On the third day, she “Rose” again

On Friday at work, they let us leave at 3:00, a delightful habit they’ve gotten into before any holiday weekends. I suppose it’s for normal people with families who want to get on the road to the beach, or whatever normal people do.

What do the normal folk do? …I think craft. Seems like they craft a lot. They also seem to traipse to restaurants in big groups, if Facebook is any indication.

Having never been normal for even 14 seconds, I eschewed the creative team’s early happy hour and went home to do my freelance work. Technically, it’s due today, but I’d been moving along on it and thought, “Well, I’ll just see how far I get Friday.”

And I finished it.

I finished it!

“Well, NOW what do I do?” I thought. It was too late to go to the happy hour. So I streamed Goodbye Christopher Robin, which I thought would maybe be a delightful film re Pooh and so forth, but really was incredibly dark and I kind of liked it better for it.

wat we watchen?

Saturday dawned and I continued to have nothing to do, and I assumed I had no money to do it with. Payday is tomorrow night, and they picked a fine time to have a holiday weekend.

holidaay. celebrayte.
Lillee resent sine.

I took Lily to the vet for her rabies shot, and now the only thing she’s rabid about is food. Speaking of which…

“Do you want to go to Lexington and get barbecue?” Ned asked me on Saturday afternoon, and yes. Hell, yes, I did. We will not pick this moment to talk about what an effing heifer I am, because Lexington is a town famous for its barbecue, and for good reason. And here it was being presented to me by my rich ex.

So we got in the car.

IMG_9099 2.jpg
“Why are you taking a picture of this?” asked Ned, who is clearly new.

IMG_9102IMG_9101IMG_9103.jpgI’m starving to death reviewing these images anew. Mother of god, that was delish.

Say, June, can you store my equipment in those saddlebags?

Anyway, on the way back, I was telling Ned I was considering painting my spare bedroom. Bitchy Resting Face Alex and I had painted it back in 2015, when I moved back after my unfortunate year abroad with Ned, and we’d painted it white and it never really looked fully covered. It was half nude.

“I just don’t think I have enough for paint,” I kvetched, checking my account.

Turns out, I had a few hundred dollars! Because Amazon!

Amazon link. Go shop.

So basically this next part is all you guys’s fault.

IMG_9111.jpgI’d toyed with some colors prior, but when I got to the paint store (and does anyone remember the hot man of color who sold me my Labor Day paint last year? I went there about 40 times that weekend, sort of because I’ma bad planner and sort of because he is so hot. “Could you have more obviously had a crush on that man?” asked Ned after we left the paint store, but WHO CAN BLAME ME.)…

…what the hell was I talking about? Oh, paint. Right.

So somehow I convinced self that


would be the right color. I wonder what inspired me.

IMG_9109 2.jpg
A color, and a description of me.


I did not elicit Ned’s help in this scenario, as I have found when we do projects together I mostly want to snap his neck. There’s a whole lot of “Why aren’t you doing it my way” and “Why are you doing this” and “You know what I’D do…” and snap. Neck. Look at the bent neck on Ned.

Pretty much the rest of the weekend was me moving furniture and taping trim and pulling out nails and spreading drop cloths and OH MY GOD CAN WE PAINT YET?

IMG_9113.jpgSomeone we all know, someone in the asshole family, was deeeeeeLIGHTed that shit was being moved around and things were differented up. I thought cats were supposed to be made nervous by change. Not this one. He was pretty much in there every second I was painting, and likely has brain damage from the fumes, but that’s just the kind of mother I am.

eyeriss bozzered. to not move things pleese.

Finally, after three days, I’d scraped and moved and sanded and trimmed and painted, finally, and then I stepped back to admire my work and was all,

I hate it.

But now I’m stuck with it.

My rule is I have to wait a year before I can paint again.

This might be a nice time to gently remind that I hate advice.

Anyway, then I had to move everything BACK in there, to the room, and I texted my mother to get her advice on where I should put things.


