June blogs from the guest bedroom

Kim Jong-il in da house.

“So where all have you gone since you’ve been back in Saginaw? Which bars?”


I’m 52. People keep asking me all about the nightlife I’m experiencing here in the mecca of nightlife that is Saginaw, Michigan, and so far my answer continues to be, I’m 52. Show me that bar scene! Fifty-two-year-old, tearin’ up mid-Michigan!

So it appears that it’s Thanksgiving, or it was, anyway. My Uncle Bill, seen here kibitzing with my stepfather who is a saint, got here early to bring a roaster and also too the turkey, which was convenient. Then it was ready before everything else and every time I looked over at my Uncle Bill, he was eating that damn turkey. By the time dinner was served, there were merely the picked-clean bones left by Uncle Vulture.

Speaking of people my Aunt Kathy has been married to, my Uncle Leo also arrived, with sweet potatoes. My mother somehow scammed all the men into cooking, with her ERA bumper stickers and her consciousness raising and so on. We were all very Free to be You and Me at House of Family of June today.

Dooooods. I so totally wanted to insert an Amazon link right here (for Free to be You and Me, of course), because it’s Thanksgiving, and you’ll be shopping soon, and what a fine time to remind everyone I have an Amazon link. But apparently I can’t do that from my phone. Remember there are links to Amazon on the sides and bottom of my page. I am a terrible marketer.

You really are.

Aunt Kathy made pie, and also a salad with walnuts and apples in it, which was delicious. Mostly my part was I ate things, and got in the way, and kissed Gus.

Finally, it was time to eat, and my mother and I had to sit at the kid table while the adults talked stock markets and war. I’ve really no idea what adults talk about.

I took selfies after we ate, like I was Kim Kardashian. Kim Kar-sit-ian.

Uncle Leo and me.

Aunt K and mom and, you know, me.

Mom’s friend Gwen and oh look. Me.

Gwen is an excellent audience. She laughs at all my lines, whereas the rest of my family is over me.

After dinner, my Uncle Leo and Gwen and I were in the kitchen, and my Uncle Leo set up the scene for what looked to be a very long story. He started talking about his family history, and who begat whom, starting from when his family were cave people and so on, and then he paused and asked, “What story was I going to tell?”

And that sums up my family.

Gus not no you peeple.

The evening was drawing to a close and everybody was getting their coats off of my bed, because God forbid I have a room of my own, and someone asked, “So, you going out dancing tonight?”

I’M 52!!!! I’d break a hip. Going out dancing. Who am I, Lola the Showgirl?

Dood get lyfe

So that was Thanksgiving ’78 or whatever year this is. I’d stay and talk but I gotta pop a coupla mollies and hit a rave.

Go buy things via Amazon.

Love, 52

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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

26 thoughts on “June blogs from the guest bedroom”

  1. If you are shopping Amazon today , use the link here at the end of June’s blog to send her some love through Amazon.


  2. I gladly sat at the kid’s table at my sister’s for Thanksgiving. I’d much prefer to play with stickers, comb my great-niece’s babydoll’s hair and color in her coloring book, than stain to keep up with a “stimulating” conversation on Trump v Hillary. Ugh! It’s Thanksgiving, I’m almost in a turkey coma, I just don’t care anymore. Just let me comb and braid this doll’s hair with a star sticker on my cheek and leave me alone!


  3. Lovely post, June.

    You know how to not eat too much on Thanksgiving? Eat with vegans. Ever had vegan cheeze cake made with chickpeas and nutritional yeast? The crust was good. Vegan fauxkey gravy is good too. As is vegan mashed potatoes made with veganaise or something like that. Of course the carnivores who arrived with brussels sprouts and asparagus baked with BACON! helped round out the dinner and did the home smoked ham. Shhhhhh…I might have also sucked down part of an ice cream pie-cake (that’s what she said) on the back porch.


    1. Fauxkey made me LOL. It sounds like something a millennial would name a child. I’ve spent time as a vegan and a vegetarian – I recovered, thank you – but one thing I never did was faux anything. Don’t try to duplicate the food you have declared off limits. Just stick to your own food groups.


