Enjoy the organ

I could NOT fall asleep, so when the alarm went off this morning, I was exhausted and hit snooze 39493940 times. I went last night to the old theater to see Gold Rush, the Charlie Chaplin silent movie–and I guess ALL of his movies were silent movies and now I’m officially annoying.

Dear June:
We need to review with you the date you became annoying. You seem to think that occurred today, when in fact our records show it began somewhere around July of 1965.

Oh, shut up.

Anyway, maybe it was all that live organ playing (when I gave my ticket to the volunteer, she said, “Have a lovely evening. Hope you enjoy the organ” and then I giggled like the 7th-grade little bitch I am), but man, was I ever awake at, you know, MIDNIGHT and then ONE and so on.

So I wasn’t gonna blog today, because I seriously have no time to be sitting here doing this like the 7th-grade little bitch I am, but I knew it was payday last night, which I guess would make it paynight, and just now I checked my checking (heee) and dear June, please see above re date you became annoying.

$547! When I checked my checking in my checkered pajamas while I lay next to a Czech after a rousing game of checkers, I saw my Amazon payment came, and it reflects what you guys bought through my Amazon link in December, and I received $547 today!

Oh my god, thank you. It all goes to paying my taxes, which, wooo! But still.

So that is why I stopped in today, despite making self late for work and making no sense because DID NOT SLEEP for some reason.

Someone gave me a brilliant tip re my Amazon link, and I will share it with you now. Let’s say you’re on your phone and you want to shop on Amazon, and you wish to do me a solid and get to Amazon via my link. The blue photo of seaglass is RIDICULOUS to find on one’s phone. I mean, it even annoys me.

But if you go to the Menu and then the “About” page at the top of my not blog, the link appears right there, and you don’t have to scroll scroll scroll like the 7th-grade little bitch that you are. So that’s what I use, now, when I want to get to my damn link.

Ima actually shower now, and attend work, as I am wont to do.

IMG_5695.jpgI leave you with this. The latest work of Steely Dan, and you know, I thought my robe was safe. He’d seemed disinterested in eating it, but I guess he had a change of heart. Well. “Heart.”

ask steeelee do he give one shit
smell dis

From a small-ish town in North Carolina with a loving cat and a hole in m’robe,


P.S. I almost forgot! Due to a pertinent work conversation that involved fairly pornographic paper art of cocker spaniels mating (don’t ask), what do you think is the dog breed of each decade? Like, cocker spaniels. So the 1970s.

The ’90s. Labs.

What else?


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61 thoughts on “Enjoy the organ”

  1. Current trend- French terriers or shelter pitbulls ( corgis are quickly gaining)
    Early 2000’s – Rottweilers


  2. Let’s not leave out the Weimaraner (late 80s?) and the now super-trendy rescue greyhounds.
    The moon is nearly full, that’s why some of us can’t sleep. Sounds hokey, but that’s how it works for me. Another two or three nights and it will be better.


  3. I think German Shepards were big in the Rin Tin Tin Days and then again in the 60s, and in the 50s was the hey day of Collies due to Lassie. Also in the 60s were the small sizes of poodles. Rottweilers were big in the 80s.

    I am looking forward to the day when the Bull Terriers are the best dogs to have. Those snouts and wide chests and beady eyes are the cutest things and I will have one before I die.


  4. As a long time reader, I can’t get over how much better your pictures are now with your fancy newer iPhone. I really love that one of SD not giving a shit. Wait, I guess that doesn’t really narrow it down though does it.


  5. That’s wonderful news about your Amazon money, Coot!

    I’ve seen an uptick in dachshunds and corgis over the last while.

    Maybe Steely Dan was resigned to chew something he didn’t want to chew but he had to get his fix. The robe was close so it got the Chew.

    I generally get too keyed up at night to sleep. Going to sleep actually freaks me out. I tell myself that it will be very beneficial* to sleep more, like I want to do when my alarm goes off, but trying to reason with my brain at night is futile.

    *Per yesterday’s comments, I used “beneficial” to tone down on the overuse/misuse of the word “awesome.”


  6. When I saw the link to this post on fb, I thought the title was a reference to SD’s butt, and wondered if I was supposed to appreciate his anal glands or something.
    I agree the -oodles are very popular right now. Everyone seems to want a furry dog that doesn’t shed.
    Congrats on the windfall.


  7. In my little neck of the woods people are walking Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Is this something new or have I not noticed?….. And did they just stop making Doberman’s?
    My dream dog is a Corgi.


