June pops her head out of the cupboard (TM Dick Whitman’s mom. RIP)

A few things. A few matters. Some housekeeping. Don’t you fucking hate people who say that? Is there anything you want to read less about than someone’s “housekeeping matters”? I mean, other than how little you want to hear the “let me back up” details.

I didn’t get to go to my work Christmas party. I had to work, like I was Cinderella. And all the powers that be said to me,”You’d better not stay here and work. We’d better see you at that Christmas party.” But I knew, in my heart of hearts, that I really had to get this thing done or it wouldn’t get done on time. I have to work on it today, too.

Then the next day I felt very sad for self, looking at people’s Instagram shots of our very lovely party at the lovely country club.

Alo, regarding my windfall from our last conversation/poll, June did something responsible.

[I’ll give everyone a moment to gather him- or herself.] [Like there are any hims reading this.]

When I get paid on the 1st, I use that paycheck to cover utilities, credit cards (fmr., as the only credit card I have now is the vet one, which, hello, keeps having a balance and why? Why, one wonders), the car payment, bullshit like that.

And why do I have to pay for electricity AND gas? Aren’t they the same thing, practically? Annoying.

Then the 15th, I pay my mortgage. Technically it’s due on the 1st, but they give you a “grace period” of the 16th. Why not just say it’s due on the 16th, then? I don’t know.

Anyway, I refinanced m’car recently, and they charge me less if I let them do an automatic withdrawal, and they insist on doing that on the 15th. So for several sad months now, my car payment and my mortgage come out of the same paycheck, leaving me with about 11 dollars that pay period.

So because I was flush this time? I paid my mortgage AND all my regular bills, to get myself out of that cycle, and now the first of the month will be sort of sad, but the 15th will always be really good, so I can save


save some of that flush-15th money to tide me over for the billsy 1st.

God, June, tell us more. Tell us about a couple housekeeping matters.


IMG_E1922.JPGWho sent me this? Weeks ago this was on my doorstep, with treats for the pets and so on, and it was lovely, but no note.

IMG_2392.jpgAnd who sent me this? Came with a note about being glad I had a cyst, but no signature.

Whoever you anonymous gift-givers are, thank you!!

And finally, last night I started my end-of-the-year video, and even though I have 28 more days of this year, I am presenting it to you now, because really, what is going to possibly happen that I’ll need to include it in my veeeedeo? Hmmm? What?

Every time there’s a picture of a table, it’s from yet another date I went on that proved unfruitful. If you wanna see it full screen, click on the video’s title, and it’ll take you to YouTube where you can choose “full screen” in the lower right.


Sighs matter,


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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

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  1. Thanks, Sleeping Beauty and June, for alerting me to a new Laura Ingalls Wilder biography. I put it on hold at the library and should get it sometime in the spring.


  2. Junederella,
    I’m sorry you missed your company Christmas party with no fairy Godmother to complete your work while you went to the ball.

    Thanks for the early almost-year-end video. Hope 2018 will be full of joy for you and the peeps.


  3. You know, every year, when you post your video, I find myself admiring and envying your life, which seems so rich day to day and so full of interesting friends and co-workers and pets and love interests and home and walks… an endless treasure trove of stories about characters we love. Then I remind myself that all these characters are only this rich and meaningful to us because you’ve made them so. You always portray yourself as so self-involved, but it seems like just the opposite. You bring out the best in everyone around you. Thanks for letting us into your life, your brain and your heart. I mean that from the bottom of mine. You help us remember that real life happens close-up and not on the news or wherever.

    Hey, you should tell people not only how they can order on Amazon from your site, but also how they can order thing from your wish list. Since it’s Christmas time and all.

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    1. Becky said it much more eloquently than I ever could, but I agree with everything she wrote. And I, too, would love to have Santa bring you something from your Amazon wish list if there’s a way to make that happen.
      PS: that song plus a few of those pix….close to tears here….


