June and the matador hair dryer

Before I begin today’s hard-hitting post, I know I asked everyone to send me photos of their favorite cup, and that I’d show all of them, but those “we sent a picture” things take a really long time to set up and I haven’t had the time and no one mention that I watched King Kong Skull Island followed by Godzilla this weekend.


Man, I’ll tell you what. I know I made the decision to not date for a while, till everything is good in my Ned-filled head, which may take the rest of my days, but let me tell you the truth: I pulled up to my house Friday night and could not make myself go in for the longest time. I stared at the front of my house and thought of all the hours I would try to fill all weekend and was sort of paralyzed.

Finally, I thought, “Oh, forge ahead, sister” and got inside, mostly because of Edsel, who I am convinced was twisting his doily at the window wondering when I’d come in. Every time I wander in it’s as though I’ve returned from a long bout at sea.


I didn’t stay home long, though. I went to First Friday, which is this thing they do in my town and probably yours, where the first, you know, Friday of every month all the galleries stay open late and they serve wine, which I didn’t have, and you can wander about looking snooty.

I rather liked this.

My work friend Frapdorp had a piece in this particular show (not the button star shown above) and when I got there it had already sold. “YOU’RE RICH!” I texted him.

I thought I’d run into a few people I knew at that thing, as last time I went it was a June-knowing extravaganza. But instead, it was just a bunch of fancy people I didn’t know. I got some appreciative looks from men who are 60, which seems to be my new demographic. Oh, sure, they’re allowed to ogle someone 7 years younger, but if I glance at a 46-year-old I get arrested. What the hell, society?

I also noticed a type that goes to these shows: the very skinny older art woman. There were several of them. I think they do pilates and wear natural fibers and eat once a week or something, and don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be the skinny older art woman. But maybe the 60-year-old-man, to whom I am apparently a dream girl, enjoys a woman with, I don’t know, more than flesh and sinew.

Anyway, it was all sort of fascinating and I went home when it looked like one man was going to home in on me, with his Jerry from The Bob Newhart Show perm.

“Oooo, can’t you see, June is the drug for me.”


On the way out, I noted this little studio that records your podcast for you, and sent a photo of this tout suite to my pal Wedding Alex, as we are thinking of making a podcast even though I hate them.

Do you know what else I hate? [Giant thud heard throughout the land as everyone gets out Volumes I–XIX of Things June Hates] Those homemade videos on Facebook, where some regular person is selling something. First of all, they always always always have to start out, “Hey, guys!”

Shut up.

Hey, guys!


Then they are never prepared. There’s one for a hair curler I keep seeing where she literally says, “Hey guys! …Hang on a minute.”

YOU JUST GOT HERE. You just started. Can you not have your props at the ready immediately? Did you just spontaneously decide to start recording and hold us all captive and THEN gather the things you want to sell?

There’s another one who keeps LOOKING for shit through her whole presentation, and she also gets a bobby pin, puts it in her mouth, which is disgusting, takes it out to look for something, then puts it back in, takes it out to ruffle around her desk and then finally says my most favorite thing:

“I’m a hot mess right now.”

Would you like to know what I hate?

[Thump. Volume XIX complete. Please begin Volume XX.]

“Hot mess.”


Anyway, our podcast. We’ve yet to actually get together and make any plans, but Wedding Alex is organized and three seconds after I sent her the picture above she wrote back with the prices and the particulars. Meanwhile, I’ve had your cup photos since the Truman administration.

On Saturday, I got up and cleaned, a new thing I do each weekend. I used to sort of haphazardly clean just whenever at my old house, but this one started OUT so pristine that I felt I had to keep it that way. I set my Google Home for an hour, and clean for at least that long but keep going if I feel like it.

Please tell me what cleaning products and tools you like thank you goodbye.

Then the mail came with the arrival of my Highlights Magazine that FR Paula sent me.

Bea needs to calm the eff down.

After my hard-hitting morning catching up on the news, and by the news I mean the latest with The Timbertoes, I shopped for nothing. I’m headed to Michigan soon and am saving my dollars for cat-sitting and gas and the dog-friendly hotel in West Virginia that’s an extra $50 a night for the dang dog. (I should have just put him in a little fedora and cape, see if I could get away with saying he’s a short man with unfortunate dental work.)

Naturally, I went to Sephora.

I like two things out of this list. Well, I guess sunshine isn’t bad. Gives you cancer, but so does happy hour.

