A photo essay of a spectacularly uninteresting day

As promised, here is my day. In photos. A day where nothing happened, so thank heavens I captured it on film.


I kept the camera next to my bed last night, so that when I woke up I could begin taking photos immediately. I want you to know I couldn't actually SEE the time from my bed, with my fine eyes, so the out-of-focus photo is kind of fitting. And let me tell you what. You did not catch me waking up at no 7:03 back when I was a whippersnapper. No sir. The only time I was up at 7 on a Saturday was when I hadn't gone to bed yet.


As usual, I woke up after Marvin, who was already out sowing the plow or whatever Amish thing he does when he gets up at his ridiculous hours. But my Talu was there, as she always is.


Sometimes Henry is sleeping with us too, but today he was on the floor. I am sorry you have to see Marvin's underthings. Which leads me to what I did once I hauled myself out of bed.


You know, I am not home a lot during the week. Or, if I AM home, I am asleep. You can imagine how charming and not at all messy the house gets during the week.


Mmm-hmm! Martha Stewart recommends adding the Pringles can to your coffee table. And what living room tableau would be complete without the lint roller? And do you think Marvin is really standing there, but he's invisible except for his shoes?




I had a lot of work ahead of me. And when I took this photo, I knew Tallulah was in it, but it wasn't till I put this up here that I noticed little Hen, hidin' in the laundry.


I commenced to cleaning, fortified with seventeen cups of black coffee. When I went in to make the bed, I felt bad I was gonna have to kick Winston off.


And then I noticed he had a partner in crime.


While I cleaned and slaved, I had a few choice words for active Marvin, over there, who was (sit down) watching some kind of documentary on how to play guitar. Marvin has known how to play guitar since he's 12. How was this documentary necessary in life. So, to distract me, he made me sit down for a minute and pick which musician I'd do.


I picked this Rod Stewart-y lookalike. Hey, you should have seen my I-heart-the-'90s-in-my-mom-jeans choices.


Finally, Marvin left to get my oil changed. I lived 15 years on my own as a single adult, and supposedly I took care of my car that whole time, but now if Marvin dropped dead my car would too, because I pay no attention to things like Hey, it's time to change the oil! He just automatically took over that stuff and who am I to stop him?



Yay. I know. I gotta move the table back. Shut up.


Yay again.


Sort of yay. I had lie-flat-to-dry things that had to go SOMEWHERE.


Here is what Tallulah did after I showered and asked her, "Want to go for a walk?" Her head whipped around three times, like an owl or a corkscrew or Regan from The Exorcist. Did she want to go for a walk. Does the Pope stand up in his car?


So, walk we did.


Marvin returned my oily car and I ran several pressing errands.




Yes, I did do turquoise and magenta nails. I'm festive. ENJOY MY NAILS. THEY'RE FESTIVE. BUB.


Then, Marvin and I decided to take Tallulah downtown. We like to walk around downtown, as there is a lot of cool stuff. Including a fountain. That, you know, squirts over your head. Which Tallulah did not enjoy. And then children came to pet her.

Did you ever see the Willy Wonka with Johnny Depp in it? The way he was around kids is kind of how Lu is. She kind of feels like, ewww. See her revulsion to these poor kids who just wanted to say hello to us and my festive toes?

She did finally let them pet her, but it was more a close-your-eyes-and-think-of-England kind of a pet.


Fortunately, daddy shared his disgusting green apple icy with her to cheer her up. Remember how Lucy used to get all freaked out when Snoopy kissed her, and she'd scream for iodine? I think that is how Tallulah felt about the innocent children touching her. Except her iodine was disgusting green apple ice.


Finally, we went to the grocery store and got stuff to make nachos. We are going to watch Rachel Getting Married tonight, and that will about wrap it up.


Some of us are already prepared to call it a day.

Several commenters said they'd capture their lives on film today, too. I hope they did something more compelling, like a huge extramarital affair we can all watch, or at least a bank robbery or something.

Go see if they really did it. Give them crap if they didn't.

