Weekend recap! Oh, June. Zzzzzz.


On Friday night, my many wrinkles and I stayed home and copy edited, but NOT before I screwed up at work and felt just awful about it.

Do you remember that project I took home last weekend? The point of taking it home was so that when it came back from the printer and I looked it over one last time, I wouldn’t find that it had ONE MORE ERROR after all, the way I did LAST month.

Of course that thing came back from the printer at seven minutes to 5:00 Friday, and guess what I found.

Spelling error. DAMMIT.

I’ve spent the whole weekend trying to figure out how I could have done the job perfectly. I know people think, “Isn’t that what a copy editor does? Isn’t her whole job to check spelling errors?”

Oh, honey. It so isn’t all I do.

And maybe that’s the problem, I’ve decided. Maybe one person needs to check all the facts; the other all the art; the last one the spelling, grammar, and punctuation. And maybe something that cumbersome should not be looked at by one copy editor, but three or four.

I’ll stop talking about it now so you don’t die of boredom. But everyone was working late Friday, including our president. Not of the country, of the company. And I talked to him about this error, and how upset it made me, and awhile later I was obsessing at my desk and he came over.

“Hey, I know I told you not to sweat it, and that the important thing is you still found it before it went to print. But you know what? Thank you for sweating it. Thank you for caring.”

Then I had to go home and freelance.

The point is, pretty much every morning for the last two years I wake up with dread, because my romance sitch is so precarious. Even when we actually reunited officially last year, I woke up in dread, and had to take a moment to tell myself, “No, it’s okay. You’re back together.”

The point is, every so often lately I do NOT wake up in dread. Saturday I woke up and said, “You know what? You’ve been in this endless terrible relationship, and you made a mistake at work. You could look at it that way, or you could think, Well, it looks like I’m finishing a relationship that wasn’t good for me, and the president of my company knows I care about my work.”

So. That’s what I did. I opted for door number two.

IMG_1687.jpgIMG_1689.jpgOn Saturday morning, I schlepped my arse out to the country to hang with one of the Alexes, who makes funny needlepoint in her spare time, to sell at craft shows. I know you’d think I’d feel competitive, what with all m’crafts, but I don’t. I mean, nothing compares to my decoupage. So.

We sat for awhile behind her display, which sounds dirty but was just barely so, and caught up on each other’s gossip. Then I had to go.

IMG_1695.jpgI got up with Marty Martin, who is neither an old man with a walker or a ’50s strip mall, but for some reason all I photographed was my walk INto the coffee shop and not M Martin himself. And Dear M Martin: Could you REMIND me I have a blog and need to photograph everything, next time? GOD.

Wait. Does that old guy have a walker or just stripey pants?

Also also, this dick-ass popular hamburger place moved in there, but did nothing to improve the parking, and now you can’t park there to save your life. There are about 10 other stores besides Dick-Ass Popular Hamburgers, but do they care? No. For that reason alone, I never eat there.

IMG_1696.jpgIMG_1700.jpgAfter that, I screamed over to the old mill stream, where I first met you, or alternatively, the old mill where I get my hair done.

IMG_1701.jpgPoor Marty Martin was all, Well, if your appointment is at 1:00, we could meet after, at like 2:00 or something.

Oh, honey. Oh hairless honey. 2:00. He probably also thinks all copy editors do is check spelling.

IMG_1705.jpgHere we are at the dry-it-straight portion of our evening, and by that time it literally was evening.

IMG_1710.jpgWhen I got back to my car, I was amused by the dregs of my run-aroundy day.

IMG_1718Edsel at confession. Why do I try to have a screen?

On Sunday, Peg-my-neighbor’s daughter called me, as they are painting and fixing Peg’s house to eventually sell it. She wanted me to see it all cleared out.

IMG_1724.jpgAw, man. I just tried to find you photos of Peg’s house, which I know I have, but instead I just keep finding fun pictures of Peg through the years.


Here she is in 2010, at our combo dress-as-your-biggest-fear party.

6a00e54f9367fb8834014e8825f96c970d.jpgHere she is at 5:00 in the morning, when we had our royal wedding get-together at her house.

Seeing her house all shiny and bare. Oh, man.


This computer is like to kill me, and now it’s late and I gotta go before I can tell you how cool the building is where I have therapy. Even the ELEVATOR BUTTONS are cool.

Okay, talk to you later.



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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

42 thoughts on “Weekend recap! Oh, June. Zzzzzz.”

  1. I am so glad you were able to choose option 2. My hair takes forever to get done too. By the time she is done coloring it, I am ready to run out of there screaming. I usually don’t stick around for a trim and never stick around for her to dry and style it. They should make a way for you to take a nice nap during hair maintenance time.


  2. This sounds like a lovely weekend. It is so very nice to be appreciated at work! That doesn’t always happen, so it must have been VERY earned.

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  3. That particular place where the hamburger place is had horrible parking BEFORE they moved in – now?? It’s an absolute nightmare. Although it is literally around the corner from where I work we never eat there for lunch.

    You are incredibly lucky that your boss recognizes your hard work and dedication. Not many do.


  4. Yes to you being able to choose Door #2. I’m in a different sitch but I feel that I have selected my own Door #2. It is the beginning of relief, isn’t it? This is going to be a good week. Adore Edz in the confessional. Love the Peg photos; she is a sweetie. Hope you get good neighbor(s) and can carry on the friendly neighborhood tradition. There should be good karma in that house. My birthday was last week and I told myself to continue with the new direction and get things done. Today so far? Not so much but I feel better about myself, so there is that. Have a lovely day/week, June\Coot and everyone else!


