Sweet November

Did you ever see that movie? Sweet November, I mean? It stars a very namby-pamby dying Sandy Dennis, which I guess is redundant. I think they remade it later and I never saw the remake, because remakes annoy me, with the exception of A Star is born, which I have seen twice and will see 700 more times.


Yesterday was Halloween, and I went as a disappointed middle-aged woman. As I was leaving work the night before Halloween, people asked me what my costume was going to be, and I said I didn’t have one.

“WHYYYY?” they were wondering.

“Because I’m an adult,” I said, and for a moment that burned until they remembered who they were talking to. Adult. heeeeee!


Actually, the woman in the next row at work is pregnant, and it was only one day before Halloween that it dawned on me we could have gone as Mia Farrow and Ruth Gordon.


In case anyone’s keeping track, that marks the 54th year I’ve gotten a great idea too late. But next year? Ryan at work, and me. Harold and Maude.

Clearly I just want to be Ruth Gordon. “Love fades.” She says that in Annie Hall, do you remember that? Maybe you would have needed to see Annie Hall 79 times as I have.

Soon I’ll be quoting A Star is Born all the time! Won’t that be refreshing?

Anyway, so other, life-embracing people dressed up at work yesterday, and we had a contest and so on, and then later in the day people brought their kids. I took pictures of people’s kids in 2013, and now whenever these same families come to my desk for candy, I whip out the Google Photos and force them to look at themselves from years back.

The Poet and her pals as the four seasons. The Poet is summer. You’re welcome. And yes, I DO adore the winter guy. He’s the bomb.
Ohmygod, brilliant.
My boss, fmr., crnt., fmr. and now crnt. With her offspring, crnt.

Do you enjoy my clever editing skillz, with taking the name plates and making them useless? I’m like a photo editor guru. Every time I say that word, I say it, “guRU,” because there’s a Hallmark commercial where this woman visits her old professor, and he says, “What did you become, an internet guRU?” and she says, “No, a teacher,” and pretty much every Hallmark commercial sends me into fits of the weeps.


Anyway, the copy editor guRU who sits behind me had come to work at FIVE TO 6:00 yesterday morning to get a big thing done, so she left before the kids got there at 4:00, but put this candy right behind me and Dear Children: I am sorry the other copy editor did not leave you any candy. She’s so rooood. Luff Juun.


Anyway, after that I sat on my porch and waited for trick-or-treaters, millhouse edition. My neighbors tell me the people who owned my house used to have a big bonfire and serve hot chocolate, and clearly I am not a life-embracey person as they are.

You know what I like? I adore Day of the Dead. Apparently I’m a death-embracey person.

My point is, I had a few T-or-Ters, but not a lot.


That about sums up yesterday, not that you asked, except as I was getting ready for bed, I wondered what was up with Milhous, who finally ate, like, 10 bites of adult canned cat food and that was better than he WAS doing, so.

Anyway, I was all, why’s he obsessed with my nightstand, which careful readers will note I painted kind of a seafoam.


Anyway, once he got his buff ass pushed off the newly green nightstand, I realized Iris was glowering inside the bowels of it. She’s really not that mad. I mean, she’s not growling or anything. But she wanted her sanctuary, man, and Milhous can’t let her be.


It was kind of a “shove Milhous off things” kinda night.


But in the end, he prevailed.

I will leave now, but I know I have to tell you about paint, and I really know how to lure the reader back for more. Also, they’re having us send in an official thing® at work about what our hours are gonna be, and you can get in any time between 7:00 and 9:30, and you can take half an hour or an hour for lunch, and leave once it’s been 8 hours that you’ve worked.

So which should I go for? Like, 8:00 to 5:00 with an hour for lunch? Or 9:30 to 6:00 with half an hour for lunch? Somewhere in between? I can’t decide.


Meanwhile, Lily has decided the kitten litterbox is again preferable. Sigh.

Milling around,

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  1. All I remember about seeing the movie Sweet November in the theater is this story. Probably the night before we saw the movie, my college roommates and I had discussed words we hated. One friend proclaimed the word “undulating” to be extremely gross. During the sex scene in Sweet November, I couldn’t help it. I leaned over and whispered, “undulating!”