  4. What a lovely house and family. Looks like a fun time. My family also started in on the stories, i.,e., traced family back to the 1600s. Yawn. Speaking of breaking a hip, I tripped over a curb yesterday and was hurtin’ for certain. Hands are bruised, right foot bruised, feels like my knee is cracked and left big toe broken. Well, maybe not, but my left foot is swollen. So much for my Black Friday shopping. I love Gus, too!


  5. I was going to write that I am also 52, but then i did the math. My birthday is tomorrow and I will be 54. Apparently being 53 is nothing to remember, so you have that to look forward to. Great post today, I also enjoyed my family for dinner. No I did not eat them, you know what I mean, right?

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  6. A friend of mine posted on Facebook yesterday morning that she didn’t need another hero, she just needed more butter – so I had Beyond Thunderdome on constant replay in my head ALL DAY while prepping and eating and cleaning up for Thanksgiving. It was weird.

    I had to share that. I don’t know why. Oh, yeah, because of the Lola earworm…


  7. Thanksgiving was really nice here. We had all the usual foods and the usual crowd. Plus a few new people. And I let my kids do most of the heavy lifting.
    Thanks for thinking of us, Coot.


  8. My Thanksgiving was exhausting. It was just the 4 of us but I did all of the cooking AND cleaning up afterward while the 3 of them sat on the couch in an overfed stupor. I think I got my 10K steps just walking around in the kitchen. I’m tired.


  9. Her name was Lola…
    She was a showgirl.

    Now I will be singing that thing ALL DAY. Thanks June.

    Your Thanksgiving looks lovely. We had a nice day too. I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Good food, kind of a chill day, everyone hanging out and cooking together. I stayed in my pajamas until late afternoon, and only stressed for that half-hour before the guests arrived. Not bad.

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  10. We had a wonderful smoked turkey and a brisket which was cooked by my SIL the firefighter. The men all stood around watching it smoke. I got to entertain my Kahuna’s ex. No drama except a wicked case if indigestion. The only dancing I did was to the bathroom.


  11. From here, it looked like a very nice gathering of family. You are very lucky and I’m sure you already know that. I’m also wondering if you wouldn’t mind stealing that dog for me? I covet him. Thanks.


  12. 52, you look beautiful. Loved all the photos of the family. Gus! We traveled to my nieces for a very nice meal. She cooked most of the meal, I brought the desserts and pickled green beans. My brother brought sweet potato souffle, sweet potato pie and regular green beans. We had a real feast. Then my niece had (Dr. Tee thinks) a gallbladder attack during our meal.


  13. You’ve got good things coming for you down the line based on how pretty your mom and aunt are! My mom keeps telling more and more things that are wrong with her that I will probably get, so not so much good stuff coming for me. Oh well. Great day today with everyone here. I love family parties. Really.


  14. I had a long day with my son’s family and his in-laws. Great food and fun times. No, really. There was fun as well as drama which was mainly on the juevenile division. June, it looks like you had a good, family day. That is what I think of when I think of Thanksgiving. There have been some holidays with no family so I do enjoy the commotion. Happy Black Friday! (I just turned down an invite to go hit some sales. Nope, I’m old and cranky.)


  15. The three beauties together again. You’re ALL so pretty.
    I’d say that was a perfect Thanksgiving, especially with Uncle Leo telling stories.
    I also wouldn’t be able to drag my turkey filled butt out to a bar. Staggering to the couch is far enough.


  16. Your Mums new house looks lovely and your family are an interesting bunch. I miss having Thanksgiving but loved that you shared yours. I’m with you about being too old to boogie .. I would most certainly pop a hip .. oh the vision of them loading me into the ambulance hahaha


  17. I’m currently the only one awake at my house. Turkey coma for everyone else, so we are definitely not hitting bars.We had a lovely day!
    Mother’s new house is darling! Looks like y’all had a fun crew!
    I’ll be Amazon shopping tomorrow. Yay!


  18. Your people are all so appealing. As opposed to most families that are filled with appalling people.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  19. I’m in bed as well. It was a grand day for food.

    Been meaning to say you’re camera skills have come so far! Every thing looks lovely.


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