Catch up on June’s…hard-hitting career. The Asses of Roses edition.

It’s been so long since I’ve gotten up in the morning and not blogged. These other posts I wrote at night, the posts since my triumphant return. Celebrate June’s triumphant return at the country fairgrounds and civic center.

I wish you tell you what’s new with work, but I worry about getting fired. I guess I can tell part of it because the company president told the story at our company meeting. Say “company” one more time, June.

I can’t remember which of the four states I’ve lived in that used to say the utterly hilarious line, “If you don’t like the weather in [Michigan, Washington, California, North Carolina], just wait five minutes and it’ll change.”

Whew. Let me get my needle and thread so I can stitch up m’sides. Oh, I can’t catch my breath.

Anyway, it was probably Washington, although in truth it is 63 degrees and raining in Washington 99% of the time.

Maybe it was Michigan, although in truth it’s 4 below zero there nine months out of the year there.

It wasn’t California. It’s 78 and sunny there. It just is.

Maybe it was here.

The POINT is, for the last year and a half, my job has been like that weather. Wait five minutes and something’s different. We’re going through a lot. And the thing is, I was really happy there, back when it was the way it was for the first six years.

My and my horn hair on my first day of work seven-and-a-half years ago

So the first thing that happened this year was in February, a place I freelance for, a publishing house nearby, offered me a job out of the clear blue sky. I’d have been a senior editor, and it would have been sort of fancy. But they couldn’t pay me much more than I make already, AND I’d have a 40-minute commute instead of a five-minute one, so when I added it up, it didn’t make financial sense, and you all know what a financial guru I am.

“On-time” does not need a hyphen, up there.

You know what, though? I AM being a financial guru lately, so suck it.

I believe that’s Suze Ormon’s slogan. “I’m a financial guru. Suck it.”

Oh my god, anyway. So I turned that job down.

But I know you know that the changes at work had made me sad, feeling isolated. And so this summer I searched for a job and I found one. I got offered a job in Blacksburg, Virginia, although I wouldn’t have had to move there. I know someone in Blacksburg, though, a person I dated maybe three times before the distance got to both of us. So I know it’s cute there, had I been forced to move eventually.

I was going to be the manager of their social media, and that would’ve been exciting because two days ago marked the official 22nd year of me being a copy editor. At this point, there’s not much more I can, you know, learn about copy editing.

“You’re not gaining experience, you’re gaining years,” my Uncle Bill, who is a job guru, told me.

So I accepted the position. I’d be working from home, which I was a little worried about hating, but still.

I put in my notice at work, and my last day was going to be July 3.

I gave notice at the end of one day, and the next morning when I walked into work, I was heavy with regret. What had I done? Sure, I’d had some struggles, but mostly I loved it there.

HR had sent me an exit interview form that I could fill out instead of an in-person thing if I wanted. So I’d filled it out that morning, before work. I was just getting all set up at my desk and had even announced my leaving my job on stupid Instagram–in fact, I’d JUST hit Post–when my phone rang.

It was the president of our company. You know, as you do. Calling June’s phone. Another day, another buzz from the desk of our president.

“Hello, president of our company,” I said. I really did, too. I like to think I’m charmingly quirky, but probably everyone there wishes I’d die a fiery death or maybe melt like the Wicked Witch of the Weird.

“Have you got a minute?” he asked, and I always love it when powerful people ask you that. Well, you know, I just posted to Instagram and I kind of wanted to stay near my phone and watch the emoji responses roll in.

Photo on 10-29-18 at 8.14 AM
My personal fave emoji. Be more dramatic, emoji.

Anyway. You’ll be stunned to hear I said, “Oh, sure, I have a minute,” because hello.

The president of our company is a very likable person who clearly does 230483403205302 sit-ups a day. He probably gets up seven hours before I do and works out and then presidents and also never blogs emoji faces. He’s dignified. I understand that Rip Taylor is more dignified than me, but still.


My point is, there I was in the president’s office, which in the case of my company is not oval. It’s more of a rectangle.

And what we did in there was, we talked. I was honest with him about how I felt, he was honest with me about what’s going on, and in the end, I stayed.

I mean, it’s nice to know a quirky-yet-not-lovable, ancient, cranky copy editor who recently was in a hurry and tried to fix the spelling of assess and accidentally changed it to asses is valued, you know?