  2. I have some peach colored pillow cases with fabulous white and peach crochet edging. Would they match either of your bedspreads? Let me know if you’d like them and I’ll send them to you. They were my great aunt’s, I believe. Aunt Edythe was born in 1894 and died in 1959, so these have been sitting in Mom’s and now my linen closet for about 60 years. Want some linens older than you are? When I post, you have access to my email, right?


  3. We took the kids trick or treating and by the time we got home, we’d missed most of the other kids. My son wanted to pass out treats, so he placed a large container of packages of cheese puffs (we gave out chocolate too) at the curb with a light shining on it. I guess he was trying to lure kids to our house. We only had two groups of kids though, so now I have a bazillion gluten free cheese puffs and a bunch of chocolate.


  4. I seem to be the only one who loves the trick-or-treaters. Last night was nothing but storms and rain and dreary weather so we had less than 10 who braved it in between cloud bursts. Now I have a shitpile of candy to deal with.

    I, too, love your porch. My front porch is more of a wide step with not much of a roof overhang and it faces west so the sun is in your face when you are out there. Not very good for porch sitting and Gladys Kravitzing my neighbors.


  5. Disappointed middle-aged woman costume. The roller coaster costume was pretty cool for sure and how do people even come up with a group costume like four seasons? I have not one creative bone in my body but I sure enjoy everyone else’s.

    Iris is a smart cookie, I would defend that hiding space too. Oh heck no I wouldn’t, I scoop that little buff itty bitty witty kitty up and throw my arms around it and start licking it. Well if I was a cat. I wouldn’t lick it as a human. Because that would be weird. Right?

    Speaking of itty bitty witty kitty, a 5 week old showed up at a house I had for sale last year. I named it Itty Bitty Witty Kitty. I swear to all that is Holy, every time I called that kitty that name, it glared at me, like really really glared. So when he was about five months old we changed his name to Cactus Jack which he responded to immediately. He is now almost 1.5 years and the other day I picked him up and started cooing to him and he was fine until….I swear to God….I said Itty Bitty Witty Kitty and that cat whipped his head around and glared at me and dug his claws in me drawing blood and then jumped out of my arms. Seriously, is that name THAT annoying?

    Lovely post, Joob. You’re so pretty for a disappointed middle-aged woman.

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  6. Before we moved to the country, we were in s neighborhood where people dropped off the little urchins by the vans full. They would come to your door, thrust a pillow case at you and sort of grunt. Now, we get none. Yay us!
    June, I love all the views of your lovely house.


  7. This is the first picture I’ve seen from your front porch. I adore your neighborhood.
    Does Lily actually manage to poop inside that teeny litter box? Mine has a big one to himself and he still manages to leave occasional stragglers outside the box.
    I love that your job has a trick or treat for the employees’ kids. That was never an option where I worked, but maybe that’s because I worked for The Man and people would scream about waste of taxpayers’ money.
    Did anyone notice that I used 2 (!!!) apostrophes correctly (I hope)? Someone posted a meme the other day about misuse so I’m trying to do my part to show that there can be a place for a valid apostrophe. Let’s hope I didn’t screw that up.
    Lovely post, lovely June.


  8. I love the view from your front porch, the private alley, and your next door neighbor. Has she lived there for ages and ages?

    At least they’re not calling it flex time. Or “flex” time. What time do you get the most people dropping by your desk to interrupt your work? What time do the animals get you up in the morning? How much time to you need to go home to let Edsel out midday? Maybe choose a time that makes them all happy (except for the interrupting colleagues), as long as that would make you happy as well.


  9. Do you have to committ? Be here by 9. Don’t leave before 3. Take a lunch. Don’t. Work 8 hours and we’re not your babysitters. So, bog perimeters there which I love. Of course I’m usually in by 7 and out by 3.


  10. Zero advice on the flex time decision, as like Lisa I would be second guessing the decision and knowing me probably complaining about it too as if I wasn’t the one who decided it in the first place.

    It was rainy here which did not slow my hoard of little goblins down much. I was hoping Halloween would be canceled but apparently I do not throw that kind of weight around here.


  11. We had to be at the office during the core hours of 10 – 3. Any starting time or ending time was fine as long as we were there then. I chose 6 a.m. as my starting time and left at 3:00 which was wonderful. Except that I had to get up early every day of my working life. We could alter it if we needed to just by letting our boss and team members know. Some folks came in at 10:00 and stayed till 7:00 as it just worked out better for them. I liked early morning cause there were only a handful of folks in then and we all wanted the quiet to get our work done. Now that I am retired though, I doesn’t matter!


