Mentally fit June

Well, this is weird. My therapist graduated me. Me! And when I think about it, she’s right. I mean, other than my crippling phobias and deep desire to mate with Barry Gibb, I’m pretty good.

I saw her last night and got the news that I seem pretty good and don’t really need to go anymore. My mother pointed out that she’s like all my doctors who die or quit, and why have I been in therapy since 1975, do you think, MOM?

Anyway, now I’m completely mentally sound and it’s likely I’ma have to lord that over you at every turn. I’ll be like Nellie Olesen, but instead of a candy shop, I’ll have my degree from therapy.

I think that’s pretty much my biggest news from yesterday.

Oh, but also this happened…

Boss, fmr., (L) with boss’s boss, fmr. (R).

My boss, fmr., is back! He’ll be working remotely, unfortunately, but he’s back! I guess it’s good he’s remote, as you’ll recall we got off on the tangents. In fact, when I saw him yesterday and learned he’d returned, I said, “You can’t work here for real unless you agree it was a baby that Billy Jo McAllister threw off the Tallahatchie Bridge,” and he was all, “I can’t agree to that because it isn’t true” and 45 minutes later the person trying to do his paperwork was still standing there helpless.

So, yes. Remote. That’ll work for all of us. But YAY!

My job is a weird place where people come and go a lot. My industry is a weird one where you leave one job and see 49 of the people you worked with at the next job. It’s very Laverne and Shirley leave Milwaukee for LA and Lennie and Squiggie and Laverne’s dad and girlfriend also are in LA.

Why didn’t Laverne’s dad ever marry that girlfriend? Or did he? And if he did, did he marry her at the bowling alley or Laverne’s apartment? It always annoyed me that they did that on Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley. Those were the most popular shows of their time, and yet the makers of Happy Days couldn’t swing for the temporary wedding chapel set. “Oh, we’ll have prom at Arnold’s!”

Also yesterday, my friend Dot sent me Irises because of Iris, a thing I still can’t think about. I just looked back at them and they’re starting to open. I wonder if I should take them to work, lest some buff-ass kitten leap onto the mantle and break this pretty purple vase.

Iris died exactly to the day seven years after I adopted her. Isn’t that weird? December 22. I didn’t tell you about it for several days cause I could not.

I’ve heard other people say, after their pet dies, that they can never get another, never do that to themselves again. I’ve never felt that way, but now I kind of do.

But, I mean, it’s not like I’m out of pets. I’m not a slob. Well. But I wasn’t right then. The scenario was this. I walked into the bedroom and Edsel as usual had taken my robe from the bathroom to the bedroom, where he likes to rub his face longingly into every crevice. I went to the bed to get the robe and Edsel jumped up for pets, then Milhous jumped UNDER the covers and I threw them to the side so he wouldn’t smother. Then Lily jumped up cause needy. And that is why everything in that photo is messy.

I’m not messy; I’m mentally strong.

Okay, I gotta go. Oh! One more thing. You’re all in the door trying to back out.

What am I, a 2C or a 3A?

Why do the women in those photos have curls that aren’t, you know, INSANE like mine?

I had this pertinent discussion with Wedding Alex yesterday at work, but I’ll get your opinion as well. It matters because the products I buy and the methods I use to have decent curls depend on it. Good luck; we’re all counting on you.


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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

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  1. I think you are 3C but you could totally change and go with the 4C – that girrrls got some hair! I, unfortunately don’t have a curl on my body. TMI?? Congratulations on graduating. I am imagining you wearing a bright pink cape and hat fto your graduation.


  2. 2B – 2C.

    I once asked my Deva Curl stylist what I am and she said, “It doesn’t matter. Those numbers really don’t matter.” I thought they did, but she said they don’t and most people are a cross between some of them.


  3. Congratulations on your therapy graduation! Does that mean you’re now qualified for therapy grad school?

    Your work sounds like such a fun group of people. I work in commercial real estate, so all of my coworkers can best be described as “pushy” and “no fun at all oh my god kill me”.

    I always like to imagine that Mr. DeFazio proposed to Edna Babish every single day, and she was just like, “I’m a hot cougar and I own an apartment building. What the hell do I need your dusty ass for?” Also, I hope she secretly kept Carmine as her personal dancing gigolo.

