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I can hear the nasal tones of my people, as I am officially back in the Midwest. I’m at O’Hare airport, and I adore people who call it “O’Hara.” As god is my witness, I’ll never fly Southwest again. (Vomits radish.) (I like Southwest, actually. They’re funny.)

I have an hour before my next plane. Silver bird takes me cross the sky. Just one more hour and I’ll be home and dry.

Sadly, that song enters my head whenever I fly. Who sings that? Gerry Rafferty?

The good news is, there’s a salad vending machine here. It was a perfect healthy place to stop while I looked for a Coke machine.

I took Edsel to daycare for the week. Weekcare. Dexter wasn’t there. I was so hoping he would be. I threw the cats in the freezer. So they stay fresh.

O, just try. Bitz.

I disabled my Facebook for awhile–I was too traumatized by those weird messages I got awhile back from that woman. I asked people to just not IM me, but today as I sat here in Chicago of all places, I got an IM and, shaking, just disabled the whole damn thing. It wasn’t from her, but I hate that whole heart-racing feeling.

If Facebook is how you remember to read me, remember that you can get email alerts every time I post here.

Can anyone out there who does email alerts tell everyone else out there how they do it? I don’t know how you do it. So to speak. Can everyone tell me how they Do It? With photos? Thanks.

y so fekkin pervy.

Before I left today, I spent much time admiring Mr. Sleek, up there. Mr. Sleekstack.


I’ll talk at you from my mother’s computer, which I–

Oh my god. Someone behind me coughs just the way my grandma did. Here I am back in the Midwest, and now I hear grandma. I’m too afraid to see who it is.

Seriously, get the Creamora. Gramma’s here.

Okay, happy Thanksgiving eve. Eve. Talk to you soon.

There was a service puppy in line today, by the way, and here are all my I’m-not-crazy photos I took of him. He wasn’t sad. I think he was looking for things to eat off the floor. Which, sanitary.

Okay, bye for real.

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  1. But do you realize you have missed some dog pictures on FB? I hate to think of you missing dog pictures. Mean people suck.


  2. I am sorry about the great anxiety. I know how awful it is to go from 0-100 in a millisecond. For a while, my daughter was going through some stuff, and every time the phone dinged a text my anxiety would ZOOM into life. I was a wreck. Have a great vacation. Relax. Will doggie daycare have a live cam ?


  3. To sign up for email notifications:

    It’s stupidly finicky, but while you’re on the page look at the lower right corner and scroll up and down a bit…a little box should show up that says “Follow”. Click on that and put in your email address to get notified of new posts.

    If the box goes away, scroll a bit more up and/or down to make it reappear.


  4. My Daphne looks like she could be Steely Dan’s sister. Sadly, she’s so skittish she will only go out on the porch occasionally, if I”m out there quietly reading a book or something. She’s very loving on her own terms.

    Love the service dog. I work at a police station (no, I’m not a cop) taking reports from the people when they’re victims of a crime. After the shooting here in Las Vegas on October 1, a lady arranged for 2 PTSD dogs to come spend an hour with us in the front office. It was wonderful. The doggies had little business cards with their pictures!

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    1. That’s the one I’m remembering. Did he fly to Arizona, or wait until “Silver Bird” became a Yamaha commercial and bike there?


      1. I believe the silver bird flew his lady away. Wait, maybe he was actually singing “fly my Lady away,” referring to his dog. Because “fly my Tramp away” didn’t sound quite right.

        O’Hare should have a petting zoo.


  5. That doesn’t really look like a service puppy to me. Just a super cute labby baby who gets to go visit Grandma’s house! Southwest flies me into Midway from my locale. Look at me sounding like I go there all the time. I’ve been once and am going again in April. Oooh, world traveler! Anyway, when we were there someone told us we could get the fancy Chicago popcorn at the airport so we didn’t take any in our bags. But turns out they only sell it at O’Hare, not Midway. Next time I will not be fooled! Have a great Thanksgiving with your family!


  6. Service pup seems to be discovering his shadow for the first time! Too cute. Hope you have a wonderful THANKSgiving!


  7. Hoping you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I love the pictures of Steely Dan. He is so very handsome. If he was roaming my neighborhood, I would definitely try to entice him to stay with me. But, alas, he would vanish as soon as the door was open and only come back to visit. You look so great in the on-the-way-to-doggie-daycare picture. I miss the days when people got dressed up for traveling, church, or going to a restaurant. Those were the days when you came home from school, took off your school clothes, and put on your play clothes! Now ripped, stained jeans are acceptable anywhere. Makes you wonder what other personal hygiene activities are also in the past! Happy Thanksgiving to all your faithful readers.