“I don’t like this arrangement,” my mother announced, and who made HER…oh. I guess me, cause I asked. Also, I see I let one damn doorknob stay brassy, and gets what’s next on my agenda.

“I don’t like it either,” I agreed. “It looks like a ship is tilting and everything went to one side.”


IMG_9136.jpg“This looks like Abraham Lincoln slept here and he had to share the bed with another boarder,” said my mother, who has an active imagination.

IMG_9137.jpg“Why does Steely Dan have to get in every picture?” she asked. “He’s like you.”

IMG_9142.jpgIMG_9145.jpgIn the end, this was the arrangement I went with, and I ordered an area rug…


…that’ll really tie the room together, harrr.

I also at some point decided I should shop for, oh, lamps and comforters that maybe would butch the room up a bit. Maybe charcoal accents, or black or caramel.

Then everywhere I looked, I was all, Oooooo, look at the pale pink ostrich-feather ottoman! Look at the sparkly chandelier! Oh my god, magenta fluffy carpet!

So. Butching it up did not go well. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this about me, but I’m not good at being butch.

So that’s the news on my cervix guest room. Guest womb. Maybe I’ll invite P!nk over to stay.

if onlee mom had myrror

Tune in tomorrow, when I will have done something else absurd.


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52 thoughts on “On the third day, she “Rose” again”

  1. Lovely post and room! SD really needs constant activity until he drops ~ maybe he was a stockbroker or heart surgeon before reincarnation?


  2. Whenever we would decide to paint (as opposed to checking ourselves into an asylum) I would fall for my husband’s “you just do the prep – I’ll do the painting” line. Every. Time. THE PREP IS ALL THE WORK! Now we pay for painting. Much better for everyone.

    I love the pink. They say paint changes as it ages – maybe you’ll like it more in a few days. I especially love how you arranged all the pets on the bed – very artfully done!


  3. I am not a pink person but I love that room. My grandmother’s house had that lovely pink with creamy white wood in the living room and dining room, and it makes me feel all warm inside. Hope you decide you like it after all that work.


  4. I just love all the animals all over the place!

    See you this weekend. Going Keto all the way: ordered subway sandwiches and cupcakes from Mary’s Cakery.

    Aunt K



  5. I also that I would like this paint, but nope. I have a cat, who every time I move a piece of furniture, believes she has to sit on and rub her scent all over.


  6. Before we moved into our house (you MOVED?) we had it sided. My parents, and mostly my mother, rest her sainted soul, had painted the exterior of the house mauve with plum trim. OH DEAR SWEET BABY JESUS. She LOVED it. My father tolerated it. I thought it looked like they lived in an Easter egg; that phony kind that you look in one end and there’s a scene in there. And? “Mauve” my Yankee ASS, it was PINK. We quickly had it sided with, wait for it: beige siding and Country / Williamsburg / Colonial / Muted / Idon’tknow blue trim. I wanted a red door, but then I was afraid it would look like Apollo Creed’s house. Then I wanted AND STILL WANT a black door, but we have a dark wood door that I can live with. And that is my only PINK paint experience.

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  7. The last time I painted a room, I painted almost every room in the house. We were not moved in yet, and I wanted everything different. That was over 10 years ago and, in case you haven’t predicted, I should really begin painting the entire house again. I just can’t face it. I really do love the pink. I hope it grows on you.

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  8. Love the room! I had to comment because I have that exact same chair that SD is lounging.


      1. Yes! It was part of my grandmother’s vanity set. I inherited it and prefer antique pieces, so it’s perfect. Same color cushion and everything!


  9. It’s never done me any good to ask people for advice on paint colours, because invariably they don’t like the same colours as I do, or I don’t like their suggestions. We like what we like, what can you do! -Kate, lover of green in all shades


  10. I want all the BBQ food. Hashtag whysochubby?

    I love the color but of course, I have a man who lives with me and would never, ever let me paint anything pink. If I ever get to where you live and stalk you, I’d be DELIGHTED to sleep in there.