By the way, who would look good in any of these colors? If I showed up at your place in sparkly turquoise eye shadow, would you not discuss the state of my mental health after I left?


This is my dream hair dryer. You know how Barbie has her dream house? And frankly she shoulda dreamed bigger. Bitch had a smokin’ body. She could have scored more than a split level.

Anyway, I want this dryer so bad I do but go ahead and Google that bitch. No, go ahead. You’re gonna die of death when you see how much it costs. It has a thermistor, whatever that is. Does it conquer your hair? No, that’s a conquistador. Does it keep it fresh, like a cigar? No, that’s a humidor. Does it fight bulls? No, that’s a matador. I give up.

Anyway, I want one. I looked at it longingly like the little straw-haired girl and went empty-handed to the kitchen store.

I like going to the kitchen store. I never went in there till my Aunt Mary came to visit and insisted. And then I was riveted.

Do you pour this on the beach, or…?
You use this during your sit-ups.


I think about being the type of person who cooks, and who has purple pots. I’d totally get the purple. I don’t know why.


At Christmas, I went to Chris and Lilly’s, and they gave me a bunch of really good soaps. Then after that there was a bar of strawberry-scented soap on the anyone-can-take-it table at work. It’s this weird soap/sponge combo. Anyway, I took it and made it my goal to not buy soap this year. I already broke it once when I went to the beach and forgot soap, but I found a bar for a dollar. So so far I’ve spent $1 on soap in 2019. I realize that’s an odd goal but it amuses me so shut up. The point is, I lusted for these so bad I did.

The store offers free coffee in these communion-size cups, so I took one and sat on a bench outside the store.


I do this about 46 times a week. I keep my camera on and take a picture of my shoe, or the sidewalk or my purse. Anyway, once I saw I’d done this, I took a real selfie right there in public.


I look high. I wasn’t. I was high on kitchen supplies.


Saturday night, I had dinner with my neighbors and afterward, we decided to see if we could all, including two large men, fit in my teensy car. We did it! We drove around like a clown car, two huge men popping out the convertible top like Dino. Getting OUT wasn’t so easy for them, as they opted for the back seat just to see if it was possible. “Let’s all drive to Michigan!” I said, but that did not happen.

Afterward, I enjoyed Milhous obsessing over the fly that was in our house. I thought of getting the flyswatter, but he had so much fun that I let him catch it, which he eventually did.

Then Sunday was sort of sad. My step-grandmother died. She was always so nice to me, and sent me a check every year on my birthday and always signed it, “Love, Grandma Agnes.” She was in her 90s and was not sick, so that’s good. Her funeral isn’t till July, and I won’t be able to go because I will be in Michigan right before that.

Death is stupid. Living far away is stupid.

Oh my god, I have droned on forever. Be sure to tell me about cleaning products. Talk at you tomorrow.

Hey guys,

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  1. I am so sorry about Grandma Agnes, Joon. Losing special people is the pits of life.
    THANK YOU for asking about cleaning products. I took copious notes and I plan to try quite a few of these things, especially the Dollar Tree stuff. Less money for cleaners more money for pleasurable things!


  2. Your hair looks really good in those photos. If I were a guy scrolling through a dating website. and I saw the two photos of you; the leaping cat; and an adorable up close of Edz and his teef… well I’d would think you were quite a catch. Seriously.


  3. This post is chock full of funny tidbits that made me laugh. I too love the bad dental work passing pet off to get in hotel. I was sad about the loss of grandma agnes and I agree that cards in the mail with a check are a dwindling thing.

    I clean floors with vinegar. Comet powder for toilets. Kaboom or scrubbing bubbles for showers. Windex for most everything else. I also use dawn to get grease stains out of laundry. I openly admit that I do not use any cleaning supplies as regularly as I should. Most of my time is food buying, prepping, and putting away or cleaning up after. Six kids and one husband eat a lot, so food is more essential than cleaning up the messes that they make.


  4. Since you asked…the original Dawn (not the concentrated kind – not sold in Food Lion or Target, by the way), good old fashioned vinegar, Borax powder (does a lot of stuff but I mainly use it in conjunction, with Tide), Scrubbing Bubbles for the bathroom, Bar Keeper’s Friend, micro-fiber cloths and paper towels (mainly just for the bathroom).


  5. I’m very sorry to hear about your step-grandmother. Condolences to you and your family.

    That selfie of you is beautiful! You look like you could be in a magazine.

    Don’t know nothin’ about cleaning products. Sorry.


