June speaks of nothing

Every day when I get on here, I open up the Book of June page, and in my version there’s a white button in the upper-right-hand side of the page that reads, Write. (See below.)Screen-Shot-2018-12-19-at-7.13.25-AM.pngThat’s the button I click to start a new post.

Every single day, when I click that button, I hear Nettie from The Color Purple screeching,


It’s hard to live in my head.

But speaking of writing, we didn’t even notice my 12th year of blogging not blogging came and went on the 15th. That was the day I had my last delightful migraine, so.

Anyway, it’s been a weird dozen years, but weird in a good way.

For one thing, when I talk to people I know, and I start telling a story, sometimes I see the look in their eyes where they already know this story because apparently they read my not-a-blog, but they also don’t want to be rude and stop my delivery of said tale.

Then there’s the part where someone I know really well doesn’t read it and I hate to be a terrible person


but geez, really?

For example, Ned and I had been dating two years when I finally got the nerve to tell him it made me feel terrible that he didn’t read me. He saw reading my blog as intrusive. But once I, you know cried, he read it every day, till we broke up and he never read it again. And I believe him, too. I know women would be ALL OVER their ex’s blog, but he is not.

Let’s smoke him out if he is.

Hey, Ned, Cormac McCarthy sucks.

Hey, Ned, anyone ever tell you that you look a lot like Donald Trump?

Man, are Duke basketball sorts of things ever great. Go, Duke things. And also that other blue team, whoever the hell they are. They rock. (I do actually like their shade of blue.)

Sports talk, with June.

Oh my god what was I talking about. Oh! Blogging. Yes.

Also, the other weird thing about blogging is people have few boundaries. Stalking seems more and more acceptable now. People kind of joke about it. Oh, I internet stalked her. I’ve had the oddest things happen. People at my house, people at my work, and I’m not even a famous blog not blogger. Imagine the shit The Nester sees.

But in all, I’m glad I’ve done this on and off for the last 12 years. Those months I wasn’t blogging not blogging this year, my mornings were lovely and peaceful and I wasn’t screaming to get the cats fed and the dog let out and showered so I could write. That part was nice. But the not writing part sucked.

hooo care


So, it’s almost stupid Christmas. Does anyone else hate Christmas or is it just me? (This poll didn’t TELL me that “Other” would be an option, but we can’t see any comments you might make, so please don’t pick “Other” unless you wish to leave a real comment below saying why.)

Finding out how to embed polls has made me late for work, so I’m off.



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48 thoughts on “June speaks of nothing”

  1. I voted the hate Christmas one, but I really just don’t like the stress. This year is a little better because the kids are just getting one Big (expensive) gift, so all I will do over the next few days is buy a few ‘filler’ gifts. I do love having the tree up and looking at all the lights.
    For years I was one of those “If I buy anything for you in December it’s going under the tree, even if it’s toothpaste or tampons” people, because I wanted so much STUFF under the tree, but cutting back this year feels pretty good.
    Lovely post, pretty Joon.


  2. I hate what Christmas has become, I loved it when I was a kid (who didn’t?), but the “if you don’t buy everyone a Lexus, you’re scum” thing has kind of ruined it for me.
    So glad you’re writing again, June. Missed you when you were gone. Merry Christmas to you and all us other people.


  3. “Let’s smoke him out…..” I swear if it weren’t for you June Gardens I would never ever laugh out loud. Ever.


  4. Congratulations on 12 years! I’m so glad you are writing again, you have such talent.

    Christmas…I voted other, but did add a comment. I love the music, decorations, lights, but I don’t enjoy the pressure of gifts for people that don’t need a thing. This year I told my family I was only going to buy for my great niece and please no gifts for us. But the problem still exists, what do you buy a child that has way too much stuff? How about a nightgown with a matching doll gown, and a bag of change for her piggy bank. (Her mom said she is going to LOVE all that change!) In the past I have spent way too much time shopping for gifts that weren’t appreciated or liked, cooked food for picky eaters they wouldn’t eat most of what it and cleaned my house to be trashed in a matter of minutes. At my age I’m not doing that any longer. Years ago my husband and I decided we would no longer exchange gifts, but if a need arises during the year we buy what we need. We are trying to get rid of stuff! The true meaning of Christmas has been lost in all the madness.


  5. SIGH. My parents have been divorced for nearly 20 years but it’s still the same “go see everybody so no one’s feeling are hurt” BS every year. It’s exhausting. This year I wanted a quiet Christmas at home, which I’m getting, but the rest of the family just moved it all to the Saturday before instead so I’m still going to have to stumble through the emotional landmine that is Christmas. And I’m not graceful about it. I’ve been sick, I’m stressed from work, and I wish I had time to bake my favorite cookies and drive around and look at lights but I’m just not sure it’s going to happen this year. Next year I’m going on a cruise or something!


    1. I know someone who has said the same thing since he was 12. He says Christmas gets ruined every year because every parent and stepparent wants to be visited on the holiday.

