See June kvetch

Glare-ing at you. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I’m at the bookstore. I’m in the window. I’m speaking like I’m Dick and Jane. Oh, see. See June work. See June work on her fucking freelance.


I’m sitting in the window of the bookstore again. Also in this window is sort of a hipster man, approximately my age, I think, but then again I see 36-year-old men and figure they’re “around” my age.

When 36-year-old men were born, I was 16. I’d already lost my virginity. I was a fully formed, ruined person.

Hi, mom.

Anyway, also sharing my window is a lesbian with a bleached mohawk, who came up here with her iced coffee and her laptop, and after awhile a bookstore employee came over and asked, “Who ordered the tuna?”

See June. See June pretend to be mature. See June watch the lesbian say, “I did. The tuna’s mine.” See June regress. See, see. Oh, see.

Not much happened this weekend. I got a sympathy card for Dick Whitman, finally, and a long envelope, because I printed out for him all the comments y’all made on Facebook when I told you his mom died. I made two copies of it–one for him and one for his sister. DW’s mom was a legend around these parts. These tuna parts.

I also bought flax seed oil for Edsel, as I continue to struggle with his red, raw, itchy skin that he now chews as his full-time job. He went on Indeed and filled out an application. Edz a full tyme chewur. Objectibbe: Challenge posish that offur chance to chew back.

I also put air in m’tires, and a very …let’s say rural man tried to help me, and clearly wanted a piece of June’s action. He clearly ordered the tuna, but there was none to be had. He was very kind, though, and as I drove away, I considered how delightful my “type” has been thus far. What’s a little NASCAR if a man is kind?

Yeah, no. I can’t. I can’t NASCAR. I have to draw the line somewhere.

Anyway, I made a deal with myself today that I would come out and do m’freelance till I got to page 20 of this book, and that might not seem very far in to you, but it is, trust me. I have, in fact, gotten to page 20, but now what the hell can I do with myself? I have to go to the grocery store, as I am clean out of garbage bags. So there’s that. Life: fulfilling.

I’ve been single, technically single, for two years. But this latest blow, this latest thing that happened in my nonrelationship, has made things different. If I was ever bored, I could call that Person Who Shall Not Be Named. Often he asked me to do stuff on Sundays: a movie, dinner, whatever. Now there’s a stony silence. On my end. He’s texted twice and written one letter these past two weeks. I’ve not responded.

So I find myself at loose ends. My ends are loose. I asked a few friends if they wanted to hang today, but no one could, promising “next weekend” we could do something. Marty Martin wanted me to come out with him last night, but he asked me at 9 p.m. and I was already clad in pajamas, having rented The Big Sick (highly recommend, by the way).

Today I got an emailed invitation to a party, and I noted I was the second loser to answer. I shoulda played it cooler than that. Anyway, that’s next weekend, and at least I can look forward to that throwdown. That shindig.

So anyway. That’s what’s going on with me right now. It’s a beautiful fall day, I got my work done, someone from Deliverance tried to pick me up, and the evening yawns before me with nary a plan other than the crucial garbage bags purchase and a walk with Eds, of the Chewy Edses. So I thought I’d write and say hi.



Oh! And Google Photos, an establishment that lives to torture me, showed me what I was doing two years ago today. I’d moved out of my house from my year abroad, was staying at Kaye’s, but had to return to my old house for the weekend to watch my own pets. Here’s a photo from that day.

Eds, who looks stoned. And my Lu. Oh, my heart.

My stupid heart. I suppose it will go on.

From a stupid window at a stupid bookstore during the twilight of my stupid life,






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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

35 thoughts on “See June kvetch”

  1. This Sunday post thrilled me so much I forgot to comment. Oy, what a weekend! Yours was better, let’s just leave it at that.

    Well done, Coot.


  2. Have you had Edz checked for mites? When my dog was eating herself raw it took a while to figure out it was mites and not allergies. She was almost bald by the time we figured it out.
    Sitting in a bookstore on a fall day sounds lovely.