  6. We just had a plumber out this weekend to snake a drain, and when he was cleaning up that disgusting sludge that seems to get splattered everywhere, he was using a spray bottle with Simple Green in it. I was so impressed with how it worked that I was on my way today to buy some, but maybe I’ll just try some vinegar and Dawn mixed together, since you all seem to love it.
    I love your accidental selfie, June. It sounds to me like your weekend was just the perfect amount of busy and free time.


  7. Aww sorry about your step grandmother but glad she wasn’t sick!
    I love my robot roomba! Also my Shark Rocket for the corners. I really hate cleaning but do it PRN!
    I did find that the Affresh Dishwasher cleaner is the best, along with a Finish tablet, for getting the dishes clean in the DW. Windex does wonders on a lot of things but – that is in a pinch! ha ha.
    I love that “short man with unfortunate dental work” – You truly brightened my day today and boy did I need it! 🙂


  8. First, I’m sorry to hear about Grandma Agnes. She sounds like a lovely lady. I’m a little sad that generation who mailed checks in birthday cards is dwindling. I feel fortunate that my daughter still gets to experience that. Somehow a Venmo from grandma doesn’t have the same charm. Ha!
    On to practical matters, I am slowly switching over to homemade/natural cleaning products ( vinegar, alcohol, essential oils for fragrance, etc.) EXCEPT for toilet cleaner. Only the harshest artificial chemicals will do! 🤣


  9. Great post! I am so sorry about the loss of your step-grandmother. It’s hard when we lose people that we love.

    I love kitchen shops, I don’t know why because I hate to cook. I use Barkeeper’s Friend on my stainless steel pots and pans and sink with a little bit of Dawn. Dawn is the universal cleaner. I use that on my new toilet, in the kitchen and laundry room. Dawn removes spots on clothes when nothing else works. I use unscented laundry detergent liquid, which ever brand is cheapest, along with baking soda and vinegar. Baking soda and vinegar removes all odors. I put vinegar in the softener cup for the rinse. Magic erasers work, especially when cleaning my stove top. I have an old cloth diaper that I use to dust that is thoroughly covered in Old English Furniture Polish. This is stored in a plastic air tight jar/can so air can’t get to the oily cloth and risk a fire (spontaneous combustion). I do have a wood duster that I use to dust my wooden blinds, but the cat is afraid of this, it’s hilarious. I use window cleaner on mirrors, counter tops and my bathroom tile floors. Also, window cleaner will kill ants.

    Your hair looks beautiful. I hope you get your dream hair dryer. Milhous is a great cat.


  10. OMG I hate those adds that start “Hey guys” I can’t get to the skip button fast enough. If there is no skip I usually decide to not watch that video. So much hate.


  11. I want that hairdryer so badly!!! Oh, I just know it would get my hair to behave!
    I love the magic erasers, dawn mixed with white vinegar is great for bathrooms I think. I bought the off brand Norwex cleaning rags on amazon and they are fantastic!


  12. I’m so sorry about your Grandma Agnes. I was looking at old family photos yesterday and realized that when I was born my Granny, who lived to 93, was four years younger than I am now, really pretty and youthful (I see now) and in way better shape.


  13. My cleaning man asked me to buy Mr. Clean MagicEraser. He uses it to clean my baseboards, and people have actually noticed and commented on how clean my baseboards are! Also, you can use them for lots of other cleaning issues.


  14. I’m trying hard to simplify my life (stuff, clothes, daily living, etc.). Your art night is a wonderful way to get away and just be. That’s what I want more of, and letting go of everything that creates conflama [conflict + drama], whether it’s a person or outside influences, like news or politics. I’m still paying attention, but I just don’t want to engage too deeply, or I feel a migraine coming on. I’m also trying to get things done, which seems to free up a lot of emotional and physical energy. Good for an ADD person, like moi. Change is hard.

    I seem to really react to a lot of the chemicals in most commercial cleaning products and the fake smells, so I’ve done the make-your-own ones in the past. Even bought a how-to book, filled with ‘recipes’ for every cleaning situation possible. Now I like Method. The pink grapefruit smell is fresh & citrus-y, so that works for me. One smell I *cannot* abide is eucalyptus. No, no, no. Those old-fashioned cleaners are usually really good (like Barkeeper’s Friend), along with using cloth diapers for rags and such. And, good old Dawn, it’s the best.

    My current, and last, vacuum is a Riccar, actually made in the USA. It was pricey, but I got it at a vacuum/sewing machine shop, so they do repairs, have the bags, etc. It works great on my rugs and hardwood floors. Love it.