      Maybe the nicest thing we can do for our loved ones is let them enjoy the holiday as they want to. That might be the biggest gift of all.

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    2. Oh holy cow! Heather just reminded me that I haven’t baked Christmas cookies! My son insists on cookies with ingredients (no break and bake allowed). Maybe we will just make after Christmas cookies.


  6. I love Christmas and all the trimmings. Also too, speaking of June 3, I almost cried last year on June 3, because I missed your blog so much. I came by your empty, un-updated not-blog and just sat there. I would have left flowers, but I knew you hate emojis. Merry Christmas, June.


  7. Christmas was absolutely magical when I was a kid. As a 50+ something adult? Not so much. The kids are grown and family is spread across multiple states so for the last few years, it’s just been the 4 of us. And 3 of the 4 sit around and wait for the 4th (that would be me) to cook and be Julie the Cruise Director. And we’re all at the age where there’s nothing we really NEED and if there’s something we want, we just get it for ourselves so gift-giving has lost its magic as well. My husband and kids keep asking what I want and I am drawing an absolute blank. I think I told my son to just get me a subscription to HGTV Magazine. I know, I’m so greedy.

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  8. I really, really enjoy reading your blog (thank you for coming back), but I no longer enjoy Christmas. My sister died on 12/20 and I miss her terribly. I don’t like the crowds, the stress, the expense, the social expectations, etc. Maybe all that will change if I ever get me some grandchildren. I hope so.

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    1. dbinmd, I’m so sorry for your loss. (Tired of hearing that yet? I am. Even though I know it comes from well-meaning people, I just want to yell, “ME TOO!!”) My brother died on December 6 of this year, and it’s all I can do to get through it. Can’t wait for it to be over. Wishing you peace.


  9. One of the reasons I hate Christmas time is that everyone at work has these end of year projects that just have to get done or someone is going to die. Not literally but you know how it is. Being a computer programmer, we ALWAYS have had end of year updates to make so we end up working most of the holiday instead of getting 2 weeks off like everyone else.


  10. I join everybody in the love/hate relationship with Christmas. One of my very favorite things to do is drive around and look at everybody’s Christmas lights (which my ex HATED, and that’s why I had to divorce him). I love putting up lights in and outside of my home too. But between playing and singing at all the bazillion church and community services and shows and concerts, etc. I’M TIRED, YO! And that’s on top of all the regular Christmas stress of cooking, shopping, wrapping, cleaning, etc. Siiiiigh. Ho Ho Ho.


  11. I don’t buy gifts anymore at Christmas (except Grandchild) and I don’t receive gifts either. I made it clear to everyone about four years ago that as a minimalist, I choose not to give or get gifts for any reason AND IT HAS BEEN MOTHER FREAKING GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, I can’t even begin to describe how glorious and free it is! I spend the holiday season now doing all the fun stuff and have no stress whatsoever. Did I mention how GLORIOUS it is???!!! Oh it wasn’t easy and it caused some hard feelings, I mean some REAL hard feelings at first but did I care? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why? Cause it is GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And once you get a taste of freedom from gift giving, you never want to go back. And Christmas Eve and Day is wonderful cause the focus is on people, not things. Did I mention how glorious it is???!!!!!!

    Having said all that, yes, I was that person that put up 13 trees (mainly vintage), had thousands of ornaments (mainly vintage) and loved shopping and decorating and gift wrapping and giving and receiving and baking and creating memories, I loved it all, the smells, the lights, the hustle and bustle, the music, and then it became a drag so I stopped. And it was nice. So I continued to stop. And it wasn’t a fluke, it was still nice the next year. And then the third year I opted out of every single gift giving and it was only then that it amped up to GLORIOUS!!!! Christmas is now a peaceful holiday for us, all because I cut out all the negatives that were dragging me down and focused on only those things that make me truly happy. Family, friends, good conversations and food.

    You’re so pretty, Joob! Thank you for blogging again!!!!

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    1. Husband now buys his own gifts and I wrap them and say they are from me. We are so old, that he often forgets what he ordered, so it’s still exciting for him to see what comes out of the package. I no longer want/need anything that isn’t a remodel on our house, so I’m happy not getting anything – including the remodel. I will get my son what he needs (this year a coat, cute socks and a shirt) but that’s about it. No more junk gifts just to have things under the tree.

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  12. I read this just after spending an hour trying to fix my damn tree lights. So I’ve been in the Christmas sucks mood. And who knew, it really can be a fuse. Now that my tree is lit up once again, Christmas is okay. But wait, I still have things to buy, meals to make and a house to clean. So, yeah, bah humbug! But then again, my son is coming home. So, yay! It’s a roller coaster around here.

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  13. I don’t care about Christmas anymore since receiving gifts is no longer the thrill it was when I was a child. I do enjoy buying gifts for others, but don’t buy for the dozens that I used to, and now everyone has everything they want, no one seems to go without anything, so what do you buy for people? I think a lot of times they just accept gifts with pretend graciousness, but they don’t really want the stuff. I’m not a Christian so I don’t give a shit about any of the birthday celebration. But I do love whipped shortbread and lefse, which I often only get to eat at Christmas and sometimes even make, myself.