  3. Also, I feel like I should mention that poor NASCAR is changing just like everything else the last ten years. Viewership is down by ginormous numbers, sponsorships are down, facilities have taken out 50% of the seating at the large NASCAR venues so it doesn’t look sparse for the tv races. Millennials are running the economic show and they want nothing to do with NASCAR or even local Friday night dirt track racing. Everything has changed. It’s not just NASCAR or how we view or listen to music or how we shop Amazon/online or anything else for that matter…it’s everything! I am fascinated by this new shift in American history every step of the way. The lesson I take from all of this is either keep up with the times or get left behind. Many, many, many people have been left behind. Now I may not keep up with the times in terms of up-to-the-minute-tech but culturally, I stay aware and educated. I refuse to be left behind. It’s easy though, to be left behind. Young people do not have the time of day for you if you don’t stay relevant. It doesn’t mean you need to change who you are, it just means you better be open to how young people are today.


  4. I don’t think I’ve even commented, but I read every day, have for years. My doggo had the same thing, itching until he was raw. All the hair fell out around his eyes, he looked like a reverse panda. We tried Apoquel, it was ok, but not he gets a Cytopoint injection once a month. I try to stretch it to 6 weeks, but he needs it around 4.5-5 weeks. Also a strict diet, he eats the Royal Canin Adult PR dry food. He’s like a completely different dog.



    Oh sh*t, man. I’m sorry but I gotta swear when I think about the Deliverance movie. Ain’t no 12 year old kid need to be watching no Deliverance movie (why was it even on tv????) in the 70s?? Shit’s effed up, man. That doesn’t stop me from playing over and over and over and over this scene as well as googling everything known to womankind about this scene that has haunted me from the first time I saw it. Even went down the google rabbit hole about the actor up on the deck. Poor fella. Cue banjo duel and jig dancin’ Ned Beatty, and don’t even get me started on Ned Beatty later in the move, ARGHHHHH!


  6. I was chatting with a man at the dog park and when he asked me out I was… shocked. SO not my type. Just no. I started thinking though, who was I to be so judgmental? I chided myself for being so shallow. So after a bit of hesitation I said yes. Then he called me and in a very, and I mean very, excited voice he asked me, “so, your dog’s name is Yoda?!” I tried not to laugh when I explained that was her name when I got her from the shelter and I didn’t even know what it meant at the time. He could not get off the phone fast enough. Turns out a non-Star-Wars fan was so not his type!!

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  7. That bookstore looks SO LOVELY. I have been on my “work chair” all day toggling between working and procrastinating. I got the most crucial work done, I have A LOT more that I am ignoring. I appreciate a Sunday post to help me ignore said work. I can understand the “stony silence” thing. I am sure it is weird. Transitions always are. I hope Edsel gets healed soon. There is nothing worse than hearing a dog lick and chew all the time. Poor thing.

    Well done again, Coot.


  8. Oh, see. See Joob enjoy her weekend.
    See this commenter do laundry. See her also clean the bathrooms, if she can haul her ass off the couch.
    Very nice, Coot. (I’ve completely forgotten why we’re all saying that.)


