhere public and you say, “No pictures, June?”

Also, we were at an eyeglass shop, and one dude from work actually ended up buying some frames. Austin was also considering it and made me take his picture even though the store is strewn with iPads so you can send yourself an image. Still, I had to be Austin’s photojournalist.

Let’s tell Austin our thoughts on his frame choices, shall we? Do we like…

I also tried on frames but unlike Austin I am not a vision in every frame.

The store is cool but the lighting is such that taking a photo in there is hard. They’re screaming down at you from beams above.

Anyway, eventually I got my poem. I loved the guy’s typewriter and that he just sat there and focused on you. That’s all I need. Just some dude focused on my every word, with an old typewriter before him. Well. That and a good 401(k).

I have no idea what that poem means but I like it. Another woman there got a lot of moon imagery that I coveted.

So that wraps up yesterday’s party, and now I don’t have another one till Christmas Eve, which means I have three entire nights of not doing things till I start all over and when’s January 2.

Frame this one.

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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

43 thoughts on “Waiting for my poem”

  1. Hi June, I like #2 glasses on you and #2 glasses for Austin. That was a really cute poem. I would probably have wanted the artist to draw my naked image IF there wasn’t any friends around or Lurkers spying on the outcome (unless the Artist made me look really hot – then I would frame it and hang it in a very notable place in the living room). Wishing you and all readers a lovely Christmas and New Years – and any other holiday that is celebrated at this time of the year.


  2. Wow – ya another vote for the Jesus frames on lovely Austin. wooo That could cause a flush! Wine or no wine!
    Loved the poem and such a cool place for a party!


  3. I don’t even like going out or socializing, but that evening sounds so cool, I would’ve gone. If I were invited, of course.
    I vote for the Jesus frames.
    Do you think of yourself as a mysterious creature now?

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  4. Austin one: Architect. Austin two: Doctor. Austin three: Professor. Not that you asked, but I love your look in the second photo with the roundish glasses.

    January 2nd is the best day of the year. My mom would tell you differently, as she was struggling to expel me from her birth canal that day, but whatever with her.


  5. I’ve been to one Christmas party so far if you can count having a full abdominal ultrasound while staring up at pretty little Christmas lights draped around the room and then having the tech take pity on you and sharing her Christmas present from the doctors cheese straws because it was 8:30 PM and you’d been fasting for over 24 hours and also, too, giving you a bottle of water. I think that counts because I also got a present of a STAT all clear. So, wasn’t I feeling merry and bright? I think I’ll write a poem about it and draw my pancreas and liver and gallbladder all nekked and I’ll feel like I was part of something cool.


      1. There were just so many possibilities that it was hard to see them all at once. Anybody would overlook one or two good lines.


  6. What a fun party – so artsy with on-the-spot poems and nude drawings and funky lighting. Makes we want to get a grown up job and do grown up stuff, oh wait. No. I hate work place drama and paying taxes but your work place seems void of it, drama that is – not taxes. I am also growing weary of babysitting. I sit for 3 families this school year. One family neglected to give me anything for Christmas this year. Like not even a nice note in a card and yet I know they are very crazy about my sitting services. So odd. I have been doing this for 5 years and I have never NOT gotten something.
    They range from gluten free cupcakes plus a note to a $150 gift-card and a note.

    Is your workplace lack of drama because you bring all the fun and people who cause drama live in fear of landing as a tale on your blog? Do tell, what is the formula over there?

    I think Austin looks too much like John Lennon in the round and the square are distracting, so I guess the Jesus frames. You look great in either of those frames.

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  7. I like both of the frames you tried on — I think it depends on what type of look you are going for. The rectangular ones are more studious and the curved ones are more feminine.

    For Austin, I concur with the comment crew — the Jesus frames. He’s so good-looking he could carry any of them off, but the quirkier ones take too much attention away, whereas the Jesus ones seem like an integral part of his look.

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  8. You Creatives are certainly creative. And you were the mysterious, supernatural Muse who inspired Graham to write your poem.

    My first thought on seeing Austin in the round glasses in choice #1 was, “No, no, no!”. Sadie, tell us what you really think.

    Enjoy your three nights of rest.


  9. The Jesus frames get my vote too. I have several thing to do as well for a change. A Christmas service at my new boyfriend’s church tomorrow night, my cousin’s daughter’s baby’s baptism and party Sunday ,where he will meet most of my extended family. There is a Christmas visit with his oldest daughter and two granddaughters, maybe meet his other kids and we are going away to a B&B in Cape May for two nights a couple of days after Christmas. He is a school bus driver as his retirement job so he is on Vacation as of later this afternoon until after the first. I am very excited.
    My first holidays without my late husband will not be as bittersweet as I had originally anticipated. I feel I deserve this after seven tough years with cancer. I still miss Michael but I just know he’s up there partying it up with his family and our dear departed pets.


  10. What a fun place! I sometimes think that if I didn’t have kids and all the performances and games I am required to attend, that I would have NOTHING to do. You have such a fun life!

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  11. What a fun evening! Having a party at an eyeglass shop is genius. It gives people something to DO other than just stand around. My most favorite thing about your poem is that TAG! So clever and perfect for the vintagey typewriter dude. You really are a tower made of life!
    Excellent post, June!

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  12. Definitely Jesus-saves-his-eyesight. You find much cuter frames elsewhere. I’m worn our with your social schedule. But, I do have four events to attend between now and December 26. If I count my lunch with co-workers, fmr. that’s five!


  13. another vote for Jesus! (where were all, back in the day when Jesus REALLY needed us?)

    your town sounds delightful. Much better than mine with its thinly veiled racism, all the time. 😦

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  14. I love OO. I need to burn some FSA money before the end of March, and I am going to get new glasses, so debating whether to drive all the way to Greensboro for them. They have such a great selection and great employees . I haven’t found the Raleigh hipster version, though I’m sure there is one.


  15. Another vote for Jesus!

    What a kickass job that guy has: poetry on demand. It doesn’t even need to make sense. The worst part of the job is probably changing the typewriter ribbon. I remember that being on par with threading a sewing machine in terms of difficulty.

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    1. Changing the typewriter ribbon, I hated that, then you had black ink on your fingers the rest of the day.


  16. Your downtown is very cool. I bet even The June Gardens Rape Lot is awesome. It sounds like a fun evening!

    I like Austin’s Jesus frames.

    I’m already planning how I will artfully arrange my legs in my photos of me lying around on Sunday.


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