  8. Finally something I can answer! I listen to podcasts as I’m wont to do and there was a recent one on “Criminal” called ‘Masterpiece’ a poodle. Interesting story. The AKC’s most popular dog in the 40s/50s was the Poodle. Then it was the Cocker Spaniel. Lab took over and has reigned since. (German Shepherds being second).

    I think the French Terrier is going to make a strong leap on the list but I don’t think it will beat the Lab.

    Also? Per yesterday’s blog not blog – I’m over “frenchie”.


  9. I read an article that said Labrador Retrievers have been the most popular breed since 1970. Before that, it was the Poodle. I’ve had three terriers, two Saint Bernards, and a doberman mix. Each breed had its strengths, but I think puppy mills destroyed all dog breeds. They are so interbred now, you’re better off getting a mixed breed. Unless you buy from a really reputable breeder, but it can be hard to determine if they are reputable or not. One of my terriers was purchased from a breeder who also showed dogs professionally, but the rest of my dogs were purchased at pet stores, so they were all puppy mill dogs. I’ve had three cats, too. For now, I am pet-less…and I don’t have to worry about sitting on the couch with black slacks.


      1. Except the Dobby that I saw in a video yesterday – the cat walked up to a young woman making that stupid duck face, and gave her a hard seat across the mouth. I love that cat.

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  10. I Amazoned you yesterday. Sometimes I forget, but I do my best.

    Hubs was doing night watch from 1-3:30, then, even though I’m not preggers, I took over from 3:30 to 7. It is what it is. *snort

    I don’t know what dog breeds are rocking things now, but I can’t stand looking at those “Dobby” cats. At first, interesting, but then disturbing and awful. Perhaps I’m still cranky from yesterday’s post/comments.


  11. I am so, so glad Amazon referral program is working for you! Your readers love you so much and it’s an easy way for us to say, hey, thanks for annoying the shit out of us even when you don’t have time.


  12. The vast majority of Chaplin films were silent, but he did do a handful of talkies, so the adjective is appropriate. Hope that bumps you off the list of Officially Annoying People, even as it moves me up several places. Hope you enjoyed the movie and the organ (tee hee).


  13. Wonderful post, beautiful June. I agree with the people saying Pits are the dog of the decade. They seem to be everywhere.

    My sister had a doberman back in the 70s, but he was the biggest scaredy-dog. He was scared of people popping their gum and flashlights, and would hide under a chair when they were present. He did consistently protect the house from the mailman, though.


  14. I remember an era of Benji Style dogs. Was he a mutt? Late ’70’s? And in the ’80’s shar pei’s were a subgroup of some importance.


  15. Based on what I see at my local park (which also has a Dog Park), Doodles, Pugs and French Bulldogs are the “It” dogs of today.

    Labs and Golden Retrievers have always been extremely popular, no matter the decade.

    I remember when Taco Bell had the Chihuahua “spokesdog” and everyone wanted a Chihuahua that said “Yo quiero Taco Bell.”

    And Dalmatians became popular after “101 Dalmatians” came out, both the original and the remake.

    I had no trouble sleeping last night although I did have a dream that I was FURIOUS with my husband.


  16. When I was a kid our neighbor had a very scary Doberman. We used to dread walking past his house because of the fear that the dog would be loose – drunk old guy plus really large dog equals many scary close calls. Luckily I’ve since met some really sweet Dobies, but man that dog was frightening.


  17. From what I’m hearing, nobody slept well last night. At one point I got up and put the cats in the basement because they were annoying. When I got up this morning, cats were not in the basement. Never had been. I guess I was dreaming. Didn’t think I slept enough to dream. Weird night.


  18. I remember Dobermans in the early 80s too. The farmer behind us had a couple, and my dad was terrified of them. Actually, he was kind of terrified of all dogs that weren’t ours. And he was also horrified by the fact that I would walk up to all dogs, any dogs. One time we went to visit this guy who had an animal sanctuary (I use that term loosely as he ended up losing all the animals and I don’t know why.) complete with lions, tigers, and bears, oh my. (And a badger and a BLACK PANTHER!) Anyway, we got there and this pack of beagles surrounded the truck. My dad refused to get out while I was out of that truck and down at their level in mere seconds. I remember him shouting at me to get back in the truck and I was all “Dad. They’re BEAGLES. Seriously.”

    Now I think it’s, rescues, doodles and pit/pit mixes – at least around where i live.

