Hey, ya like cats? Cause we got a post about cats for ya.

What’s more interesting:

IMG_2846.jpgToday’s riveting lip color in Curviest Caramel

IMG_E2845.JPGor my foster kitten?

She gotses a cold! And if you’d been around me all weekend, you too could have heard JUNE’S ASSHOLE KITTEN VOICE!

cud you nott?

Shelter kittens get upper respiratory infections a lot lot lot, so I’m not surprised she has one, and I left a message AND an email with the shelter, to see if I need to bring her in.

IMG_E2833.JPGIt hasn’t broken her spirit, and let me tell you just how much it hasn’t. One thing they want you to do is keep your shelter fosters separate from your regularly scheduled cats, so no one makes the other sick. And I was down with that plan. In fact, when I brought her in in her carrier, my pets didn’t even notice anything was up.

And at one point, I was bringing something in the kitten’s room and caught stupid-ass Iris wandering in in the 14 seconds I had the door open, and the best part was she walked right by the kitten and didn’t notice.

Limited-vision cats. They’re good for something.

So everything was copacetic: Jodie Foster was good in her bedroom/walk-in closet combo, and the regular cats were oblivious.

Until they weren’t. And what a surprise that Steely Dick was the first to catch on.


I still didn’t let them meet, but when all the big cats went outside–and I just made them sound like pumas or something–I let the kitten come out just for a minute. I figured it’d be good for her to meet a dog, so if she moves in with one, she’ll be cool.

IMG_2815.jpgIMG_2816.jpgShe loved her little adventure, and all was right in the land. And seeing as I’d pretty much spent every second with her all weekend except for ANOTHERRE PURRE BARRE CLASSE Sunday morning, I went to the new Woody Allen movie yesterday afternoon. The theater is literally five minutes away, so I was gone less than two hours.

And when I came home?

There she was. On the back of the couch with everyone else.


oh, hai.

Clearly, I have no control over my cats.

“Oh my GOD!” I said, horrified. Her door was SHUT. Had I let her slip out when I left? I was certain I hadn’t. Had been paranoid AF about her slipping past me.

I mean, she was just on the back of the couch, all casual. Steely Dan was loftily lounging on Edsel’s bed (“Edsel’s bed.” Who we kidding at this point?), Edsel was on the couch right near the kitten, and Lily and Iris were splayed in the dining room, as you do.

Like, NO ONE CARED that there was a little sprite in their midst. I guess at this point, my pets are new-petted out. Still. That could have been a disaster.

Shaken, I put her back in the room and shut the door.

IMG_2812.jpgI was in the kitchen feeding everyone moments later, when I turned around and


in that window in my kitchen, the one that leads to the back room. oh, hai. again.

And right then I knew. She was crawling out from under the door.

June Problem-Solves

So all my cats are gonna have colds now. Hey, whose bright idea was this, anyway, this kitten-fostering thing? I blame Sue.

I’m just glad Steely Dan is nicer than he seems. Maybe Edsel made sure Jodie Foster was okay. I don’t know.

It reminds me of the Tallulah and Francis days.


Francis was SO MEAN to Tallulah from DAY ONE that Lu didn’t dare even LOOK at Fran throughout their whole lives. That cat put the fear in that dog from puppyhood. I remember Francis slap-slap-slapping puppy Tallulah’s snout, claws out, three times in a row.

The point is, we’d had years of Lu acquiesing to Francis when I finally got kitten Henry. One day Henry, who was teensy then, toddled his orange self right near cranky old Francis, who at that point never did anything but mince off his angry chair and to his litter box. But Henry got himself in that path.

Henry. Henry never took a bad picture.

Anyway, Francis hissed, and sucked his hiss back in and hissed again, fangs bared. Henry was in big trouble. But TALLULAH ran back there, barking, got OVER Henry, just stood over him, and growled right in that mean cat’s face.

I can’t imagine how terrified Lu musta been underneath her pit growl.

Francis minced back to his angry chair without another word.

IMG_2760.jpgAnyway, fostering kittens is fun. Is my point. And a bit chaotic. Is my other point.

If anyone local is looking for a lively, smart, make-bicuits-in-your-hair kitten, I got one going begging.

Talk to you later. Oh! And if you’re gonna wrap up your Christmas shopping, let me assist you with a link to get to Amazon. (Oh my god, she actually remembered. She has the biggest shopping time of the year and forgets all month. June: money-making machine.)

Ima buy these for myself today, because whose bright idea was it to put the computer back in a drafty room that used to be a screened-in porch? A room with a tile floor? A room I have to go in every morning half-naked so I can write? Hmmmm? Whose idea was it?

And who ordered all these pets?

[Looks around. Sees no one else. Shit.]


June the excellent kitten foster, and creator of an un-chaotic life

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46 thoughts on “Hey, ya like cats? Cause we got a post about cats for ya.”

  1. I wonder why she has to be isolated as well? Was she tested for FeLV yet? That’s the only thing I would be concerned about. I would think that socialization is good so she gets used to other animals. And it sounds like with her Houdini-ish tricks, everybody was very calm with her being out.

    If she’s going to infect the other cats with the respiratory thing, it’s too late, now that she’s been out and around them. I have brought 2 kittenses home over the years who developed the respiratory thing, and then the other 2 older cats started the sneezing and such, but not as bad as the kitten. Everybody got treated and they were all fine. They do keep it in their bodies in a dormant state, and it can flare up again, if they get in a stressful situation, but generally they’re fine. My one kitten who came with a horrible infection is 10 now and perfectly healthy.