So I stayed. And then three days later got set selling my house, because chaos addict.

I have to go to work now, speaking of work, but I have many things to tell you about PAINT, so I know you’re on the edge of your seat, which sounds like a recipe for chafing. Toooooon in tomorrow for JUNE TALKS PAINT. WHAT SMELLS PAINT.

Meanwhile, I just went in to get more coffee and here were the sights I enjoyed.

My hood. The place that time forgot.


My favorite thing kittens do is when they just walk around like real cats, not knowing how adorable that is.

Talk to you later. We can asses the situation.


P.S. This latest shooting, and how ridiculous that we have to call it “this latest shooting” makes me want to convert to Judaism. I have no idea why. But I think I’d make a fine Jewish person. I mean, I’m a fine anything. #Solid6.

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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

45 thoughts on “Catch up on June’s…hard-hitting career. The Asses of Roses edition.”

  1. I work from home, and let me say that I am glad you didn’t do that. I refer to my dog as my coworker, and my family chuckles about it, but we got in an argument today. She thinks I’m not pulling my weight around here. She’s so bossy! Besides, everyone knows she just wants an extra walk.

    What I’m saying is that it’s good to be around people sometimes.


  2. I’m Jewish, and I sincerely appreciate the expression of solidarity. Judaism: the religion no one wants to join (not because of beliefs but because if you join, you’re setting yourself up for persecution). I don’t practice, but I was born Jewish and culturally, I still identify.
    Great post, congratulations on your work situation working out (see what I did there?), and I agree, there’s nothing as cute as an itty bitty kitty acting like a real cat.
    Can’t wait to see a whole new saga on paint colors!


  3. I’m so glad work is working out. Good business practices there, Mr. President of June’s Company! It would have been a shame if he let you walk out the door.
    The (red) pen is mightier!


  4. I am so happy you are back even on days when I don’t get to read and comment till damn near 5 o’clock. Thanks for coming back. I am glad work and mean girls situation is getting better. Yes, if you can reopen the Amazon thing and yes if you can set up your Amazon Wish List so we can warm your house with fabulous housewarming things!


  5. I am communications coordinator for a church, which means I manage the website, social media, and announcements. I also print the bulletin for Sunday morning. Shortly after you stopped blogging, our pastor taught a sermon on the book of Jude.

    Imagine my dismay when I printed 200 copies with Book of JUNE on the front. I stuffed all 200 of them in my bag and reprinted.

    I’m glad you’re blogging again, glad for your new home, and glad for your job.


  6. I have so many things to say. First, thanks for coming back. IV, I have not commented due to my own selfish desire of being lost in the crowd. Since you’ve been gone …I can breath for the first time…har har. Song lyrics. Tune in for more hilarity. Let’s see. I tried to leave this horrible state in May. In bottomed out at the very last minute and I had to find a new place to live. Wooweee…was that a not place. Then I got a job that I absolutely adore 45 mins away. Tolls were $40 PER WEEK. With all the fussing I did about my apartment falling down around my ears my manager, in complete exhaustion, offered to let me out of my lease. I completely “bye falica’d” out of there and moved closer to my new job. I love it here but I’m still not completely unpacked which is driving me crazy. The grand baby turned TWO a few days ago. Dayum. Dating a ‘nice’ guy. Problem is? I don’t like good guys. Apparently I like bad boys and being treated like crap. Trying to hang in there and see if I can change my ways. Love the kitten. There was a midget kitten up for adoption here. I would love to but my cat is such a bitch. But I do love her.


  7. I’m so glad that the work situation…worked out. Have things improved since then, in terms of feeling less isolated? Not sure if that’s even the proper description, but you get what I mean. I hope.


    1. It is better. There was a clique thing going on that’s not going on anymore, and I feel a lot less dreadful. Also, I was careful to stop following people here at work on social. I mean, they’re entitled to like who they like and hang with whom they wish to hang, but I didn’t have to see it. It did nothing but make me feel rotten, so…


      1. Such a wise choice. You are smart. I am not smart. I follow a page for the town I live in on FB. It annoys me and makes me crabby just about every day. I know this and yet I still follow the page. Why? Because I am not a smart girl.


