Foster update. As opposed to Foster’s Lager.

After a quiet morning, in which I let each kitten come out to play a bit, I put Nancy and her brood in the carrier and took them down to the shelter for their booster shots.

I kibitzed with puppies in the lobby while I waited, and Edsel would like you all to know that he is greatly relieved I did not bring any of those home.

Eds got nuff on plate.

After a while, the volunteer coordinator woman poked her head out the door. “Are they eating real food?” she asked me.

They have been. They’ve been eating me out of house and home, actually. If anyone would care to make a donation, throw a little tip June’s way, that would be beautiful. I’m buying so much kitten food the grocery store probably thinks I’m eating it myself.

Between the five of them, they’d been eating four cans a day, plus dry food.

The volunteer woman went back behind the door again. I visited those puppies, and wandered into the adult cat room, not that there was pornography in there. You know what I mean. Geez.

When she came back with the carrier, I could tell by the way she was holding it that Nancy was no longer with her. Oh, my heart.

“The mom is good to go,” she said. “She’s ready to be adopted.”

I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to Nancy. I was stunned. I mean, I know these kittens are seven weeks old, and that her milk was dried up, but jeez Louise.

“That friend of yours, Ned… Nickerson? He emailed to say he would take Nancy.”

Earlier this week, I emailed the four people who had expressed tepid interest in my kittens, and I included Ned in the email because he had come over here to look at them all, and had fallen in love with Nancy. She really is a spectacular cat. She is sweet and delicate, but not a lap cat. She’s also fun and will fetch a mouse over and over again. I think Nancy will be a great fit for Ned.

Oh my God. I am lying on the couch in the living room, telling you this story, and I heard a little kitten mew that sounded way too close. The dark tortoiseshell one, Vicky, has just crawled out from under the door!

I would let them roam freely, but Steely Dan is not pleased with this crop of kittens. I don’t know what to tell you about that cat. He loved the last foster.

Fek yuuu, kiddenz.

Anyway, Ned had never answered the email I sent about Nancy’s availability. But I had included the email address of the volunteer coordinator, and clearly he emailed her.

Wait. Y’all. Ned made a decision! That just occurred to me.

So now the kittens are here at my house, momless, for two more weeks. I feel bad for Nancy. But I know she will be in a good home where she will be helicopter parented for the rest of her days. And yes, it has occurred to me to call Ned and ask him to bring Nancy over for a visit.

Meanwhile, I will try to soldier on with four baby kitten heads.


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38 thoughts on “Foster update. As opposed to Foster’s Lager.”

  1. OMG Ned took Nancy! I’m so happy! Yay!

    (I cried a little bit reading this post, but in a good way).


  2. I’m so happy for Ned and Nancy. May they have a long happy life together.
    Enjoy your last two weeks with the muffin heads!


  3. I always feel sorry for the mom cats, too–after all their hard work, their babies all get adopted right away, and then the moms languish at the shelter. I’m so happy Ned is adopting Nancy!!!!!!
    Lucky you, you get two more kitten-filled weeks! I’m very jealous. My cats are all middle-aged now and it’s much less cute when middle-aged cats are acting like dicks than when the teeny marshmallow-fluff-heads are.


  4. The very last pic…the little muffin head…those teefers! I don’t know how fosters can do what y’all do. I admire it, for sure. But, my heart just becomes all involved and I would never be able to let them go. But, yay for Ned & Nancy and your two more weeks with the sweeties.


  5. I’m so happy Nancy has a good home! Does SD’s reaction to male kittens differ from the way he acts around females? My vet told me male cats don’t like male kittens, so perhaps that partially explains SD’s behavior. Or not.


  6. I’m happy for Ned and Nancy. I’m glad he was able to make a decision. I also love what a good mom Edsel is. He’s the sweetest.


  7. I’m so sad you didn’t get to say bye to Nancy – but I love that she’s already adopted. That it’s Ned, whom I still like for everything except how he treats you (which does count for a lot, don’t get me wrong) is a bonus!
    Terrible sentence there.