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40 thoughts on “A photo essay of a spectacularly uninteresting day”

  1. Okay, I came in a little late on the day on pictures thing. I did mine before I even saw yours. But OMG, I think you.are.me. We did almost the same things! (I went for a wax, too, but didn’t show it. lol) It was great fun, thanks for the suggestion!


  2. June, you’ve outdone the funny! But the picture of perturbed Marvin takes the cake!! Thank GAWD you didn’t have a Brazillian wax on your to-do list today! That would have been um, interesting to ask her to snap a few photos, for your blog post!


  3. Oh, and my day yesterday? I spent it patrolling all the wood surfaces in my apartment….
    Sylvia of the Issues


  4. OK, June, I’m not polite like Amy with her “You need a drying rack btw.”
    I’m HORRIFIED that you would put a wet sweater/towel on a wood table! Do you hate the table that much? Is this a way to con Marvin into buying a new dining set? “Oh, honey, this table is so gross–we need a new one.” Do you like how the bottom of the towel will likely have varnish gunk on it?
    Do you think I have “issues”?


  5. Thanks for doing your “a day in the life” post, and for forcing your friends to do one too. What’s next in your itinerary?


  6. I feel closer to you now. Plus the pictures of your house and neighborhood really helped me plan my stalking trip. Next time it won’t be just Henry hiding in the laundry!
    Someone else


  7. I really enjoyed your day in pictures! I think you should make this a regular Saturday thing. Photos of Lula and Hen Hen are just TOO adorable!
    My dogs adore children! It’s sort of ridiculous! They love little dogs even more. There is this tiny TINY little sweet chihuahua that lives up the street named Keo. Sadie gives her kisses while madly wagging all the while! It’s so cute!
    So, I don’t have a blog, but had an exciting Saturday. It involved our boat (gasp!) and lobsters! I know you’re shocked, June!


  8. I have those same pajama pants! I love them!
    I was going to do my day in pictures yesterday, but I completely forgot. ‘Cause I suck. It was a moderately interesting day, too, there was beer pong till 2 am (which I haven’t done since college, and barely survived … 2 am is WAY past my bedtime).


  9. An onion candle is when the chef slices the onion and then stacks it up and pours oil in it and sets it on fire. He said it was a candle for my dad’s birthday 🙂


  10. I liked Lula playing in the fountain with the kids, even if she didn’t like it. I’m sure the green apple ice? made up for everything.
    I’m going to do my post, I swear. I have the pictures, I just haven’t done anything else yet. I’m doing it right now, stop pressuring me! Sheesh.


  11. I have not seen so many photos of women’s painted toes since, er, forever. Is this how one develops a fetish? Or have I been excluded from the Saturday morning toe painting memo YET AGAIN?


  12. I have not seen so many photos of women’s painted toes since, er, forever. Is this how one develops a fetish? Or have I been excluded from the Saturday morning toe painting memo YET AGAIN?


  13. I have not seen so many photos of women’s painted toes since, er, forever. Is this how one develops a fetish? Or have I been excluded from the Saturday morning toe painting memo YET AGAIN?


  14. Damn I forgot about the day in the life thing…brain dead on the weekends. I will start it right now, it’s only 8 a.m..


  15. My favorite picture is the one with Henry hiding in the laundry. Well, no, it’s hard to pick a favorite, the clean sink is also a-mazing. By the way, June, my husband and I just lived out a 21st century version of your fantasy. Not THAT one, the one where we found someone’s digital camera and looked at about 200 pictures of total strangers on vacation, practicing their golf swings, playing on boats, and a picture of a Porsche’s license plate. You’re jealous, I know. And also of the knock-off Coach purse the camera was found in.


