She ran callin’ fireflies

Because the first thing they teach you in kitten school is How to be a Pain in the Ass, my cats all want to go out in the morning, but they all want to go out at different times. Each one saunters to the door, and even if the back door is open and it’s just the screen door, the girl cats mew piteously till I open it.

I did that this morning, five minutes apart, for Lily and Iris. Had to stop what I was doing and head over there. “mew!” Then just now I watched Steely Dan stomp over, and without hesitation put his front paws up on the screen door and push it the fuck open. Never even considered asking me.

I like that cat.



IMG_8163 2.jpg

Yesterday afternoon, I saw him up his tree and captured him in action. I wish you could see how fast he runs up that thing. It’s nothing to him. Much like my tree-climbing childhood.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh! Woooo! Yes. I was quite the tomboy. There was no keeping me from the roughhousing. I wasn’t at all stuck behind a book in the basement, ever. No. What Vitamin D deficiency?

The reason I was home and able to photograph SD in action is because I was felled by a real migraine, finally. I got m’daith pierced May 7, and yesterday, June 15, was the first really inconvenient one. Still, I was able to be out of bed by 3 p.m., which is unusual, so.

I think I got a migraine because it was storming out, bad, the night before. I took two videos (veeeeedeos) on my phone and WordPress won’t upload them, which annoys. One was of how many fireflies were in my yard Wednesday night, and the other was a few minutes later, of the lightning and upcoming storm we were getting ready for. Both compelling and like nothing you’ve ever seen. But NO. WordPress isn’t letting you see it. Fake media.IMG_8131.JPG

Instead, here’s a photo of Edsel and me that night, when normally it’d be lovely and sunset-y and so on and instead we were being invaded by Brady Bunch houses and also a storm.

It was a magnificent storm, once it got here, but here’s the terrible part. Iris is all of a sudden scared of storms. She minces down close to the ground, and at this last storm, she even panted the way she did after those dogs got her. I worry that the thunder reminds her of those dogs growling.

Naturally, when she got like this, my instinct was to pick her up and kiss her and hold her, and there’s nothing a cat likes better than that when she’s scared. As soon as she was politely able, she scurried from me and hid under the green chair all night. I left my bedroom door open for her, and I was so glad when I felt her come in, finally, and press spines with me like she does.

Poor little PTSD Iris.

Oh, good. I was at least able to transfer this video (veeeeedeo) (someone tell everyone else why they fuck I keep saying that) to YouTube, with all my spare time, so you can at least see my fireflies.

Anyway, with the fireflies and the storm, it was a lovely evening and I had the time of my life and I never felt this way before. And I swear it’s the truth. And I owe it all to you.

But then I got the damn migraine.


I’d had plans for weeks to go to RiffTrax with The Poet, though (Google fucking it) and I’d been looking forward to it. So finally I had to get up and shower, and here I am, above, in a stunning Before post-migraine look that everyone should attempt. Hey, Roots, how’s Kunta Kinte?


After. Thank god.


When I got to the theater, that cloud was doing a really pretty pink/blue/green thing in the upper-left that of course didn’t actually photograph, but I made The Poet come look at it because she is not a camera and could see it.


RiffTrax (no, really, Google fucking it before I slug you) was hilarious, and there’s no point in getting popcorn when you go to see it because you’ll just choke to death laughing and eating. That is my safety advice for you today.


I gotta go, but before I do, I called the vet about Edsel licking the bottom of my entire bed, and the chair, and the couch, and since he isn’t itchy anymore, it’s starting to seem behavioral.

Her instinct was yes, it probably is, too, and she said she’d look into which new antidepressant to try since Prozac did nothing. But she called me later in the day and said she’d been doing research and they’ve found that most often licking is gastrointestinal, not behavioral, and he’s going in for bloodwork today and will likely take Pepcid and Flagyl, because clearly he has an STD, to see if that works. He could have irritable bowels or something. I have noticed his poop is so bitchy.

Anyway, good veteranarianing, on her part.

Talk at you.



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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

50 thoughts on “She ran callin’ fireflies”

  1. I never saw ligtnng bugs in our little polluted corner of Philadelphia but I did see that at ours cousins’ home in the suburbs, Levitown, to be exact. They had an above ground pool there too. I loved visiting them.


  2. You look so pretty in the “after” photo ( not that you don’t also in the “before” ), but I had to study that photograph for a moment to understand that’s not an alien claw about to overtake you. All of your photographs are so beautiful! Is that just your cell phone camera? If yes, you have a GREAT cell phone camera. That last pic, the one of Edsel, is so funny and sweet. I love your dog. And, I’ve never even met him! Your posts NEVER fail to make me laugh at some point. It is a bright spot in my day, enjoying your blebsite. Thank you, lovely June.


  3. SD, the tree panther! Who knows what weird reason possesses an animal to lick things sometimes? My one cat – the female doppleganger of SD – licks just the window part of window envelopes now. She’s 9 and just started this new hobby. And just tonight, she started licking the embroidery on a pillow on my bed. What the? She’s a weirdo. I have no doubt that she’d be up a tree and on the roof as well, if i allowed her to go outside. Luckily, she wants nothing to do with that.

    Poor Iris! I hope as time goes by, she’ll forget about that terrible day with the awful dogs.


  4. June, the ridiculous Wildfire song has been in my head ALL DAY, and I will now express my gratitude by saying Oh Mickey, you’re so fine. You’re so fine you blow my mind. Hey, Mickey! Hey, Mickey!


