For me, it’s not so much March as Hobble

Rabbit, rabbit.

Why do people say that at the beginning of the month? Sarah Jessica Parker always does (she’s my Instagram friend), and because she does it, I think it’s cute, but all my life I have no idea why people say it.

But isn’t this literally a rabbit, rabbit month? Isn’t Easter this month? My calendar doesn’t tell me.

IMG_5702.jpgMy mother got me this calendar for Christmas. It’s vintage pictures of dogs, which you’d think Edsel would rip up, given his love for other canines.

IMG_5456.jpgGuess who chews it instead.

Anyway, I love an Irish terrier. A friend in LA had two. They were adorable. So wiry! She rode horses, this friend did, and she’d take the Irish terriers to the stable with her, and they were thrilled.

I lived near there, and if you wanted to see my friend, you pretty much had to go to the stables. She once said they should just automatically deposit her paycheck to it.

The point is, I remember going there one night and sitting on the side, there, watching her ride under a full moon, with the hills of Burbank in the background. It’s such a cool memory. When did I go from being a peaceful person to a chaotic one?

steeelee not shur. he on fence about it. hah.

Do you think Steely Dan ever laughs, or does he more sort of just smirk?

Speaking of how I need to get out more and stop thinking about my pets, I went to see all the live-action shorts last night. Not that bermudas and gyms were dancing about.

I saw the wrestling competition between madras and culottes!

Oh, can the jorts ever dance. Could you believe?

Speaking of how there’s something wrong with me because I hang around pets too much, I went to the movies last night to see the live-action shorts. Now I’m all set for the Oscars. I’ve seen all the bitches up in there, which is how they plan to announce them.

“And now, all the bitches up in are will be announced.”

The shorts were good, although all of them were incredibly depressing. The khakis pleated with me to nominate them, but I don’t know.

June. Stop.

Really, though, when did “good” have to mean “earnestly depressing”? Can’t we just see a nice story in 20 minutes? This year’s crop included a school shooting in America, racism that lead to murder in the ’50s in the South, more murder in Somalia, and a deaf child whose parents suck ass.

These were not Richard Simmons’ cheerful ribbed shorts, man.

But now I can watch smugly, never thinking, “I wonder what this movie was about.”

Also, at work, they asked those of us who are into movies what we thought would win this year, and I don’t want to cockblock their surprise, so I won’t say which one I am, but they had us each reenact one of the movie posters of the best-picture nominees. Let’s just say I had to lie on the studio floor at work. In a dress.

I’d better go. I had some…trouble last night, in the stomach-al arena, and I wouldn’t go to work at all, but I’m in the middle of that huge project that I do at the end of every month that I launch into dramatically on the regular, and no one would be able to just pick it up and finish it, as I have my own method. So. I’ll go. I’ll hobble into work with my broken bone and queasiness, and no one will notice anyway because copy editor? Who cares?

Unless there’s a mistake. That’s how you know you’re good. When no one notices what you do. It’s odd, but it’s true.

I guess this post about seeing the shorts was short.

March on,


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52 thoughts on “For me, it’s not so much March as Hobble”

  1. This has nothing to do with today’s post but I just had to tell you. I just received an email from Nancy Nickerson!!! LOL! She wants money, by the way.


  2. My neighbors are bigwigs in the AKC Irish Terrier Club of American. He’s a Past President and she’s on the board of directors.

    I’ve never heard anyone say “rabbit rabbit” on the first of the month. One of my FB friends always posts “Wake up, wake up! It’s the First of the Month!” Except she didn’t do it today and now that I think about it, she’s been kind of MIA.

    I haven’t seen a single one of the movies nominated for any category. But then, I’m not a movie person. I watch the Oscars for one reason and one reason only: the fashion and every year I hope that someone wears something completely bonkers. God, I miss Cher and her crazy outfits.


  3. I have never heard of rabbit, rabbit!

    For the Oscar nominated movies I have seen Ladybird. The Big Sick and Coco were nominated for something in some category and I really liked those movies!

    I also owe you an apology. I forgot to not DM you and sent you a photo on Instagram of a tag that Steely Dan would rock. I hope I didn’t freak you out.


  4. When I was a little girl, I remember my grandfather taking us to the movies quite often. When I got older, my mom told me he preferred to only see family movies (which back then were rated G) because everything else was too “raunchy”. I though that was ridiculous and weird and a total overreaction. Now? I totally get it.


  5. We say “rabbit, rabbit” in my house, too. I’ve always heard it’s supposed to be the first thing you say when you wake up on the first day of the month and saying it will bring you good luck for the month. I hardly ever remember. For my girls, when I wake them up in the morning, I will do a little hoppy rabbit dance around their room trying to get them to say it. Sometimes it works, sometimes they just say “what are you doing?” Oh well, I try.


    1. Yes. And then the last thing you are supposed to say at the end of the month is tibbar, tibbar which is rabbit, rabbit, backwards. We used to say this all the time in the Midwest.


  6. We’ve always said “Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” on the first day of the month. It’s supposed to bring good luck during the month. Why? No clue!

    I love to loathe the Oscars. Last year was so satisfying, when the screwed up the Best Picture award. I smirked about that one for a good week.