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  4. I think 3A. That’s a tough one though. They seem so similar. My hair is straight fine and lifeless. I probably am not a good judge.

    Your therapist seems really honest. Like, instead of treating you forever and collecting the money, she turned you loose. I am surprised.

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  5. This is an interesting article in Rolling Stone about Bobbie Gentry

    “Fifty years later, neither question has been answered. Most people guess it was a baby, a ring, or some other symbol of secret love that dropped into the dark water, though Gentry repeatedly said that question missed the point, which was indifference. “This boy’s death did not get his neighbors involved,” she explained at the time. She explained that the object thrown off the bridge was just a way to establish motivation for Billie Joe’s suicide. “I left it open so the listener could draw his own conclusion.””


  6. If you grew your hair to 3 feet long it might be 2B. If you used Product X you’d be 2C and if you used Product Y you’d be 3A.

    And I might consider becoming a 4C except then I wouldn’t be able to back out the door.

    The witness was nearsighted. The baby was throwing Billy Joe McAllister off the bridge.

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    1. I’m picturing a brawny bald toddler, like Babyface Finster in the Bugs Bunny cartoon. Sound effect: long downward whistle as Billie Joe speeds toward the water.


  7. I dunno, I think you’re a cross between a 2B and a 2C.

    It was Benjamin the RAG DOLL that Billy Joe McAllister threw off the Tallahatchie Bridge.

    Laverne’s dad Frank did end up marrying Mrs. Babish and they opened up that country western place in Burbank, Cowboy Bob’s? Cowboy Bill’s? Cowboy Curtis? I just know it was Cowboy Something. And the show totally sucked after they moved to Hollywood.

    When my beloved Lab Lucy died, I said I didn’t want another dog because nobody could replace her. A few weeks later, I couldn’t stand not having a dog around and that’s how we got Gracie Lou, the weird and twitchy Aussie/Border mix. And then my son brought home a Chihuahua mix who somehow ended up being my husband’s “emotional therapy” animal (and he is hers). And then a cat showed up and that’s how we got Mr. Kitty.

    Those are beautiful Iris for the beautiful Eyeriss.

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  8. I say definitely not a 3A. I think you’re a 2b-2C with 2C being more prominent. Also important is the porosity of your hair. And you have curls laying on top of curls, which can contribute to the triangle head you sometimes get, but I only see photos. I don’t know you or your hair in real life.


  9. I think you’re a 2C and congratulations on your graduation! If I could imbed Pomp & Circumstance I would. Beautiful irises and how thoughtful. We are in a ‘never another pet’ mood but have two cats and have always had at least one cat at all times since 1975, so we shall see.

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  10. I think you’re a 3A. It seems your new products are working well, and the look is natural and bouncy. Hmm, just like the hoots. Hah!

    When my lovely Lucia died in April, I just hated coming home. The house felt so empty without her. I got Cora about six weeks later, and she was invisible until November, so I was really unhappy, even questioning if she should go back to the rescue. Now, she comes out more and more, is making friendly advances, and seems to like living here. I’m happy again.

    I also graduated from therapy, and it felt really strange at first. Eventually that feeling subsided, and I began to trust myself again.

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  11. Lovely post, Joop. Did you get a graduation ceremony? Cap and gown? An old cassette tape of Pomp and Circumstance? A certificate suitable for framing?

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      1. You already have a nice class ring. And nice hands, a nice house, expensive stereo, lenient rules, straight teeth, thick hair, and a good voice. And an Oxford comma.


  12. Congratulations on the graduation. I think 3A but I also think they threw a stuffed animal or the like named Benjamin off the bridge.


  13. 3A.
    The irises are as lovely as Dot’s thoughtfulness.
    When my Charley died I didn’t think I’d ever be able to cope with the sadness of losing another pet.
    It’s been twenty years and I’m now thinking of adopting one.
    In the meantime I’ve cared for a friend’s dogs while she traveled, loved them and really felt like they were mine. Two have died at ripe old ages and their passing has shown me that I can cope, even though they weren’t mine. Thanks for the love, Eddie and Hobbs.
    Lovely post Joop.
    Imagining you in a winged hat, kicking up your wooden shoes.

