Howard’s Head

In a lifetime of ridiculous days, yesterday was among the ridiculousest. Oh, did I have a migraine. Good gravy. Woke up with it, which is the worst; often there’s nothing you can do about those because they’ve been raging for awhile and drugs won’t work.

Not that I didn’t try drugs, but guess what. I had half a pill left. I took it about about 5 a.m., and at 7:00 when it was still RAGING IN MY DAMN HEAD, I called Ned.

Look, he’s literally 4 minutes away. And he’s the only person I know who could come late to work and not get in trouble, cause he’s the boss. He’s Ned Springsteen.

“Ned, I have a terrible migraine and I’m out of pills,” I moaned.

“Oh, no. What can I do?” he asked. If ever a phrase has been uttered to me by Ned, it’s “Oh, no, what can I do.” That phrase has been thoroughly covered, as he enjoys a crisis and I always seem to have one.

{I’d like to interject here with the following. I fed Steely Dan his breakfast in the back room, where incidentally he has destroyed the blinds


and now that he’s dined, he has the following to say to me in there: meow. meow. meow. meow. meow. meow. me–OH MY GOD. Let’s go get his punk ass…


I really need to paint this door.


blur cat


It about tyme.


So, Ned got here right after 9:00 when the damn pharmacy opened. “I was there when they opened the gate,” he said, and as I took a pill I wasn’t even sure I could keep down. Let me tell you what. They’ve given me these nausea pills that chemo patients take, and I hope it works for them because it sure as hell doesn’t work for me. Those pills do zilch.

So, all day I had the horrible pain with the nausea and the racing thoughts–does anyone else get the racing thoughts? And you can imagine Edsel, with the rosary beads and the prayer circle. Oh my god, he was concerned.

I eventually kept the bedroom door open, so often was I rushing to the bathroom, and eventually this lead to the cats wandering in, but you know who wasn’t so bad? Steely Dan. He stayed with me the most consistently, I mean other than Edsel, who was never more than an inch from me, ever. But SD just slept nearby, usually on his back with his head upside-down as cats do.

Every once in awhile in my agony I’d look at him and say, “What a lovely cat” and then commence to agonizing again.

And here’s another thing. People need to leave me the hell alone. Seriously, what have we done to ourselves with email and social media being a thing? I had EIGHTY-SIX emails when I checked at, like, 2:30, finally, and then 50 more when I checked again at night.

Plus also I had 53 notices on Facebook, and why does Facebook have to differentiate between telling me I got a thumbs-up and a laughy face on the same post? I don’t NEED to know specifically which emoji I received. Jesus.

So that was overwhelming. And I felt so great, so thanks for all the pressure, world.

Anyway, I’m not 100% today, but I’m going to work, as I have this PowerPoint to proof. Positively. I’m a little worried that my migraine will come back if I do something sort of intense like proofread, but what are you gonna do?

And by the way, Ned was supposed to go to Wilmington first thing yesterday, and he had to call there and say he had a small emergency and that he’d be late. So now my migraines are inconveniencing people across the state.

I’d better go. I’d better go to work and pray I don’t get a recurrence.

In migraine’s grip,


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34 thoughts on “Howard’s Head”

  1. Hi June,
    I am sorry I have been absent, the end of the semester is always so crazy. I am so sorry that your head has been so hurty lately. I have been reading along as a reward, I just haven’t been commenting. Ned gets points for getting you your medicine. And Edsel and SD get points for care-giving. I hope you are feeling better today. I am excited about your new bl…website!


  2. Phenegan is what they give me, but honestly nothing works as good as a little hooch.
    So sorry you have a migraine in the membrane. I am so glad you have Edz and SD to look after you and Ned to be there in a pinch.


  3. Those blinds totally had it coming. Eff ’em.

    Hope today is better. Lovely post June.


  4. I call the racing thoughts hamster brain. Round and round and going nowhere. I’m with everyone else on the Nedz and Edz front. Kind of related, do you think maybe Edsel is depressed and anxious because you are? I’ve always found emotions very contagious.


  5. I thought I needed to repaint some doors, but first I used the Magic Sponge Eraser on them…they looked good as new, no painting necessary after all.
    I hope today passes quickly and without incident so you can get back to sleep and feeling better.


  6. This sounds completely awful. I’ve never even had a headache bad enough to make me miss work. Oh, except that time I had food poisoning, but there are other issues that go along with that so it wasn’t strictly the headache.

    Every time you write about this I wonder how on earth do folks without good job benefits, i.e., flex time, sick time, etc. manage? When the migraines are so awful they have to miss work, do they just go unpaid?


    1. That makes at least two of us. Hulk, I just realized it’s May. Did you change planes in Atlanta in April and we missed you? Or, at least, I did.


  7. There really is no better comfort than a pet’s love and presence nearby, is there? Two thumbs up for Ned for being ready and willing to retrieve pills. I have this mental image of Edsel pulling the rosary beads through his toes as he progresses. I bet he’s focused on the sorrowful mysteries.


