StitchFix time!

My boss, fmr., did my annual review yesterday, which I guess kind of makes her my boss, current. Or sort of my boss. Or something.

Anyway, they still like me at work and that is a relief.

But speaking of my boss, fmr.-ish, she received her box o’StitchFix yesterday, and I was muy busy, and yes I just said “muy busy.” I don’t like me, either.

Is there anyone who really likes him or herself? They put all this pressure on us to like ourselves, and then when you don’t, you feel bad about it so you like yourself even less. Let’s stop tryina like ourselves. I feel like that was some ’70s bullshit that never shoulda taken off, like women’s rights.

[I just said that so my mother would have to be revived with paddles.]

Anyway, I took time out of my muy busy afternoon to photograph her ensembles for you, as I know that you like voting on which StitchFix items she should keep and which she should return. This would be an optimal time to mention what a pain in my


making polls is, so I hope you appreciate all I do for you. There are plenty of middle-aged women in Africa who don’t get any blogger making polls for them, and they have to go without. Without polls.


When you get your box of StitchFix, your stylist sends you a little note, and this time they wrote to say they saw my blog! I AM FAMOUS! I like myself! Because of externals! The way god and good clothes intended.

Anyway, here is the first item:

Oh my god, Kate Spade Keds, which how is that even a thing? I LOVE them, but they’re pricey.

“Can’t you just buy regular Keds and and paint polka-dots on ’em?” I wanted to know. My boss, fmr.-ish, pointed out that the dots are sewn on.


Next we have a cute stripy dress, which according to StitchFix is actually named the same name as m’boss, fmr.-ish. Let’s say the dress is named Claudia. IT’S A SIGN!

Fruit-striped boss-ish. Now with $78 dots!

Next are some adorable jeans, and I guess I’m not really being a neutral reporter here, am I? I’m the FOX News blog. Or the MSNBC blog. If I want to be fair to all.

She paired the jeans with another top they sent, and what I like about boss, fmr. is that in real life she’s a pretty quiet person, and you get a camera in front of her and she’s Mary Pickford.


Two things I like about myself, because society demands I like myself, are my current references to Mary Pickford and also my ability to decide if my poll titles will be title case or sentence case.

Tune in for another episode of Things No One But a Copy Editor Cares About.

And finally, there’s a little blue top that frankly would look magnificent on me, but that’s irrelevant.


One thing I’ve never mentioned before is that if you order all the items, you get 25% off the order. Once I watched boss, fmr., do the math to see if she kept one thing she wasn’t crazy about, if it’d be worth it.

My brain doesn’t work that way.

Anyway, that sums it up. Vote before I blog again tomorrow and completely forget I asked your opinion on this matter.

“Don’t ask anyone if I should keep these gym clothes I’ve had 20 years.”– Another Boss, fmr. Do you feel like maybe they just pass me around till they can’t stand bossing me anymore?

Fixin’ to stitch,

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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

42 thoughts on “StitchFix time!”

  1. This was the first time I liked most everything in the box. Also loved the line about passing you around!


  2. I love the stitch fix photos, too. I also think you should get free stitch fix mailings to photograph and review. Since you are so famous ya know.


  3. Second to Kari’s and PSS comments. I think SF folks set the price range they are in so we aren’t really being asked that. And, as I age I note that clothes that cost a little more are better made and wash and last longer. These items create cool outfits I would never have put together if shopping in a store or even online.
    I just voted on style, look on fmr. boss and fit. Love this survey. Thanks, Joob, for the hard work.


  4. Software testers care about title case and sentence case; at least this one does! The inconsistent use of them especially irks.


  5. I feel that I must Impart To The World that dots of about that size can be painted onto Keds (or faux-keds) using fabric paint and the end of a pencil (the eraser-end). Just put a thin layer of fabric paint on a plate (or whatever) and use it a bit like you would use a stamp-pad with the eraser of a #2 pencil.

