Morning coat at 8 p.m.

Oh my gawd, this day is a WASH.

Is a wash a bad thing? or is it just an even-ing out? What I mean is this day can suck it.

First of all, note I’m here 12 hours late. When we last spoke, swearing we’d stay together forever and exchanging class rings (isn’t mine nice?), I was on the horns of a dilemma re what my new hours at work would be.

I decided on 8 to 5. I get a lot of “Can you do this today?!” requests at, like, 4:00, which is relaxing, so planning on an earlier departure would be for naught.

So, the new schedule started November 1, and in case you aren’t being kept abreast of the dates because you’re in a tower somewhere, like let’s say you’re Rapunzel, or a prisoner of war, or a sex slave or something, this is November 2, so I had to start my new hours forthwith. (Also, you may have bigger fish to fry beyond, “What day is this” and “Which hours did June select for work?”)

The point is, that alarm went off this morning at what felt like 2 a.m. and I wanted to die. Oh, I felt out of it. I was foggy, I was without personality, I had no will to live.

It was 30 minutes earlier than my usual wakeup. Thank god for daylight savings this weekend.

Anyway, I did not blog. Because personality, where is it. Searching for Bloggy Fisher.

I worked from home today, as I was expecting a delivery and also my handyman who is not Alf came over.

Once, a few weeks ago, Alf couldn’t help me out, so I cheated on him, and I found a distinctly NOT ridiculous handyman who is straightforward and dependable, and I am sorry he is not as fun to hear about as Alf, but he put up two light fixtures for me today, to replace a brown-and-brass ceiling fan

Ceiling fan, fmr.
Light, crnt.


and also a fluorescent light, because nothing says Home Sweet Home like an office light.

Fluorescent light in den, fmr.
Light in den, crnt.


We didn’t know what we’d find when we removed the old lights, but now he has to come back and




and paint over the discolored rectangle up on m’ceiling. He comes back Monday. See, that would have taken 49 nonsensical texts with Alf to arrange.

Anyway, while all that was going on today I had WORK OUT MY ASS, and I was work work working as hard as I could, I was ROCK-HARD working, I was RAM-STRAIGHT HARD working, and then I hope you’re sitting down but I got a “Can you do this today?!?” email at 4:00 and I ended up working 8:00 TO 5:30, and Lu totally resent.

Mostly I resent because for MONTHS, YEARS, even, ALL MY LIFE, pretty much, I’ve been so, so, so looking forward to today, which is November 2, Rapunzel the Sex Slave, because as you know it’s the day the Freddie Mercury movie premieres and ALL I WANTED was to type in all caps a lot but then also GO TO THAT MOVIE and it started at 5:50 and please see above re working till 5:30, and I still had to slop all the hogs and I looked like shit so I thought, oh, I’ll just go to the 7:00 showing and guess who fell asleep and missed it by five minutes.

This day is a wash.

Tomorrow I take Milhous to the vet, although he is now eating, but he still needs shot boosters. He’ll deign to eat some adult cat food in a can. That’s it. Not that he personally sits in a can, but speaking of which, he FELL into the toilet today and I am so glad I was home. I was all, What sounds barf and it was a kitten plunking into the toilet, and if you ever need a barf sound effect, turns out that’ll do, pig.

Also, speaking of barfing, tomorrow I head off to Peg’s funeral. Cel-e-brate good times, come on!

Did I tell you Peg, my neighbor, fmr., died? Peg was the best. She really was. It’s sad. Everything is sad, honey.

My grandmother said that to me once, when I was in high school. Why so atypically depressed, June?

And after the vet and the funeral, Ima paint. See? I’m finally getting to the paint portion of our blog.

Careful readers will note that most of this house is painted kind of a coffee with cream color. My problem is, this house is way too tasteful. Fortunately for me, I still have a can of Sleepy Blue like I had in my old bedroom, which will go in my …new bedroom. And I have a can of Quietude, which goes in the den. Ned once said I speak of Quietude the way other people speak of the home run they hit in 1979.

But this weekend, I’m painting the living room a color called Alabaster, and I am doing so because a woman whose house I admire said to paint it that color and I’m all, okay. I will do whatever you say. Because your house. I admire.

Also, I am painting my dresser a pinky rose.

Shut up. I don’t care.

dresser say, where my dignitee go?