  8. Hope you’re feeling better today. Thank God for Ned and Edsel. As soon as you mentioned proofreading, before you even said it, I wondered if said proofing would cause your headache to return. In the paint-needing door photo, is that your aura at the top? And furthermore, I too have been prescribed the pills chemo patients receive for nausea. Nada. Nothing at all. I sincerely hope they work better for them.


  9. mmm..migraines suck. i hope that damn study provides something for you. i don’t worry about you until 4 or 5 days of no social media-ing. otherwise, i know someone somewhere is clutching their pearls and praying.

    still drastically in love with SD.


  10. My heart hurts for you. I had the racing thoughts just once as a side effect of a medication I never took again. It was like being in hell.


  11. I’m so sorry that you feel so lousy. Hopefully, the meds will make it all eventually go away. I can’t imagine having your head hurt continuously like that.

    Hey, maybe Edz has prayer warriors! Tell him to hook you up.

    Ned is a good friend. There’s something to be said for a friend who loves you (in his own way), and is always the one you can count on. My ex has always been an excellent best friend like that and I love him for that. Not so much as a husband.

    I took Zofran to try and counteract the side effects of Tamoxifen, which I took for my breast cancer. It was making me all dizzy and pukey, but it works so well in trying to prevent recurrence of breast cancer in high-risk women, that the Oncologist was trying to keep me on it. Well, Zofran did absolutely squat for me, too. Took it for months and it didn’t ever work. I guess it’s either all in or all out (literally) for people.


    1. SD does look like a little panther. I love how his tail is in a question mark. My grey badass always has her tail curled too, but the opposite way, pointing toward her head like a squirrel. She has a fluffy tail, and it looks like her own personal umbrella over her back. When I got her as a kitten, she was only about 8 weeks old, but her tail was so fluffy and long, that it curled up and over her back and past her head! That girl was all tail.


    2. I’m taking Tamoxifen and the Zofran does diddly squat. But the Neulasta works wonders! But I don’t know if they’d prescribe that for someone who’s not doing chemo.

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      1. Oooh Anne, I hope everything’s going well for you. I ended up going off of Tamoxifen – took it for 2 years and did pretty well, and all of the sudden, struggled with it for almost a 3rd year and had horrible side effects. Some people can take it and have no problem at all.

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  12. Thank god for Ned and Edsel. I really hope you get some relief today and that the world leaves you alone so you can get some rest.


    1. When I read your comment, I read “Ned and Edsel” as “Nedsel.” Now I can’t un-see it.


  13. For some reason, I heard this song in my head after reading your post:
    When I find myself in times of trouble
    Mother Mary comes to me
    Speaking words of wisdom
    Let it be

    And if Mother Mary is busy, she sends Edsel and SD to watch over you. Hope you feel better today.


  14. Clearly Edsel believes in the power of prayer, yet he would never ask the neighbor pets to pray for his vague needs. Heeee!
    You’ve had quite a run of headaches lately. Your poor brain is not happy for some reason. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have headaches all the time. I feel so terrible for you.


  15. So glad you have a good circle, both human and feline that will come through when you’re feeling your worst. That’s (mostly) more important than the better times. Here’s hoping there’s no recurrence today!

    Lovely post, pretty Joon.


  16. Yes to the racing thoughts question. Never heard them mentioned before. I get them with a fever too. Feel better soon.


  17. I’m so sorry about those horrible headaches. Our doctor friend told my husband when he had migraines the secret was to sleep so he gave him drugs to knock him out, but he always had a hangover the following day. I hope you feel better today. SD is a great cat. Edz with the rosary and the prayer circle, cracked me up!


  18. Edz with the rasary beads and prayer circle. I’m dead.
    I wondered but I knew you would appear when you were ready. I hate being bothered when I am sick and miserable too.
    I am so sorry you are feeling so awful. Ned the friend indeed came through again. He is a good soul in that way.
    The boy pets are the best nurses!


  19. I could psychically feel your pain through your words. Just terrible.

    Is it Zofran they gave you for nausea? That stuff is powerful…and very expensive.

    SD is such a pretty kitty.

    Feel better today!


  20. Eh, I am sure Ned was just using his position to get out the trip. If it was really an inconvenience, I think he would have given you the pills and left. I think SD is a panther. A silver panther. Does he have really soft fur like a bunny? Good luck proofing today. I hope you feel better. I’m enjoying the live posts on Facebook and I enjoyed this similar walk through your house via photos. Now I feel like a stalkerrrrrr.

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  21. I’d murmur sympathetically and give you an encouraging hug, but a) that’d just irk you worse, and b) you probably don’t have the energy to snarl and deflect.


  22. I hate knowing that you have such pain. Yay for Ned for coming through. I mean that dude really is a great friend to you. I picture sweet Edsel on mommy watch, as you know he knows when you are in such agony. What a sweet and loving boy he is. I hope your day transforms into one where no threat of return migraine looms, and that you find yourself feeling very well. Lovely day to you, lovely June.


  23. I feel just horrible for you when this happens. Thank goodness for good friend… Ned. I do hope they can study your head enough to figure out what’s wrong with it. Wait, that’s not right.

    Steely Dan is a real cat’s cat. He’s a gorgeous creature. He lives the life, doesn’t he?


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