    For more precision, you can mark with pencil-dots ahead of time approximately where you want the centers of the polka-dots to be, or you can just wing it. (if Martha Stewart outcomes are desired, do not just wing it; perfectly-imprecise polka-dot placement is surprisingly challenging to improvise; but many people are fine with their fun shoes not being quite that exact.)


  6. That was so fun! I am excited to see what she keeps. I am glad your review was positive. That feels good!

    Thank you for taking the time to do the polls for us. It is sort of like a field trip day! Kinda. Or not. Don’t listen to me, I don’t know what I am talking about.

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  7. Stitch Fix Day is so fun! Thanks for all the extra effort of embedding the polls, June.
    I think I have those same jeans – Kut from the Cloth Kate Boyfriend jeans? I heart them so so bad! They wash well and fit like a dream. Former Boss’s might be a size too big. Mine don’t have quite as much bagginess in the legs as hers do in the photo. Those dotty shoes are darling!
    I regularly get Stitch Fix boxes and yes, the prices are often higher than what I would typically buy. BUT I’m willing to pay more for a few reasons: 1. Someone else is taking their time and effort to do the shopping so I don’t have to. 2. I have kept and continue to wear quite a few things that I would have passed right by in the store and never even tried on. 3. Being able to try stuff on at home instead of a teensy dressing room with dumb lighting is golden. Being able to see what matches the stuff you already have is a big plus. 4. Overall, I get a longer life from my SF clothes than other cheapo stuff I buy. Oh, I still buy cheapo clothes to cover the basics, but I feel like SF has really helped me up my style game. I don’t have as many pieces of clothing as I used to, but what I do have works harder for me. Good grief – after that testimonial, Stitch Fix should totally hire me. ha!


  8. Your boss, fmr.-ish is so cute. The floral top and jeans are my favorite outfit, followed by the polka-dot shoes. Oh, wait. I just saw the previous picture of the bird shirt. If she kept it, the polka-dot shoes would look cute with it.

    Congratulations on your they-still-like-me review. Breathe a sigh of relief and give yourself a non-hug. Now that your non-blog is even more famous, will you remember your lowly FRs? Thanks for the StitchFix post and poll. Always fun for us, although hard work for you.

    And please tell your Another Boss, fmr. that I vote Yes to keeping the 20-year old gym clothes. They still look good on him.


    1. I was thinking that as well,Sadie. I don’t think though after 20 years he could return them anyway. Good for him gyming and all. He looks fit.


  9. I truly appreciate all the sacrifices you make for our entertainment, June.


  10. The shoes are freaking adorable. I like the dress for running errands or to toss over a bathing suit but feel that can be bought anywhere for a fraction of the price. Jeans are too big, blue shirt gives her uni-boob but the floral shirt is a winner. Keep the shoes and floral shirt, return the rest.


  11. Liked the poll and loved the shoes. I think the jeans looked great! I am ready for not skinny jeans.
    Thanks June for the interactive not blog.


  12. Good news, they like you.

    Loved the photos and poll. Thank you both for all the work to put this together for us. I’m way too cheap to pay that much for clothes. Those Keds were so cute, but too expensive for me. I refuse to pay full price for clothing and most shoes. I wait until the 75% off sales and then buy clothes. The only expensive shoes I own are my running shoes (I don’t run, I walk), but they are worth every penny because I wear them all the time, well, except when I dress up.


  13. Thank you for doing the polls. I love Stitch Fix day! I absolutely love the Keds. I’m going to google and see if I can find a pair in my size. I didn’t think the price was that unreasonable. I’d wear them every day with anything and everything so I’d get my $78 worth out of them.
    Thank you, for doing this for us.


    1. Within 5 minutes of wearing them I would get them filthy. I hate being a slob.


  14. Love her action poses but it’s hard to judge how the clothes hang on her body in more normal situations. I think jeans and other bottoms always need a butt pic because how your butt looks is always important!


  15. I love these polls! Thank you June for your efforts.

    I agree that these pieces are all cute but a bit pricey. Although I hate to shop, so it might be worth having cute stuff show up at my door. I think the jeans are my favorite. I love dark jeans, love them without the distressed look, love the cuffs, love the relaxed fit. I need new jeans.