      2. I follow a VERY select group on FaceBook (basically, if I don’t hang out with you in real life, I’m not following you) – you know, that place I never visit. And I certainly don’t tell any of them that I have a blog, Twitter, Instagram…what they don’t know won’t hurt them!


  8. Well hey. Glad you’re back and setting things straight. I had to email my friend who originally turned me onto this blog and ask “Why did June stop blogging?” and “Why did she move?” and even my friend wasn’t entirely sure! There were guesses and I had to settle for those (but thank you Kathy!). -Kate, fellow copyeditor/proofreader


  9. I am thrilled that you’re back, June – thank you!!

    I’l hereby appoint myself as President of the Blog (POB), so next time you decide to quit blogging I’ll be calling you into my office so I can convince you of how much you are loved and that you need to stay!!

    Are you going to reactive your Amazon affiliate status so we can throw a few pennies your way while we shop?

    I’m with you on the comment about the “latest” shooting – I immediately want to move to Squirrel Hill.


  10. That boy is a magNIFICENT bastard. So’s Milqtoast (seriously, that’s what I read, first time I saw his name). Gawd I’ve missed your morning tangents.


  11. I don’t even want to look up the latest shooting. So sad how common it has become. I am so glad you got some validation at your current job. That baby kitty with his little baby kitty walk made my day.


  12. Life has definitely improved for me, and I hope for you, since you resumed not-blogging. Hyphen vs no hyphen. I dunno so I’ll leave it there. The copy editors can mark it up. June, do you even have a red pen/pencil?


    1. I do. I DO have a red pen. I rarely get to use it any longer, as mostly all I do is mark up PDFs or Word docs, but on those rare occasions when I get to whip out the pen? Oh. There’s nothing like it.


  13. Book of June and a cup of cappuccino in the morning. Bliss!
    It must feel great to be appreciated at your job.
    Milhouse is so damn cute. Baby kitties can make everyone’s day.


  14. That little kitty is soon to rule the entire household, if that is not already the case. Iris and Lily will just have to get over it. So glad the POC recognized your talent and wanted to keep you. That had to make you happier at your place of employment. It is really nice being appreciated. Good move turning down the offer with the 40 minute commute vs your 4 minute commute. Living close to work is like a raise in money and time, plus you can always run home at lunch to check on the an-i-mules. That’s especially desirable when you have a new kitten. Oh! paint colors. That’s always fun.


  15. Milhous is certainly worth his weight in entertainment value. Don’t ever let him know he was on clearance sale. The other cats might laugh and call him names.


  16. I know that made you feel better to know that they valued you and didn’t just say “See ya” all in a huff. But let’s face it, who doesn’t value June?


  17. Looks like your house will make your life better. Also Milhaus. And his bluegreen eyes.

    Last night I dreamed someone told me to rub toothpaste in my hair and it would turn blond and curly. Clearly I am happy you are blogging again.


  18. He sounds like a great boss. I hope you are feeling better about your job. I still would like to read about what a twat Nancy was.


  19. I hope the president of your company gave you a big fat raise after your meeting. Your neighborhood looks so peaceful, and so does Mil. What a big shot he is!


  20. It is still dark out here and I’m not coherent yet.even though I’ve been awake since three. Lovely post,Joon.


  21. So nice to get up early and meet with Joon over coffee! Love your yard and your view. Glad you have an intelligent super boss who had his finger on the pulse of the company.


  22. Maybe Marvin can school you in the ways of his people. Not like he didn’t try in his previous life as Husband of June.

    I am so in love with the POC who cared enough to treat you like a real person and not a replaceable cog. I love love love my job, but often feel more cog-like than human. Earlier this year someone won an award for doing a great job on a project that I actually managed. That REALLY was value added right there. Blah. Anyway! I’m over it! Completely! Don’t even care! RARELY even mention it anymore.

    Lovely post June! Lovely lovely lovely! And that itty bitty kitty is adorable with his itty bitty little self prancing across your kitchen.


  23. So happy to hear that the work thing is good. I just switched jobs at my company and the weird thing is, I didn’t know I was so unhappy where I was until I left. My move was great for me and my home life. Hoping for you that the conversation with President of the Company (PooC ®) does the same for you. Lovely yard, lovely post Coot.


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