Me and you and a dog with Blu

I did many things this weekend, but one thing I did not do was much sleeping.

Internet: Why, Joon?

Joon: Noneya, Internet.

Vintage June sports her vintage slip on Friday.

On Friday afternoon, I was toiling at m’desk when the phone rang. “WHAT.” I thought, as I am cheerful and elegant about being interrupted when in a flow.

It was my doctor’s office. I’d had an appointment for them to see how I was doing on my Ritalin. I’d gotten scattered and forgotten. Hello, irony? Are you there, irony? It’s me–OOOO, SHINY THING LOOK!

Fortunately, he’s right across the street, my doctor is, so I screamed over there. He just wanted to see me in personal (did I ever tell you that story? Of the prisoner who wanted to get to know me “in personal”?), just to see if Ritalin made me, you know, too peppy.

Apparently it doesn’t, and he doubled my dose, and we’ll see how it goes from there. The good news is, I took the new double dutch bus amount right away, and screamed home after work and got a lot of freelance done before having fun that night. I never do that. It’s either, Ima go out tonight or Ima freelance tonight. BUT I DID BOTH!

Oh, Ritalin. [Chucks Ritalin under chin]

On Saturday I got a manicure (kind of a green/blue. I know that’s my new color. ….Really? Okay, hang ON).

Photo on 10-9-17 at 8.20 AM #3
I know you can’t get enough of these me-in-the-Laila-Ali-hairdryer shots

Oooo, it’s on sale right now! Click this picture to get to it on Amazon. They, the Amazon people, the Amakazons, sent me a very vague email about how I’m not doing something, and maybe it’s that I’m not touting the wares enough? It was purposely obtuse, if you ask me, and this whole not blog is me assuming you’re asking me everything.

Anyway, on Saturday night I saw Ward, this man I’ve gone out with a few times who came up with the blog name “Ward” without knowing my blog name is June, a thing that sent all 10 of you abuzz.

The point is, Ward has met the animals, and the animals have met Ward. Need I tell you Edsel’s reaction?

damm et, mom
leaf lone, mom

I went outside to try to get Edsel in a “EDS IN LUFF O EDZUL GOD” photo, but he’s out there quite involved with Blu and hasn’t time for us right now. Behold a photo of me taking Blu and dangling it over my head, just so that damn dog would pay me any mind.

Anyway, Edsel has asked for his own Facebook account just so he can update his status to IN RELASHION WIF WARD. Oh, he simpered, he offered his ears up for pets, he’d walk away and come back to be sure of Ward, he flumped to his bed and gazed at him. Edsel is Violet Bicks. He likes every boy.

The good news is, Ward came up with the best Steely Dan voice, sort of a “If Barry White were from Louisiana” thing that OH MY GOD IS SO STEELY DAN’S VOICE. It is totally that cat’s voice. Low, manly, lazy, not-give-a-shit-y.

Perfect. So, now SD has a brand voice.

On Sunday, I gathered up my freelance and headed to the coffee shop, where I get more done because there are distractions here. I can sit down to do my work and realize I’ve spent 21 minutes playing with Edsel’s teeth.

I went to a coffee shop downtown, where everyone pretends to be involved with his or her laptop but looks up any time anyone walks in, lest they be pickupable. Of course, seeing as I’m 89 years old, I do not fall into the pickupable category.

I had a cafe au lait and a chocolate croissant (say, just-not-mentioning-it-to-my Weight-Watchers-app, how’s the cheating going?), and got all my work done, because Ritalin.

It was raining hard out, so I sat on the leopard-spotted couch and watched the rain come down, and the people passing by downtown, and thought about how lucky I am.

And now I must head to work. It’s still rainy and no matter how hard Laila Ali blows me, Ima be frizzy today, but it’s Monday, Blu Monday, and there’s not much you can do about that.


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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

53 thoughts on “Me and you and a dog with Blu”

  1. Sounds like a good weekend. Hey, better life through chemistry (increased meds). Maybe Ward should be on probation a year, just like when you start a new job. Sounds good that he met the animals and SD definitely needs a voice, as if he doesn’t already have one. There are no blue Mondays when you are retired, because every day is Saturday.

    P.S. That slip is beautiful.


