The Perfect Day

Saturday was, like, perfect. Except there was no sex. But what’re you gonna do? I’m old. Those days are over. Now I’m depressed. Fuck Saturday. So to speak.

Anyway, when I woke up, it was warm-ish out. Like, in-the-’50s warmish. Which was lovely, considering I had been living inside a snow globe for the past three days. I’d been living in a window display of Santa’s wonderland. I was like Disner on Ice.

Disner is my old married name. That was only funny if you knew that.

So I woke up, and Dear June: We’re four paragraphs in and you’re not even out of bed yet.

IMG_3848.jpgIt’s Throwback Monday here on the PieBook. It’s Moronic Life Choices Monday.

This photo is from Friday night, and DEAR JUNE NOW WE’RE GOING BACK IN TIME YOU ASSHOLE.

On Friday night, I met Ned, my ex, NedEx, for a drink because Friday was the anniversary of our first date. At that same place. On those same barstools. We’ve returned every year, except for last year when we weren’t speaking. I had a whiskey sour, same as I had on our first date, and Ned had a Glenlivet on the rocks, which he did not have on our first date but in the past six years he’s become a fancy president and probably has to do things like drink Glenlivet as part of his responsibilities.

Anyway, it was without incident. He had a cold. I don’t even think we hugged in the parking lot at the end.

You know what I don’t want any more of? Being distracted. The whole time I was with Ned, I was preoccupied with anxious thoughts. Is this guy gonna answer my initial Hello email on OK Cupid?

Is he going to ask me out?

Is he ever going to answer that last email I sent?

When am I gonna see him again?

Why isn’t he ready to be exclusive? I certainly am.

Why won’t he tell me he loves me?

Is he ever going to want to see me more than twice a week?

Is he ever going to want to move in with me?

And so on. The whole time.

Now? I mostly think, Should I get up and drive to the cupcake place? Like, that’s the most pressing thought I have. It’s so …relaxing.

By the way, I never do. The cupcake place is pretty much two minutes from my front door and the last time I went there was when my mother was in town in July. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, either. But I like the idea that it’s over there. Cupcakes are just a short drive away.

IMG_3855.jpgWhen I got home from my controversial drink, this was happening. Old Batsheba, here, was up to no good.

Anyway, I GOT UP on Saturday (Oh dear God, June) and it was warmish, so the pets and I played in the yard.



IMG_3864.jpgWow. Look at all that frolicking. They play the way I did as a child. Stand there and wait till you can go back in and watch Bugs Bunny. Okay, so I didn’t capture much play. TRUST ME.

Also, I would like to heartily embrace my lawn guys for moving that chair just into a random spot in the yard like that. I’ve moved it back to its rightful place, to get snowed on in a tidy spot.

I headed out to eat lunch, because who is sick of Lean Cuisine, and when I did, I popped into this little boutique that I always walk past and never go into. It was cute, and two rooms large, and of course I was the only person in there, and

Dear People Who Own or Work at a Store:

Don’t follow the shopper. Don’t follow her and tell her all the specials you’re having. I guarantee you if the person is a bargain shopper, she’ll ask, or look at the signs. And that whole, “Oh, I just happen to be over here admiring our backless dresses at this rack” is fooling no one. Do I LOOK like a shoplifter?

Oh, god, maybe I do.

Anyway, this prompted me to shop in a million little stores Saturday, and I bought nothing, because please see last weekend’s shoe extravaganza. Still, it was fun to browse.


When did I become someone who “browses”? For reading glasses?

THE POINT IS, one of the places I wandered into is a lash place? Where they do tinting and extensions?

Dudes. I thought that was all they did. Turns out, they do Botox and micro-needling and all that bullshit I love to do to myself! And they’re as close as the cupcake place! And, AND, I asked about micro-needling, and they told me what it did, and then said, “That’s not something you really need.” So I trust them, as well.

Ima be Norm on Cheers at that place. Oh my god. Exciting.

