Hint of beleaguered

As I was watching photos upload to my molasses-slow desktop, I realized I took enough pictures yesterday to pretty much tell the whole story of September 27, 2017. A day where nothing much really happened. Riveting, June. We’re compelled.

Read on!

SD gotz this covered. heee. See wat Steeeleee do dere?

For the seven minutes he was home yesterday, Steely Dan took time to let me know what he thinks of my coffee. As if he hasn’t made that clear 86 other times. This was pretty much 24 hours ago! And look, you can see yesterday’s blog-not-blog post being written!

IMG_0585.JPGI went to work in the morning, as I am wont to do, and when I came home for lunch (Weight Watchers fettuccini alfredo, a stick of low-fat cheese. WOOOO!), Iris sat on my lap while I read. (There’s one of those take one/leave one book boxes in the park in my neighborhood, so when Edsel and I go on our walks, sometimes I’ll, you know, take or leave a book. This is an Anne Rivers Siddons or whatever her name is book. It’s okay. I don’t have the thing where all I want to do is read it. I love having that thing.)

IMG_0589.JPGEdsel was not feeling his best when I was home for lunch. I walked in to Heyyyy, here be ebrytheeng Edz eat lately, revisit!

I bought some pet stain remover not long ago, but then gave it to The Poet because of HER dogs, so I had to use old-school vinegar and water, but I think I got all evidence removed. Poor pathetic Eds. You know things are bad when he lies right on the floor like that. He’s generally more…fussy.

IMG_0599.JPGOne of the Alexes at work is growing her hair. She’s had it short like this for years, and announced yesterday she’s giving growing it out a try. “Oooo, can I document it for my not blog?” I asked her, and guess who’s sick of me. Is it everyone at work?

“Sure,” she said, hint of beleaguered in her tone.


IMG_0604.JPGAnother Alex is getting married this weekend, to a guy who also works at work. They didn’t meet at work–they just ended up working at the same place. Anyway, yesterday was their last day till they get married, so we threw them a little surprise, and I like how I say “we” like I had anything to do with it.

In keeping with my tradition, I did show up and try to take credit for every nuance of said celebration.

“I made this champagne,” I said.

No one at work likes me. That was always funny till Happy Hourgate, and now we’re all, Wow, really no one DOES like June.

No one does.

It was a fun way to end the day, and I proposed we have champagne and Frank Sinatra EVERY day at 4:55.

IMG_0612.JPGBecause look at the mirth.

When I got home, I had dinner (Weight Watchers turkey. MMMMMM!) and was just settling down with a bad movie, when Ned called. “I just had dinner with my dad and brother at the restaurant near you. Do you mind if I come by?”

That restaurant delivers, I’d like to add. AND IT IS DELICIOUS.

Also, weight loss plateau right now. Which has zero to do with the pizza and also Mrs. Freshley’s Vanilla Cakes.


Edsel was feeling distinctly better, and was so beside himself at Ned being over that I told him he could jump up on the couch.

You didn’t have to ask HIM twice.

edz neber new happy before

Ned doesn’t have his eyes closed; he’s petting Iris, who is also on the couch. No one likes coming to my house of animals.

House of animals, now with June’s Nose®

IMG_0627.JPGSo that about sums it up. Ned left and I went to bed and now I’m here, in the cowboy robe, that I see SD has further chewed. I also noted last night that Steely Dan has chewed the corner off one of my new pillows I got for the couch.

Now here I am the next day, and WHO KNOWS what adventures await. Will Alex’s hair be Rapunzel today? Will someone else serve champagne? Will Steely Dan sit on my lap and make biscuits? Are biscuits a lot of WW points?

You’ll just have to tune in tomorrow.

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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

46 thoughts on “Hint of beleaguered”

  1. I lived in the era of the 2 martini lunch/post work day. It was especially enjoyable when we were in trial and the judge and opposing counsel would all sit down and have a few pops together after battling it out all day in the courtroom. My last several years going to court was never like that. Everyone looked at everyone as the enemy, and no one even had a soda together. Work became much more of a grind without a little lube.


    1. Yes! I’m a retired elementary teacher. There were times I soooooo wished I could have a bottle of something stashed in my desk drawer! Never did, but dreaming is free!


  2. I love how Edsel is so happy to see Ned. Be prepared when you come to our house to have Maggie sit in your lap and have Howard baying with delight.


    1. I meant that Edsel looks so happy, but now that I go back and look at the picture I think Ned looks quite happy as well.


  3. I used to work for a large law firm, and at Christmas they’d send the staff out for a really nice lunch, including wine. The attorneys came to expect having a shit-faced staff during the afternoon, and there was always someone who had to be driven home. One Christmas I had a job interview with another company at 5pm the day of our luncheon. I figured I could drink at noon and be sober by 5:00, but when 5:00 rolled around I still had a really good buzz going. I went to the interview, and someone walked into the room with a bottle of wine. The interviewer looked at me and said they like to celebrate everyone working hard that week by having wine on Fridays, and did I want some. I wanted to show that I could fit into their culture, but I didn’t want to say, “better not, I’m drunk already.” So I did the only thing I knew to do – smiled and said “sure.” I was so relaxed in that interview and ended up getting a job offer.

