Cold front

I like to wake up and drink a full 8-ounce bottle of water right away, so I’m ahead of myself in the water department. But today, as I was chugging my water standing before the fridge, I could feel my throat was a little sore.

Then I was just leaning over getting something out of the closet, and my ears had that full feeling.

Ding DANG it. Cold. Cold is coming. I’m like Game of Thorns or whatever.

So prepare yourself for a lot of pictures in my socked feet next to bowls of soup and so on. You’ve got THAT to look forward to. I wonder if I can stream The Price is Right?

I think I likely caught this upcoming cold, coming to a theater near you, because I thrust myself into crowds all weekend. This is why it’s better to isolate.

I’m friends with a couple you’ve seen on here before; I’ve spent a few Christmas Eves with them and know I photographed those events thoroughly. Hang on and let me see if I can find a picture. They’re both absurdly good-looking.

Okay, this is a terrible picture of him and apparently I’ve snuffed out his wife in this scenario.

Anyway, I worked with the dude up there and cannot recall if I’ve given him a blog name or not so let’s call him Ian. Ian worked with me as part of our now-defunct Spanish team.

For awhile at work we had an account that, for everything we created in English, it also had to be produced in Spanish. So we hired all these fluent-in-Spanish artists, editors, copy editors, etc. and we had a big old Spanish team. It was so much fun.

At the time, we still had to wear business casual, and all the regular boring white people would come in in their black pants and white shirts or what have you. One day I walked past the Spanish team while they were in a cluster talking and I noticed shirts that were




And everyone smelled magnificent. It was so much more exciting over there at the Spanish team, and some of that team are still friends of mine, including Ian.

The other interesting thing about him is that he and his wife lived in the apartment right next to Ned. We’d be heading into Ned’s place in our white shirts and black pants and there very tangerine-ly would be Ian and his wife, sitting outside the door in comfy chairs, drinking red wine. For some reason, all you wanted to do was stay there and kibitz with them.

Eventually they moved to the prettiest house you ever saw and it’s the kind of place you never want to leave. It’s so cozy and festive all at the same time. They’re the type of people who you just feel happy around.

On Friday nights, I head to the restaurant in my hood to eat with my neighbors, and as of late I keep seeing Ian and his wife, and I like how she has no other identity than “his wife,” when really she too is this sparkling, cosmopolitan, hilarious person and why do I have to be so Midwest and gray-pantsed?

Anyway, I have been seeing them on my walk to the restaurant, as on Fridays they’ve been going to the brewery across the street. So they’ll be sitting outside on the Adirondak chairs and they shout over to me and I cross the street and say hello.

That is why I must have been on their mind when they invited me to a Puerto Rican festival at that same brewery on Saturday. Who am I to turn down a Puerto Rican festival?

Oh my god everyone there was so much fun. They put the fest in festival. And as the evening was winding down, everyone was taking group photos and Ian’s wife insisted I be in them. I know the next day everyone was all, Who’s Old Whitey, here, with the hair?

The next day was the Jewish festival, and I’d like you to know I left my phone at home for both these events and hello Ritalin I’m not taking, but I asked one of my friends to take a photo at the Jewish fest so I’d have at least ONE DAMN PHOTO of my weekend. “Just take a picture of me at some point and text it to me,” I commanded.

When I checked my phone, here’s what I got.

You’re welcome.

It was kind of cold, and it dawned on me that one month ago I went to that Greek fest with Marty and Kayeeeee and do you remember how ding-dang HOT we were?

It was in the 90s and we were sweltering, and here I am a month later in m’Patagonia.

Oh! The only other thing of note is that on Saturday I went to my favorite vintage shop and THEY HAD FREE KITTENS OUT FRONT. “Free kittens” is my favorite phrase.

They looked like they had Maine Coon in them and I considered just trading in one of my regular cats so I could get a kitten but I did not and see what a good person I am? Oh my god they were LOVELY. Someone found them and their LOVELY mom in the country. They had the long hair and the Maine Coon stripes and I actually did have my phone that time but how insane would I have looked taking photos of them?

Oh, they haunt me. They were beautiful kittens, did I mention?

But that is not my point. I bought a used couch. Is my point. Let’s call it a vintage couch. I


my current couch, which is a loveseat that I got new at Traveling Rooms or whatever it’s called. It’s too short, and I know it’s a loveseat but I’ve had loveseats before that you could at least lie across without having to put your feet on the armrest.

And it’s shallow. I’m not far from the shallow now. I feel like I’m practically falling off when I sit on it. I don’t know why I bought it. I want you to brace yourself but I believe I acted impulsively when I bought it.

So I saw this one and the fabric is not my ideal but my thought is eventually I’ll have it recovered. I sat in it and felt for shallowness. I splayed across it like an insane person. I spent a lotta time with this couch, is what I did.

I showed this in Facebook of June this weekend and someone very nervously pointed out the left cushion should be the middle cushion and she was all that lady who saw the passage to hell in Amityville horror. “FIX IT!!”

The lady in Amityville Horror screamed, “COVER IT!!!” but I always figure you’re right there in my head with me and you know what I mean.

