June Heads Back

I meant to get here earlier, but I was on the phone all morning.

Recently, I discovered I had 5.5 days left of vacation time that I did not take this year, and while I can roll three of them over, I also took today and tomorrow off. Ima Christmas shop today, and then tomorrow I planned to scatter Tallulah’s ashes.


you wut?

Tuesday was what would have been Lu’s 10th birthday, and it dawned on me that I should scatter some of her ashes where I found her, near TinyTown, and then maybe at our old house in TinyTown if I don’t get arrested, and then some in my backyard, and then I found a store on Etsy that sort of bakes in some ashes with metal and then you have a necklace. Also, say “and then” one more time.

il_570xN.921029745_svxuSo that’s what’s going to become of Talu. She was an outdoor girl; she wouldn’t have wanted to be in that stereo speaker on my shelf forever.


And by the way, I did not find Lu in TinyTown, proper. Hey, I wonder if my haters think I made up finding her, too. Anyway, I FOUND her on a busy two-lane road when I was driving to Raleigh for a job interview. And girl, once I got this idea, you have no CLUE how long it took for me to figure out just exactly where I found her. But I did it!!

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 4.38.35 PM.png

Here it is! Here is the busy corner! This shot was taken November of 2007, and since she was just a pup when I found her, the vet estimated she was born December 5, 2007. I COMBED this shot for a pregnant dog, because HOW WONDERFUL would that have been to see in this photo? A Beagle or a Pit, all heavy with Lu child. Maybe Lu’s mom was inside, with her new pups already. What if I get there tomorrow and one of Lu’s siblings is there?? GUESS WHO I WILL BE BRINGING HOME.

So, I guess it was maybe because I was planning this, but today I had a bad feeling, a weird feeling, and I Googled my friend Lucy, from TinyTown.

She and I got up with each other a few years ago–we went to the museum in Charlotte, and had ourselves maybe a bit of wine in the museum cafeteria. So cultured!

I found out that she died in her sleep this year. I wish someone from TTown had told me. I’d have stampeded back there for her funeral.

Lucy was one of the women who belonged to the Episcopal church, where I was a stunning and effective church secretary. I really liked all the women there, I really did, but she was special  to me. She was beautiful, first of all, which is important to me, because spiritual and deep. Also, she had this low, sexy voice, and was ready to be sarcastic at the turn of a dime. She’s everything I wish I was, had I been born Southern.

I dearly loved her.

So, I called her husband, Dr. Whit. He’d been the TinyTown doctor forever. Pretty much delivered every resident. Lucy agreed to marry him after I think three weeks. She told me she didn’t want anyone else to get him.


“Hello, June,” he said, as he picked up the phone.

“How’d you know it was me?” My number AND my last name have changed since we last spoke.

“My TV told me,” he said.

Dang. Things got fancy in TinyTown. Also, I love how everyone there still has a real phone. Anyway, we had ourselves a nice talk about Lucy, whom it turns out we were both pretty fond of and

OH MY GOD! CRAP! I just remembered! Out of all the hilarious memories I have of her, I remember she said she wanted to be cremated, and then she wanted to be put in a cardboard box, so she could be ashes to ashes ASAP.

But she wanted to be in a TIFFANY box. And I, idiot that I am, CALLED TIFFANY to ask if they’d just send me a box. Then I told them why.

News flash: They did not send me a box.

DAMMIT. I wonder if she got her Tiffany box. Oh, this all makes me want to cry. I WISH I had known she was so ill.

The point is, I’m not only headed to TinyTown tomorrow to scatter Lu, but also Ima have lunch with the good doctor. Then Ima pop over, drive all the way across town, as it were, to see the Johnson-Johnstons, a couple I also liked from the church. Her maiden name was Johnson, and she married a Johnston. Or vice versa. Anyway, I have thought of them often because they, too, moved out of their house, then back in, and hung pictures right back up where they’d been, and when I moved back here after my year abroad I thought of that a lot.

They did it for a job, though. Not a tumultuous relationship. So.

In all, I am v v excited about tomorrow, and I will fill you in on all the deets as soon as I can. I’m so glad I got to live in TinyTown for as long as I did. I heart those people.

And I really hope Lucy got her Tiffany box, after all.

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  1. All , don’t forget if you are shopping Amazon, use the link at the bottom of the page to go through June’s web site. A billion dollars the slow way. But, helpful.


  2. Joon! They used to sell Tiffany boxes on EBAY. One of my former friends gave me these cut glass swans for a wedding present and they came in a Tiffany box. I suspect she purchased the box because these swans never saw the insides of a Tiffany’s store, if you know what I mean….


  3. Tiny town sounds so idyllic. Enjoy your well earned days. I’m sorry about your friend, but I know Dr. Husband will love catching up with you. I don’t have the right words about Lunch , just sending love to you both.


  4. Have a wonderful day today, June. I was going to say blessed because that’s really what I mean, but I’m not in the mood for the liver.


  5. Now I have unreasonable (maybe) hope that you will find one of Lu’s siblings. I took a blog reading break for a while, and I was heartbroken when I got back on here and heard she had passed. I loved reading about her. Here’s hoping for a successful Lu sibling sighting/abduction tomorrow!


  6. I can’t stop hoping that you find a little relative of Lu. It’s such a dumb thing to hope, but I am anyway.


  7. The tears started with “you wut?” and by the time I got to “And I really hope Lucy got her Tiffany box, after all.” , they were dripping off my cheeks. So many emotions. To be completely honest, I have some stuff going on and the tears have been at the ready for a couple of days…but still. Sigh.

