Mugging for the camera

More than a month ago (good gravy), I asked you all to send in photos of your favorite mugs, and then — really, I was gonna say, “I got busy,” but how busy am I? I have the one job and the six-minute commute and no kids or spouse. What the hell was I actually up to, over here?

Anyway, I never got to it, is the point. So without any more ado, sans ado, let’s look at your mug shots. BAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, that hilarity’s why you come here, isn’t it?

We’re starting off strong. This is from Megan. who says a friend gave it to her.

Elsie points out that even though this is technically a Christmas mug, it’s the right size and it matches the kitchen, so. I like it. That cat’s gonna burn its whiskers.

Pamela says she realizes this is two photos, but she felt that both sides were important. Like Joni Mitchell, seeing the world from both sides now. Was that Joni Mitchell or Joan Baez? Oh, hell, was it Carole King? It was some hippie.

Helen’s boss gave her this years ago and she said while it’s not a mug, she loves it “so hard.” Is that the sun shining onto her desk? How lovely. I have windows now but I don’t sit NEXT to a window. I am literally stuck where the sun doesn’t shine.

QueenStella’s mug lives up to her name.

Ashley wants us to know this is her favorite work mug, but not her favorite HOME mug. The home mug has “Kentucky” painted on it. Then she pointed out that the mug above is from Anthropologie, and that their mugs are weirdly reasonable as opposed to everything else in there, and ever since she said that, I have thought about how true that is. “Nice shirt. It’s $915.”

Ahsley also threw in a photo of her cat, Violet. I LOVE YOU SO BAD VIOLET I DO I KISS YOU AND YOUR BIG BIG PUPILS OF IRK.

We’re on a roll with cats and mugs now. This is Tammy’s favorite mug, and also too Sampson and Delilah, which I originally spelled “Delish.” What is wrong with me?

Shelly’s favorite tiny espresso mug, plus also her dog and I want you to brace yourself, but I love that spotty doggie.

Just Me, Vee got this mug in college and still adores it.

Sandra in Naples told me an involved story about her workplace and this mug, but suffice it to say this is their old ’70s logo, and I love love love it. Is it redundant to say “old ’70s”? Dear June: Yes.

Joan’s mom painted this for her! Wow!

Laurie’s workplace gives her a free mug every year. Except now the business is sold and family schamily, I guess.

Rinaldi’s friend since 1st grade had this made for her, as they both have a thing for Jason Bateman. Dying. Why has no one made me a Barry Gibb one? GOD, you guys.

Pendy likes the colors and the messages on this mug, given to her by her sister-in-law. Why are Adirondack chairs so goddamn expensive?

Mulligan bought this to support animal rescue and loves the size and the color. I am also a fan of her owl bag.

Barb in CA said her family bought her this to curtail her prolific swearing. Also, she says the cat is Chico, who is “Milhous’s evil ambivalent dickhead twin.” I do like the looks of that cat. See how I am? Oh, a dick! I’m so drawn to it!

So to speak.

HAHAHAHAHA. Oh my god. Jenn bought this off a Facebook ad. Love. Lurve.

Worker Bee says, “This is my favorite mug, which really isn’t a mug. It’s from the zoo. I bought it when we attended the Christmas lights event. The snowflakes are all animal faces. It has a snap top that works so well my coffee didn’t even spill when I fell in a hole my kids decided to dig right where I walk each morning. Lucky for me, my snap top lid saved my coffee. Not my dignity, but my coffee.”

Sapphire Anastasia stopped using this for a while after her Pug died, but she’s back using it again. It must have been hard for her to look at photos of my Pug, Edsel.

Leanne says she likes this mug because she imagines all the owls saying, “Ow” when the coffee hits their feets. “Hoooo! HOOOOO!”

I need help.

Juice’s favorite mug. “I drink my coffee iced, even in the winter. But then again I live in California, so winter is sort of more of an idea that an actual event.”

Mel was late submitting hers, and you can see how I needed everything in on time, what with how rapidly I got this post together, but her mug was so excellent I was MOVED to include it.

And now, we save the best for last.