It gets here next Saturday. The couch, not the passage to hell. So now I have a week to resent my current couch, which I guess I’ll give to Goodwill unless anyone here wants a short shallow couch that Edsel sat on and licked.

I have to go. I have to go to work and then after work I have my trainer and then after that I have a cold that I’m sure I won’t mention in any meaningful way for the next week to 10 days.


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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

49 thoughts on “Cold front”

  1. Sorry to hear of your impending germ takeover.

    Congratulations on your purchase! We embraced our middle age status and ditched the (saliva slimed here too) recreational couch in favor of recliners – cup holders, USB chargers, built in storage so you always know where the remote is, the whole menu and I begrudgingly admit that they’re unbelievably comfortable. We still have the “fancy” loveseat for the rare times other bodies need to sit but the chairs *meld* so I’m content for winter until all the holiday décor comes down and I need to change something.

    Lovely post and pole work. You’re pretty!


  2. I’m sorry, all you coldish and sinusy people. That is miserable. I’ll come to you for my sympathy when what goes around comes around.
    That is a BAD picture of Ian? When I saw it I thought he was so gorgeous.
    We spend our holidays with our Puerto Rican friends and they are fun. Loud and fun and my gosh, the food! And dance! Lordy. I am so darn white and unfun unless you want a quiet conversation in the other room. Then I’m your gal. In the meantime my Puerto Rican friend and her old father are dancing and making the floor smoke with their footwork. I’m jealous. Feel better, June.


  3. Early this year I went shopping for an adult couch. You know, the one that you don’t buy at IKEA or some discount store. Ended up at at hoity toity store but they had exactly what I wanted. Your new to you vintage couch looks very comfy. And as always, if furniture has good bones it’s worth recovering.

    My go to cold thing is chinese egg drop soup. Yum yum.


  4. That couch is going to be staring at you. It totally has faces.
    Everyone’s Couch Regret is exactly why I’m dragging my feet on getting new ones. (Couch Paralysis?)
    The ones we have are about 15 years old. The cushions sink when you sit down. They just aren’t comfortable any longer. We are major loungers and it just ain’t right, ya know?
    My favorite cold-buster: Pho It has magical powers I can’t explain.


  5. So I just have to ask, was your friend making a statement about pole dancing in her carefully candid photo of you?


  6. Hi June,
    I hate my couch as well. We are still sitting on it, but it is awful. I am so excited for you that your will have a comfy-cozy couch.

    Also, I have been sick all fall. I finally went to the DOCTOR last week and was given all the drugs, but I still feel exhausted and all I want to do is go to bed and sleep. (I thought I should qualify that.)

    So. I hope you take something that wards off the cold before it takes hold–and eat that bone soup. I don’t want you to suffer!

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  7. We had a sleeper sofa and loveseat that we loved. It was great for naps and if the power went out due to a storm, we could pull out the sleeper and sleep in front of the fireplace. For some stupid reason, we decided to get a sectional. We hated it the minute we got it home. I actually went to the thrift store we donated the original set to, prepared to buy it back. It was gone! I have very few regrets in life but this in one of them.
    I remember you saying Mr. and Mrs. Ian lived a beautiful life. I’m glad you’ve reconnected with them.
    Not advice, but we took Elderberry Syrup all last year and managed to stay healthy.
    Thanks for the post.


  8. That is my favorite store as well! (Unless there’s another local store that looks like that…since I would call it a consignment store.) Almost all of our furniture came from either location, and if only I had gone this weekend I could have started getting almost all of my cats from there too!


      1. Yep, that’s what I thought it was! Well…slightly less horrific parking, technically, right? Neither parking lot is a breeze to park in, but it’s worth it!


  9. Okay, you look totally mysterious and beautiful in that picture. I cringe any time someone takes a picture of me. I blame the recently available after 10 years Chick Fil A to be the reason behind that. Yikes. How in the world did you pass up those kittens. I have one in my neighborhood that roams around and I frequently consider cat napping it. It’s so beautiful. Dream cat. I totally have a dream cat


  10. Lovely sofa! I love mine and I’ve had it for 11 years. The fabric is fading and the steadily growing collection of pet claw marks make it look super shabby. I just don’t trust that I can find another that comfortable again.


  11. I dated a Brazilian for a while and the brown people are so much more fun than us white people. I adore pretty much all other cultures way more than American white culture. I mean, Nazi Germany would be an exception, but all of the Latina and Hispanic cultures are pretty great. Hope your cold goes away soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree. A few years ago at work, The Poet and I were gonna have a Midwest culture celebration, where everyone here who is from (a) Iowa, (b) Kansas and (c) Michigan (there are a lot of all three) were gonna make macaroni and cheese, tuna noodle casserole, scalloped potatoes, and the like.

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      1. Hey! Sounds like a good time to this Kansas gal! But let’s add bierocks for the German in some of us. And don’t forget a jello salad or three. (Part-ay!


    2. I was married to a 100% Cuban for three years. I had no family of my own, so I was surrounded by Cubans. My personal experience is they’re OK fun when they’re having fun, but there was always something they were pissed off about. You’d hear about it afterward. The rest of life is not any more fun than anyone else’s. Wouldn’t do it again for a million Cuban Pesos. The food was good, though.