Then I headed to the local pet supply place (okay, that was a funny blog post I just linked to. Say, June, up in yourself much?) to get Eds a new collar. His is getting mighty dingy, and who decided cloth collars were a stellar idea for dogs, who roll in red dirt and squirrel bits and so on?

IMG_3888.jpgAt the pet place, they were having kitten rescue day, and the rescue thing appeared to be put on by a fraternity. I say this because the front of the store was teeming with fraternity boys behind a table. And it was an…African American fraternity. What I’m saying to you is I walked into young hot men of color holding kittens.

“Did you DIE and go to HEAVEN?” asked my mother, when I stampeded to call her.

“Well, we know heaven is out of the question,” I said, admiring young boys like the Elizabeth Smart perv I am.

I know it wasn’t Elizabeth Smart who married her student. What the hell was that woman’s name? She married that kid, and he had a Hawaiian-sounding name like Lava Hulu PooPoo or something. The only other name I can think of is Casey Anthony, and I know that’s wrong too.

Hell. The good news is, Lava Hulu PooPoo is an excellent cat name.

When I got home from my shopping extravaganza, there was a couple looking at Peg’s house, with the man in the couple’s dad along to do dad things like look in the crawl space. Do you know what my dad would never do?

I’d heard someone had bought that house, but maybe it fell through. I don’t know. The point is, they wanted to know things about the house and neighborhood, and just as I was assuring them the ‘hood was great, we all looked up.

IMG_3880.jpgBecause this was happening.

When I’d pulled out of my driveway Saturday morning, I’d noticed how all the other roofs in my neighborhood were lovely; so perfectly snow-covered. Except mine. Mine was riddled with paw prints.

I’m surprised theirs weren’t, too. I’ve seen this cat on every roof on my side of the street thus far.

“If you move in, I hope you like cats,” I told the people.

“Well, we’ve got a Doberman,” they said, because apparently they are Shaft in 1972. “But he loves cats.”

That is exactly what Steely Dan needs: To leap onto Peg’s roof and have a Doberman smiling up at him. That’ll show him.


I was all set to stay in after that, and play with my app, have it tell me how much I look like a man, or Andy Gibb, when something on my phone popped up telling me about Ultherapy near me for 25% off.

I am not kidding. First of all, how creepy are our phones now. Secondly, you know I’ve been obsessed with saving that damn $3,000 ever since I came up with the idea to get Ultherapy. I called the number, and they had a free consultation that same day, at 5:00. So I left the house, put air in my tire (this is yet another thing I’ve learned to do while single. Change doorknobs, kill roaches, and now put air in m’tires. At this point I might as well become a welder) and screeched over there on my air-filled tires.

But you know what? Even though I’d save money at this new place? I didn’t trust them. It seemed like kind of a sales factory, whereas the other place had a nurse take me in and tell me details, and show me photos and so on, this place was all, “Come in. How you paying?”

So I demurred.

But THEN, I got home, and I got the mail. And for no reason I can think of other than they’re bored with my lack of activity, my credit card company sent me some of those goddamn checks. You know the checks I mean?

When I paid off all my cards this past summer, I gave them all to my mother, so I can’t use them. I saved only my vet credit card (Care Credit) just in case something happens, which it always does, to one of the pets.

But here was a regular card company, saying, “Use these checks for anything!”

Remember that time Jesus was up on that rock or whatever? He always seemed to be hanging out on some rock somewhere. I guess there wasn’t a lot of development yet. He was never hanging at Orange Julius Caesar or whatever.

Anyway, remember when he got tempted? That’s how I felt when I had those checks after I’d just been to the Ultherapy place. Mother of GOD, I could just use these checks!

Remember that time June compared herself to Jesus?

Anyway, if you’re asking WDJD (What Did June Do?), I ripped up said checks. Now I’m stuck with this haggard face till I save $3,000, so thanks a lot.

how old you eben BE? how yuu still alibe?

So that was my perfect Saturday. Sans sex.


On Sunday, I went to a French movie, and I was the only person in the theater, which is why I could take a picture of said movie. I know you’re stunned that the French folk were smoking. Right after, those French folk were fucking. No wonder they stay so thin. That’s all they ever do.

