I’m taking a drive with my boyfriend

Coincidentally, my high school boyfriend is also visiting my hometown right now. And by “coincidentally,” I mean he wrote me months ago and said, “You should come to Saginaw the week of June 17th. I’ll be there.”

So last night Cardinal, my high school swain, came over and got me. He wanted to catch up with my mother and stepfather Harry first. And then we were all, “Where are we gonna go now?”

“Where would we have gone in 10th grade?” I asked.


But we didn’t do that. We had dinner at what used to be an ice cream shop called City Dairy.

(My friend Dave worked there throughout high school. His name tag read “City Dairy Dave,” a delight I’ve never gotten over. When we were adults, he once told me that when he would be at work, being City Dairy Dave, he would listen to the song Hollywood Nights and think how it was a song about him. While it’s true my friend Dave did go on to live in Hollywood, one of the lines in the song was, “He was too far from home.”

Dave lived one block from work.)

Anyway, now the place has a new name and they serve food beyond ice cream. We noted how even though it was a pretty chilly night, people were still streaming in for ice cream like it was their last possible opportunity to eat something in a waffle cone.

Afterward, we drove to our old high school. “We had sex on that track field,” I pointed out to Cardinal.

“We did?” asked Cardinal.

“Geez. Yes. You don’t remember?”

I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone who landed on that high jump mat in 1982.

We pulled around to the back of the school where the swimming pool entrance was. I was a boys’ swim team manager and I just wanted to look through the window and see if the entrance to the pool looked the same. It did, right down to the pictures of old swimming champions in stripy trunks. Oh, how I wanted to walk in there and smell the chlorine and feel the humidity.

Then we drove past everyone’s houses that we could think of that we had been friends with in high school.

“We had sex there,” I said as we drove past one house. “We did it in the car during the party.”

“We did?” asked Cardinal.

“Geez Louise, can’t you remember any time we ever did it?” I asked.

“Not really,” said Cardinal.

We drove past my other high school boyfriend’s house, where I also had sex but not with Cardinal. Not that he’d recall if we did.

Then we drove past Cardinal’s high school best friend’s house.

“I made out with your best friend there,” I said to Cardinal. “It was one of the times we were broken up. …Geez, what is wrong with me?” I asked.

“You made out with my best friend?” Cardinal asked.

I totally did. He was a magnificent kisser.

Anyway, it got late and it was time for Cardinal to drop me off so I wouldn’t get grounded for missing curfew.

We didn’t have sex.

Not that he’d remember.

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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

23 thoughts on “I’m taking a drive with my boyfriend”

  1. In the days of yore, I was a high jumper — jr. high, high school, and college. You would not BELIEVE how many condoms I found in and around the high jump pits, not to mention the time the field crew found the the nekkid couple in the pit, in the pit shed, after school, and moments from the start of a meet. Sadly, I never got to do it in a pit. Bet it was fun.

    Lovely post, you sports enthusiast!


  2. Thanks for sharing June. What a nice experience. ..I’m glad your having such a nice time.


  3. I worked at Burger King in high school. I was the sheltered Catholic school girl surrounded by public school kids. They nick named me ‘nerd’. It fit. They even had an official BK nametag printed up ‘Nerd.’ They took me under their wing and tried to un-nerd me without much success. Many of my high school memories revolve around working there. It was eye opening and I wasn’t allowed to sit on my mom ‘s couch when I came home from work because I smelled too much like burgers and fries. Your high school memories are much more adventurous than mine.


  4. Glad you spent some quality time with an old flame. See, I don’t think I would want to do that with any of mine, not that I had that many. But if someone did me wrong, I just cut them out of my life. I wish I could be more mature and be friends but doesn’t seem possible.


  5. Man, you portray High School in the most realistic way. It was all about the boys and the romance.

    Glad you could do the tramp tour. (Excellent name Texas Kari!)

    Lovely post, lovely June!


      1. I love rantsandgrannypants’s comment, and June, I’ll take you at your word. Now I have “Unforgettable” going through my mind. Did Cardinal fall out of the car at the party, too, or just land on his head off the high jump mat?


  6. Lovely post, Coot.

    I would drive around my hometown and say. Oh, look that’s where asshole #1 stood me up for our homecoming date, oh yeah and over there is where I was humiliated by asshole #2 when I caught him sucking face with Karen. Oh, look, I remember that place, that’s where I made a fool out of myself fawning all over the boy that wouldn’t give me the time of day. Yeah, I hated high school.


  7. Men do not remember the important things. I am very glad I am a woman. I have always thought my romantic and sexcapade memories might warm my time in the old folks’ home. I hope I don’t have dementia. A quick heart attack in the saddle with lots of lube would be a much better way to go.


  8. Memory Lane can be a great place. Loved this post. I’m not sure my high school is still standing. Who knows, it could be lofts.


    1. Tee, 16 years ago my friend Dave and I waltzed right into our old high school. It was so pretty. “Why didn’t we ever noticed the beautiful detail in architecture when we were in high school?” I asked. “What were we thinking about?” “I was thinking about sleeping with Jack Singer,” Dave said. Dave was still closeted then.


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  9. Fuzzy’s! Voted one of the Top 10 diners in Michigan, thank you very much!!


  10. That there is called a Tramp Tour!
    (I cannot take credit for that moniker. My sister’s friend said that once when they drove around the neighborhood finding homes of boyfriends and places of *romance*.

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  11. Cardinal must have dementia. Not remembering sex with so fine a thing as you. And in so many roman… interesting places.

    Hi, Pam.

    You know what they say: “Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place.”

    I recently (well, not that recently, but well after I left high school) took a course at my high school and when I walked in the front doors, I was sixteen again. It is amazing how the smell stayed just exactly the same and then triggered so many memories.


  12. now THAT was a trip down memory lane! your trips home are so much more fun than mine…


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