June & Flashy

I’ve been waiting till payday, which was, mercifully, on Friday. I had a list of things I’ve been waiting to get, which included:

  • Shampoo and deep conditioner for 2C/3A, low-porosity hair.
  • Face serum that Hot & Flashy recommends. Yes, I AM obsessed with Hot & Flashy, and who wouldn’t be? Look at her! Good gravy; she’s magnificent. Hot & Flashy is my new Carrie Bradshaw.
  • Groceries, including yogurt and healthy not-at-all-processed Lean Cuisines.
  • Foundation from IT Cosmetics because (wait for it) Hot & Flashy recommends it.

Sunday morning I made myself a little list of everything I had to buy because have you met my ADD? Yes, you have. If you’ve ever read one single day beyond this one, yes, you have met and made out with my ADD.

The first thing I did was go online to order the Vitamin C serum. Hot & Flashy–and clearly I am planning to run off with her and be June & Flashy–gives you 5% off if you go to this one website that sells the serum and put in a special “I’m obsessed with Hot & Flashy” code. (It’s hf5off.)

I used Paypal for my purchase, which I always opt for because it’s faster and heaven knows I’m pressed for time with all these kids.

My point is, I forgot one of you gave me a tip this week, and it covered my serum, so my total was ZEEEEERO!

I did not know it was the start of a whole day of deals.

June and her rain hair. Gettin’ the deals.

After my online extravaganza, I walked in the cold rainy day and got in my cold car and headed to the Target. I’d done some research and there was a specific curly-girl-friendly shampoo and deep conditioner I wanted to try.

By the way, that last link is for just in case you were all, “There are products that are friendly to curls?” Yes. Yes, there are. They don’t have harsh stuff in them so there’s less chance you’ll look like Voltaire after you use them. That link just tells you a little about that and lists specific products, but there are tons more.

Anyway, I’d heard good stuff about this Carol’s Lover or Carol’s Banana or Carol’s Christmas or whatever products, and they sell them at Target so did I mention I drove through the cold rain?

Oh my god! I got some of Carol’s Dingy Black Vanilla shampoo and Carol’s Dong deep conditioner, and got 25% off one of them! Then? I got to the checkout? And remembered I had a Target gift card, and my purchase was FREEEEEEE!

I was on such a roll, man.

Then I got flea meds at PetSmart and paid full price but shut up.

I headed to Ulta, and remember when I hated them? I got over it. Anyway, I got the IT Foundation that H&F told me to get; now we’re so close that I just call her H&F.

I haven’t used it yet because it was Sunday and who cares what I look like on Sunday. My point is, I went to the counter to pay my cash money and remembered I had an Ulta gift card, so my




How sick of me are you? Go ahead, feel FREEEEEEE!

Finally, I went to the grocery store near my house, and on my list was yogurt, and they were selling it 4 for $5, AND? Lean Cuisines were ALSO on sale, so everything was practically



I should have bought a lottery ticket or something.

The only other news I have to impart to you is I got a few work emails while I was out, so eventually, I had to sit at my computer and do some work yesterday afternoon. Because I’m salaried, I worked for



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  1. Yay for FREE! Glad it was a happy day. Please let us know how Carol’s Moneymaker Hair Products turn out. I’m tired on spending money on hair products that don’t work (I’m looking at YOU, LUS brands).


  2. Really wish you hadn’t posted about Hot & Flashy. I did not need to know about her. (New moisturizers now ordered and on the way …) Sigh.


  3. I have way, way too many curly hair products. Some work great, some not so much. I also got some Prose (NOT cheap) and it’s…okay. Was it worth the money? No. When I run out, I won’t be reordering.


  4. In December my girlfriend who actually cares about looking good, dragged me out to Sephora and made me by the it CC. The most beautifully made-up man picked out my color and I was incredibly insulted because it looked like the worst shade-of-Trump-orange, and I was all “come on, honey, this couldn’t be right”, and of course after it went on it was perfect. And man, does it do the job. Every spot on my face disappeared.

