June. The month. The blogger.

I read BarryGibb.com today to see what Barry had to say about Michael Jackson. They were friends, you know. In fact, Michael Jackson was the godfather of one of Barry Gibb's kids.  Which Barry Gibb mentioned on his site, and I am afraid he capitalized "godfather." The spelling and grammar on his site make me think that some day I will get over him. Even though I have loved him since 1978.

I really do think his son types the posts, but I do not understand why Barry Gibb doesn't proofread them. Then again, he probably wonders why I don't write fabulously successful songs and become a millionaire with impressive body hair. So there you go.

Barry Gibb aside, I do have something exciting to show you.

Faithful Reader Katie is on the pill. This is not gossip-about-Faithful-Readers time here at Bye Bye, Pie, although I am starting to think that would be a lovely segment to add to this site, don't you? If you have any really good guff on another reader, click my "I have guff" button at right.

See what you did there? You assumed I'd know how to make a button again, didn't you?

Getting back to Katie and her birth control, every month Katie decorates her pills so that she will notice them and remember to take them. I am not saying she takes a tiny pen and decorates each pill, because that would be insane. She would be like that guy who writes your name on a piece of rice down at Santa Monica pier. I always wondered what tourist would shell out for that, because, why? Why is this necessary in life? On your deathbed, do you think, "At least I got my name written on a piece of rice." What if your name WERE Rice? How redundant.

Do I take longer to tell a story than anyone you know?

So, when Katie decorated her pill box for June, she told me every time she looked at it, she thought of me. Which is kind of lovely and inappropriate at the same time. Naturally, I told her to send it right to me, once she was done with her course of pills. I did not want to mess up her cycle just so I could have the box right away. Okay, I kind of did.

Attached, please enjoy the beautifully decorated pill box, celebrating June. The month and the blogger.


She did a nice job, didn't she? So HAPPY. She did point out to me that her clouds in the middle there look like a bunny perhaps violating an alligator. And now that she's said that I can't UNsee it, you know?

I tried to pose with my namesake pills, but to no avail.


Here the flash ruined your viewing of the pills. And I'd like to remind you this room is Marvin's area, and the clutteriness make me tense, but I can do nothing. Also, you get a nice view of my Better Homes and Gardens vintage calendar, which if you have read for awhile you know I am Barry-Gibb-level obsessed with.

Once this girl in the dorm came into my dorm room, and she said, "Omygod, this room is, like, from Better Dorms and Gardens." For some reason I have never forgotten that.

At any rate, like Winston Churchill I never, never, never gave up.


Seriously, every time I look at this picture, I am overcome with the giggles. LOOK at that hangdog expression! It's not a MUG SHOT, June. Lighten up. I also like my little puff of hair next to my glasses.

And that is all I have to say about that. Except if anyone else wants to send me their old birth control, you know I am all over it.

I leave you with Obligatory Henry Shot (OHS), and Faithful Reader Nancy said that since she voted for me in that contest that is NOW OVER, she thinks as a reward she should get TWO OHS.

So, here we go. Henry vacillates between just hangin'…


And actin' the fool. Today I caught him jumping at the curtain thingy. And before you have a fit, (a) there are no loops in it and (2) he can't get in this room during the day.


Do you have any idea how hard it is to capture a cat's jump when Methuselah called and wants her camera back? When molasses called, thinks the camera is too slow?


I took nine million pictures of old Jack Be Nimble, over there.


Till I finally got the shot I was aching for. He did this for a solid half hour. It must be nice to be four months old and full of the beans.

So, hey, thanks for voting for me, you guys! I ended up in the top five, which means they are deciding right now whether I'm funny or not.

Ack! Hi! Take my wife, please! Horse walks into the bar and the bartender says, Why the long face? Hello my baby hello my darlin' hello my ragtime gal!!! Funny! Right here! Hi! Funny!

Okay, whatev.

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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

32 thoughts on “June. The month. The blogger.”

  1. Okay, now I cannot stop wondering if author Anne Rice has her name written on a grain of rice. But just the “Anne” part. Get it? Anne rice… *snort*


  2. I always use Godfather, because of the God part. I like it capitalized. How can I be wrong, June?


  3. Hooray for OHS! My daughter is Henry’s biggest fan and wants to come visit you. (“Do you know where June lives?”)
    She’s 4, by the way. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I’m sooo glad the voting is over. In my book you are the funniest, I don’t care what “they” think! That’s why I keep coming here everyday. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love those photos of little King Henry. You did an excellent job of catching him in action. Just make sure he can’t get to those things when you are away, they are very dangerous for cats. Yellow cats make the best pets. We had one, Minnie Mouse the House Mouse, well she actually belonged to the neighbors. We still loved her and she spent a lot of time in our house. I have to admit our present cat, Oscar Snuggles, King of Tidewater, is THE best and sweetest cat we have ever had and we have had “several”. Have you read “Dewey”, I cried for two days after reading it, he was a yellow cat that lived in the library.