    I mostly like myself, as much as you can like anyone who’s every thought you know.

    Lovely post lovely June!


  16. Basically this has just confirmed to me I would never try stitchfix because pricey. I just bought a similar dress only the stripes went the correct way (which is sort of vertical-ish because everyone knows that horizontal stripes make you look wide) and it only cost me $19.99.

    Therefore, I could not get past pricing on these items and voted no for all of them.


  17. I like most of these StitchStuff items. And I guess I’ll show m’age. I really like those jeans. I thought: Finally! Jeans that aren’t skin tight and that are not all frayed out! As for cost, ima thinking that maybe they are better quality and will still look nice after 2-3 washings. Thank you, June, and boss, fmr, for taking the time to do this.


  18. I’m sure those Kate Spade Keds cost more than my whole outfit, but they are CUTE. Am I the only one who remembers when Keds used to be cheap? Like Converse used to be before they went crazy with the prices? Gah, you can tell when someone’s getting old, when they start talking about how cheap stuff used to be…


  19. Yay for poll day!
    Jes, I love love LOVE the rosy top and jeans. Also the Keds.
    Does the blue top fit you?
    If she’s meh on it but likes everything else, you can buy it from her so you’ll both get the discount.
    You’ve probably already thought of that but I want you to have the best, Joob. Ducking advice liver.
    Paddling Pam. Sorry for laughing, mom of J.
    Thanks for doing the piyA poll again.


  20. I love the StitchFix posts! I voted, but probably I don’t have the right to—I have no fashion sense, and no sense of what is a good price for clothes.
    But if I were cute like her I would love myself in the stripe and polka dot combo!


  21. I enjoyed this. I think all of my votes were “Other,” because I wanted to editorialize. This is a pretty good fix.

    My last fix was a home run. I bought every piece. That was a first. But no matter what, I check off “Too expensive” for every item.


  22. I voted yes on most of these because she looks so cute in everything, but I am way too cheap to ever pay that much for clothes. So I am living la vida not-cheapo on thru her.

    Lovely post, June. I love that you are famous now.


    1. Me too! I liked almost all of them, but would pass on them in real life because they are about double what I would pay. But then I get most of my stuff from cheap places that probably use sweatshop labor overseas which I try to not think about. Sad faced emoji would be appropriate here. I also shop thrift stores, so that’s something I guess.


  23. Thank you for taking some of your valuable time for making the poll and taking pictures for us. You know we love your illustrated posts. Boss, fmr., is a cutie. And I like that artwork on the wall behind her. Does she pay attention to our polls or does she go her own way? Just how much power do we have here?

    May I say that I am ready for Alberto to take his rain clouds and go away? And hurricane season hasn’t really got started yet.


  24. Those polka dotted keds are calling to me. Happy polka dots always do. I hope the dots stay on for that price! She looked good in everything.
    You just keep getting more and more famous, yay you!
    Liking myself took forever but I still often have my doubts. I don’t think men do that like we do.


  25. Those items seem awfully expensive to me. I could do a lot better out shopping on me own, but then I’m a semi-pro at shopping. The jeans are way too big.


    1. I do Stitch Fix too, and that’s one of my evaluation criteria: could I find this same thing at Target or Old Navy for a lot less? If so, I don’t get it, even if I love it. This happens a lot with simple t-shirts and jewelry. Sometimes for me the jeans fit so well I know I couldn’t find them anywhere so I get ’em.


    2. I agree. None of the items were worth those prices, imo. And the jeans did look baggy.


  26. If your boss fmr-ish doesn’t want the blue top can you buy it from her? Thanks for doing the poll – I am truly appreciative of all your hard work.


  27. Look at you with your famous blog self! You are an influencer, you are. So much better than an influenza, which also affects a lot of people.

    I’m a bit surprised at the cost of some of these pieces. Seems to me you could get the same look a lot cheaper.


  28. I know how you love the “other” comments. I tossed two of those into your polls. I think that’s a euphemism. wink, wink.

    Glad they like you. They really like you! (modified quote – almost like guess that tune).


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