I just realized that I might be able to blog from my phone! Perhaps this is more exciting for me than it is for you.

Yesterday I went to the paint store two times, and today I went back again. This is not such a bad thing, because the world’s cutest man works at the paint store. He is so cute, in fact, but I began wondering if I could have a future with somebody who works at the paint store. And who is half my age. And who would have to be into old white women.

I begin to wonder if possibly he was getting a law degree or something, and working at the paint store to support himself while he goes to school. This is how cute we’re talking.

This is where I’m blogging from. Not just from my pathetic state of denial, but also from one of Peg’s Adirondack chairs that is now in my backyard, with a view of Edsel at his pee tree. I am, in fact, being munched by mosquitoes, but it’s so pleasant out that I’m putting up with it.

I can’t blog at you the traditional way, the way our founding fathers did, as my computer is unplugged because I am painting in the damn back room.

I won’t even bore you with the journey of shades and colors I just went through these past few days. That’s what my mother is for. She is trying to move into her new house and I’ve called her 4900 6825 1622 times to discuss paint colors with her. I went from yellow to green to cream, and I realize cream is boring, but that’s where we are. We are at boring.

Here is the first coat. “Wow, June, that looks so… not remotely different.”

I know.

I am painting the spare bedroom in that pretty green called Quietude. But not today. I’m doing enough today. My mother accused me of having a manic episode today. I don’t HAVE manic episodes. I’m too lazy for manic episodes.

As soon as I finished the first coat of paint, Steely Dan came in and put his paws and nose right on the wet wall. The good news is I have made several tennis rackets from cat guts today, so.

I just realized that the picture up there looks less cream and more white, but I promise you in real life it’s more cream and less white. Are you wondering if it’s possible if I could turn into a more dull person right now, with my paint and my colors and my cream and my shades and my shades of cream?

In my cream room. With black curtains. At the station.

Speaking of black-and-white, and maybe a little black on top of white, I need another reason to get back to the paint store. I’m trying to think of sexy ways to lure the paint salesman over to my home. You think my taste in cream paint would be enough. Or my hot 52-year-old physique.

We’re talking cute, y’all.

“Who, me? Well, yes, I DO think it’s appropriate to shop for paint in pasties and a G string, officer. You have a problem with that?”

I’ll talk to you later. It’s time for my second coat of cream. You’re the cream in my coffee. You’re the salt in my stool.


Stew, stupid Siri.



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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

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  1. I chose interior-wall paint with My Handyman today, and apparently one wants one’s walls to contrast slightly with the trim. So if the trim is plain white, the white walls are supposed to be, say, Arctic White, or Antique White, or Marshmallow. I chose Crisp Linen, for no good reason. I enjoyed M.H. calling it “Crispy Linen.” It’s true, June, paint is endlessly fascinating!


  2. You’re my inspiration. (I have that lyric in my head, but you’ll just have to imagine the music.) Your back room looks terrific and SD must agree since he gave his smudge of approval.

    Hope the dog trainer was able to work wonders with Edsel.


  3. As someone whose house is 99.9999999% cream, I think that it not only looks very clean, but also allows you to change your mind about the color scheme of the room with the furniture, curtains, pillows, pictures, etc. So you can totally change a room without having to repaint. Cream is a good backdrop. It looks lovely! That being said, I am still determined to color up some of the rooms in my house. All cream gets really boring, no matter how much color you have in the furniture.


  4. Cream. I want to do that too, but I want my baseboards and stuff to still stand out. Are you leaving those white? I am hoping that would work.


    1. I have flat cream on the walls and then a glossy cream on the baseboards and trim. It’s enough of a contrast to still make them stand out. I’ve never been one to do the trim in a different color though.

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  5. I could use some of your energy. The cream will work great and Paula will approve. That photo of SD with the paint on his nose cracked me up. To answer the question, how do you get paint off a cat? I think you have to let it wear off.


    1. One or several of my cats always end up with tails trimmed in whatever paint I’m using, every single time I paint. They all have floofy tails and just can’t keep them away, apparently.


  6. Joon has inspired me for years, and now I have a sort-of-tomato-sauce-burgundy-rust front door. For the inside, apparently I have to purchase 5 gallons of wall white and a gallon of some completely different white for the trim. J, we must arrange for you to be leaving the paint store when I come in, and all I have to do is find a way to bring up the subject of how incredible you are between the sheets. Oh, and funny and thoughtful and stuff. How old should I tell him you are?

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  7. See, I am loving the cream (disclaimer: that was my suggestion way back when you were asking for *gasp* opinions). I think it will be very soothing and a great background for colorful fabrics and accessories.


  8. Isn’t this weekend supposed to be the last hurrah of summer, where people go out of town to a summer-y place? I just got back from Sam’s Club. I swear, there must have been 5,000 people in there and another hundred or so at the gas pumps. I didn’t realize Sam’s was a destination. I am fond of cream, too. Leaves you free to change accent colors whenever you like.


  9. Laboring on Labor Day weekend – you’re my hero! And painting no less – I hate painting, but love a fresh paint job. And personally I think the cream is lovely! And it looks good on SD, too!


  10. How do you get paint off a cat?

    I like the color…cream is pretty.

    In other news, my youngest daughter found 3 abandoned 3-4 week old baby kittens at her apartment complex. She already has 2 cats and a rabbit. So she split up the babies, 1 to my son and 2 to my oldest daughter. My son has 3 cats and he and the fiance raised them from 1 week old. They are experienced. But my oldest daughter… is a cat virgin. I try to give her advice over the phone but all I hear is “Mew mew mew mew.” We are taking them to the Vet tomorrow.
    I find it hilarious that she’s spending this holiday weekend with kittens bossing her 24/7.

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  11. In terms of Attraction Points, how many do we award for someone’s job? It’s WAAAAY down the list for me (when I met my boyfriend he had been working at Lowe’s for 7 years), but it seems to be Top 3 (if not #1) for many women I know. I mean, obviously I’m right, what with the 2 divorces and piles of discarded men in my wake; just curious if I’m way outnumbered on this one. <—–There's something terribly, terribly wrong with the structure of that last sentence.


    1. A solid job with a decent paycheck seems to be more important to me as the years pass. Not rich, just enough to be able to contribute to the bill-paying. Also good credit. I didn’t care about all that when I was young.


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