  16. I have a Xanga site. Maybe I will do this there and then you can post the link. But I think you have to join Xanga to look at the page. I don’t really remember. I have it for too long.
    Here is my Saturday sans photos…
    8:30am Up and into the shower. Dress, apply make-up and am happy that I do not have to dry my hair since I am getting a haircut today.
    9:20am Go downstairs. Hubby is asleep on chair with baby. Two older children asleep in bedroom. Grab my purse and keys and head to the grocery.
    9:30am Arrive grocery, proceed to shop for, pay for and pack groceries.
    10:10am Leave first grocery to go to Wal-Mart for various things.
    10:20am Arrive Wal-Mart and enter with high hopes of getting the few things I need and getting the hell out of dodge.
    10:55am Get into the shortest line at the Wal-Mart that is JAM PACKED.
    11:00am Realize with utmost horror that I have picked the wrong line. The woman in front of me is t a k i n g h e r s w e e t t i m e l o a d i n g h e r s t u f f o n t h e b e l t. I want to cut her.
    11:10am Contemplate the possibility of life without parole as I realize the cashier is as s l o w as the woman in front of me. Imagine maiming them in several s l o w ways.
    11:30am Escape hell and call hubby. Tell him I’m on my way with groceries and have to bust tail to make it to hair appointment.
    11:40am Arrive home. Carry in groceries, hug, kiss and say hello to all.
    11:45am Pee
    11:50am Leave for hair appointment.
    12 noon. Arrive hair appointment. Aaahhh.
    1:15 pm Leave salon and head to Babies R Us.
    1:30pm Arrive at Babies R Us and buy formula, diapers and wipes. Check out and confirm that I could have flown to Hawaii, twice, with the amount of money I have just spent.
    1:40 pm Momma needs a pedicure. Aahhh!!!
    2:35pm Go home.
    3pm-5pm Clean bathroom closet. (It’s an old house. The bathroom closet is bigger than my pantry.) Organize, rearrange and toss out stuff.
    5pm-6pm Play with children. Listen to the crabbing from the older two who just had tonsilectomies and are suffering from cabin fever.
    6:30p Dinner
    7:30p Bath time for baby.
    8p Start making older children get ready for shower. Start the nightly “I WON’T GIVE UP!!!” fight with defiant 10 month old who HATES to sleep suddenly.
    9pm Baby down for the first time.
    9:15pm Watch older children and hubby play Wii but I am really rereading The Time Traveler’s Wife to prepare for movie opening 8/14.
    9:30pm Get talked into playing a game of Skipbo.
    10pm Baby awakens.
    11:15pm Skipbo ends and baby is back in crib again, let’s cross fingers that it’s for the night.
    11:30pm Eat bowl of ice cream
    11:40pm Realize the PO-lice are at neighbor’s house. Some sort of domestic thing. Go out on porch to gawk.
    11:45pm Other neighbor calls to see if I am gawking at the PO-lice at the neighbors house.
    12am Continue to watch Melrose Place next door. Read The Time Traveler’s Wife during lulls in the action.
    12:15am All the Po-lice leave. (In total, four different squads, a cop SUV and then the big cop van. Not all at the same time.) Neighbor lady leaves. Then comes back. I’m not sure what the sam hill is going on over there.
    12:20am Decide to see if June has posted pictures of her day.
    12:25am to present Write out all the boring details of my day. Photos of all the PO-lice would have made it better. Pictures of me in my cherry blossom pj pants and pleasant blouse that I have been wearing all day out on the front porch gawking at the spectacle next door would have taken it right over the top.
    12:55am Going to wash face, bruch teeth and fall into bed and read more of my book.


  17. I’m a little late (what’s new?) but mine is up too. It was fun. I did not post the picture of the lady with “man-hands” holding her cigarette out the window. I know you’re disappointed.


  18. There. My pictures are posted now. Though, I didn’t take very many. I’m going to try again tomorrow though, because I’m no quitter! Have a happy Sunday!


  19. Be sure that you keep up with socializing Miss Tallulah. Don’t allow her to act freaked out at kids. Don’t even think about it if you see kids who want to pet her-just let them pet and remain calm, if you don’t it could turn into a real big issue. I like your pedi colors, I’ve never mixed it up like that my self but I just might the next time I do them.


  20. Awww geez June that was lovely. I do have two pressing questions for you ..
    Numero uno .. Does anyone in the family play the piano?
    Numero two-oh .. I don’t know what two is in Spanish? it is Spanish isn’t it .. no .. that wasn’t my second question .. this is .. does anyone in the family read the open book on the stand in the lounge room? I have visions of Marvin standing at the book wearing his best suit reading to you and the critters on Sunday nights. Riveting I’m sure.


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