June’s stay-at-home vacation. Annoying morning readers, since Monday.

It’s the last day of my expansive vacation, in which I saw many exotic things, such as Chapel Hill.

It’s true; I finally returned those coolers to Chapel Hill. If you’re just tuning in, and why do I keep saying that? No one is just now tuning in. Anyway, let’s say you just tuned in, and you know what I hate? Any article that reads, “Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that…”

Oh, shut up. Try writing anything resembling original thought.

Oh my god, anyway. If you’re just tuning in, last year I was part of a headache study in Chapel Hill that involved eating a lot of fish and so on. The study provided all my food, and I assume it was having to do with Omega 3s, but what do I know. The point is, they wanted me to drive there a LOT and I was wrong to think it would be no problem, as it was. This resulted in me dropping out of said study and having two giant coolers in my house for a year.

Now they’re gone. As I returned them.

IMG_9713.JPGChapel Hill is about an hour and 10 minutes away, and as you can see, this required that I bring snacks for the road like I’m a toddler. I consumed the banana before I was out of Greensboro, and the cheese stick before I was 15 minutes out of town. It is unfortunate that I did not have a baggy of Goldfish crackers and my sippy cup of juice.

IMG_9715.JPGI always like the drive to Chapel Hill, as it is country-road-ish and that always makes me happy.

I was there on campus for less than 15 minutes. I know this because the parking guy did not charge me. “I think you got out of here in less than 15,” he said gleefully, as he stuck my little paper in this machine. “You did!”

He was the Iris of people. Iris is always happy. Even when pit bulls chew her hips off, she’s still cheery.

IMG_9718.JPGI pulled over to look at this old Impala. I’ve come to adore old cars, and I don’t know what’s become of me. I would never OWN one, because air bags.

Pretty flowers at Chris and Lilly’s store. My mother is incapable of just saying “flowers.” They are always, always “pretty flowers.”

On the way home, I stopped at Chris and Lilly’s store, which is on the way. Naturally, neither of them were there, furthering my theory that they don’t work anywhere, they just made up having entrepreneurial skills, and really they are trustafarians.

IMG_9725.JPGI looked for Martinagale collars, which I now apparently need for Edsel the Fangy one, according to Marcia Our New Trainer. They didn’t have any, but they had cat collars, so I got one for everyone, and why. Lily and Iris will keep theirs on, but Steely Dan will shed his like he’s got a spider on him.

I texted, I text, C and L to show them my wares, and they said, “Oh, don’t go! We’re on our way back.” But I was already gone, and besides, it’d have been a struggle for them to drive all the way from their trust-fund vacation to Iceland or wherever they really are.

IMG_9726.JPGWhen I got home Personality Cat was waiting for me.

he shur do be


He abhors having his picture made, by the way. Immediately begins whipping his tail of annoyance when I get the phone in front of him. if steeeleee had soul yuuuud be steeeeeeling it.

fek offz

Meanwhile, Iris was dead.

IMG_9706.JPGEven asleep, she looks cheery.

I had to have another mole removal in the afternoon, because I know how to show myself a good time. While I waited at the doctor’s office…

IMG_9737 2.JPG

Wait-y Katie

…I perused Martingale collars for Edsel, as I need to come up with something for him before September 1. I finally settled on this one…IMG_9742.PNGRight? Because old cars? For EDSEL? The first person to tell me they didn’t know Edsel was a kind of car gets a disdainful look from my innards.

Plus, it’s his color, which you’ll note is not far off from MY color, and what a coincidence.

Does this mole removal make me look fat?

Anyway, I finally got in to see the doctor, who wondered if I managed to fill my Ritalin prescription, finally, and I told him how I keep forgetting to do it and we had a good laugh. ADD. It’s hilarious!

What if I start taking my Ritalin, ever, and I get all focused and serious and this not-blog sucks, as opposed to now, with its riveting self?

Anyway, now we await the results of the big removal, and let’s hope I am not dying of moles, as that would be inconvenient. I have so much more living to do, and by “living” I mean sitting on my couch looking at Facebook.


I’ll let you know how long Steely Dan puts up with being be-collared. He’s had it on around 24 hours already, which is a personal record for him. Also, he’s the messiest eater I’ve ever had. In my whole history of 7,000 cats. 7,000 gray cats.

Tomorrow I go back to work, and if I get my freelance done, I’ll have gotten my whole list completed with the exception of painting the back room, which I never got to, because I was very busy reading books. Still. I did all sorts of things that’ve been bugging me, so that’s a plus.

It was quite the vacation. The weather is here. Wish you were beautiful.

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37 thoughts on “June’s stay-at-home vacation. Annoying morning readers, since Monday.”