    Best of all, I hired my downstairs condo neighbor to do weekly housekeeping for me. Kitchen, bath, vacuuming, dusting, etc. My hands are so much more useful and without pain (arthritis & tendonitis both). It is SO worth the money!!!

    My summer to-do list is long, and my procrastination gene is strong. Wish me luck.


    1. That first paragraph is so good, I can relate to it so well. I copied it in to journal to refer back to!


  15. Paula I love the Doris Day movies even if Rock wasn’t really all man. I mainly watch for her clothes and those hats! Why don’t we wear hats any more? And I admired Doris Day in real life for her animal charities and love.
    June, my husband does most of the cleaning that gets done and he usually uses whatever is cheapest at the grocery for cleaning. I dust and pick up and he swiffers and vacuums. He also does bathroom toilets and squeegees the shower after each use. Yes, he is a keeper. He goes to the grocery too as that is my least favorite thing in the world. Plus I am an impulse shopper and he is not so we save lots of money when he goes.
    Lovely accidental selfie. Your neck is amazing! No wrinkles or sags or double chins.

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  16. I also covet that Dyson hair dryer. Find yourself a Bed Bath and Beyond. My local store has one on display that is plugged in and works. I love it so bad and may have considered driving there with wet hair to get ready for work every morning.
    Speaking of work, I work with one woman who is very no nonsense about her beauty care routine. It’s a rare day she even puts on makeup or appears to comb her really short hair. My other co-worker and I were discussing our desire to own the Dyson dryer. The no nonsense one asked how much it was and almost fainted when we told her. She then announced she DOESN’T OWN A HAIRDRYER.

    I am very partial to certain cleaning products and never waiver. I love Comet brand Lemon Spray for bathroom tub/shower/sick/outside of toilet bowl. I use Lysol Rust Remover bowl cleaner (we have really hard water. This is the only product that has completely cleaned the rust). I use three different things for the kitchen: Mrs. Meyers Basil counter spray, Clorox Everywhere Spray and I’m trying a new Mr. Clean spray for my stove; so far I like it. I use vinegar water on my wood floors and occasionally Orange Glo Shine to give them a good gleam. I use Bona on the rest of my floors.
    My FAVORITE cleaning product, hands down, is Pledge lemon dusting wipes. I HATE to dust but these make it super easy and quick.


  17. I like the brand Method. They seem to work really well.

    Milhous is so darn cute.


  18. I use Lysol and vinegar for mopping, toilet bowl cleaner for everything in my bathrooms, including the tub. It works great. And I’m a Pledge and windex girl.
    I laugh at how stupid those videos are, I love the one with the girl showing how to curl her hair and she literally burns it off.
    My daughter got herself and I the FabFitFun box subscription for Christmas and I hate seeing all of those videos so we decided (I decided) that we will do a video when we get our box this week.


  19. Lovely post, Coot.
    I had an event filled weekend. I had coffee with a 92-year-old woman who was presented to the Queen back in the day. I am researching a story about her great aunt and have totally fallen in love with the afore mentioned woman. Every month she goes to her best friend’s house as soon as her copy of Majesty Magazine comes out and reads to her friend. I want to be her when I grow up.

    Cleaning supplies, I mostly used Dawn Dishwashing detergent, water, and vinegar. For my refinished bathtub I use the purple Simple Green. If you are confused it is Simple Green but it isn’t green it is purple. The man at the Depot told me it was the best thing to use on refinished tubs.

    I need a new blow dryer but haven’t decided what to buy yet. I have a travel Chi dryer and am not impressed. Perhaps I will just shave my head bald and wear scarves.


    1. Does it ( the purple Simple Green) not smell like pine? I am horribly allergic to pine cleaners. They give me a killer headache. The janitor in my grade school mopped with them and I was miserable on that day every week.


  20. I got a Dyson stick vac/cordless vac/whatever it’s called last year – the latest model, which had an hour’s worth of battery power plus a bigger canister, and it’s my best friend (sorry Barbara). My god I love this thing. It sucks but in a good way. And with a dog and a cat, I have a lot of pet detritus, as you might understand. This vacuum makes it fun to suck that crap right up and BOOM, clean floors!


    1. I just bought the cheaper Dyson wand vac yesterday, the one that says it lasts 30 minutes, but when you read the details, it only runs 6(!!!) minutes with the long wand on Max Suction. It was $200 cheaper and I can’t justify spending over $400 for the nicer one, but I’m a bit bummed about the battery time. But it did make vacuuming for 6 minutes fun, at least.