Florence bought this is Japan, on a day she was feeling blue. It reads:

Hi my name is Carrot rabit. When anything feel sad me, I just try and think of a pleasant.

I don’t have enough words for how bad I love this mug.

Try and think of a pleasant.


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  1. Okay, so Both Sides Now was written by Our Joan, a.k.a. Joni Mitchell, who grew up in Saskatchewan after being born in Alberta. Joan Baez recorded the song and made it a hit.

    I hope Rinaldi has listened to the stellar interview with Jason Bateman on the podcast Armchair Expert. He was not only funny, he was smart and mature and I fell in love with him myself. This interview was no like no other interview ever, I’m sure. Long and hilarious but also? smart man, that Jason.



  2. This is so amazing! I love June’s post and her captions and everyone’s comments and all the mugs and pets with Eyes of Irk and background upright lambs and I’m just so honored, and from my place on stage clutching a mug-shaped statue covered in landscapes and birds and mammals and dirty words and Muppets and penises I’d just like to say–oh, I can’t forget to thank my mom, and also my husband for being the reason I was in Japan to buy that mug, and most of all that little rabit who makes me think of a pleasant every time I look at him, and I am just so humbled. [in a Lina Lamont voice] Bless you all!


  3. I loved this post and all the mugs. Thank you for all the hard work putting it together and all the funny captions. My favorites are the ones with the animals. I had technical difficulties, what else is new, and failed to get a mug posted. I have a BBP mug that Sadie gave me at your Atlanta birthday party, but I won’t use it because I don’t want to break it, but it is on display in my kitchen. I have some heavy mugs I found on sale that look like diner mugs that I really use the most.


  4. Also love the first mug, FOOF. I’m down two EFs after being stung last week by not one, but TWO wasps. I immediately thought of your recent attack of the Killer Insects and wondered if they made you cuss as well. They hurt so much that I was forced to use up some of my lifetime supply of EFs before I sprayed them to eternity.


  5. I love your comments for every mug, and Paco says he loves you back but not Edsel. (He hates every other dog except for one. Sound familiar?)

    Also, I’m on the hunt for a Starborks Kerfee mug right now.

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  6. I did not submit a photo of my favorite mug, but it has pink flamingos on it. It was a gift from my sister-in-law and, yes, I am that person about flamingos..
    I love this post! Thanks for all the hard work on it, June!


  7. I love the owl mug! Also love the Swedish chef one. Thinking about those old skits make me giggle still, years later.


  8. This was such a fun post! And yes, June, that is sunlight on my desk. I have one entire wall of my office that is a window and overlooks a harbor with a marina. It’s one of the things that makes my job tolerable.


      1. I’m sorry. If I move 6 inches to my right I see the back of my boss’s head too. Woo hoo. As you can imagine I sit as far left as possible.


  9. I did not send in a picture of my favorite mug because I no longer use it. One year my daughter had a photo of my two springer spaniels (Bishop and Harley) printed on a white mug for me. I used that mug for years, and the picture is now faded. There’s also a crack in the handle so I’m afraid to use it now.

    Also I’m dying to tell someone about dictating into my daughter’s phone last night. We were getting Mexican food to go for several people at our favorite Mexican restaurant. I had all the orders memorized in my head, but my daughter said she’d go in and get the food and for me to dictate the list to her phone. When I said enchiladas, her dear phone transcribed it as inch a lottas. We laughed like crazy people. That is all.

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  10. I about died when I saw the zoo lights travel mug. I have one, too, only mine is copper colored. My sister and I took my kids to see the zoo lights. She got a hot chocolate for herself and for my daughter and paid extra for the cute animal snowflake mug. The next day, after washing it, I went to put it away and just stared at it for a long time because what I was seeing couldn’t possibly be what was actually on the mug. Later that day my sister calls and asks me if I saw the penises on the mug. OH MY GOD, YES! But it can’t possibly be a penis snowflake next to the giraffe snowflake. Oh. It’s supposed to be fish. Sure. Ok. I’ll tell the small children that. Even though I don’t use it much, that mug did make it to the keep pile when I was packing up stuff to move. I laugh every time I see it.