  8. Ned adopting Nancy was an unexpected twist in the tale of five kitties. May they be happy together.

    Two more weeks of kittens! Who will be happier about that, you or your readers? It may be a tie. Now off to donate to kitten food.


  9. Awww. NED! This is such a happy ending! I have been feeling bad for Ned because: catless. But now? I am just happy all around.

    What is with Steely Dan? He loved Jody Foster! Maybe he doesn’t like to be out numbered? Whatever with him. He is just trying to be contrary.

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  10. So smart of Ned to snap up the lovely Nancy. She is a great cat.
    We adopted a teenaged mom dog from a rescue in the past. We fostered her first, they took her from her pups, and brought her to us. She howled and cried in her crate that night. We brought her in to our bed. I wonder if Nancy will be sad too? We even paid for Ruby’s vet bills aside from her spaying, which they covered. We went to a spay clinic and the vet there was cheaper. She had ear issues, typical Cocker Spaniel thing. I did not want a puppy either.
    I’m glad you and Edz have more time with the kittens.


  11. Let me come storming in here to foster-splain to you that the kittens will likely start nursing on each other, themselves, or the nearest soft fleecy blanket. It’s normal. I always keep a couple of fleecy beds and blankets on hand, because kittens nursing on beds/blankets are preferable to them nursing on each other. It’s very sweet and a little heartbreaking. (One of my former fosters, at nearly 2 years old, still occasionally nurses on his own belly. And that litter of kittens was with their mother until they were over 3 months old, so well past weaning age. Kittens are weird.)


  12. Nancy is going to have a great life! And all these pictures of the itty bitty witty kitties the last week makes my day every time I check in.

    Eds got nuff on plate!


  13. I am so happy for Nancy. And Ned. And Edsel for getting two more weeks of kittens. And for you too.
    Mostly I am just happy for a Saturday post. Have a wonderful kitten-filled weekend.


  14. Omg!! I almost started to cry when you said they took her away and you didn’t even get to say goodbye! It made my heart so happy when you said that Ned has her! Even if he is a dick. He loves his cats.


  15. Yay for Nancy and Ned! Foster programs in Ohio reimburse caregivers for all food and necessities. It shouldn’t be out of pocket for you, but kudos for you for doing it!


  16. I don’t understand their need to separate mama and babies so quickly. And I am thrilled that Nancy has a good home to go to. 2 of my cats started life as teenaged moms and all the babies were quickly adopted but no one wanted them. Like they were wearing scarlet A’s on their chests or something. They were each less than a year older than their kittens. I’m sure Nancy’s story is similar.
    June, I am so happy you are giving all these kitties a good start in life.


  17. I almost cried when you said the carrier came back minus Nancy. NED! He will be a perfect parent for Nancy. That is great news. Thank you, Ned. Those babies are so dang cute. I’ve had lots of cats the past 50 years and we have only gone to the pound once to adopt, the rest of them just appeared and adopted us. But, if the occasion ever arises, I would try to adopt an older cat because they are usually harder to place in a good home. Thanks for the update.


  18. Oh, and just like that the babes are without their mom wondering what the heck you did with her! And poor mom doesn’t get to see her babies. She was a good momma, too, based on the pics you’ve posted. Ah, such is life. Nice that Nancy is adopted by someone you know, though. Playdates,anyone? (Nancy and the kitties. Not you and Ned.) Anne


  19. Yes, Ned!!! I gasped out loud, like the old woman I’m becoming, when I read that he was adopting Nancy. Now I’m sitting here with a big stupid grin on my face.

    While I know most folks love adopting kittens, I like adopting older cats. My last kitty was at least a year old when I got her, and she was so laid back and awesome. I’m so glad Nancy is going to a good home.


  20. I can’t believe they didn’t let you have a moment with Nancy before she goes on to become NedKitty2.0 Nickerson. But I am so happy Ned made the decision (!!) to adopt NedKitty2.0!

    Those kittens! Every time I look at one of those pictures I feel a primal urge to go. get. more. kittens.

    The shelter isn’t giving you a stipend to cover food and litter costs? Damn them.


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