In my white box, with black-ish moods, near the station

I have a Facebook page, called (Face)Book of June (it’s set to private, I think, if you’re looking for it). Anyway, on there, I asked, Why are people leaving fewer blog comments? I have the same numbers of readers, pretty much, but fewer comments.

People said things like, “I’d have to scroll to get to comments” or “I’d have to check back to see if anyone responded to me” or “Everyone else is funnier.”

The thing is, it’s no fun to write this if I’m just typing into a white box (for 30 minutes to an hour a day) and no one wants to talk back. I’m like that friend who just calls, talks endlessly and hangs up and you’ve said almost nothing.

So, when I hear things like, “Well, I’d comment, but I’d have to scroll,” it makes me think maybe my content, and I hate that word so bad I do, isn’t compelling enough. And if it isn’t, it isn’t! It’s not going to crush me. It’s not the only thing about me that’s good. I have plenty of other positive–well, no I don’t.

The good news is, since I asked that, more of you have commented and I thank you very much for that. I hear that if you’re on your phone, it’s harder to get to comments and I’ve asked the person who works for this site if we can fix that, and how lucky are we to have HER? Dang.

In other news, Edsel has his chin on my lap and I can hear Millhouse…breathing…behind the computer. I know he’s back there but in the darkest recesses. Just like my positive attitude.

There he is! Little blurry cause it’s dark. Like his soul. You know, I feel that he MEANS well, but the worst thing about Milhous is everything’s worth exploring. He’s the Christopher Columbus of cats, without the smallpox blankets.

The dishwasher’s open? Oooo, Mill always wanted to go there. Cupboard open? On Mill bukket list. Armoire? Let Mill get him passpourt. There is nothing I do in a day where he’s not also there, climbing in, and one day his curiosity will kill him and I tell him that all the time but does he listen?

You say something? Mill explore china. In cabinet.

Also, I believe I’ve told you this before, but months ago the cats knocked this blanket-holder over and claimed it as their bed. The rest of the cats just curl up in the sideways hole, but Milhous always does the cornucopia effect.

Why would my CONTENT not be compelling? I’ve written 20 paragraphs on a cat. Hulk is hanging from a noose right now.

I know! We’ll talk about my yard!

Edsel and I are so delighted to have a fence again, because even though he never noticed the fence had changed or was gone or really anything, he does know he can now just go hang in the yard without me hovering over him. He can lie on the grass and chew Blu with a faraway look like he enjoys. If Edsel had a dating profile, that’d be one of his likes.

Also, why don’t men realize women don’t want to hear about all the outdoorsy shit they like to do? Have these men ever in the history of time gotten a woman to do motocross?

Anyway, back to my yard. Last night we fetched Blu about a hundred million times. Once I counted, and I threw that thing and he returned it about 90 times before he gave up. He pants for like an hour after.

I’m not talking about my yard, am I?

So, when I throw Blu, with all my skills at throwing, it lands all over yonder, which has lead me to discover new flowers in my yard.

There are also some hostas coming up, and there are some Lily of the Valley, even though we aren’t in a valley. Plus also there are flowers in my front yard…

My camellia bush is still going strong, and now I’m getting unpleasant visuals of Prince Charles’s wife

And now that I’m finally talking about flowers and not my pets, I had to go to the drug store at lunch yesterday to get eyedrops because all of a sudden my vision is blurry, and why? I only copy edit 8 hours a day, come home and copy edit for an hour or two more for my freelance work, then on my breaks I look at a computer on my phone. Why are my eyes giving out? What could it be? If I take a break from that, I, you know, read. Why the blur?

Anyway, my eye doctor wants me to try these drops, and what drug store do you choose? If I ever can, I go to the local one, the soda fountain/pharmacy that time forgot in my neighborhood. But I knew they’d likely not have these drops because they, like, literally sell one bottle of Brut and one tube of Ben Gay. Their grill is hopping and I’m sure you can get all the prescriptions you want at Alice’s pharmarant, but items to buy? Lacking.

Also, why are there so many drugstore chains now? They’re all the same. I chose Walgreens yesterday because my Pal From MA always goes there, so I figure she knows what she’s doing.

THE POINT IS, on the way to the wall of greens, I took pictures for you, of the trees I was describing yesterday. These are very professional portraits taken from my car.

…Oh! When I went to my photos, I see I also took some tree photos on my 3 o’clock walk!

I didn’t really capture all the colors at once, but you can at least see that it’s pretty.

Also on my 3 o’clock walk, I took photos of Austin catching up to us.

No time to talk,

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  1. Am very very jealous of the lovely spring flowers. Here in Toronto Canada there were white flakes blowing around again.. I do have some crocus outside, but that’s all. Lovely post as always


  2. And don’t take that as a criticism or one of those bitchy little remarks people seem determined to make in order to point out their superiority to those who don’t spell every damn thing correctly. I was asking a serious question because so many competent writers write “lead” instead of “led” that I notice it damn near daily and have begun to wonder if I’m the one who’s doing it wrong. That was the case when I rolled my eyes over radio announcers saying “He pleaded guilty” instead of “PLED guilty” and was surprised to discover that “pleaded” is, according to Canadian Press style, now the correct word to use. -Kate


  3. I read every post, I laugh out loud at your sense of humour (so delightful!), I appreciate your writing and your devotion to daily “not” (if you insist)-blogging, and how you “speak” from your heart. I’m not nearly so interested in what all your readers have to say, even though they are lovely. I’m not here for them so I rarely read the comments, and unless I have a strong urge to say something, I don’t comment myself — because I suspect the same thing’s already been said by someone else by the time I get around to reading, so my comment is just another “Me too!” -Kate P.S. Dear Ms U.S. CopyEditor: Has “led” become “lead” and I missed the memo? Signed, Ms. Cdn. CopyEditor, well aware she might still have a thing or two to learn … creeeeeeeak … that’s my mind trying to open


  4. I think it’s so cute how Edsel loves to fetch Blu. My Golden Retriever, George, is more of a Golden Receiver. He prefers to catch his toy and run around the yard. Then he will lay down and bark at us to come get his toy so he can do it all over again.


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