    I would watch everybody for runny eyes, because conjunctivitis goes hand in hand with the respiratory thing. But again, that can be easily caught and treated. It’s alllllll going to be OK.

    I’m sure you already thought of this, but Robyn would be the first person I’d talk to about it. She’s been through it all!


  2. Oh, my gosh! That Jody Foster is adorable! And an escape artist! So, why must she be isolated? Is it because of her cold? Or….??? I would think that a well socialized kitten would be a benefit.

    I love the story about Lu being brave. Such a good, brave girl.

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  3. Boy, Anthropology is really stepping up their game with the animal print scarves!

    You look happy as does everyone else.


  4. I giggled throughout this post; possibly because who can be in a bad mood when there is a itsy, bitsy, itty, bitty, boop-bopp, kitten head around? But that picture of Francis? Made me laugh hard. That should be your tombstone picture.


  5. I looooooooove her! She is quite the social butterfly. “Stuk aloan in ruum? Fuk dat.”

    I remember different eras of my life based on which combination of cats I had at the time.


  6. My daughter Susie has been begging for a kitten for years, but allergies here and can’t have one in the house. SO (there’s a point here) my neighbor just told me she is surprising her daughter by adopting 2 (count them, 2!) foster kitties for Christmas (they had a cat before, but it died of old age a few years ago). Essentially, this neighbor has just solved my problem – we’re getting cats (kitties! baby kitties! 2!) for Susie to play with and I don’t have to pay vet bills or empty litter boxes or worry about someone getting an asthma attack. It’s all I can do to keep from (ahem) letting the cat(s) out of the bag before Christmas, as it were, so that’s why I’m gushing here.



  7. What a kind thing you are doing! I am so glad it is working out with all of the other pets. I can’t believe anyone stood up to Francis. Yay Talu!


  8. “Limited-vision cats. They’re good for something.” Snort!

    I LOVED this post. I think you have another really smart cat on your hands. That is sad that she is quarantined forever. Will she stay with you until she is adopted? I sure hope she never has to go back to the pound. That last photo of you and JF is wonderful. Aw.

    Today’s lipstick color is really nice, just a touch of color. Your hair is fabulous.


  9. Our last adoption was our dog, Sophie, who had kennel cough too. She came from the shelter. Scrappy Doo did not catch it. I took her to the vet and got her meds. They made me wait outside so as not to give it to the other pets. It was July and hot out. I was not thrilled but I get it.


  10. Squee! Such a great kitty post! How cool to come home to Jodie all nonchalant among the others. I am so happy for Eds that he has a new play pal for Chritmas time even if it is not forever. These foster kitties will be good for him, I think.
    I love your new Diva cut too! Makes me long for curly hair even more than usual, which is a lot.


  11. I love the Jody and Eds meet and greet photo.
    Whoo dis mum? Can I keeep herr?
    Lu was so brave, protecting Henry from Francis. Good girl.
    I’m liking the Curviest Caramel.


  12. A man behind me at the grocery store yesterday and a cart bulging with dry and canned cat food. I asked him if he was donating it or if he had a lot of cats (you know, like it was any of my business). He told me he has TEN cats!


  13. I was gone this weekend for the Lion VS Bear game and i come back to the cutest kitten! Squeeee!
    Almost makes me want to foster. You’re doing a good thing June! So selfless.


  14. Oh I love little Jodie! I’ve always had a soft spot for orange tabby kitties. Wish I could foster but Augie kitty is definitely an only cat. When the neighbor cat came to the window, Augie would body slam the window till I thought he would break it. He does not like other cats.

    You are an angel to foster, June. And so pretty! That new haircut is the bomb!

    Condolences to Ned, RIP Nedkitty; another one over the Rainbow Bridge.


  15. Aw. She’s lovely. I remember trying to isolate our new kitten. Two baby gates stacked one over the other so she could see but not annoy our other cat. Lasted about half a day before our itty bitty 3lb kitten began climbing the gates. Her personal Mount Everest. So we gave up and in 24 hours those 2 kitties were spooning.

    Hope the little one gets over her cold.


  16. I was going to, um, not suggest… no advice… let’s see – I was going to COMMENT that perhaps it would be better to put the pillows on the inside of the door so Houdini-kitty can’t push them out and pad right over them. But as I was imagining the scenario, I thought “so how would one push a pillow up to the INSIDE of the door from the OUTSIDE”. And right then I knew.

    You’re so pretty June!

    Liked by 1 person

  17. It’s a good thing I live thousands of miles away, otherwise I’d be adopting.



    1. Yes! Jodie Foster is getting tips from SD, including how to get out of rooms. I’m so,so jealous you have a kitten, June. And I am happy she’s not in the shelter.


  18. I would love to foster, or even own more cats, but the mere thought of additional cat pans stops me. (Robyn is a SAINT with her permanent resident cats and constant fosters.) Plus my existing two cats are each assholes in their own way and I have no idea how they would react to a newcomer. They are still reacting to each other, the jerks. (The dog would sleep through the introduction and acclimation of a new cat. Then one day she might think, “Oh. Another one.” and then go right back to sleep.)


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