  21. I put half vinegar and half Dawn in a squirt bottle and use that to clean my shower tile and glass door. Cuts the soap scum off everything and no water spots on the door after squeegeeing. Use a Scotch-Brite non-scratch scrubber.


    1. I do this, too. I also brush on some baking soda when I need to scrub the grout really well.
      Stinky, but effective.


  22. I also like button artwork.
    I’m so sorry about your step-grandmother. Losing loved ones is hard as we know too well. Condolences to you and your family.


  23. I purchased the bobo brand Dyson hair dryer this weekend for $70. My hairdresser had the fancy original as well. I’ll let y’all know how well it works. Further updates as developments warrant!


  24. I second the Mrs. Meyers products, especially the hand soap and the multi-purpose spray. Also, if you have blue Dawn dish soap you not only have dish soap, but the only thing that gets some weird spot out of your clothes before you wash them or even after you dried the item with that spot still on, and floor cleaner and dog shampoo, etc. etc. The original blue Dawn is the key to life, really.

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  25. 1. I love the first accidental selfie. So artsy!

    B. I enjoy Mrs. Meyers Honeysuckle everything.

    Also too, Paula H & B, I watched Pillow Talk last night and was mesmerized with Doris Day’s outfits. Especially the pearl and sequin crop number when she was about to get seduced (but didn’t, because, you know, Rock Hudson).

    Lovely post, Joob.


  26. I use Wet and Forget Shower Spray for the shower and tub (it’s the only thing I’ve found that actually gets the soap scum off without massive amounts of scrubbing). Toilets get toilet bowl cleaner with bleach and whatever bathroom cleaner spray I have at the moment. Barkeeper’s Friend scouring powder is great for the kitchen sink! And for cleaning discolored pans, and getting utensil scratches off of dishes, etc.


  27. Now I am totally going to get a Supoon, something I had never heard of before. You are such an influencer! Sorry about your step-Grandma. I too HATE “Hot Mess.” I think when it first started to be used that the term made sense when the description was a a hot thing that was a mess. I think of someone doing the walk of shame on Sunday morning. Hot, but a mess. Now it is used when something is just a mess. DON’T DO THAT. I say all that not knowing if I am even thinking about the term correctly, but its correct to me.


  28. I forgot to mention that my stylist has the dyson hair dryer. She wanted one for ages, so her family got it for her one Christmas. It’s super quiet compared to a regular dryer and it doesn’t blow nearly as hard, but it seems to dry hair just as quickly. I want one because my hair knots badly when I dry it, but I can’t justify the cost even if I use it daily.


  29. You are exactly right about the videos people make. One lady I know does makeup videos and she is never prepared. She’s always fumbling around for products while saying she’s running late and only has a few minutes to do a quick makeup lesson. It turns into a half hour to forty five minute video. She spends half the lesson saying hello to everyone as they log on to watch and talking back and forth with them as she reads their comments. Then I feel like I should look for their comments to try to follow along, but hoo care. I finally learned my lesson and don’t try to watch.


  30. I like Mrs Meyers cleaning products. They smell delicious, except the lemon verbena. It made me nauseous while I was pregnant almost four years ago and I still can’t smell it without wanting to barf.
    I signed up for The Grove VIP membership for $19.99 so I get free shipping. The only problem is they choose products for me each month and if I don’t go to the website to see what they put in my cart before it ships, I’d end up with tons of expensive stuff I don’t need. I’m always afraid I’ll forget. You can buy the stuff in stores too though if you don’t want to fool with a subscription. Then you can smell the products before you commit to a scent. I like the all purpose spray cleaner and the dish soap. My kids like the watermelon foaming hand soap.


  31. Hope I can help–does the hair dryer have rubber bands on its larger appendages? No, that’s a thermidor. I’ll finish reading during my break.


  32. I’m sorry somebody you loved and who was nice to you has died. Life can be such a bitch that losing anyone who is nice to us is a punch.
    I use Pine-sol mixed with a little water in a spray bottle to clean the grease on the stovetop, bathrooms, and lots of other surfaces. I order Dropps laundry detergent, oxyclean thingies, and dishwasher detergent because they aren’t packaged in plastic and I am on a hunt now for things that do not come in plastic bottles. That’s about it.
    The thing about 60 year old men is they may not look racy but if they are widowers who had loving marriages and were kind to their wives they might make excellent husbands–more so than never married or divorced guys who haven’t grown up. 60 is old for you. 55 is fun though. My second and adorable and still delightful 2nd husband was 54 when we married. I was 50. It was a great deal.