  5. What a fun weekend! Wedding Alex is so crafty and cute! I love “Son of a biscuit-eater” because I adore Elf. Peg’s house has good karma and that is IMPORTANT. Whoever moves in next is sure to be very happy there.
    This weekend in my ongoing cheer-yourself-up program, I read some old posts from 2008 when you first told us about your I’m Irked column from high school, and your current irk of your tea-drinking, sugar-packet-shaking coworker. What a hoot!
    Rock on, June!


  6. It is awesome that your company president recognized your dedication and hard work! That first photo of you is beautiful. Sweet memories of Peg. Hope she is doing well with her family and you get another great neighbor when her house sells.


  7. Good for you, June, shaking that dread off and going on with your life! Loss is hard, no matter what the situation. I woke up like that every morning for many years, and it’s tough having that hit you as soon as you awake.

    That’s awesome that your boss appreciates the work that you do and the dedication you have! I always think that different sets of eyes on a document is a good idea. We would usually have two or more people proof legal documents at my work (fmr) before they went out, for that reason.

    Aww, Peg! Now she’s bee girl in heaven.

    Edz looks like he’s in a very bad prison in some third-world country for being a drug mule. He needs a tin cup to clank on the…..screen?


      1. Ack! I thought she had passed away. Well, I’m glad she’s not dead then! She’s bee girl in real life then.


  8. You’re so pretty, June.
    I loved the Edsel photo.
    Oh, Peg. I know you miss her. I just had a thought…what if Ned had bought Peg’s house! You would’ve had to put up a forty ft. fence or move away. It’s good that he already bought a house.


  9. Lovely post, June. You have such a good outlook on life, choosing door number 2. I love the car photo and the Edsel screen photo.


  10. Door number 2 for the win.

    My husband texts text me every single time I get my hair colored: where are you? everything ok? what’s taking so long?

    Come on dude, we go through this every six weeks.


  11. 1. Pants are the worst.
    2. You’re at the end part of the beginning of the beginning! I remember that feeling after the nine millionth end when I would go hours, afternoons, mornings, portions of whole days without an ounce of dread and THAT was the beginning of the end of the end, finally. You’re on your way to freedom!


  12. Ah… the dread lifts slowly, but lift it does. You’re living the life June, the one you’ve got. Choosing happiness is definitely the better option.

    I agree with you on the many eyes thing – I always want one more set of eyes on whatever I’ve written. It’s so easy for the brain to fill in the blanks or do the autocorrect, especially when you’ve looked at something over and over again.

    Lovely lovely post!


  13. That ass though. A girl can be ugly as sin but……that ass though. Or the milder butt.

    I’m around a lot of teenagers.


  14. So much to comment on today. PJ beat me (not literally) so I’ll agree with her about your beautiful picture and your Catholic dog in confession. Peg’s pictures brought back good memories. You were lucky to have her for a neighbor other than for the unfortunate gazpacho incident. How sad to see her empty house and hope lovely new neighbors move into it.

    Glad you were able to catch up with friends this weekend so it wasn’t all work and no play. Door #2 was a wise choice.


    1. I dunno, “PJ literally beat me” would have been very meta. Maybe with an Omg! at the beginning? With a reference to da feels?

      I’m so glad my generation just had seriously and like and you know, you know?


    2. Eds being, well Eds and all, is probably comfortably Episcopalian. The Episcopal take on proper confession is “All may. None must. Some should.” Eds probably comes in with hanky all a-twist feeling contrite about bugging mom. We’re probably watching penance when he is lying on the hard floor while a little pussy cat stretches out in the doggie bed.


  15. Good for you! You chose option 2 and went with the intellectual, rational option instead of the emotional one! That is hard as hell.


  16. Your company president- very nice of him for a great compliment and making you feel better.
    Edsel being Catholic – your mother is probably SO proud.
    From someone who only washes her hair in the shower and goes with it…lord have mercy that is a lot of a person’s life spent tending to your hair.
    No Marty Martin photo but inside of your car photo. Poor Marty.
    Peg pictures are way better than Peg’s house pictures..
    Beautiful old mill.
    Alex has an odd spelling for her name.
    Can’t wait to read part deux of June on a weekend.
    I know looking at the bright side of things is hard, but SO worth it. Glad to hear you are getting there.
    Beautiful June.


  17. Sounds like a nice casual weekend, the kind we all need before holiday season begins. Visits with friends, a little primping with fresh haircolor, and home to a furry family! Life is good indeed!


  18. Love Kalelee creations. Not sure I understand “DAT BUTT DOE” — or is it DOC? That would make sense. Kind of? Maybe it’s a Southern thang.


    1. “That butt though”

      Dat because it’s slang for that.

      Doe because it’s a deer’s behind. (now I’m humming “doe a deer, a female deer…”!)


  19. Lovely post, June. That first picture of you is my all time favorite of you. You look beautiful. Also, Edsel at confession made me laugh. Peg’s empty house looks shiny clean and ready for a new neighbor, but teary sad. So glad your boss LITERALLY appreciates your work ethic and professionalism.


    1. You must have a serious eye for detail doing what you do!! I’m glad that your boss recognizes that you care about what you do. My son also does copy editing and writing for our local daily paper. He likes it.

      I wish I had your social life! I’m really trying to get out in the world and talk to people. I’ve started making the effort and inviting people out!

      Good for you taking what’s behind door number #2! You deserve happiness!


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