    I too have dear friends who don’t read my blog and I find that weird because if I know someone who blogs, I’m reading! But my blog’s everyday plain, while yours is FUNNY, so I don’t understand anyone who isn’t reading. Different strokes for folks, I suppose. My dad’s remark about my blog was it was just about my walks and my dogs, and why would he want to read that every day? Point taken. He added that if he had a blog, it would be all about his daily golf games in the summer, and he realized that people like me wouldn’t find that of interest.

    I don’t believe Ned’s not reading. He wants you to think he’s not, so you’ll write candidly and he can read about himself.


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    1. I mean, I really know he’s not. I know the way of Ned’s people. It confuses me.

      Also, men never get blogs. I’ve had more men tell me they think it’s boring. Men want to get information quickly. They serve hard drinks for men who want to get drunk fast.

      This does not apply to actual men named Seattle Steve and even Vellichor.


  14. I also answered “other” because like LisaNTL, I like the idea of Christmas, but it just becomes too much pressure. I’m not a big fan of any holiday really, mostly because my inlaws have ruined them all for me. You know what I love? The day AFTER a holiday, when you get to be off work and you can just lay around and do nothing, or you can do whatever you want, either way there’s no pressure. It’s my favorite.

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      1. And it’s my birthday. And Amish’s Birthday. Even more reason to love January 2.

        I don’t hate Christmas, but I hate getting dressed up, putting on make-up, going to parties and contracting some illness that someone there has because God forbid they stay home with their germs. I love the bright warmth of the tree lights in the neighborhood, the smell of pies baking and the fact our tiny family is once again together for a few days. So, mixed emotions.

        12 years – what an amazing accomplishment! And this all started because you wanted to save a few dollars. Now look at you – rolling in the cash. Well done, you.


  15. I took the summer off to move and get the boys situated. That part was nice. But the not reading your blog part sucked.


  16. I’m so glad you are blogging again! Happy belated blogoversary!
    I love Christmas! The songs, the movies, the lights and decorations! We visit a tree farm every year and cut down our Christmas tree. The shopping stresses me a little, as does the family stuff, but overall, I love it! I’m wearing my Christmas sweater today. It features a Persian cat. Someone told me I should sew one of the cat’s eyes shut so it would look like our family’s cat. It’s awful but it’s true.

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  17. I also answered Other, but I did ‘splain myself. Kinda. Thank you for your 12 years of blogging, Joon.


  18. Thanks for writing, Joon. Your posts enrich my day.
    Poet’s right. We are other people. I chose other but if you don’t want us to choose that option then add me to not a fan of Christmas. I do love the dark and quiet and once I jettisoned all the decorating except for candles and reduced gifts to one each for the adult kids (no little kids in close family) it became sane enough to tolerate. I just want to read and write and paint and be quiet. Then I would love love love it.


    1. I like it that we’re mostly all other people. That’s what makes June’s notblog so cool and fun.

      P.S. I love youuuuuuu, PJ. Smiley face.

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  19. I totally am an “other”–sorry June. If I had to choose: I don’t like it. I like the IDEA of it…I like the movies, the music, the Christmas tree, the baking (that my husband does)…But I don’t like the expectation, the financial burden, the WORK and PRESSURE. I like Thanksgiving. We gather, we have good food, we hang out. Perfect. (And that is enough pressure, thankyouverymuch.)

    Lovely post, lovely June!

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  20. I pribably overshared on other and it’s incomplete. The commercialism, the financial pressures, etc. etc. (Said in the King and I’s King voice, my head is a lot like yours, Joon, which is why I enjoy you so much).
    Christmas is fun for kids. Being the auntie was not the same, neither is being the great aunt. I don’t wish anyone not to have their joy. I just wanted some too. My position IS easier but not as happy for me.


        1. Oy. I answered “other”. But I added “I want to love Christmas. Just on my own terms.” I really do love so much about it – the lights, the food, the happy childhood memories, the chance to reflect on all the wonderful things I am so grateful for in my life. But the push push push to buy buy buy and get it all done and do it so it meets the expectations of what CHRISTMAS is can kill it for me. I have so much holiday trauma from dealing with difficult – no, make that wicked, evil, and insane – in-laws for so many years that it’s taken me a while to get my joy back. When I get that first “LAST MINUTE GIFT IDEAS” email – usually before the Thanksgiving turkey is even cooled off – I wanna stab someone. I just want my holidays to be simple and joyful and meaningful.

          And I can’t even tell you how much I’m looking forward to the first “NEW YEAR NEW YOU’ ads. No thanks.

          I bet you wish I had stuck with “other”. haha!

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  21. Love Christmas and all the years of your blog. My in laws and family are fun so Christmas is a joy. Merry Christmas to you and your menagerie of pets!


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