Anniversary of dating the second time

Today I made Marvin go to a plantation to celebrate our anniversary of dating the second time.

Don’t worry. He gets just as confused by that whole dating-the-second-time thing.

See, we dated the FIRST time on May 27, 1986. But then we broke up. We started dating again on October 11, 1996. So we have to celebrate on May 27 and on October 11 each year, plus also too in July for our wedding anniversary.

Who hates me and my idiot savant memory of dates? Is it Marv?

I asked him last week if he’d like to go to Chinqua-Penn mansion with me on our dating anniversary, and he said sure. Then this weekend I said, “Are we still going to Chinqua-Penn on Sunday?” and he said, “Sure. …Unless you want to go somewhere else.”

Okay, don’t you hate it when someone does that to you? Why not just say “No, I don’t really want to go”? “Unless you want to go somewhere else.” Irritating. After tersely discussing any other stupid, stupid, asinine place we could go, somehow we ended up going there anyway. I am unsure why. Perhaps I became frightening.

Dragged Happy Marvin, on his way to the mansion. Woo! So pleased he took up with me 13 years ago today.

Chinqua-Penn is lovely. It was built between 1926 and 1929 by some rich rich rich tobacco guy. Not that he was a guy made of tobacco. But tobacco made him. And yes, I realize I should not be off celebrating tobacco money, seeing as half my family smoked like chimneys and they all died of smoking-related causes. What can I tell you? It’s really pretty there.

Marvingoof What I enjoy is the part where Marvin simply must fool around in every shot. Also, too, the part where he brought a coat and I did not and then I was cold and had to wear his coat? Happens every.single.time. we go anywhere.

Water Sighhhhh.

They wouldn’t let us take pictures inside, which is a shame, because the house is 35,000 square feet and each room has a little theme going on and the house has 13 bathrooms. Something tells me the lady of the house never had to clean any of them, ever.

Arf The couple had no kids, but 15 dogs. Gee, I have no idea what that’s like. Except for the part where they could afford to have that many dogs.

Downwarddog Sighhhhhh. Part deux.

Haha After we saw the house, we toured the grounds, which include several greenhouses, a winery, peacocks, a pagoda, and several other things neither you nor I have on our grounds. I tried to look like I was laughing at the ha-ha wall but instead I look like maybe I have food poisoning.

Hitch You can even get hitched here. I’m serious. They have weddings at this place. Planning ahead! Second marriage!

Halfhead At some point in the day I tried to take our picture by myself. And can I just reiterate I am a professional photographer’s daughter? Can I mention again how he tries not to admit he’s related to me?

Squinthead Marvin trying to squint his way into the frame.

Kilroyhead Okay, seriously. Kilroy was here. A photographer wasn’t.

Myhead Oh, forget it.

Afterward, we went to dinner at an Italian place in our neighborhood.

Salad Marvin is obsessed with sweet tea since we moved here. Blech.

Madman This guy was sitting right outside our window, and I took his picture because he is sitting just like the beginning of Mad Men. He’s even holding a cigarette but you can’t tell. Because did I mention I’m quite the photographer?


Thanks for coming along on our celebration of dating the second time. Marvin has half a mind to make you leave now.

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