  12. No trick or treaters. We live on a street with no sidewalks or streetlights. No one wants to bring their precious whatsits into our ‘hood. But we still pull the drapes and turn off the lights.

    I’m a part-time flexer – in by 8:45, out at 4:00, lunch anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Three days a week. Currently have the crutch schedule going, which has me in later (canNOT move fast) and leaving earlier (no endurance). I wiggle around to avoid rush hour.

    Never seen any stars borned. Abhor Kris AND Babs.


  13. That is NOT flex time, it is making you choose scheduled hours, is what that is. At my job, salaried people were asked to choose a general schedule, i.e. I generally work 7:30-3:30. However, if I need to flex that a bit and work say 9-5 on a day, it’s allowed. With appropriate notification to supervisor, of course.

    How I chose my hours was realizing that most days I was ready to go and could be at work by 7:30, and wanting to get out and be home before dark in the long winter months. Also, I have always, always liked to be in before my boss, and my crnt one arrives around 7:45 after dropping his kid to school.

    Since you get to choose – or rather have to choose – what give you enough time to get up, have coffee, prepare your food for the day (ha!), feed the many pets, write Book of June, drive 5 mins, park and get to your desk? That should be your starting time.


  14. Ruth Gordon was in Annie Hall?!? When? Where?!?

    Just so long as your work schedule doesn’t interfere with your not-blogging schedule, do what you want. Although I do agree with the others – that is very un-flexy flex time.


  15. Will hold you to Harold and Maude idea next year, chiefly because I need to see Ryan wearing Harold’s haircut.


  16. Left to my own devices, as I currently am, I roll in about 9:00-9:15 and work until somewhere between 5 and 6:30 depending on my workload. I don’t usually leave for lunch. When I was offered the situation you’ve been offered (in the past), I took the earliest arrival and the earliest departure. I know full well that afternoon is my best time. Mornings sucks, late nights sucks. Instead of giving my employer my best hours, I would choose to be off as early in the afternoon as possible and enjoy my life.


  17. I loved Kris Kristofferson in A Star is Born, but MAN Bradley Cooper was beautiful! Lady Gaga stole the movie, she was quite a surprise. I am a morning person, my last boss let me start at 6:30 am and work till 2:30 with overtime if needed. Got so much done before the phone started ringing and the annoying co-workers showed up!


  18. That was weird. I had to scroll down to the bottom and read up. Then scroll back down to comment. Yes, it is all about me. Although it does make reading recent comments easier. Besides, my finger can use the exercise. I seem to have gotten a jump start on the holiday weight this year.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard a fox. Last night I saw a opossum climbing my dogwood. I’m wondering if it’s been a regular because Harper has been sniffing every inch of the backyard lately. Where do they go during the day? God, please don’t let it be my attic.

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  19. If you go in earlier and leave earlier you will have time after work to do personal errands. Also, traffic and people in general will be less bothersome when you work hours that are slightly different than the standard 9 – 5. I’m lucky that I don’t have the standard 9 – 5 schedule. I think I would go insane if I had to be at work at the same time as everyone else, have lunch when the restaurants are at their busiest and then fight rush hour traffic on the way home.


    1. I mean, my commute is five minutes no matter the time of day. But I know what you’re saying. Also, my commute goes right past The Poet’s window of her place, which is super creepy and I enjoy it.


      1. My commute is less than five minutes as well. If I go during rush hour it sometimes creeps up to about 8 minutes! (Spoiled much?)


          1. Y’all don’t ever move to Atlanta. I work from 10:30ish until 8:00ish or 9:00ish because of traffic and the workflow of my bosses since they generally don’t give me stuff until after 3:30 or 4:00 and need it done before I can leave. Even at those hours my 13 mile commute takes me about 45 minutes in the morning and 30-45 minutes at night. The main expressway through town is still bumper to bumper and at a complete stop at 8:30 p.m. most nights. It sucks and I don’t know why I don’t leave this city.


      1. Lily looks that old-fashioned Bessie Pease Gutmann illustration, the one where the little girl is facing the corner, for punishment, and her collie puppy is by her side. She was punished for feeding the collie ice cream from a cone. I had those two prints in my bedroom growing up.