    1. Me, too, she was so cool. I would love an older woman friend. I envy those of you who still have your moms around.


  4. Happy new year in jail! That line never gets old haha. I too am hoping there is some big fabulous thing waiting for you before the year’s end as a positive jinx. Thanks for posting on the weekend!


  5. That lavender pot with the….ugh, why can’t I remember the name of those flowers…anyway, it’s just gorgeous! And I loved the veeeeeedeo and seeing all your petses and friends and family members.

    Since you’re early on your veeedeo, I’ll be early wishing you HAPPY NEW YEAR – in jail!

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  6. Bell bottom blues, one of my all time favorites. You are right, some years are just eh. May 2018 be great for you. You deserve great


  7. You are adulting well, June. Another word that irks – “adulting”. Ugh.

    I’ll go watch the veedeeoooooo now and cry me a river.

    Happy Sunday Pieps!


  8. Yay – the end of the year video! I love it! June, you have a lot of cats. I realize this is not news, exactly, but it was my prevailing thought while watching the video. You also have a lot of friends, and thankfully they don’t leap on your roof.


  9. Thank you. For your blog/not blog. 2017 has been a difficult year but there are moments of clarity as we coast to the end and I think that’s something happening for you also, too. Now I will look up the lyrics of that song before I watch your video again because I don’t always understand the words correctly. Love the melody. Great post.


  10. I always love the year end videos too. The music is just right. I think yu are in love with Steely Dan, and who can blame you?


  11. Another great year-end veedeo by our very own Joon. You just wait, since you posted the veedeo 28 days early, something exciting will happen. Also too, what is that song? Love it. Off to Sam’s Club. Yay, me.


  12. Shop Amazon through June’s link at the bottom of the page to help in her quest to be a gazzilonaire …what what spell check says that isn’t a word. Hoo care !


  13. I was going to email you about that Laura Ingalls book last night, but I know you are asking us not to contact you. Please let us know if it is any good once you read it and link to it so you can make more money!!


  14. Wonderful post and year end retrospective. Thanks. When Dancer said something similar (see above) I read it as rear end. This group gets inside your head.


  15. Love the video, and the ones of SD UP on something. He was up in all of them, as I recall. That cat is one of a kind. Sweet Iris, the twins, the one of Edz with his ears flat made me laugh right out loud. Thank you for recapping the year, it has been a hard one, but you have accomplished a lot. The new years should start off much better for you. So sorry you missed the company party, hopefully the boss will take note that the job was well done.


  16. Lovely veedeeeeo Coot. I’m a bit emotional the last few days (hello weeping while watching The Preacher’s Wife last night because Whitney Houston is dead and what a waste of such a beautiful, talented woman) and this made me cry.
    I hope you are doing well-ish. I’m worried about you.


  17. I love you’re year end videos. I get all mushy sappy. I honestly hope that you positively jinxed yourself by posting early. Something fabulous.

    Merry Christmas Joob.


  18. Sorry you missed the country club fun.
    Good for you, being all adulty responsible with the work and finances.
    Thanks for the early year rear veedeeo. So many great photos, especially of the kids.
    I had to google effing the song because I’m old. How I didn’t recognize Eric’s BBBlues is beyond me.


  19. The video made me smile, especially the ones of your many friends and family members. I kept thinking, “This is the best photo!” Then I’d think the same thing about a bunch of other pictures. My favorite might be SD on the roof with the blue sky and the moon. Do you remember your former photography life when you kept pointing out the blurriness of your pictures? You’ve come a long way, baby. It may be a better phone, but in my world the better response is, “Thank you, I’m glad you noticed.”


  20. Aww, I love the end of year retrospective. I can not even imagine the work it takes to do this. So thank you for doing this for us.
    Oh! I picked up a little something for you and would like to mail it to you. Maybe email me your address and it will get to you before the Christmas rush?


  21. And FIRST! And I totally get giving up something possibly fun for the guarantee of getting something naggy off your back.

    Lovely post.


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