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    1. When we moved 11 years ago, we had SO MUCH STUFF TO DO – like, moving an entire household’s worth of stuff BY HAND (because we moved just down the sidewalk, as it were, in our townhouse neighborhood); but my husband’s Job One? Was painting over the coral pink walls in the den and the bright pink in the master bedroom. We bought the house from a woman whose husband had left her 8 years previously and the first thing she did was slap some pink on those walls.


  11. I really like how the Rose Room turned out. Not a pink person either but I guess it really looks pretty. With the rug and some accent pieces it will all come together.
    I have no money because payday is tomorrow and was running late so no lunch. In other words I’m starving. You show great pictures of tasty foods especially fried okra! I am drooling.
    Your pets are always fun even SD but Edsel makes me grin.


  12. Your mom’s comments are the best – especially the Abe Lincoln with a boarder.

    We cancelled our vacation in June because the kids made other plans (they are cooler plans than our vacation, so good for them) and we’re going to paint our bedroom. I want to do a wallpaper accent wall but finding the wallpaper that impresses me is not easy.

    Congrats on the early finish of freelance!


  13. Haven’t finished reading yet because I had to run down here to tell you I HAVE THOSE SAME SHOES! And, so does my 27 year old son. Honestly, he pulls off the look better than I.
    Ok, back to reading.


    1. I have those pink suede Adidas also but for some reason, they make my feet look like gigantic clodhoppers. Dunno why. Of course, over the last few years, my feet have gotten bigger. 5 years ago, I wore a 7.5 running shoe. Now I wear a 9 and a size 8 to 8.5 in regular shoes.

      The pink room goes perfect with the Old Lady vibe. It’s something my Grandma would have chosen, along with her pink satin cabbage rose bedspread and matching pink satin cabbage rose draperies and pictures of Victorian and Queen Anne-style houses. Of course in the midst of all that pink she also had a vividly colored painting of Jesus ripping open his robe to show off his bloody Sacred Heart. It was the perfect finishing touch to really tie the room together.

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  14. While all the normal people are risking their lives on highways to sticky hot beaches, and putting glue on popsicle sticks (or whatever it is that crafty people do) I would rather be on the couch with my snaggle-tooth dog who is asking me, “wat we watchen?” and then going for barbecue with an old friend who doesn’t expect me to sleep with him. I also envy your painting gene. The room looks wonderful and is only going to get better.


  15. I hope Ned is ok and isn’t dying with all the lack of salad eating he has been doing lately.


  16. I’m not a pink person at all, but I think it looks great! Maybe once you get some stuff hung on the walls and the rug in there you’ll like it better. I love that rug!


  17. I know how you love advice, so I must give you some. Hang your curtain rod higher and wider than the window! Otherwise, I really think it looks great – very retro.

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  18. Congrats on finishing the freelance early so you could enjoy the long weekend.
    That BBQ does look delicious. Now I’m craving some but it’s only 7:18 a.m. here.
    I really hope you’ll warm up to the new colour.
    I agree with Tee, it looks really cozy.
    I love the furniture arrangement, especially, with the bed facing the window.
    The rug will be a perfect addition.
    I spent all day yesterday trying to organize my disaster of a bedroom. I moved last June and still haven’t finished unpacking. I had also decided to strip and refinish my bedroom suite. Started on the footboard and it’s still in the garage, half stripped. Too busy last year so I have a LOT of work to do this summer.
    I’m hoping it’ll all look as pretty as your furniture, when I’m finished.


  19. Looking good! Love the rug also, can’t wait to see it in the room. That BBQ and sides look scrumptious. We grilled yesterday just before the Alberto rains and winds came. Hope you have a great week and decide you like the paint after all.