  9. Nice post Coot.

    I don’t do anything on Sundays. Or Mondays or Tuesdays. Hey I am seeing a pattern here. I am at my parents this week. My 85 year old Daddy had hernia surgery week before last and my step-mom had 2 more stents put in her clogged arteries on Tuesday. She now has a total of 12. She is the bionic woman. She has stented growth. So I have been here all week babysitting to octogenarians and doing all the chores and odd jobs they can’t do. But I took this afternoon off because I fly out tomorrow and needed to run some Home Town errands but not at Home Town Buffet. I went to TJ Maxx today and here is a prime example of no good deed goes unpunished. I told my daughter I would look for her a new pair of shoes for work. For some reason this TJ Maxx in this one horse town is better than mine or hers. First though I made a bee-line (haha pun intended) to those boots. The velvet floral ones. The ones that were on SALE. The velvet floral ones on sale for Fifteen American dollars. The velvet floral ones on sale for Fifteen American Dollars in my size. I tried them on and they were precious. I called my daughter and had her on video call while I was showing her the shoes that she wanted. We wear the same size. I panned down to show her the ones I tried on and that’s when she saw the boots. The velvet floral ones that were on sale for fifteen American dollars that were my size. They were also her size. She threw a fit over them. She fell in love with them. She wanted to marry them. So guess what I did? Yep. I put them in the box with the shoes she wanted for work and shipped them off to her. They did not have another pair in my size. I told her if she got them and did not like them that I would get them from her when I come back next month. I might get them from her anyway


  10. Sundays are difficult for a lot of people, myself included. Even if one weren’t prone to depression, the Sunday Blues are real thing. I do have depression, and just leaving the house on a Sunday causes an anxiety attack. I would be tempted to call he who shan’t be named, and the fact that you are resisting is admirable.


  11. Sunday posts are always special. Thanks. Wish we had a bookstore in our town with a giant window to sit in and watch the world. Lucky you!


  12. Wow a Sunday post! Yay!I am way out west, and have neighbors who roadtrip to NASCAR every year. Yuck.


  13. I have been to Walmart and Pet Club today. Now I’m washing clothes. Just try to beat that for excitement, Joon.

    The picture of Talu was great. What expressive eyes! Anita, I saw a black and white springer outside of Pet Club today. Made me think of all those good springer spaniels.


  14. Facebook did that to me the other day with a picture of Henry. It made me sad for the rest of the day. Then, today at chalktoberfest, there were tons of doggies and I spotted Henry’s doppelgänger and I’m sad all over again. And now sweet Lu. I just need to ball myself up in a corner somewhere with a bottle of wine.

    It’s was hot and muggy here today. I want some cool crisp days. Don’t hog them.


  15. Had you changed Edsel’s meds when the itchy started? Reaction to some medication he is taking or wearing or new collar. Love a Lu photo memory.
    I know it doesn’t look good , but when one of our plethora of dogs has started with a “hotspot” we keep cornstarch on it and it clears it up. Oh, sue me or I can dodge liver fling. Help out Edsel is the name of the game from here.
    You could’ve started your own party in the book store window.
    Enjoy the rest of the da…ouch I felt that liver slap.


    1. I’m commenting under your comment in hopes that you’ll already be in trouble for the advice and there will be less animosity and liver to filter down to me. We use Gold Bond powder like you would the cornstarch and it works beautifully for both paw chewing girl and hot spot boy. We use a prescription antihistamine and excessive quality time with their vet, too, but my personal favorite is the Gold Bond.


  16. I just found a flax seed in a tooth crevice. I didn’t eat flax seeds today. So, that’s how my day is running.

    This is advice, but good advice, that I took from Anita. She told me about Apoquel and it stopped Jessie from chewing herself. Might be the only thing that works on Eds.

    The smoke has cleared for today here in N. CA, and I hope to take a nice walk before it comes back. The newest fashion up here is wearing a mask. Enjoy your rain, people.

    Your harrr looks great in the top photo, and SD’s 3rd eye is very pronounced. Perhaps he is the god Shiva.


    1. I never understood what was so fascinating about somebody driving fast and turning left. Although I do have to say that driving it is a lot of fun.


  17. My sister and I went to a family wedding in N.C. yesterday. June, I didn’t get a chance to drive to your town, but did think of PJ as I drove through her town. Now that you mentioned it, I’m realizing what a missed opportunity that the bride and groom didn’t use NASCAR as their wedding theme. It could have been the basis for some interesting family stories.