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  4. SD’s stretched out little toes in the coffee covering picture just KILLS me!
    I have yet to see an ugly person at your work.


  5. I love Edsel. He has the most expressive face. SD covering up your coffee is hilarious. Cats can be so insulting sometimes.


  6. I love to read and will read anything. Last night I read a book I downloaded for free about someone who met and had a one night stand with a prince even though she was a virgin and ended up pregnant. She didn’t know he was a prince until she confronted him to tell him she was pregnant. Since he was heir to the throne the only logical thing was to kidnap her and marry her. I read it in an hour so it wasn’t that bad. I get an email from book bub everyday with a list of free books that I can download on my kindle for free. We drink at work once a year when we have our Christmas party here, but I know my boss has a bottle of whiskey in his drawer for long nights during tax season.


  7. I am banning myself from Facebook in the AM to get some things done and have more of a real world l8fe. I am glad I can come to ths blog and still have my tea and cappuccino with June and company. I just figured out how to comment here. Slow on the uptake, I am.
    I like the Eds and Ned pics. They looked like such happy guys. Tens upon tens upon tens of people like you, pretty Joon.


  8. That second picture of Eds with Ned…so CUTE!! What a happy boy!
    Great post. I always love reading your writing.


  9. I’ve always enjoyed Siddons’ books. Haven’t seen a new one in a while. I just finished Sundown by Nora Roberts. Good book. Love the pictures of happy Edsel. So glad he feels better. I have a dog that chew the corners off of pillows and dog beds. When he’s got a big enough hole going on the dog beds, he starts pulling out the stuffing. He’s probably at least seven years old (not sure, he was a stray). Isn’t it time he got over this habit?


  10. That smile on Edsel’s face! Does SD chew clothes at all the other houses he is presently visiting? He’s trying to cover that coffee! That’s hilarious. My car acts like she is digging when she drinks water. I’ve never had a cat that did that.


  11. One of my cats is so neurotic, that when I serve him food he will spend 5 minutes in that “oh, this smells so bad I had better cover it up with this imaginary dirt, motion” for 5 minutes. And then he eats it. Love the pictures, June. Lovely post!


  12. Your workplace looks really nice and fun. Since I have the long, curly, thick June hair (and just paid for stupid highlights and root touch up) I am feeling like your co-worker has made the smart hair choice, with the short look. Lovely post and photos.


  13. why so picky about the coffee? huh.

    afternoon drinks should be a must. especially on friday. at one of my prior jobs there were only two people in the office after 2 on friday. the boss and me. we started friday wine days. it was so much easier to finish out friday after some wine.


    1. I used to work at a construction company and on Friday afternoons, the owner would head out and then come back with a case or two of beer for everyone. It was all fun and games until people got shitfaced and 2 employees, one of whom was married, locked themselves in the bathroom and had really loud sex and another employee got a DUI on their way home.

      Good times.


        1. It was a soap opera. And a hotbed of sexual tension because of hot construction guys and young (in their 20s) female office staff with a very relaxed atmosphere. Lots of shenanigans went on there. And here’s an interesting footnote, years later, one of the division managers led police on a wild freeway chase and then shot it out with them. He lost. It was ruled “Suicide by Cop.”


  14. I wondered the same about SD and his ChooChoo habit – when does he find the time? Does he wait until you leave for work and then come in the house and just Charleston Chew all day long? He’s industrious nonetheless.

    Your work peeps are so fun. I am glad they are all named Alex and/or Ryan – it would be hard to keep them straight otherwise. Too bad they are Just Not Into the June.

    I love Edsel and his sweet face. He’s a special one.

    Another first rate post lovely June !


    1. I was going to mention that too – She really rocks the almost bald look, but she looks like someone who will rock ANY look. I would love to go with a short-short look, but it really doesn’t fit me at all. Congratulations to the Alex who is getting married.


  15. Edsel. I love him so bad. Your co-worker is stunningly beautiful with her short hair. Why would she want to grow boring hair? She’ll just have to wash it and fuss with it. Boo!


  16. Steely Dan amazes me. How does he find the time to do so much gratuitous chewing accomplished when he’s so busy cavorting around the neighborhood? (rhetorical question)
    Poor Edsel, but he seems to have recovered nicely.


  17. Oooooh, WHICH Anne Rivers Siddons? Some of her books really grabbed me and others, feh. This one must be a feh.


    1. I’m just like that about ARS. My absolute fave was Up Island, but have read several others which I don’t recall that left me just …..whatever. It sounds like June has a …whatever one.
      I love your day in pics, June. I love your cowboy robe – I hope the holes do’t make it unwearable.


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