  20. When I lived in South Florida, I once had the entire HOUSE painted what I thought would be a fun light-hearted pink. When I got home from work, it was clearly well into OMG, It’s Pepto Bismol! territory. I hated it so much, I paid to have it repainted that same week. In debt for months over that ish….


  21. Oh dear June, I am trying to keep from snorting at my desk I am laughing so hard. I love the pink and agree that it fits with your vintage furniture nicely. I think the rug you picked will be perfect.

    Man, that BBQ looked delicious!


  22. Why is it that painting a room is only about 20% painting and 80% taping, sanding, moving furniture around, pulling nails out, spackling, etc??? Whenever I want to paint a room, I JUST WANT TO PAINT THE DAMN ROOM, not do a total renovation! I guess that’s why I only paint every 10 years or so.
    I think the room looks lovely and vintage-y – very cozy!


  23. I love the color because it feels vintage, which seems to go with your furniture. It seems darker than the paint swatch, but I find in my dotage that I am enjoying more saturated colors. Our living room is a deep burnt orange called Moroccan Spice or something, which is not really a “me” color, but we love it. Happy day-after-Memorial-Day-that-feels-like-a-Monday-but-it’s-not


  24. I would never have picked Pink, since I don’t even wear pink… but wow!!… I LOVE how it looks in that room. Beautiful. And I really like your furniture.


  25. I like it too and I agree some green would be great with it. I hate the gray trend so intensley I wrote a poem about it yesterday. It needs work but I was happy to have that little gift show up again. It takes intense feelings and that is how much I despise that depressing storm cloud gray color! Butch it up, HAR. I can’t do that either, unless you count my love of short hair. It’s not butch to ME but some narrow minded jerks will always see short hair on a woman that way. I digress, sorry. That is an old fashioned color and the furniture is antique. It works. Just get some vintagey accessories and it will be lovely I am such a blue green and purple person but we had a pink bathroom in the huge white elephant rental with the sweetest pink and white dotted swiss curtains. I chose all of that. It was 1983, I was 24 and I loved pink bathrooms. Now I am ducking the advice liver slap, pinky swear.


  26. I don’t hate the color and designers will tell you to withhold judgment until the room is finished. The best tip I ever learned from decorating around things and colors I was stuck with was: if you hate a color (in the seventies it was avocado green) add more of it. It absolutely works. I wouldn’t buy something I didn’t like but something that had the color in a more pleasing form. My first thought is this case is curtains in a print that has that has some rose, but a quilt for the bed or accent pillows would be easier.


  27. Um, it looks like you went to get BBQ and forgot the BBQ. Love the sides but was expecting a picture of, you know, BBQ (Now I want BBQ)



  28. Also? Your furniture is beautiful. My mom has a trunk similar to yours, but hers is a darker wood. So pretty!


  29. I like it and I’m not even a pink person. Your furniture is wonderful and who needs accessories when you have dog and cats draped on everything? Good job. Now I want to paint something. And deep fry some Barbie doll heads.


  30. I also really like your rosy pink room. Poor Iris, hiding in the window. Barbecue and I don’t really get along, but I do love all of the sides, and those looked delish!


  31. Your pink room is very YOU. I’m sorry you don’t like it. Sometimes after I have spent three days painting with my face only a foot away from the color, I don’t like it either. But then I warm up to it after a while. It’s going to look so nice with your new rug.
    God, that food looks DIVINE!


  32. Your opinion is the only one that matters, but I really love the pink! Some mint-ish green might break the pink up and tie into other parts of the house. You also didn’t ask for my thoughts on the matter so I’ll hush.


  33. I like the pink. I mean, rose color. Also like the new rug. AND your pink Adidas. And also too, Eds’ snaggletooth. Is that thing ever going to fall out?


  34. The color is beautiful. It makes the room cozy. I love the rug. Eyeriss has vision problems, that’s why she needs all things to stay in the same place, plus she loves that BIG mirror.

    I’ve had barbeque in Lexington. Now I would love some of that okra for breakfast.


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