  5. When someone referred to SD as a panther, I immediately thought “SD’s a Carolina Panther”, and then I realized that June will never get the reference because it’s a sportsing thing.
    I love how your new bl…website lets you make round pictures too – the SD collage is fabulous.
    We don’t have lightning bugs here in Colorado, maybe it’s an altitude thing like fleas, which we also don’t have. But I have memories of catching them (lightning bugs, not fleas) at night in Illinois and keeping them in the jars and the next morning they’d all be dead. Good times.
    Lovely post June. I love your sparkly glasses. And am envious of your unlined face. You look like a kid.


  6. Until my 20s, the only fireflies I had ever seen were the fake ones in the bayou on Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland. Then I went to Iowa for a wedding and when I saw flickering lights in the air, I honestly thought I was having an acid flashback until my cousin said it was just fireflies. And then I was all, NO WAY! And he was all, WAY!

    Oh, that Steely Dan. You know when the thunder was thundering and the lightning was flashing and Iris was stressing, SD was probably saying, “Come at me, bro” because that’s how he rolls.

    Poor Edsel. He looks so, well, emo. He can’t help it that he has more issues than People magazine.

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  7. For me, fireflies are a mythical creature. I have only seen them in real life once when I was a kid. I am jealous of people that get to experience them regularly.


    1. I thought lightning bugs (that’s what we call them here in the Midwest) were everywhere, so it floors me that some people have never seen them!

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      1. I never saw them while growing up in Florida and was amazed to see them when visiting the Midwest. Now that I live in northern Georgia, I’m happy to say that we have them here each summer.


        1. Never in California. One of the only things I miss about living near Chicago.


  8. There’s a faithful reader on Facebook who’s annoyed with me for putting Wildfire in her head, and you should all know I will never say that word that starts with “e” and ends in “worm,” but anyway, I’ve come up with a fantastic idea. If you are my FB friend and I know you are a faithful reader, I plan to pick people randomly from here on out and put a line from a horrific song on your wall. So, like, you’ll be minding your own business and one day June will go on your wall and write, “Karma karma karma karma karma chamelion. You come and go. You come and goooooo.”

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    1. You could start with Sadie, who has probably ruined my afternoon with I’m not Lisa or Anonymous or Julie or whoever.


    2. So glad I am not on FB, getting a song stuck in my head has happened to me more and more lately, someone says something that reminds me of a song and I am tormented for the day. Think this has anything to do with getting older as it used to never happen to me?


      1. I once worked for a lady who had committed herself because she could not get the song “Ebony and Ivory” out of her head. One time she came in, and somebody had turned the radio on. She went berserk running toward the radio abruptly turning it off. So scared she would hear that song, it was decreed that we were never to turn on the radio. I was a smartass teenager ( hello, who is dating herself here? ) and more than once resisted the temptation to hum that song around her.


    3. They say we’re young and we don’t know
      We won’t find out untiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilil we grow
      Well I don’t know if all that’s true
      ‘Cause you got me, and baby I got youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
      I got you babe
      I got you babe

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  9. What do you do to relax? Something is always happening. Since you just give us a small glimpse into your life, it must be really busy in Junelandia.
    Great photos , brings the story to life.

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  10. Your pictures of Steely Dan are really beautiful. We can’t complain about your photography skills anymore. Thanks for the video of the lightning bugs ( said with a southern drawl because that’s the only thing I’ve ever called them). You look beautiful! Thanks for making me laugh every day!

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    1. We did too, and we would catch them and put them in a mayonnaise jar (minus the mayo) and punch holes in the top and put grass in the jar with them. They made our hands smell really bad, but we didn’t care.

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  11. P.P.S. ohboy, to clarify, the photo with you wearing glasses and you hair is in a bun, that’s the Ned Kiddy expression. ..not the photo where your hair is the curly cute normal look.

    …..”Normal?” yikes, now I know how a guy feels when I ask “Do these jeans make my butt look wide….?”


  12. June, in the photo of you with the shower curtain behind you…. well your expression reminds me of Ned Kitty.


  13. I love fireflies! We have a few here but the last 2 days have been too stormy for them. Hoping to catch a show this weekend. June, your pictures are lovely lately, what is the secret? My cat panted some when he was a kitten but we thought it was because he was acting like he had been raised with dogs. He fetched, followed us around like a dog and just generally acted more dog like than cat like. Maybe that is why he doesn’t like other cats.


  14. Love the fireflies! At my old house that was kinda out in the country, it looked like the entire yard was sparkling . Unfortunately mixed in were fifty thousand mosquitoes so the only way to enjoy it was to get in my car, drive in the middle of the pasture and look out from the car.


  15. Poor Iris. My middle cat, Pumpkin, is terrified of storms. Of course she is terrified whenever someone sneezes, so there’s that. You got to see Rifftrax!!!


  16. I’ve spent the last 10 minutes trying to remember the name of that stupid horse. Yes, I know I could Google the lyric, but – dammit – I’m old school. Also, I’m just plain old, and I need to be able to reassure myself that I’m not developing Alzheimers yet.

    Wildfire, that’s it. She ran calling Wildfire. I always hated that song.


  17. Love the photos. Steely Dan of the Panther Dans, Edsel, fireflies, The Poet, storm clouds and June’s before and after. In your after photo, it looks like an alien’s hand is reaching out from your shower curtain to grab you. Hope sweet Edsel will be okay.


  18. My heart broke for Iris and I hope the vet can help Edsel. So sorry about the migraine!

    Lovely post, pretty June.


  19. Oh, I feel bad for Iris. And Eds. But I love the last picture of Edsel with his chin on the chair. I hope you’re over your migraine, now and forever.


  20. P. S. Poor Iris. I had no idea panting was a sign of fear in cats. My cat was panting when I let her out of the carrier when we returned from the vet, I just thought it was from all the meowing and carrying on.


  21. Beautiful photo, the after one. That Flagyl is wicked stuff, I hope poor Edz doesn’t have to take it. I hope you are feeling much better today.


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