I think those no-pets people would be horrified

Tallulah tried to leave the computer room this morning, and Henry wasn't having it.


And I know it looks like I have to sweep the floor, but remember last year when we ripped the carpet out of here and painted the concrete? Guess what? Concrete paint chips. This would never happen at The Nester's.


I recorded the action from the comfort of my chair. Have I ever mentioned I am glad I'm an only child?


Have I ever mentioned I will not blame Tallulah the day she snaps this kitten's head clean off?


Henry wish Lula flossed.


To add insult to kitten-claw injury, Tallulah still has rain on her head from her morning constitutional.


Henry win? I kill dog? We stuff her now?

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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

13 thoughts on “I think those no-pets people would be horrified”

  1. This is so hilarious!!!!! My sister’s chihuahua is usually hangnig from her cat’s ankle just like that! Your dog is so sweet to not bite mr kitty in two! They are adorable!
    m ^..^


  2. “Too add insult to injury?” Typo.
    This is an atrocious way to introduce myself, and I’m sorry, truly! But you seem like the sort of person who would like to know.
    Anyway, hi! I’m Camille—the Nester sent me over to your blog, and I’ve been reading your archives ever since (hence the comment on an older post). I voted for you, too.
    Thanks for an excellent read.


  3. Please use a mayonaise jar to put Henry inside of to stop him from growing any bigger. He must stay this size. He and Lula really are the buds.


  4. Third picture is THE best. Looks like Tallulah has a bad furry growth on her right cheek.. what a patient dog.


  5. Adorable!!!
    My cat Chloe bites at me that same way when I step into the shower. She knows the routine, that I’ll be leaving her shortly after the shower.
    Pets are great!


  6. This is hilarious, I love the picture of Henry sitting on Tallulah’s face!
    Did you seal your floor after you painted it?


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