  20. Prefer the original Sweet November to the Charlize Theron remake, although the original is a little manic at times. Saw A Star Is Born and loved it! So sad, great acting! Never saw the Streisand version.


    1. YOU NEVER SAW THE STRIE–oh just go watch it now. Also, do you know there are several versions of it that are even earlier than Barbra Streisand and Kris Krisofferson? Which, by the way, my friend and her BF went as for Halloween it was phenomenal.


  21. We had approximately 700 trick or treaters last night. One mother had the nerve to ask if her daughter could come in and use the bathroom!y husband was manning the door and said ok. Dear husband Do not want strangers in my house!! We live in a large subdivision and folks truck them in. Let me go into my retirement fund and buy candy for your kids who are between six months and forty-five. Not kidding, several were at least in their thirties with their buckets. Done.


  22. Paula is right. REAL flex time IS…flexible. I had flex time available for many years before retiring, but I could never make myself work an extra hour per day in order to have ever Friday off, or work eight nine-hour days and one eight-hour day in order to get every other Friday off. I just flexed in and out as my circumstances required, but was there eight hours a day.

    Your house is so cozy. I love the table color and all the new things you have done. That little buff cat is so fun. LILY!

    Paula we close our gate at the street, no trick or treat goblins.

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    1. And the street can Gladys me. But I have an alley, my personal alley, and a garage in back, and sometimes when I want to be stealthy, I come home that way. I come in through the back door, as it were.

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  23. Ask if you can work all 24 hours on Monday, less one hour for lunch, then straight through 16 hours of Tuesday, less ditto, and then you’ll see them again the following Monday.


  24. Did you get a new phone? The colors in your photos of your new house are so lovely. I felt like the exterior shots at your old house were very bluish. Not just in your shady backyard, but the front of your house appeared very cool and blue. Now in this house they appear rosy and cheery. Maybe you played around with the settings, you geeky kid. Or maybe this house loves you more than the other one did. It’s a rosy neighborhood you’ve moved into.


      1. Would that they were. They are flowers that are on kind of a pinwheel and they spin. The woman who lives there is a DELIGHT. You would love her. One night I heard a fox, definitely a fox, and I went to the back yard to check it out, and I heard her on her porch saying, “Help me JESUS, what was that.” And right then I knew, I would love the woman next door.

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  25. I used to work 6:00 to 4:00 Monday through Thursday. Every other Friday I worked 6:00 to 3:00 with the alternate Friday off. I don’t know if this would even be an option for you, but I loved it.

    P.S. Perhaps Mil is eating dog food?


  26. I am a morning person. I would be there at 7 and take 1/2 hour for lunch and get out of there in the afternoon as soon as possible 🙂

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    1. I would skip lunch and hightail it out of there at 3. 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Then there’s still enough time to, ya know, have a life the rest of the day.


      1. Plus also, you decrease the possibility of someone “dropping by” your desk at, say, 5 p.m. with “just one more thing” that absolutely positively needs to be done before you leave.


  27. I would never be able to make a decision like that. I would be paralyzed with doubt and convinced that whichever I chose would haunt me forever as the Worst Choice In History. So good luck with that.

    November already? How? Where did summer goooooooo? Please ask The Poet.

    The view from your porch is so porch-y. I love it!


  28. I absolutely hate leaving my office right at 5 because traffic is annoying, so I’d suggest 8:30/9:00-5:30/6:00. And have a whole hour designated for lunch, that way you can either have a good hour break (not right at the 12-1 o’clock rush, if possible) with time for errands if you need, or time to work a half hour of it to catch up on something if necessary and still have 30 minutes left for your break.

    On the other hand the later you leave in the winter the more depressingly it feels like the middle of the night already, so it depends on whether you’re okay with leaving work after dark.


  29. OMG, if they are going to OFFER flex-time and then make you CHOOSE one as your official hours, then that isn’t really flex-time is it? In Paulaville, when you choose flex-time, you show up between the posted show-up times, eat when and for how long you please, or not, and then leave after eight hours. THAT is flex-time. So annoyed. Also, in Soviet Union, flex-time chooses you.

    Also when I got home last night, my family had the house in total darkness. I’ve finally got them trained vis-a-vis Halloween.


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