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    1. Yes, yes, yes! That’s what I saw while scrolling through the pix just now. I figured I hadn’t had enough coffee to see clearly yet.


    2. I thought the same when I was looking at the picture. I had to enlarge it and convince myself that it was fish. It still looks like penises to me.


    3. I saw the penises too! Also, I recently bought my dog a bone In the shape of a fish but it’s a salmon color and looks just like a 6” penis!


    4. I have never seen penises on that mug! Ha! It did take me a while to realize the snowflakes were animals though. I’ll never think of that mug the same way!


  11. Loved this! Thank you for the hours out of your life to mug for us. I died laughing at the Japanese mug and was so focused on the Jason Bateman mug that I failed to see the strolling lamb. Background? What background?

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  12. I love these kind of posts where we get little glimpses into each other’s lives . Because apparently you sharing your life with us is not enough for me!
    I so enjoyed your facebook live yesterday, I hope you got enough sleep!


  13. That mug from Japan KILLS me.
    I’m going to scream home and tell Violet she’s famous. And yes. I end up with mugs from Anthropologie because I feel so shamed when I go in and can’t afford/fit into any of their clothes! FINEI’LLBUYTHISMUGIDON’TNEED.


  14. I love these, so fun! Really enjoyed seeing my Samson and Delilah in living color on the not-blog.
    That Japanese mug is everything!!


  15. I love seeing everyone’s mugs and also their houses. It’s a tiny view into their lives. Also, happy to see someone else’s cat on the table. Gingersnap approves.


  16. This was delightful. I teach so everyone thinks I need a mug with apples. WTF? I could probably get by with the “ Fresh out of Fucks” mug because middle schoolers can’t read cursive anymore.

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    1. The year I retired from thirty years of teaching middle school was the year of giving away my huge collection of mugs displayed in my room, most of which were holiday themed. I used each one and then gave it to a student. The only three I kept were one made by a student (holds pencils), a Santa mug, and the blue and white cat one in the photo above. Gave away nearly forty.

      Cursive… I used it in class until I retired in 2007. When I went back to substitute I said, “You don’t read cursive? I’m sure you or one of your friends can figure it out.” And they did.


      1. When my parents write my daughter, I have to read her their letters, because she can’t read the cursive. I told her to try and she wound up reading out these sentences that made no sense. “Are you sure that’s what grandpa said?” “Here, you read it.” “It says shacks on the beach, not sharks.”


  17. I loved these mugs. I don’t have a favorite but I love diner mugs. I have Krispy Kreme, Denny’s, Waffle house…you get the Idea. And no, I did not steal them.


      1. I also picked up a reusable shopping bag from a Piggly Wiggly when I was down south. My husband always laughs at my weird collections.

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        1. That’s my usual. I can call it out on my way to the booth. I love Waffle House. Do you know that if you are driving between Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA on January 1, the ONLY place that is open to eat is the dependable Waffle House. When my niece was a toddler she frequently asked to go to the awful house. My husband loves to go there because of the terms of endearment they use with him. Guess I should step up with the honeys and sweethearts and babys so he doesn’t have to go cruisin the highways for sweet talk.


  18. This was such a fun posting! Loved seeing all the creative muggery. Since I don’t drink coffee(!), I don’t use mugs a lot. But I do have one that has a dog and cat hugging and titled ‘Friends’, which was given to me by my very dear friend, Carol, who died suddenly 15 years ago. So, it has a lot of special meaning for me.


  19. I love Jason Bateman and now want that coffee mug, and the swedish chef and will be checking out reasonable Anthropologie mugs or as I call it the Apology store – gee I am sorry you cannot afford me – love looking into everyone’s cupboards – thanks June for putting this all together


  20. I want that Japenese mug too. I am currently drinking my frozen cappuccinos and iced coffees out of giant tacky thermal tumblers with lids and reusable plastic straws from Wally World. Only one is turquoise. Sad trombone.