  12. What an exciting weekend between dinner out with neighbors, a Puerto Rican festival with Ian and his wife, a Jewish festival AND a comfortable-vintage-sofa find. I can see many good naps in your future on that sofa.

    You had a lot more fun than I did. My weekend was spent doing chores around the house, but did have one high light when we had dinner at a neighborhood Greek restaurant. (Hi, Fay.)


  13. June was too addled with vintage couch fumes to remind us that you don’t need to leave your email address to comment, so I will help her out.

    Patting myself on the back-ingly,

    Heather near Atlanta


  14. My best friend is Puerto Rican, she and her family have the best parties, and best of all, the food! OMG the food, so yummy, hope you were able to partake of some in between brews!


  15. I am shocked ! Shocked, I tell you that you passed up kittens. I think it must have been the cold, you weren’t in your right mind. What’s one more cat. Who’d even notice?
    Hope you are feeling better, I just got over the flu. Where they stick that horrible swab up into your brain to test. Flu was easier than the test.
    Rest up Jooon!


  16. Ooh, love that couch! I’m going to be searching for a new couch and/or loveseat soon and I hope I can find something that perfect. Northeast Iowa lacks great stores.


  17. Nice couch, but I’m wondering if Edsel comes with the one he licked. Hope you get over your cold soon. I’ve found that at the slightest hint of a cold if I take a Coricidin, there’s a better-than-50/50 chance it won’t turn into a raging cold after all. I don’t even care if that’s all in my head, if it works that’s all that matters.


  18. This is NOT advise, just a statement. I have sold mucho furniture lately on Facebook marketplace, and it has been very easy. Also, am wondering what cold is in the south that requires a Patagonian jacket. Have you lost your membership in the “we wear shorts, unless it’s below zero” club? I know that happened to me during my time in the south!


    1. I, too, hate my couch. Well, really it’s a sectional that I shopped very conscientiously for when I bought my house. It has down in it that comes out through the fabric and pokes at me. And the dogs have messed up the upholstery which seemed like it would hold up. The cushions don’t stay where they belong. I HATE IT. But it was very costly and will have to work for a while longer.


  19. Since a sofa gets the best and worst of you, and since people often have a very close relationship with their sofa (I know I do), it makes sense that you’d want to make good decisions surrounding the purchase. I know I like to agonize over it and measure stuff and then possibly take a little nap on one in the store to make sure it will suit my needs. Well done. I like it lots.


  20. That couch is going to be a good nap couch. I have one like it and when I’m really wanting a good nap I put the back cushions on the floor and the couch is almost as deep as a twin bed but with a backrest. It makes me very happy. I hope you love yours as much as I love mine!


  21. The pattern on the couch – looks like eyes, nose and a mouth. I actually like the pale green though.


  22. We too had a couch (and a loveseat) that we detested, only it was worse in that we actually shopped extensively for it, lay down on it and everything, and loved it for the first few months. Then it turned out the workmanship was crap and the springs broke and levers broke and we couldn’t replace it because dammit we spent good money to be that miserable. One day we were at a Habitat for Humanities ReStore and saw a couch and loveseat for $20 each and bought them and are happy again. By this time next week you will be happy again too. It looks like a great couch.
    I remember your Spanish team at work and how fun they were. It sounds like your weekend had a nice mix of activities. Sorry to hear about your cold.


  23. I wandered into the germ fested world last month when I flew to New York to see Laddie play water polo and I ended up with pink eye. The worst! I am surrounded by cold germs in my home thanks to my babysitting gig. Nothing like washing hands a million times a day to avoid the inevitable cold. Hope you feel better.

    I am super surprised you passed up the free kittens! Love the tangeriney description of the spanish speaking crew. Hilarious! Great visual of the english crew dressed drab vs the vibrant people. Ha.


  24. I have beat you to the coughing and hacking. I think I have severe allergies because I don’t have a fever, just all the coughing , stuffy nose and eyes watering. I’m headed to the doctor this afternoon so I can, hopefully, be over this by Thanksgiving.
    Lovely sofa, that cushion is out of place. I’m sure that will be correct once you take possession of said sofa.


  25. A Puerto Rican festival sounds way more fun than a Jewish festival. All I did on the weekend was read.


  26. You needed that couch!

    This sounds like advice but drink bone broth tonight. I have a ton of homemade in my freezer but that doesn’t help unless I just tell work I’m sick and drive all day to Juneland. You can buy bone broth, near the chicken stock.


  27. I went to the NATS parade bc apparently DC is now Title Town! (I am not Sports Girl, but I do love me some hockey, and also this town could use a few wins.) On Sunday, what with the time change and the previous day of all day drinking and parading, I had to rest. Like God, I am.

    (I love your jacket! you’ve been hanging around Ian and Wife and now celebrate color! Dare to share where it’s from?)


  28. Awesome. The couch looks comfortable indeed.
    Occasionally we have to buy something to know what we really want or need. So the impulse buy is a learning experience.

    I hate colds. I got over a nasty one a week ago.


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