  8. I hope it is a great Thanksgiving! I took FB and messenger off my phone and it is much much better. I felt like I was chained to the thing the way it would sing every time someone would put something up for sale in those yard sale groups. I can check my PC once a day and it is fine. I am so sorry somebody ruined it for you. I got my pitchfork ready to join the angry hordes. Hord? Ummm. Mob?


  9. Thanks for posting, June.
    Sorry this happened to you again.
    Hope the FB and Michigan breaks do you a world of good.
    As Paula said, we’ve all got your back.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the nasal. Click your heels, Dorothy June.
    There’s no place like home.


  10. Thank you for saying the service puppy wasn’t sad. He looked sad to me. I was worried.
    I hope your trip involves easy travel, delicious food, and fun time spent with friends and family!!


  11. O’’hare can be a bitch. I am a die hard fan of Southwest. Let’s see…what else? SD IS so handsome in the photos. He’ll need an extra hour to thaw when you get home. ALSO??? IM EFFN PISSED AT THE FACE.

    Have a good time girly. You deserve it


  12. Hi, Pretty Nasal June!
    I fly out tomorrow for the Midwest (Ohio). Can’t wait to hear the nasal tones of our people.


  13. Well, dang, I didn’t know it was O’Hare. I know it is the busiest airport in the country and people hate it, but I have only been through once with a 2 hour layover and it seemed fine to me. I love Thanksgiving and family time. I genuinely like most of my family and since we don’t get together but a handful of times during the year, I truly enjoy it. Hope your holiday in Michigan is a memorable one, June. Has your mom sold her house yet? Sorry if you’ve updated us and I missed it. Just curious because its a beautiful house!


  14. I KNEW I felt a shift in the atmosphere! You were FORTY MINUTES from MY HOUSE! I know, you’re beside yourself with joy. O’Hare is a lovely airport in a lovely city. I wouldn’t want to live there, but I do love to visit. Not the airport – the city. Oy.

    Safe travels June!


  15. Thanks for posting from Terminal D or whatever it was.
    Your post made me remember back when we sent in pictures of what we were doing on Thanksgiving Day. Those were fun. I was envious of all the people who were not required to cook a turkey. I thought it was a law or something but there were people having perfectly lovely dinners never having to have handled that big cold dead headless bird. Shiver.


  16. Happy Thanksgiving!!
    That SD is such a handsome boy.
    My southern Illinois family always call it O’Hara. It makes me shake my head. I similarly shake my head at people who do everything in their power to avoid O’Hara. I love, love, love O’Hare.
    We are shaking our fists and gnashing our
    teeth over at the face.
    Have fun at home. Enjoy your people.


  17. There’s a crowd of angry villagers with pitchforks and torches just waiting for the inconsiderate IMer to surface. We’ve got your back, June.


    1. I’m still a little scared of Paula. She’s disappointed in all of us. We are deeply remorseful for things we haven’t done.


  18. Oh! I hope Dexter shows up at doggy day care! I also hope you have a wonderful visit back home among the nasally people, of which I am one.

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  19. Have fun at Mom’s. Sorry about the I.M. PTSD. I used to get these awful IMs and I disabled my messenger so now if someone wants to IM me I have to turn it on.


  20. Steely Dan is looking quite well-fed with his double chins. I wonder how many other houses he’s working. And what his name is at each of them.

    I hope Dexter puts in an appearance at Doggie Week Care. It would make Edsel so happy, he’d have to write a poem.

    I do not understand people who think the rules don’t apply to them. “I know June asked us not to IM her but obviously *I’M* not included in that directive. Because I’m a special snowflake with a sense of entitlement.”


  21. Hi June. I recently took a 3 month Facebook break and I enjoyed it. Now I rarely comment on the thing…I just scroll through it now and then. I also deleted Messenger and don’t want it back. It reminds me of the old AOL or Yahoo days.

    I love the SD photos. I hope Dexter joins Edz. Happy Thanksgiving!


  22. If this technically challenged person can figure out how to get the e-mail notifications I’m sure all the other computer smart people can do that very easily. I think there is a link at the bottom of this page, at least I saw it on my phone.

    So sorry people will not respect your requests and continue to IM you! What is wrong with people?!

    The cats are in the freezer. Plunk. Creamora! I haven’t thought about that stuff in 100 years. Have fun with your family.


  23. Love the service puppy pics! Facebook is all over the fool who IMd you, and we’re all sorry you took your page down. Hope you and Mother and the rest of your crowd have a lovely Thanksgiving.


      1. Tell her to light another one. That’s what I used to tell my boss that smoked and he would be coughing up a lung. I didn’t have much compassion for him.

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