I’ve wanted to paint the dresser for awhile. Last weekend, I was at the never-busy Lowe’s paint department, waiting while every woman on god’s earth ordered a light green, a Quietude, if you will, for her walls. They sell furniture paint there that you get a can of and have them make it into a color from their brochure. That’s how my nightstand became seafoam. Don’t it make my nightstand, don’t it make my nightstand, don’t it make my brown nightstand bluuuuee (-green.)

I was planning to have them mix up for me the white-ish color of furniture paint, Kid Glove, but I’ve been walking around with a fabric sample from my new chair in my purse, like that’s just what you do, and since I was there




I matched the fabric of my chair to the paint colors available in their furniture paint,


and by the time it was finally my fucking turn at bat, I said, “Mix me up soma that Morning Coat, and be lively with ya, m’lad.”

Then the guy at Lowe’s cockpunched me.

Don’t you like me better at the end of the day, after a nap and maybe a snort of the hootch? I know I do.

And look here, Miss Beige-y Basic Bitch of the Beige. I don’t CARE that a pink dresser isn’t your taste, and you want me to be tasteful, and do a taste-y freeze on my choices. I just don’t care. This is the joy of being single. You get to paint your dresser Morning Coat, whatever that is.

Edz: wat wrong wif beyge? Milhous: wat dat spot on flor?

So that sums me up, I think, and I’ll report back to you post vet/funeral/tape/patch/paint/ooo, pink!

Going into the weekend like:

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    1. Well, when I clicked the link above it shows it in the turquoise color. Click on the Pink Lemonade color to see what I am thinking.


  1. I fell like I’m missing things.
    Is that the chair that you have been wanting g to recover?
    How far away from work are you now?
    I love the color of your end table, can’t wait to see the dresser.


  2. JUST YESTERDAY I told my friend how much I missed your writing. And then? I decided to check to see if by any chance in the world you would have come back. (I hadn’t checked for a while.) AND THERE WERE POSTS–PLURAL! I am so happy to have you back! I have read all of your posts, and now I am WAY behind on what I was supposed to get done today. TOTALLY WORTH IT. I’m so sorry to hear about Peg. Although, I am sure she was suffering, so maybe it is a blessing. I am sure she is so happy to see you in a new house decorating in her honor. Your new house is lovely, and Milhous is adorable. I missed you and the rest of the crew. Lovely post, lovely June!

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  3. Morning coat is your taster’s choice. I can’t wait to see it. It will look great.

    Poor tiny Milhous, aka the Ty-D-Bol Man.


  4. I’m all for a pink dresser. I painted one of mine raspberry. Also too, please pull the blinds all the way down in the den. There could be a peeping tom out there.


  5. Looking forward to seeing the pink dresser! I have a robin’s egg blue buffet and it’s everything I wanted and needed to jazz up my dining room.
    RIP Peg. 😦


  6. I need all of the fans, comfort is my jam too and I am far too hot blooded.
    I am so glad you are not all basic biege. l adore that gorgeous fabric you chose for your chair. That pink dresser will be amazing beside it. Is that paint the one that goes right over it, no refinishing? I’ve seen that advertised and am intrigued.
    RIP, Peg. I wasn’t here for her stories but everyone speaks so highly of her.
    Your pets pictures on your bed are everything. Milhouse is adorable. Buff boy cats are the bomb. Biege is a great color for pets.


  7. I’m so sorry to hear about Peg’s passing. RIP Peg – it always felt like you were one of us. Joob – all that activity in one day is making me tired just reading about it. I make my husband crazy reminding him that we already have one or two things scheduled in a day and that my dear, is MORE than enough. Lovely post June!


  8. Bloggy Fisher. Flump.

    Silly question. Can you tell that I’m in Ukraine? Do comments give locations? And am I the first comment you’ve ever gotten from here?
    Probably not. I bet you’ve got a huge Ukrainian following.

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  9. This is YOUR house, that you chose all by yourself, filled with YOUR furniture and YOUR animals. You can paint anything any color you darn well please. Although I kind of like the animals the colors they are.
    RIP Peg.