  21. I don’t have a favorite mug because I don’t want all the others to feel bad. Hahahahaha. Actually, my true favorites get removed from the kitchen and promoted to holding pencils and makeup brushes and …. things. They get elevated positions of glamour. So really all my mugs know where they stand and now the kitchen ones refuse to speak to the high-falutin’ ones in my bedroom.

    I have a mug I HATE. My husband takes coffee or iced coffee to work every day and then puts the mug “to soak” in the sink when he gets home. I interpret “to soak” as “leave for the wife to clean,” which, truthfully, he’s not doing that at all. And he’s not leaving the smelly thing in his car and collecting them all on the weekend (my co-worker piles up her mugs in the sink in the office and catches up on Friday. Ewwww). But I manage to get on my high horse every night, after the dinner HE’S cooked, when I’m cleaning up and huff and snit about that mug. GOD, I am an impossible bitch. Ok, seeing it written out like this? I’m going to stop that behavior immediately. (He’ll think I’ve had a stroke.)

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    1. After reading this, I’m reminded that we are missing all but one of the mugs that go with our dinnerware. My husband denies knowing where they are, but I have long suspected he used them and left them in his truck for eons. My assumption is knew I’d be mad about the coffee stains that ruined our pretty white mugs, so he threw them away rather than listen to me complain about the stains. Not that I’d directly point out it was his fault. I’d just huff about those stains and how I couldn’t get those mugs clean and they were a wedding gift, etc. I can’t imagine WHY he’d rather throw them away than deal with all that. Maybe I should be like Paula and try to be a tad nicer.

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      1. I learned a trick to clean my mugs (we drink tea, not coffee, but same diff when it comes to staining) – fill them with super hot (tap) water and plop in a denture cleaning tablet! I just get the generic kind, not fancy name brands…leave in for like 10 mins or so and the stains are gone! (sometimes I have to do this twice, but its usually foolproof and requires minimal scrubbing).

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  22. I failed to send in any of my own mugs, too, but all of my favorites are either political (I Hate When I Wake Up in the Morning and (Cheeto Jesus) is Still President; Nevertheless She Persisted; front page of NYT on 44’s inauguration), or some version of the word “fuck,” which is apparently my defining characteristic. I will move the other mugs out of my damned way to get to a fuck mug.

    That Bateman face is frightening, almost as much as Silence of the Lambs behind it.

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  23. I somehow missed the call for mugs. I particularly liked everyone’s owl mugs! Had I been paying close attention, that’s what I would have submitted, too. Mine is the actual shape of an owl. I drink from it’s open head ( beak side out). 🦉
    The Overly Affectionate Dog Mug up there will have me giggling all day.


  24. I did not send a photo of my favorite mug as I have yet to meet my favorite mug. I know it’s out there. I’ve drunk from a few whilst out to eat that I love love LOVED and considered stealing, but refrained. So currently I am disappointed daily in my own home by the lack of a decent mug. Had I known we were including travel mugs, THAT would have been a different story. That part of my life it full and complete.

    Not only are Adirondack chairs expensive, they are nearly impossible for me to haul myself out of in a way that looks even halfway dignified.

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    1. RIGHT? What’s with the angle of the Adirondack seat so your ass is impossible to heave out of the chair? Granted, my ass takes more effort than most, but geeeeez. I almost need a rope.

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  25. I cannot believe I have the chance to comment so early on in the discussion. I do not have pets- allergies, and I do not drink coffee, even though I should because how do you have 6 kids and not drink coffee? I can never say ‘don’t talk to me until after I have my coffee’ to them, but I do swear a lot, so maybe that’s my lack of coffee tradeoff.

    I am a HUGE Jason Bateman fan since he was Ricky Schroeder’s friend on Silver Spoons. Love that mug and died at the comment about ‘what is going on to the left’ -I was so fixated on Jason I did not even notice.
    The ‘Oh a dick I’m so draen to it’ bhad me laughing so loud, I almost woke people up. That would suck, because I want to enjoy my coffee in peace. I kid. OK- going back to bed now.


  26. How did I miss this request? I swear I read you every day. I have a whole “thing” where I post photos of myself drinking out of a variety of incredibly snarky coffee mugs.


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