    And I refuse to believe hot and flashy didn’t get some work/botox on her eye area. The difference in droop from the first few shows to now is impossible to get just with make up alone.

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  5. You look so great in that picture!! So, is the vitamin C serum for the red face stuff? Because I could use some help with that.


  6. The June-recommends-beauty-products-posts are my favorite! Oh, who am I kidding? They’re all my favorite.

    Just last week my dermatologist recommended a crazy, expensive Vitamin C serum and I love it. I can already see a difference in just a week. I’ll definitely have to check out this Timeless one. Both you and H&F are super smokin’.


    1. A link to Amazon? For what? You mean from when I was an Amazon Associate? I’m not one anymore. I can be one again but I haven’t set it up.


  7. I know absolutely zero about makeup, but my niece sells some kind of makeup and posts video of her “simple” makeup routine on her Instagram every day. I am MESMERIZED by the number of steps she goes through to basically end up looking the same. I mean, she’s 25. How much work could she possibly need?

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  8. I love that foundation, but I definitely had to endure a learning curve with it. I almost returned it but then I went online and figured out what I was doing wrong. When they say “no primer needed”, they’re not kidding. I put it over *barely* moisturized skin, no primer, and set with a little powder and I was good to go. It does still tend to seep into fine lines over the course of the day, but it doesn’t aggravate my rosacea, so I deal with it!


    1. Oh good. After I posted that I wondered if perhaps it was just my computer that had stopped storing it. Weird. Good thing June works for WordPress (or owns it – I can never remember) and can get this resolved. (Praying this one is Anonymous or Imma get the ole June liver.)


      1. I should have stayed Anonymous on Friday. But when June and Flashy get together, you can be Flune. Or Floone.


  9. Question: do you use a foundation brush or just use your fingers like we all used to in the dark ages? I’ve tried the brush but I guess I’m not doing it right because it looks “brushed” not “blended” on me! Also, why are the comments making me put in my name and email each post? Is it doing that to anybody else?


    1. I use a sponge or my hands, whichever I’m in the mood for. I also have a flat, stiff brush I use when it’s, like, a major makeup day. Like if I’m performing in my Kabuki Theater group or what have you.

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  10. I love that IT foundation, got one sample size at Sephora, and now I am hooked. Mine was not free, sigh.


  11. I love hot and flashy!! I use her skincare and I think it works. At least that’s what I tell myself. I use that it foundation as well, just in case anyone has crazy oily skin like me, on their website they also have a version for oily skin that is fantastic!
    I will have to look into the hair stuff, I’ve been straightening my hair for a while and want to go back to doing curly girl!
    You look so pretty!


      1. Yes, i started the curly girl routine when I learned about it from you!
        My hair is more wavy and so thin, I get frustrated with whatever I do after a while


  12. What a day! All that stuff and you still have most of your pay check! I did laugh that 4 out of 5 things on your “want to get” list were beauty related. You’re already so pretty June – you’re gonna be a bombshell! Some tiny salesgirl (she looked about 12) talked me into some facial products at Costco yesterday that she promises will have me looking 10 years younger. Imma use it 2 or 3 times and that should get me close to 30 again, right?

    My husband found me talking to her and asked me later “how in the world did she snag you, the world’s biggest sales pitch avoider?” I think it was her eyebrows. She had painted on what was almost-but-not-quite a unibrow. I was so intrigued I needed a closer look. What is it with these young girls and the EXTREME EYEBROWS? So weird!

    Love this post June! Love love love! And the best thing about it? It was FREEEEEEE!

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    1. Also WordPress is being dickly. It used to store my name. Not anymore. For all I know, this comment will be from Anonymous.


    2. I have the same question about the extreme eyebrows. I spent most of my childhood getting bullied about my eyebrows, and no one told me until I was 40 that I should get them waxed. After they were waxed, I was mad at everyone who never said that would help. Now I see girls drawing on these tremendously garish eyebrows and don’t get it at all.


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