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  14. 3A and I have no idea what they threw off the bridge. The irises are gorgeous and a lovely tribute to sweet Iris. Congratulations on your graduation.and your mental soundness.

    If it really was a baby, they need to see your therapist.


  15. 2C
    Now that you’re so mentally healthy are you going to start charging us if we make comments that are out of touch with reality?

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  16. I think 2C. Maybe because her hair is darker. What do I know, mine is so straight it even refuses to cuddle a curling iron.


  17. 2C
    Boss, frm., is wrong. It WAS a baby.
    The flowers are beautiful in honor of sweet Iris. We were without pets for several months after we lost our beloved Oscar Snuggles, King of Tidewater. The good thing, we were able to travel and not worry (I was the one that worried) about our pets, then Trudy Trotter was asleep under the pine tree several months later and eventually she became our cat. It took months for her to trust us. Now? She sleeps on the bed with us. I still miss my Oscar Snuggles, he was really a special cat.
    WHY did Google call you Fatass?! That did made me laugh out loud, though. Or do you have to give a name to call you to Google? I have an Echo Dot, but our internet connection is so bad (like dial up) the dot stays red and goes round and round and round and round…


  18. I didn’t know therapists made the decision to stop seeing patients. I asked mine when he would let me know when we were finished, and he said I would be the one to tell him. One day at the end of a session I said, ” I don’t think I need to see you again.” And I didn’t…until 15 years later when I hired him to renovate my house…a much more costly endeavor. And apparently there’s only so much client angst one can take, so he got a contractor’s license and deals with homeowners who dither back and forth on what they want. I always wondered how much psychology he used on me when I was making up my mind.

    And a baby

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  19. 2C

    Definitely a baby

    Why did I think Wedding Alex left??

    Iris … (sigh) A perfectly honed killing machine housed in a fluffy, gorgeous, cuddlable body.


  20. I graduated from therapy once too. I was shocked but it was for dealing with a specific issue and I had figured it out.
    Those irises are gorgeous.
    I have some form of the plague and have to shower for a doctor’s appointment. I need to try to come back later for the hair thing.

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  21. I think 2C.

    Those Irises are so beautiful. And, yes. I am still sick about the loss of Iris. I feel so sad for you.

    Tell Boss fmr. that it was for sure a baby…geez.

    Lovely post, old lover!

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  22. 3A. And why does this make me feel like I’m telling your a bra size?

    Our (16 y.o.) cat died in December, right before Christmas, and our (one month shy of 14 y.o.) dog died in August. I am so sad without any pets but I also acknowledge that this is a time we can travel! to new places! But we haven’t yet, so I’m making plans to do so before we get a new dog this summer. Bc I need a dog.

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  23. I lust for hair in 3A but it doesn’t look maintainable….. like you would have to spend 10 minutes every hour putting product in to keep it photogenic.
    I’m terribly sorry about Iris. We lost the best dog to cancer a year ago and just last night, I had an ugly cry in the shower meltdown about her. We have one beast remaining but just not the same.

    Lovely post, old, pretty Joop

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  24. 3A

    We haven’t had a pet since our last one died 21 years ago now. At first it was too painful to think of, then we got into this really busy stage of our lives that we can’t seem to get out of. Didn’t have the time to run home to check on pets and there were days when we left and weren’t back home for 12-15 hours. Ridiculous. It’s getting better but I’d only be willing to get a cat right now and the Mr. is not a cat lover. He only wants a dog, so now we have a stalemate.

    In a few years we are planning on wintering somewhere in the South and have discussed how much easier that would be to do without pets. Somehow I’m wondering if we will ever personally have another pet, even though we like them.


  25. When the last of our 5 cats and 2 dogs died we didn’t get any more pets for a long time. It was nice not having to deal with all those litter boxes and pet fur for awhile. Then our cat, current, adopted us and we are back to being owned by a cat again. I think you are a 2C, but what do my straight ass hair and I know?

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  26. I see you as a 2C.

    Those irises are spectacular. I would carry them with me everywhere.

    I didn’t know therapists decided when you were all shipshape. I thought they were more like chiropractors who insisted on seeing you three times a week in perpetuity. June’s not-blog – where we never stop learning!

    Lovely post old loverly June!

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