  2. I had to scroll back up to see if the Night June Wore a Slip was the same night as Date with Ward, WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN NEWSWORTHY!! But, no. Not the same night.
    I love your Monday posts!


    1. Oh, honey. How you missed that reference to a scandal.

      “Had fun Friday.”

      “Wore slip Friday.”



      1. “ thing I did not do was much sleeping.”
        I read the whole post as scandalous. Yes, even the visit to the doctor’s office.


        1. Girrrl, you cannot be cryptic with me. I will not catch it. You gotta SPELL IT OUT.
          So, now that you have teased us, you have to Slip and Tell.


            1. I caught it. But I kinda like that you’re keeping it a semi-secret for now, so I didn’t want to push it.
              (and I so badly want to quote Salt n Pepa right now!)


            2. You had to have sex at the doctor’s office. HA Ha…wow . Now we know why he wanted to ‘see’ you in person.


  3. I like the part where you were so content looking at the rainy afternoon. Gratitude is the best thing in life I think. Oh, I like Ward’s idea and execution of SD’s voice, but I think of the cat’s voice as more like Jimmy Cagney as a young, confident gangster. “I’m on top of the world, Ma”, spoken from your roof.


  4. “Purposely obtuse” is one of my favorite combinations of words!

    That is all (except that’s a beautiful slip, glad you had a good time with Ward, have you determined what type Ward is in the “commitment avoidant” theory?, love thinking about Steely Dan’s voice, lot’s of work done = lot’s of dollars so good for you!, if anyone is looking for good books I just read two, “Saint Maize” (about a real broad of a woman in the early 1900’s), and “Beneath a Scarlet Sky” (about a very young man who smuggled Jews into Switzerland & then became a spy for the Italian Resistance during WWII)), yes, that is all.


      1. I’m sure I made 40 other grammatical errors in that but at least I got one thing right (I did get it right, right?!)


        1. I mean, you can’t really do that with parentheses within parentheses. You have to use brackets instead. But ;et’s not quibble over something like that.


          1. I dying over here at my 180 degree misinterpretation of your comment!!! I had no idea, all this time, I believed my elementary school teachers. So, I’m reading the internets now and from what I can figure out, I “think” it should have been this:

            …“Beneath a Scarlet Sky” [about a very young man who smuggled Jews into Switzerland & then became a spy for the Italian Resistance during WWII]), yes, that is all.


          2. Same in math. Parentheses, brackets, and then those pretty twirled braces with points in the middle.


  5. I cannot believe I let the chance to say, “Nice hoots, Coot”, pass me by.
    Also, I’ve been jonesing for a Griff update. He has to have done something shrimptastic.



    That first picture of Edsel is dreamy!


  7. Great job, Coot! Lovely slip and post. I could never do work at a coffee shop because I would eat a zillion chocolate whatever’s , and also look up every single time the door opened just to people watch.


  8. Gawd I miss the 80s. We had the best music then.

    I need to go find some vintage slips because PRETTY. But I don’t think I’d find one in my delicate size 16 though. hashbrown:chubby.

    So glad you had a nice time with Ward. You deserve a nice time.

    Very lovely post, Coot.


          1. Maybe you could tell us some of the things that are not so great about him as you go along. It could help to keep us (and you) in check during this exciting phase in the relationship; sort of like a pros and cons listing.


        1. I was one who said Ned was a keeper, so I purposely avoided using that terminology.
          Apologies for my bad judgement.


  9. Every time I hear Barry White, I also hear my former bosses’ wife telling me that both of her kids were conceived to Barry White songs. Over share much?

    You are not alone in hair drama either. It has been so weirdly warm and humid (and now rainy) and so unlike Connecituct, for several days, that I can’t remember the last time my hair looked the way it should.


  10. Gorgeous slip! You’re so pretty, Joon. I think I speak for all of us when I say I’m glad you have a Ward and hope you’ll share a picture soon. Glad to hear all is going well in your world. I love the Eds and his Blu..


  11. This post made me happy. Ward sounds great. You can’t go wrong with a man who does cat voices. I love that photo of Eds. He has the sweetest expression and his teeth never fail to make me smile.
    Hope your day is good.


  12. Violet Bicks. Barry White. Ward. Beautiful Edsel fall photos. Pretty slip. Laila. Leopard couch and rain. This post had it all! You’re so pretty, Joob!


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