    Lovely post and lovely pictures of my fellow smirker Steely Dan!

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  7. I used to love to watch the Oscar’s to see all the dresses but now since I hate almost every actress due to (insert Paula’s comment here) , and the fact that every acceptance speech has some political rant at the end of it, not so much now. I may sneak a peak at the E Channel beforehand just to see a few dresses. Please leave politics out of it and let us enjoy some awards!


  8. I hope somebody knows what the “rabbit rabbit” thing is! It has driven me crazy for years. I can’t stand depressing movies because there is plenty in real life to make me sad. No sad books, movies, or songs. My entertainment ideal is more like cotton candy. Fluffy and not filling.


  9. Rabbit, rabbit? Never heard of it. Of course I’ve never watched Sex in the City either. I didn’t have access to that channel and wasn’t interested when the reruns started on one of my channels. I haven’t seen any of the contenders for an Oscar this year. And I don’t care. I have officially turned into my mother which I SWORE I would never do! Old and cranky? Who’s old and cranky?

    Great post, June. Hope the little room isn’t too far from your desk, what with your hobbling and all.


      1. Thanks for the link, I have never heard of this but will try to remember to do, who doesn’t need a little more luck!

        This reminds me of things I thought were normal but were not. Like your mom putting soap up your butt when you were a kid and couldn’t poop. Learned the hard way that not everyone’s mom did this. Thanks mom…

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          1. As I child, I was often constipated. If I went too many days without a number 2 my mom called me into the bathroom, had me get on the floor and she had her pairing knife and a bar of zest and she carved off a small piece, and up it went. Homemade suppository I am guessing? My mom died 10 years ago and I never got to ask her about this….


          1. Good GOD, wasn’t Zest deodorant soap? OW. Maybe some gentle Ivory … NOPE, not even that. Oh honey. There’s a pill for that.


      2. When I was young I read Trixie Belden books. Number 14 or 15 ( the one in Williamsburg) introduced me to “rabbit, rabbit”, which I promptly took to heart, and have said ever since. I’m 54 now. My kids say it, my friends say it, my coworkers say it too. I didn’t know it was a thing in Sex and the City but maybe that explains why younger coworkers didn’t think I was nuts when I said it and answered right back!


  10. I rarely watch the Oscars, or any awards show for that matter. When I was younger, I’d watch the E! special leading up to the Oscars, but now I don’t give a flip about any Hollywood people.

    Steely Dan doesn’t care enough to laugh. Sideways looks and eye rolls, perhaps.


  11. I have never heard Rabbit, Rabbit. Maybe it’s a California thing? Or did you hear it previous to living there??


  12. The title made me laugh out loud. SD just smirks. That is a lovely lamp his is about to know over. Is that new? I know you are looking for lamps.

    Paula, you are hilarious.

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  13. I have no idea who is even nominated this year. I am lacking in the cinema department, I haven’t seen many films this year. Or I guess last year.
    I will be critiquing the dresses, of course. Let’s hope they get their shit together and dress like a movie star. I’m tired of the gaunt, pasty faced, I don’t need any make-up to be famous, I bought my ruffled mess of a dress a thrift store and I’m still better than you look.

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    1. Naming no names: GWYNETH PALTROW and the ill-fitting pink schmatta of shame, paired with the pulled-back greasy hair. She is the Queen of “I’m Better Than You.”


  14. Unless the latest Star Wars movie or Murder on the Orient Express is nominated for something then I’ve not seen any of the contending Oscar movies. I have, however, thoroughly enjoyed Turner Classics Movies this last month for their 31 Days of Oscars showing. Such grand old movies!


  15. I ADORE those terriers. They are so neat and tidy looking, so square-shaped. They should be called Squerriers. I have always wanted one, but I think they are high-energy, and I am … not, so, no. Instead I have the Greyhound who is rarely awake. The perfect dog.

    I also adore that calendar and now I want it.

    I haven’t seen any of the movies, so, as usual, I will watch the Oscars and criticize the stars. The poor, unfed, there’s-clearly-a-bread-shortage-in-California stars. The I’m-not-hungry-I’ll-just-have-a-line-of-coke, hugely-headed stars. The I-am-too-rich-to-eat stars. And if Angelina is there, she will be giving that unwashed pot-head Brad Pitt every come-hither look she can manage with her fifty-pound frame, forty two pounds of which are her lips and unmitigated gall. (Yeah. I think Angie’s a PILL.)

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    1. Whew. I thought I had gone too far, but then I thought: June? Too far? Pfffft.

      And Giuliana Rancic is a damn Tootsie Pop. An overly-enthusiastic, Hollywood-royalty-wannabe Tootsie Pop.


        1. Question: Which do you think is bigger: Kelly Ripa’s head or Kelly Ripa’s ego? Asking for a friend.


  16. I always say when you’re really good at what you do, you make it look easy. AKA nobody notices what you do. I’m too good at that – being invisible gets you nowhere. No I’m not currently depressed, why do you ask?


  17. I think Easter us April Fools this year. Also and too l love shorts but this year was not a good group.
    Happy March Coot

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