    I so hope you have a lovely, peaceful, blessed day off.


  8. Ahhh. Time off. It sounds delightful! Have a great day in TinyTown. I will be sending peaceful thoughts to you and Lu on your outing tomorrow.

    Lovely post, lovely June.


  9. Gwen and I are both aware that the comments are up at the top under the title. It’s just that sometimes it’s not there to click on.


    1. If I have already opened the comments, it no longer appears at the top as comments and then I just have to remember to scroll down. Maybe that’s it?


    2. I’ve had the same issue – sometimes I have to click on “Home” to see the comments link again.


  10. I was not around for the tiny town days. I’m sorry you were late to find out about your lovely friend’s passing. Her wedding was gorgeous. I would like to go in my sleep. I think a lot of people would.
    Your days off sound lovely, I hope the break helps your head. This may be completely silly but I have to mention it. My eye doctor said my readers were too strong and could be causing headaches. My new progressives will be weaker, 225 instead of 250. This probably doesn’t effect migraines so excuse my ridiculous ignorance, if this is laughable.


  11. What a great story! I love the picture of Lucy (and of the little girl trying to trip her as she walks up the aisle). My father-in-law is buried in a pimento cheese container so clearly we have super high standards for burial vessels. Have a great time in TinyTown tomorrow!


  12. Sounds like a perfectly lovely day you have planned, Joon. She was a beautiful woman. There seems to be quite a lot of unreported deaths going on lately (FB). Enjoy your day.


  13. Enjoy your day in Tiny Town. I am surprised that it is so difficult to open the ash box for your animals. I have a couple of friends that hauled home ashes of beloved family members and they were usually in a plastic bag that they placed in a regular box. One friend put her brother in a hat box.

    I must admit the photo of the busy intersection (lack of traffic) where you found Lu made me laugh. That was such a lucky day for that sweet girl.

    One of the Lisas used to do a commentary on obits, which I loved, and miss.


  14. I hope you get your Christmas shopping finished today. Tomorrow is a day for friends and sweet memories. Godspeed, Lucy and Lu.


  15. Baby Lu!! The dog you pretended to find!
    I hope your friend got her Tiffanys box. Have a nice time having lunch with the good doctor; a man you made up who lives in a fictional town of your imagination, back when you pretended to be married to a fictional man.

    I’m sorry. I have rage towards the haters today.


  16. Oh she was a beautiful lady! And not to put too fine a point on it, but the good Doctor is now single… with a nice TV.

    I’M KIDDING! Honest to God, do you people have NO sense of humor? I tell my girls all the time that the obituaries are good for finding husbands and jobs. And no, they don’t think I’m funny either.

    Lu was such a muffin-y muffin. I can feel the ache where she still lives in your heart.

    Can’t wait for the Tiny Town update tomorrow!


  17. I miss seeing pictures of that sweet pitty face that couldn’t care less. Fingers crossed that there’s another waiting for you tomorrow!


  18. Good point about getting the box open. I couldn’t open Humphrey’s box either, try as I might, but he loved the bedroom and seems content to sleep on my desk.


      1. yetanotherkelly’s link up there said upset might be the case and to ask a friend or the funeral home to do it. You needed to send a tablespoon of ashes to get the memorial made and they would send the rest back.
        Paperweight with swirl in it is gorgeous.
        Take my hand and we will get through this together.


      2. I’m sorry that opening the box was upsetting. But tomorrow will be a good day. I adore your plan to scatter Lu’s ashes in special places. And the doctor will be happy to see you too.


          1. Yes! Just ease it into the conversation. “I’ve been experiencing (sip of ice tea)..chronic (fork in mouth)..migraines (chew daintily, swallow twice)…been to many doctors (hold up glass, look over the rim)..no solution yet (take a swig)..how’d you like to take on ALL THIS for 2018? hmmm?”


      3. Sometimes things seem like a good idea and you have the best intentions but they can still be upsetting. I think you will be happy once you have accomplished what you intend to do. Hang in there!


  19. Tiffany box! What a great idea. I’m thinking a Taco Bell bag might be more appropriate for me. That’s probably what will do me in anyways. Lovely post June.


  20. Sounds like you are in a good place today. Enjoy your time tomorrow. I know that sometimes being single can be tough. But I really envy your ability to do what you want when you want. Today is my birthday and I took off work to clean my house! That is how I get my time to myself. I really enjoy having the day alone with no one needing me for anything.


    1. Happy Birthday, Cheryl! I did something really exciting on mine (last Saturday), I went to the bank, grocery store and drug store. I know, really an exciting birthday.


  21. After my Lucy died and I picked up her ashes, I went straight to her favorite place in the whole world, our local park. There was a section that I called “Squirrelwood Forest” where Lucy loved to hang out with the squirrels. Oh, how she loved those squirrels! I was fully prepared to scatter her ashes so that she would be part of Squirrelwood Forest forever but the goddamn box of ashes was sealed shut and it would have taken a blow torch and a chain saw to open that box. So instead of scattering her ashes, I just walked around carrying the box. It just wasn’t the same. She still sits in her welded shut box on the bookshelf behind my desk in my office.

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  22. My mother and her friend Not Gwen just told me that some days they come to my not-blog and can’t find a place to leave a comment. Does anyone else have this problem? Or are they doddering? And thanks, Beth!


    1. I forget you have to make the comments at the top of the page, rather than at the bottom. What I’m saying, after reading your post I have to scroll back to the top for the comment link.


      1. The comments being at the top of the page bothers me. Not to be judgemental or anything, but that’s just wrong and WordPress should be ashamed.


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