    1. Does it ( the purple Simple Green) not smell like pine? I am horribly allergic to pine cleaners. They give me a killer headache. The janitor in my grade school mopped with them and I was miserable on that day every week.


      1. Sorry about the inncorrect duplicate comment. Technical difficulties.
        @1madgirl…Thanks for that last paragraph. I needed to hear that about divorced versus widowed men! These comments on this post are amazing for real .


  33. I love buying cleaning products. I know that is weird, but hey, it’s better than buying hookers and blow. ( Right, Paula?) Anyway, I use Sprayway glass cleaner and Sparkle paper towels. No steaks and no lint. I go to the Dollar Tree and get LA Totally Awesome Orange Cleaner. It is a great degreaser. LA Total Awesome BANG!, along with a Dollar Tree Magic Eraser, made our boat seats look like new. They were completely covered with mold after being out in the weather for two years. It was like magic! For the wood floors I like Orange Glo monthly floor polish.

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  34. My favorite cleaning product is the woman who shows up every other week. She has a lovely ethnic name but my family insists on calling her Sandusky, although not to her face, thank God.

    Re the purple pots: We have two of those pots and SIT DOWN. One is blue and one is teal. Yes, in the house of beige. It’s ok, though, because I do use blue and teal as accent colors here and there. And I don’t think those pots come in beige … oh yes, they do. Bottom shelf. Ooooh, the black is STUNNING. They are heavy AF and I find them difficult to clean because heavy AF plus soapy plus arthritis squared equals crash.

    I spent yesterday watching the Doris Day films on TMC. I need therapy now. And what crust in Pillow Talk when Rock Hudson, who is conning poor Doris Day by pretending to be someone else (ha) and then, THEN he suggests that his pretend personality might be gay. Anyway, Doris Day was absolutely adorable and I loved every one of her outfits, even the pre-PETA furs.


    1. Your cleaning lady Sandusky made me think of a friend whose husband always told her he’d hire a cleaning lady when they moved into their new house. He referred to her as Consuelo. He died while they were moving, and she never hired anyone. She did buy a Roomba, however — who she refers to as Consuelo.


      1. I’m obviously in denial about my cleaning products because this past reminds me that my Consuela Roomba is hard at work at this very moment.


  35. I use Norwex for everything. The only product I have in the armory is a can of scrubbing bubbles. I like the smell of old-timey Lysol in the brown bottle, but that’s a topic for another day.


    1. Oops. I just read Lisa’s post and she reminded me that I do use toilet bowl cleaner and Dawn detergent. I will now be using Dawn in the toilet. That stuff is great. I use it to clean my makeup brushes.


  36. Your weekend with nothing to do sounds like a busy month to me. I realized recently that I am extremely good at doing nothing. It’s my super power. Which I hate almost as much as “hot mess”. Or those Facebook/Instagram/Youtube live videos where they spend the first 20 minutes trying to make sure everything is working. JUST CALL ME WHEN YOU’RE READY! I love me a good YouTube video on just about any subject, but if it lasts more than 10-12 minutes, I’m out. And once these YouTubers become famous, they seem to think you have an hour and 20 to devote to watching them clean their house. Have you see these? People LITERALLY record themselves cleaning and other people watch it (women watch it. Because let’s face it, unless she’s cleaning naked, no man is watching). And then they comment how motivating it is to watch and how they wish they had the time to be so clean. But… you just watched… Oh, never mind. This is who we are now. People who watch.

    ANYWAY! Cleaning products! I used to have a plethora, now I have just a few. I recently got all new toilets (GO ME!) and the cleaning instructions said “NO BLEACH”. They recommended a few drops of – wait for it – DAWN! So I use that in my toilets. All my glass and shiny things get cleaned with vinegar and water, as do my floors. I have a bunch of SoftScrub that I’m finishing up using in my sink, then I may look for something different for that – I’ve heard Barkeepers Friend is great for stainless steel sinks but have no data to support that. I’m becoming one of those minimalist people you see on YouTube. Maybe I’ll make a video! Hang on… let me just get myself readyyyyyyyy…


    1. Barkeepers Friend really IS great for stainless steel sinks – also porcelain sinks and tubs. The best hairdryer I’ve ever had is the Elchim 2001 – I’m 63 and I’ve had many hairdryers in my time – I’d never buy another brand/model.


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