    Also which iPhone do you have? I just got a standard work-issued iPhone 8 and don’t have that nifty portrait mode and it is making me sad.


  19. Payday! Yay! I just bought a new poopy scooper via the Get June More Money Link. That should be about eleven more cents!

    If you could get SD to strategically chew your clothes you’d be a fashion icon. Like chew the shoulders out of all your tops. Or shred the front of your jeans to resemble a bear attack.

    Lovely post June!


  20. You have to put the Pitt in the 2000s, I think, though it hurts my heart that our area shelters are filled with Pitties waiting for homes. I want them all.

    Lovely post – congrats on the income! Good work, notblog-peeps.


  21. I know readers of the not-blog will wonder what’s going on in Beth’s brain, but I am always amazed at the quality of your pictures. If I had taken a picture of my robe sleeve there’s no way anyone could have recognized what I was photographing. And really, the detail of SD’s butt! Amazing.
    Love you, June. You brighten my day, even when yours is fuzzy. Especially when yours is fuzzy.


  22. No idea on the dogs, but lately I’ve noticed a lot of -doodles too. Something-doodles. That cost a million dollars. I don’t get that. That cat! What a charming stinker he is.


  23. Lots of goldens & labs (Designated Official Dog of MN), as well as doodle-dogs in my upscale neighborhood. Also, the “dog whisperer” who trains & walks the giant pack of dogs (12-14, all sizes) around the lake, then stops for coffee (it’s his business, and doing very well), sitting outside yesterday.

    My brother & his wife had a wonderful pair of collies in the ’80s/’90s – I miss them. One looked just like Lassie, one looked like a skinny deer.

    And, my most fav, the CORGI, courtesy of Queen Lillibet. Love, love, love them. Several here in the ‘hood, some in pairs(!).


  24. My dog of choice is always the Chow Chow. We did have an Old English Sheepdog when I was a kid. I think current trendy dogs are the French Bulldog.


  25. I agree we are in the mutt/shelter dog/ rescue time now. Mutts are healthier so I am happy. 1988-2014 were the hound years for us personally.
    My husband had a dream job caring for the town attorney’s Irish Setter, A Train, and her various litters of pups. He had no dog at home so he loved it. That was in the late sixties/early seventies. A-Train lived forever and still recognized him many years later even though she was blind. She was goofy but extremem loyal.


  26. I think Asta the Wire Fox Terrier (from the Thin Man movies) made that breed popular in the 1940s.
    Standard and miniature poodles were very ’50s…think poodle skirts. Also German Shepherds, thanks to Rin Tin Tin.
    Basset hounds were popular in the early sixties due to a talking one on tv (Cleo?)….and then the late sixties has to be something hairy…Irish Setters or Wolfhounds…there was also a big hairy dog on My Three Sons named Tramp. That same dog turns up in episodes of other shows, too.
    These are from the days of yore. You youngsters will have to figure out the rest.
    Lovely post, June.


    1. Isn’t the late 50s early 60s when Yorkshire Terriers got so popular. I love the little yappy mops. I used to have 3 of them. Yes all at the same time. Then my I remember my mother having a Pekinese or as she called it a Prickly-knees. I was little and all I could think of was a dog that looked like a cactus.


  27. Oh yes – the 2000s, or at least the 2010s, are the decade of any breed mixed with a poodle. Create your own designer mutt. The “oodle” decade.

    Irish Setters (should all that be capitalized?) were big when I was a kid . . . maybe back in the 1960s. Talk about the stupidest dog EVER!!!

    I still love the Labs!!


  28. Oh thanks for the tip because yes annoying. Also and too, must have been in the air last night. Did not sleep. I asked my husband if it was supposed to hurt to sleep.

    Lovely post Coot


  29. I forgot, and we need to keep your comment count up this week. Yesterday’s comments, that was a very good count.

    Lovely post, Coot.


  30. SMELL DIS!!!!! Plunk.

    $547! That is wonderful. I would be so excited to have $500 extra in my bank account. If we join Amazon Prime will you get credit for that like a purchase? We are considering joining. Seems like most of our purchases these days are off Amazon.

    Why? I’ve never had a cat that eats clothing. SD. One of a kind.


    1. Did you ever see that video that shows a product that covers cats’ buttholes? It’s jewelry that you hang on the cat’s tail. I just Googled it and it’s called Twinkle Tush. And luckily, as I learned from Googling, it’s a gag gift. But, there is video of it so there’s a way to see this idea in action.


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