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  10. Jooooooooooooob!!!!!!!!!!!! You posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, so I will be the complete dork here and admit I can not go to movie theaters anymore. I already have claustrophobia (which I manage well, well, as long as we all don’t have to get in an elevator together) but with recent events anymore, I just panic too much in small spaces and especially small spaces with only one mother-freaking exit (WTF) and it’s freaking dark!! So therefore, I can only go to movies in the middle of the afternoon when only another dork or two is there. In a nutshell, I dearly want to see my gay boyfriend Freddie Mercury but can not at this time.

    I love Milhous so bad and that picture with Eds is adorable!!

    Alabaster is life, man. Don’t even get me started on Alabaster. I am a po’ person but I do hire a color consultant when I need to. Alabaster is everything as a trim, man. I could talk for hours and hours about Sherwinn Williams paint colors. I won’t. But I could.

    Have I told you how pretty you are, Joob? And what a lovely post this is. Now back to reading comments.


  11. I saw Bohemian Rhapsody last night, and as much as I wanted to love it, I didn’t. Great casting and great acting, but overall 7.5 out of 10. I think the biggest miss was the lack of music. So sad, since I’ve been counting down the days until I could see it. Karen in VB, discuss 😊


  12. I want to see both the Queen movie and The Nutcracker! Can’t wait to see the pink dresser when you’re done, I’m sure it will be fabulous!


  13. So I noticed you weren’t here this morning. But, hey…that’s cool working from home and such. Please, please, please paint it pink! My parents are like, “ohmegee you’ll ruin a perfect piece of furniture.” As if my parents would ever say ohemmgee. I’m already shopping for a new Christmas tree. Oh, btw, dear, are there a salt and pepper shaker you’ve unpacked?


  14. All of the woodwork in my house is painted Alabaster, and I love it.
    Sorry your day turned out to be weird, but your cute howse is getting a makeover and makeovers are fun!
    Very funny post, June!


  15. I love the Sunday Buffet (?) in the lower right corner but it’s probably suited better to a jacket than room color of living. I’m bad at paint and have only learned one thing over the years of repainting the stupid hallway – any color we pick is going to be playroom quality paint. It’s $5 more per can of worth it even though there’s nary a child in the house ~ we have a tail of doom. One that seems to find mud and rocks to beat the wall with. Sadly, I was delighted when I discovered you can SCRUB playroom paint. Go figure.

    My condolences on Peg. Given what we’ve gotten to know, if her family has even half of “it”, the funeral will be an epic sendoff fitting the queen of germs!


  16. I saw the movie last night. I will be going again. Hopefully with a more lively audience who will sing all the songs. I really expected that. And was ready to sing my heart out. And instead just sang along in my own head. Party poopers.
    I have a few pieces of furniture painted Kid Glove and some sort of sea foam green color. I’m basically basic.
    RIP, Peg.


  17. Can’t wait to see the dresser in pink. Do you have a cat free painting room? My cats –one crotchety and one none-too-swift– make it hard to tackle painting jobs.
    I hope Peg has a good send off. I’m old enough to be extra happy for good news about the people I love cause, yeah, bad news is getting way too common.


  18. I must be an older generation, because when I had a house I was replacing dim light fixtures with ceiling fans! White ones, though. Comfort above all! So excited to see the pink dresser, I think that’s a great idea! I love color.

    Bye to Peg. She will be missed.


  19. RIP, Peg, you will certainly be missed. Looking forward to all the painting. You have some new furniture and art, loving all of it. Inquiring minds are asking what Milhous was doing when he fell in the toilet.


  20. Great post, June. I get all nostalgic seeing the angry chair and remembering all the pictures that chair has been in with such a variety of colors of living fur.
    Morning coat will be great on that dresser.
    Sigh. Such a lovely post.

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  21. Thank you June. You saved my damn life. My husband threw his back out last night and today I have been teetering on the edge. Because never in the history of mankind has there been greater pain than this man is currently suffering. Never. Ever. But will he take an effing Advil? No. Why? Because he wants ME to suffer too. A mere ten minutes ago I was picturing myself in the electric chair and planning for my last meal because I had my mind on murder and murder on my mind. Then along came you. I don’t care what you write about as long as you write.

    I too had Freddy Mercury in my plans for this weekend. Guess who is leaving old pain in the ass… I mean back behind and going anyway?

    And RIP to Peg. Everything is indeed sad.


    1. Good grief what the FUCK is with men who won’t take anything but then bitch like a baby? Can you tell I’m over that! Lol


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