  18. Hi June, my gosh, I too have a sunny day yawning before me. My biggest excitement is playing with the cat and forcing myself to go shopping for cat food, garbage bags, and human food. Well. I guess it’s better to be bored, bored, bored, than have a real trajedy going on. I have to count my blessing….I suppose. My problem is that when I feel like this; when I don’t have enought to do that interests me, or if I feel isolated, then I get a “claustrophobic” feeling. Ew I don’t like it.


  19. Thanks for the Sunday post! The photo of Lu is a gut punch! I found a video recently of my dearly deceased dog and it took my breath away I missed him so much. I hate that the weekend yawns before you. What a nice thing to do for DW!


  20. Very nice that you printed the comments for DW and his sister.
    Great surprise post today!
    “glare-ing at you”…so funny!


  21. Google photos, Facebook Memories and Timehop are like poking a bruise. I CAN’T STOP. Nary a day goes by I don’t get a glimpse of my now dead parents or my now dead pets. And yet…can’t stop looking.


  22. See June silently cackling in the window.
    See ML loudly losing it as she reads the story.
    That was a nice thing you did there, printing the comments for DW and his sister.
    It sounds like an eventful day. So far I’ve managed to have breakfast and a long autumn nap.
    It’s also a beautiful day here. Off to walk the hound in the woods. Too bad you and Eds can’t join us.


  23. I am the only person in this whole JuneWorld that doesn’t know when Coot started.

    Yesterday Facebook showed me a photo from 3 years ago of my Lilly, who died six months ago last week, and it feels like 150 years and I still hate every day that she’s gone.

    Make plans for both days next weekend, even if one of the days is x hours of freelance work then you will drive out in the country and then go to a movie. Crap, this is advice, isn’t it? You just gotta retrain yourself , sorta. Hell, I am an old married woman who loves her husband deeply, but if he dies I’m finding a remote mountain with wifi and me and the pets are OUT of society. (The kids can text and hike to me, it’s fine). I feel blessed by a Sunday post, btw.

    I chortled that Nascar is the line you won’t cross.


    1. Beth, it is raining here and turned cold, may be time to start a fire in the stove, Wait, I can just lock the gate and stay here to be away from society says:

      Dear DCEAndrea, I am afraid that mountain you seek is going to be really crowded with a lot of us who seek the same and our animals. I am trying to think of a good name for that place.
      the kids can “hike to me” I laughed out loud at that .


    2. @Door Color Expert Andrea, it was a delightful September day on Book of June Mountain when the legend of Coot was born:

      Joy says:

      At my beloved grandfather’s funeral, my grandmother asked a friend of theirs I’d never met to sing. My sister and I were looking at the wedding program, when she pointed to the soloist’s name and said, “Read this and don’t look at me.”

      Her name was Coot Hare.

      I did so well not looking or laughing until the pastor took the mic and said, “Very nice, Coot.” And we both lost it. Fortunately, we were quiet and laughed into our tissues. People thought we were just crying really hard.



    3. DCEAndrea! I think I missed comments a couple days in a row here at Joob’s blog-er, website recently. Ima think that’s where the coot reference is, maybe? I’ve been too embarrassed to ask. Glad you did, though. Will keep coming back to your comment religiously to see if any fellow Pie commenters will share this inside info with us. Until then, we are completely FINE at the outsider’s table. I’m Ponyboy, BTW.


      1. AND GreenInOC answered it…just didn’t scroll down far enough. Thank you GinOC!!


  24. Hi, June. Thanks for the surprise Sunday post. I’m sitting waiting to hear whether I will have a new black Lab in my house. Theory is she was dropped; however, the person who found her said she also looks fixed, who pays to fix a dog then drops it. I guess the same kind of person who would drop a dog, period. A jerk.
    NASCAR is a big deal in my area. Thankfully the guys in my house don’t watch.
    Lovely post, lovely June

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  25. You have saved me today. My daughter is home from college for the first time and we had a big lunch, with my sister and in-laws in attendance. I am done with together time and would like for my in-laws to go home now. I just snuck away for a minute to read your post. Thank you, Coot, for a few minutes distraction.


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