We admitted we were powerless

Before I talk about my hair, which I'm sure you're thrilled I'm going to discuss again, let's talk about tonight's Martha Washington/Ma Ingalls/Annie Oakley evening I had, over here.

I got home from work and Marvin was already home, pleased as punch with himself as he always is. I stampeded to the refrigerator, as I am wont to do, like I am one of the Brady Bunch kids. I always look for that small chalkboard near the fridge to see if we need apples. Remember how the Bradys had that chalkboard? And it always had benign grocery-list items like "apples." It was never anything controversial like Neosynephrine or Glade.

I opened the fridge, and the little man who turns the light on in our ice box, as my gramma would call it, must have had the day off. "The light in our fridge is out," I told Marvin.

"Yeah, I saw that," he said. Helpfully.

Then I grabbed the remote so I wouldn't miss a minute of TMZ, cause I like to catch up on the news when I get home, and the remote didn't work either.

"The remote's broken!" I crabbed.

"Yeah, I know," said Marvin. Helpfully.

Turns out? All the power was out in every house on our block. And Marvin KNEW this, he just wanted to see my reaction to everything in life not working. Scientific question number one: how annoying is Marvin? (Does anyone remember when I asked that months ago, about how he gets up at 5:00 but waits till he hears MY alarm go off at 6:00 and then he DASHES into the bathroom? Yeah.)

Did you ever know that you need power to 1. Watch TV, 2. Use the computer, 3. Call anyone, 4. Have lights, 5. Cook anything in the microwave, which is the only way I cook and 6. Air-condition your house?

I mean, there was NOTHING TO DO. NOTHing. You can imagine what Marvin suggested we do, with no air conditioning and 98% humidity, but the bloom is off THAT rose, particularly when someone snortles until his wife figures out there is no power in the house.

So we discussed Man Men again, which was FABULOUS and you all need to go out and rent years one and two so I can discuss it ad nauseum on this blog. Then Marvin read excerpts from the book Mortified, which is hilarious.

Finally, we tried to get Tallulah to jump through a hoop. Cause I finally found a hula-hoop in a store, for $3.20.


Please also take time to enjoy the 48 inches of my backside, which gets exposed every time I bend over, because have I mentioned how I am enjoying this trend of low-rise pants? Not annoying at all.

At any rate, I held treats on the other side, and she JUMPED through the hoop on her second try! Then on her third? She got her feets tangled up in the hoop and now she's afraid of it.

I hate everything.

But as you can see from this picture, not only do I need to do something with this lawn, stat, but my straightener has continued to work.  Many of you wrote in and asked if it lasted beyond Sunday, when I did all that work straightening it. First of all, have you met my hair? I could go 20 weeks without washing it and it wouldn't look dirty. Plus also too, there's no way I'd spend that much time on it if it was only gonna last the day.

So, yeah. It's still straight-ish. Here is my hair now, after having been forced to live without air conditioning for the last four hours:


Oh! And I almost forgot to tell you that on the way to work today? A man in the next car beeped at me and said, "Wooo!" to me.

Really! "Wooo!" That's what he said. That paid for the CHI, right there. I immediately got on the horn to Marvin to tell him this stunning fact, and he said, "Did he like your car?"

Did he like my car.

And he wonders why I don't get all amorous during a blackout.

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