There are never any shower scenes.

IMG_3943.jpgAfter, I bought myself some SweetTart hearts at the Rite Aid, and ate so many that I scraped up the inside of my mouth. I feel like you never hear French women say this. These SweetTarts have [burst] no artificial flavors [burst].

IMG_3940.jpgIMG_3933.jpgAfter my daily tending to Edsel, which includes letting him stare at me 40 hours a day, I took a “How’s Your Anxiety?” quiz, which maybe he should take. To get the results, you had to give them your name and email address, which bugs the shit out of me. It’s the equivalent of a store clerk following you around.

A few hours later, I got this email…


Had totally forgotten I’d told them my name was Fuck You.

I am my own Valentine.



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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

49 thoughts on “The Perfect Day”

  1. Speaking of Jesus being on a rock, as opposed to hanging around slupping orange beverages, minister pointed out yesterday that if the guy was talking to a crowd, or speaking to some fishermen (who were out catching fish, not standing on the beach), HE WAS SHOUTING. (Unlike Dignified Movie Jesus.)

    Maybe he had uncontrollable curly hair. He probably ripped up checks, too. Or overturned money tables, same thing.

    Also too, WWJuneD, I still haven’t gotten over your Baby Jesus working on his abs.


  2. Having no pressing thoughts, having time to browse at more shops than one, tearing up temptations. When your book is written it can be marketed in the self-help category.


  3. I am just so happy that you had a perfect Saturday! I had a wonderful weekend as well. I loved the Disner line, because I knew what I needed to know to make that funny. Well, hell, the whole post was hilarious…as always!

    Lovely post, Fuck you!


  4. Ms. You, your Monday, Weekend Wrap-up posts are my favorite genre of posts. I’m glad you had a perfect day.
    Today, I read an article that said the fun Google Arts app can be used/enjoyed in 48 states, but not Texas (or Indiana, I think). WELL. I’m insulted.


  5. Fuck you , this was a marvelous post! You are our very own Marvelous Mrs. Gardens. Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it though.


  6. On the route of Power to the Polls march in Charlotte on Saturday there was a great group of Black men of many ages who were handing out bottles of water and holding signs that said, “Men of quality do not fear equality.” There were hugs all around. You would have loved it, June.


  7. This post is another treasure. A classic June Gardens post. How do you do it?

    Poor Elizabeth Smart. Now when people Google her up they’ll be sent right over here to Book of Nut Cases. Your Mormon readership is about to soar. God bless Elizabeth Smart.

    Anon, I envy people who don’t have one incident in their past that is humiliating to this day.


  8. I pretty much have looked like a homeless person much of my life when out shopping because I hate shopping and don’t care about clothes and hair and makeup (yet I enjoy reading about people who do enjoy those things like Joob). Anyway, I used to always be tailed. Not so much since I hit middle age. I think most clerks think middle age people have money if they’re in their store and browsing.

    There is a person in my family who was very wealthy and worshiped money first. She/he never gave any money away their whole life. When we were planning the funeral with the pastor who did not know this person, the pastor asked us what he/she was like. Another family member immediately spoke up and said she/he was the nicest person you would ever meet and this person would give the shirt of their back to anybody. I was sitting next to this family member and just slowly looked over like YOUGOTTABEMOTHERFUCKINGKIDDINGME. It’s a real look, by the way. Anyway, family member has never lived down that remark. Also, Pastor must have picked up on stuff cause that never made it into the eulogy. I will say I am not a cold hearted beyotch, I loved this family member who passed, they had great qualities for sure, giving a buck to a person was just not one of them.

    So much funny in this post to comment on including welder. I’ll just leave it at you’re so pretty, Joob!


    1. Maybe the person who said the stingy person would give them anything , is the person who got all their drug money from the person who died and no one else knew it.


  9. I expect to see Orange Julius Caesar on Wheel of Fortune any day now in the category of Before and After.


  10. The Jesus line about Orange Julius Ceaser is the best one-liner in all of not-blogdom.

    It was nice to see NedEx.