  1. Actually, I WAS just tuning in, because I’ve been gone for 2 weeks and am just catching up. Only, maybe I should start at the beginning, because wasn’t there a new puppy in here somewhere?


  2. It says something about current home decor fashions that I can’t tell if your doctor’s office has brand new, in-style furnishings or the same ones from the 60s.

    Speaking of retro things, SD looks like he’s getting his picture taken at one of those photo studios with the convenient “white picket fence” prop.


  3. I love Edsel’s new collar. And I’m so impressed that you accomplished (almost) all you set out to on your stay-at-home vacation.


  4. I’m glad SD deleted the collar. Outdoor cats who frequently crawl into various small places can get the collar caught and it might strangle them.


  5. So you were at the 1970s porn set doctor’s office? Did the plumber show up with his bulging muscles, tight jeans and mustache, ring your door bell and tell you he was there to clean out your pipes?

    I give SD exactly 27 seconds to get rid of that collar. He will raise his fist in the air and declare FREEEDOM!!!!!


  6. I am dead on the floor from the segue from your “cherry” Iris to the cherry old car. Brilliant! Did you buy some sort of lavender foofy thing? Also, you’re so pretty. Sorry the vacation has to end. Going off to pin on my mole remembrance ribbon until we get the results.


  7. Buy the old Impala. Air bags are unnecessary when you’re driving a vehicle that outweighs most other sedans on the road by about 3:1 and is manufactured with actual unalloyed steel. In the unlikely event of an accident, it will crush the unlucky car coming into contact with it and sustain little more than a few scrapes and dents. Assuming you are wearing a seat belt, you will be fine. If, on the other hand, you are unharnessed, your head will hit the unpadded and unforgiving steering wheel with enough force to dislodge it violently from your body a la Jayne Mansfield. The laws of physics, unfortunately, are immutable. So remember: Buckle up!


    1. I don’t think seat belts were in cars when that Impala was manufactured, or maybe we just didn’t use them back then.


  8. So much to love about this post from country roads, old cars, new collars, pretty flowers, the link to Chris and Lilly’s store, SD viewing soul-sucking cameras with disdain while Iris obliviously sleeps on.

    May you have good news about your mole and may the money continue to roll-in from freelance. Now I’m off to visit Junazon through your now-legal link.


  9. I love that blue wallpaper so much. That, the old style screen door, the chair with the curved back and your vintage outdoor seating are all things that make me wish I had your stuff. I would also take your hair in a NY minute. OK, I’m done coveting … for now.


  10. i’ve checked in to find out that i lost the pool of ‘how long will that collar stay on’… oh hell. i was just going to ask why you are still on a staycation. slap me, go ahead. kisses!


      1. Remember the early 90s when everyone said “big salad”?
        Female friend 1: “So, where should we go for dinner?”
        Female friend 2: “I just want a big salad.”
        Female friend 1: “Yes, a big salad. That sounds good!”


  11. I had a cat named Studebaker which a lot of folks didn’t know was an old car, so I understand where you are coming from (and going to, HA!) Love the collars for all the kids. Mr. Augie stays inside so he doesn’t have a collar, nor would he put up with one. If I could even find one big enough to go around his neck. He has the girth…


  12. You ate Ned’s banana! Love Edsel’s collar choice, stellar taste you have!

    (eating Ned’s banana was a reference to the aging banana in his office, the actual banana not the banana euphemism!)

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Love Edsel’s collar with the Edsels on it! I’m old, I remember the Edsels………maybe even rode in one. What a great task master you are, getting almost all of your items checked off. You need to celebrate big!


  14. I can’t believe you can get to whole other city in about an hour. I can’t even get to the outskirts of town in that time.
    That car collar is so perfect for Edsel!
    Lovely post, June!


    1. I was thinking the same thing. I live in Houston. I’m lucky if I can go 1/4 of the way across town in an hour.


        1. I used to live in Houston, I remember those days…and then I went back for a visit a few months ago…HOLY COW it’s even worse now.


  15. Those cars on Edsel’s collar look like one of my old cars. I have no idea how to try and stuff a picture into one of these comments, so I will just tell you to Google a 1959 Nash Metropolitan, turquoise and white edition. That was my car. Her name was Molly. Molly Metropolitan. I would dearly love to have that car back.


  16. Well, there you go. All has been explained. SD doesn’t like having his picture taken. Clearly, he’s Amish. Or is that Mennonite? OH DEAR GOD. I quickly hopped to Google to see if I meant Amish or Mennonite and when I googled Mennonite photo, the first choice was: Mennonite Photos Hot. That’s it, I’m done now. We’re going back in time to Amish Porn.

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  17. Good lord! That waiting room looks like it’s straight from a 1970’s porn set! I’m always suspicious of doctors who don’t update their waiting rooms.


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