  5. Ha, I was crackin’ up at your last paragraph, the ragtime ditty! And yes, whoever commented above on the ADD problem — this blog feeds right into it… ๐Ÿ™‚ (For anyone who has seen the movie “Up”, with the dogs…. “Squirrel!”)
    And lastly, I voted for you, more than once. Here’s hopin’ you win.


  6. You are funny and DANG THEM if they don’t realize it.
    My birth control was “no longer needed” due to infertility. With two beautiful, healthy daughters (ages 9 and 6), we were content. And then the infertility decided birth control WAS needed and now I am chasing a 9 month old boy all day.
    Get that gossip button up and running… I can keep it fed FOR DAYS with just stories about sister. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  7. Junie,
    I think you should start another blog that is All-Henry-All-The-Time!!
    He is just too entertaining for words! Love him!
    When do we find out who wins that ding and also DANG contest? Boy, I’m glad voting is over!


  8. I can’t believe you stole my “Horse walks into a bar” joke…that is my opening line when I am hitting on chicks!
    Yes I am still single…why?
    If I scroll thru your pics REALLY FAST, I can actually see your cat jumping.


  9. Okay, you have started my day off laughing! Always a good thing!
    And by the way….you are not just funny….you are HILARIOUS!!
    Have a great day!
    Lou Cinda ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. Accidental Housewife cracked me up – I accidentally got three babies at once instead of the usual one, and my husband is the one who now makes sure the pill pack is HIGHLY visible and daily utilized.


  11. LOL @ Accidental Housewife!!!!
    My story is almost the same except it was the infertility that was fickle. Why it chose to be fickle four months into our marriage, though, is beyond me…


  12. June: you R the funniest, i know! congrats to me ’cause i made it into the bottom 5… is there a boobie-prize? don’t you love that word: boobie-prize?


  13. I read you in the mornings, with my coffee in hand. I don’t know which is more successful in jump starting my day – the cup of French pressed or the endless laughter you provide. LOVE the Henry shots. Patience paid off well there, June!


  14. I admit I actually LOOKED for the “I have guff” button, and was then sorely disappointed about it’s absence. Lucky that pill box was right there to brighten me back up. Golly my moods are fickle today.
    Speaking of fickle, so was my birth control, and that’s why I’m the accidental housewife, instead of the deliberate career woman.


  15. curse you, June, I totally scrolled around for a moment there seeing if you had actually bothered to come up with a button for gossipping.
    *shakes fist
    also, we have eerily similar glasses and wierd puffs of hair. Although I suspect that the wierd puff might be a result of hair drying on or around glasses, cos if I blowdry I can mainly avoid the wierd puff… then again, it’s back again the next morning when I wake up. Like a bad suit. Or tie. Or the cat. Something like that.


  16. Your posts cater to my growing ADD prob…. hey, look, something shiny.
    I had to quickly scroll past the June pill box, because I couldn’t UNsee the rabbit violating the alligator, and was so side tracked that I couldn’t finish reading.
    Hey look…something shiny.


  17. I love Henry. I love all Orange Boy Cats. Tonight the kids and I walked over for ice cream at some posh ice cream joint. On the way, I spied an Orange Boy crossing the street and heading our way. The kids knew him, and said his name is Clark. On the way back from ice cream, I saw him again and picked him up. Clark is a large cat, but surprisingly light. Like he’s all full of cottage cheese or something. He didn’t mind. He even purred.
    I’m 48 years old . . . does this comment peg me as “Weird Cat Lady”?


  18. And I also lied because your blog made it look like my comment was the only one when I posted it. And I begin sentences with “and.” I’m going to stop commenting now, I swear.


  19. And I’m the first comment… how much of a life do I have, sitting around stalking BBP to see if the pictures are up? *I* am the real opposite of an Amish doll for all my vanity. Thinking the song’s about me and all.
    Oh, and to throw in some not-about-me commentary, good luck to your uncle and to your pending award (in that order, gotta keep it in perspective). Positive thinking!


  20. I’m pretty sure that by declaring June sunny and cheerful in pill-pack form, I doomed myself and my New England brethren (sistren?) to the most miserable month ever. Sorry…
    Because of this, I have not yet decorated July. It’s like the face of an Amish doll, noncommittal, and full of potential (like my life without babies), only it’s kind of the opposite because birth control is generally frowned upon by the pro-procreating religious types. But this isn’t that kind of blog.
    Anyway, thank you for the props on my decorating. And enjoy haunting thoughts of rabbits and alligators. Imagine what sort of procreating THAT would end up in…


  21. I have a question: is “tangent” your middle name? Also, why is “God” capitalized and not “godfather”? Is it just to confuse me and make me ask questions?


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