    You have tremendous willpower, June. First not going to the cupcake place all t he time as I would want to – hashtag-why-still-struggline-to-lose – and then tearing up those checks.


  11. I love your new (ish) camera. The photos are really great. Remember way back when? Not so much? Oh how you’ve improved.

    Disner on ice. BAH!!

    SD’s personality is a big win over. I would not like someone else’s cat being hot on the the tin roof but SD? Yep!

    Oh. Broke a tooth last night. No insurance. Good times!


  12. That first paragraph perfectly describes my Saturday night and that of many of my same-age friends. We are all married so it’s really not due to lack of a man being around all the time. In fact, it might be caused by a man being around all. the. time.

    NedEx. You brought the funny today for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. This: “He was never hanging at Orange Julius Caesar or whatever.” had me rolling!! I literally laughed out loud. I feel like you deserve a slow clap for that one.


    1. You know, thank you. I enjoyed that as well. I also liked Lava Hulu PooPoo, but no one appreciates me in my time. I will be the Van Gogh of blogging.


  14. Lily!!! Beautiful, fluffy Lily. I’ve missed seeing you in the photo spreads. More Lily, please.

    Up here, in the tundra, we have little flakes of snow swirling about. Somehow they are supposed to turn into 6-12″ by tonight. Look for us on the news. Had my sunroof open the other day when it was 40 & sunny. What climate change?


  15. I remember Mary Kay who- the -hell -can -spell that-last -name’s name too. I will never forget it. I had an incident of my own but he was seventeen (age of concent here, and I was 28 and married), and just a coworker. Is heaven impossible for me now too? It was thirty years ago. It has never been repeated. Messed up my marriage for decades, wallowed in guilt forever. My biggest regret but it took me too long to admit it even to myself. This could/should have been in last week’s flaw post. I see young boys as children now, unless they are in ice skater’s tights. That lust will not die.


    1. Anon, I hope you read the post I wrote some years back about how I warned the women here that when they put photos of their teenage boys up in the Facebook, I had impure thoughts. So.

      This is probably sexist, but a 17-year-old was probably thrilled to be with a 28-year-old woman.


      1. That said, I remember a time Marvin and I were screaming for the car, back in LA, because it was so cold out. “OPEN THE DOOR, OPEN THE DOOR!” I screeched at him.

        Both of our Michigan selves got inside, breathless from the cold. My car had an outside-temp gauge in it. The temperature?


        So, you get used to things.


  16. Mary Kay Letourneau’s student lover is name Vili. Pronounced VEE-li like Veedio. I love that fricken story, I pull out Mary Kay Letourneau references all the time and am outraged when people don’t remember her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DG! I’ve been waiting for you to post because I tried to answer your question about my blog and WordPress wouldn’t let me. Anyway, I stopped blogging over the summer and didn’t delete it in case I want to go back but I did basically turned it off since I didn’t want to deal with spammers.


  17. Sounds like a lovely weekend. When your potential new neighbors said their Doberman loves cats, did they mean as friends or as meals?

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  18. I too loved NedEx. I hope you refer to him in person as such. And I’m glad you got up with him. I think we sometimes elevate people and/or experiences in our mind beyond what they really are – a good face to face can alleviate that. People do this when someone dies – suddenly the dead person was a saint, when we all know that he was really just a human with lots of annoying qualities. Not that Ned is a dead person, but you get my drift.

    And honestly? No artificial flavors? Why even bother eating them then?

    You’re so pretty June! You don’t need no needling!


  19. When I have to fill out those self addressed post cards reminders for doctor offices, antiques fairs, etc. that get mailed to you the next year I always put in some ridiculous name. Then I laugh, fall in love with myself all over again and marry myself. Every year.

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  20. Lovely post, June!

    That email is so contradictory. There’s nothing an anxious person loves more than to be bombarded with questions about how they’re doing or how they’re feeling.


    1. Exactly! I was getting anxious just reading it and I don’t consider myself to be an anxious person at all!


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