Alec Baldwin and Gremlins

What day even is this? Since Thursday I’ve had this breakneck work pace and I’m not even sure. If it’s the next Thursday I’m screwed because I didn’t take the trash out. [opens calender] …Oh. Okay, good.

Snowflake not worry bout a thing.

Snowflake the foster kitten seems to have a bit of an upper respiratory upset, with runny eyes and so forth. Most foster kittens do get colds, so I’m not too worried. I have some lysine I can sprinkle in her food. I’m, like, full-on supplied with everything kitten now. I’m your kitten-supplies bitch. Anyway, her cold has affected her spirit not at all, so.

Here she is during a thunderstorm the other night, telling Edsel to stop being such a pussy.

Here she is showing him who’s boss.

And also reminding Lily, in case Lily’s dared to forget who do be in charge.

Speaking of cats, and when am I not lately, the vet has determined that Iris does, in fact, have irritable bowel, not cancer, which is you can imagine I find relieving. But now I have to feed her this special food for the rest of time, and that means all three cats have to eat said special food.

She refused to pose for me, and at this juncture she probably feels like one of Dooce’s kids. She’d been sitting so nicely in the cat bed, looking (“looking”) out at birds, till I got the camera and then she huffed off like JLo. Wouldn’t JLo be glad to get her picture made? I can’t think of who Iris huffed off like. Alec Baldwin. She huffed off like Alec Baldwin.

Speaking of Alec Baldwin, we’re all having our pictures made at work today, as it is once again spirit week and today is picture day. We have a studio at work, and my pal and coworker Lottie Blanco is the official photographer. I’ve decided to wear one of my myriad polka-dot dresses and hope for the best. Somewhere between 2015 and now I lost my looks.

I have this slide show that pops up any time my desktop computer is idle, and if I walk in and see a picture of me I can tell if it’s pre- or post-2015. I blame age. Age ruins everything. Except scotch. And I don’t even DRINK scotch.

Also Cheez-Its. Allegedly age does wonderful things for Cheez-Its.

I gotta go. I’ve got to apply makeup and put on a polka-dot dress and have another breakneck workday interspersed by having my portrait done in oils, which I just realized I’m going to demand instead of a picture. Also, I cannot hear the kitten, whom I’ve let run amok while I type. This concerns me. I fear her being on a dartboard while the other Gremlins throw darts at her. Hang on.

[heart emoji]

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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

34 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin and Gremlins”

  1. The cuteness is unbearable.

    I am younger, skinnier, and fitter in my mind. I guess that’s not going to change.


  2. P.S. I forgot to mention I’m not glad sweet Iris has IBS, but it’s so much better than the other thing mentioned. Probiotics might help.

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  3. That is so relieving about Iris. Except the special food part, but still.

    Also, I just want you to know I am NOT advocating for a foster fail. Nor would I. Maybe I did once in the past but I have read way too much about it now and understand why foster fails aren’t generally good for all the fosters.


  4. Your question “what day even is this?” reminded me of a vine video my daughters shared with me. A girl is making a video and she farts and tries to play it off like it was a ghost or something. She hears it and says “I don’t know what was that, but I’m scared” or something like that. It makes us giggle every time and now we often say “I don’t know what was that.”
    Lovely post, Lovely June.


  5. If Iris is having irritable bowel symptoms, try this probiotic. It’s called Good Guts. I was skeptical because I had already tried a probiotic from the vet, but it worked miracles. My cat Alfie had diarrhea for a year and a half. On and off antibiotics which we had to stop giving him. Someone at the pet food store recommended Good Guts and he has been healthy ever since. For almost 2 years now. He got better gradually, but I could see improvement pretty quickly.


  6. Hold everything! I NEED to know about that Bridal Blessing book on your cedar chest. Never mind, I just used The Google and found the book on Amazon. Now the big question, do I buy it or not? I do love me all things vintage bridal.


  7. “Have my picture made” cracked me up. And you June are a knockout. Don’t you believe for one second that you have lost your looks. Pretty then; gorgeous now.

    Snowflake is a teensy little charmer!


  8. I think your looks are fine, but I so get your sentiment. I just told someone yesterday, that my 50’s have been the decade of losing my looks from head to toe.


  9. My cat can be dead asleep and as soon as I turn the phone camera on she is wide awake giving me a look. I can do anything else with the phone and she does not care. How does she do that?


  10. Piffle June! I say piffle! You are pretty and have fabulous hair. Go slay em at Picture Day.

    Yay for the better diagnosis from vet and yay for special foods. So glad. Hope kitty is feeling better.

    Snowflake & Edsel photos are now among my favorite things. That bitty kitten is boss.


  11. Snowflake do be in charge! I wonder what she thinks of giant Edsel who lets her crawl all over him? And he is such a good kitten whisperer. Lily looks appalled at what is climbing up in her face. Lovely post June, you beautiful thing you.


  12. Are polka dots the trick then? I can take lovely clothes and make them look frumpy in photos. I’m certain your picture will be beautiful, June.


  13. I too agree with your mother. Seriously, when you post a photo of yourself, I cannot tell if it is current or retro! Love the pics of snowflake with Edsel. Is Snowflake biting his tail? They are too cute. Glad for the IBS. I was once diagnosed with IBS – it wasn’t until another llike 15 years or so that they realized I had Celiac disease. That sucked.


  14. How did that little baby get on that sofa? I forget, they can climb, but she could have very well jumped. She is adorable. You could change her name to Alec and then you would have yet another Alec/Alex around you. I never knew Cheez-Its were better with age, IF they are in my house they are short lived because they aren’t consumed a few at a time, it’s more like a box at a time. You are beautiful, listen to your mother.


  15. Even though it means special food forever, that’s good news for camera shy Iris!

    Uncle Edsel an Snowflake are adorable together (and individually).

    I think you look great.


  16. I never thought I would say this, but, Yay! for IBS. Hopefully the special food helps.

    That is one cute kitten.

    And you have not lost your looks.


  17. 44 is the year that things really started to change for me. There was the slow side into puffy eyes at 38 but at 44 it’s like time sped up and gravity got tougher. Now I hope to wow people with my personality but as soon as menopause comes to visit, I bet I won’t be able to do that anymore. Personally, I think you look the same but I want to wallow in my own wretched skin so if you want to do the same, I will let you. Even if it’s unwarranted.

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  18. Alek Baldwin.There’s a catch. Also Sean Penn. Another reasonable fellow, particularly with the paparazzi. I mean, what did these people freaking think? They’d be worse if people didn’t bother them. And then there’s Meryl who lives in Connecticut, isn’t hounded, and poses graciously, if frumpily dressed, when approached. You have to love her even if I don’t understand why she is lauded as the greatest actress of our time. (Ducking.)

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    1. Come on Paula! If you look at Meryl’s body of work, she is a really good actress. Recently, she was magnificent as the dead guy’s mother in Big Little Lies. Also, FYI, she’s not my favorite, but I can’t deny she’s good. Maybe not greatest of all time, but really, really good.

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  19. Wow, this foster really has you smitten. Your almost use of an emoji is shocking and tells me you have really gone off the deep end for her. If you use an emoji do we get to throw a liver in your direction?


  20. Smile!
    I hate my staff photo. But its probably what I look like, to every one else.. just not me, in my head (where I am 20 years younger and at least 40 pounds lighter). Sigh.

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