Ask June Anything Day

I spent much of last night working on my statistics textbook, and I am doing so again today. I can't even remember what I charge these people, but I keep adding up what I at least must be making so far, as I used to when I was babysitting. Fortunately, it's more than a dollar an hour for proofing a (riveting) statistics textbook.

By the way, so far I've looked at the book for four hours and haven't read one page. You know people who say, "Oh, a proofreader! I love to read!" Yeah. This book is 500 pages. So far…

  • I've looked at each individual page number to make sure they're all there.
  • I've looked at each chapter in the table of contents and made sure it's exactly the same as the chapter titles on the real pages–capitalization, spelling, punctuation.
  • I've also made sure the TOC are accurate. If the TOC says Chapter 7 is on page 54, is it really on page 53?
  • Then I made sure each new chapter was on an odd-numbered page.
  • Then I looked at each chapter heading and made sure they all looked exactly the same–same size, same font, same placement on the page.
  • Then I did the same for all the tables in the book. Same rule sizes, same italicizing.

That took four hours.

Proofreading. Because you love to read.

So because you know how I am and how I will be willing and able to waste SIX MONTHS blogging today, Ima go. Today only, we'll have Ask June Anything day. Between now and this evening, my time, whenever I feel like coming back and saying time's up, I will read and then answer any and all Qs and honestly as I can. Even mean ones.

Since four people read this on Saturday, I'm not that worried about it.


Chi-square June (that's a statistics thing. I have no idea what it is, but I see that word constantly in these books. I figure it's a square where you can drink tea)

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