Ask Henry and June. Hey, wasn’t that a dirty book by Anais Nin?


One of us has the cute hair. I will not name names. One of us has hair shaped like Prince Valiant. I do not know what to tell you.

Let's valiantly page June and see what questions she'll answer for us this Friday, shall we?

Carrie queries, "When my mom and I talk about you, we refer to you always, as Our Friend June, as in, 'Hey, you know Our Friend June? Well, today she had a great tip for cooking rutabaga,' and such.

"We have an creepy amount of things in common: I have an Aunt Mary that makes jewelry, my mom's nickname is Pitty Pat (making her Aunt Pitty Pat to my cousins), I have incredibly big hair, love sparkly things, and incessantly stated that crows would like said sparkly things about anything shiny I came across. Now these are just similarities, of course, but do you think that somewhere in the word, you have a doppelganger?"

What Carrie and I also have in common is that it takes us an hour and a half to get to the point. Which makes me think we must at least be related, if not doppelgangers. And Carrie, I'd hate to think someone else out there got this hair AND this bulbous nose AND this pointy-ass chin. So I am going to say probably not. Because nature can't be that cruel twice. Can it?

Jenene, whose name is fun to type because there are all those Es, says, "Okay, I'm giving in and asking you a grammar question. When I use parentheses at the end of a sentence, do periods and question marks go inside or outside? I can never figure it out, and it drives me nuts!"

Jenene, is the period or question mark part of the entire sentence or is it just part of the stuff you put in the parentheses? That's how you figure it out. Here's an example.

She went to the store (and why does she keep going?).

Now, see? The question is part of the parenthetical stuff only, so it goes inside the parentheses. Here is another one.

Why does she go to the store (and get toilet paper 75 times a week)?

See?  The whole sentence is a question, so the question mark goes on the outside. Now, as for a period, usually the period would not go on the inside of the parentheses, unless the entire sentence was a parentheses.

My kitten won't stop meowing (and he is driving me nuts).

(Marvin wishes I had not gotten a kitten.)

(That isn't true, by the way. He loves the kitty.)

So, I hope that helps, Jenenenenene.

I must exit, because this kitten is in fact meowing endlessly and I do not know what his issue is other than his brain is the size of an olive.


He's lucky he's cute.

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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

16 thoughts on “Ask Henry and June. Hey, wasn’t that a dirty book by Anais Nin?”

  1. Dear Tee,
    Winston won’t come inside and Francis peed in his own chair, the one he resides in all the time. It is getting ugly in this house of pain.


  2. I just read your comment to Gladys. Poor Winston, he’s no longer the baby and knows it, that’s why he’s so upset. I’m telling you, we have fur babies that act like kids.


  3. He probably wants to get in your lap. That’s what my old man (cat) does. He will just walk around in circles meowing until I sit down and let him hop up in my lap, then he’s fine. He’s not spoiled or any thing like that!


  4. Thanks for answering my question! That rule is actually very simple and easy to remember.
    And you can put up as many pictures of Henry as you like. Because then it will almost be like I have a cat, with the “having-a-cat” part.


  5. I heart Henry. I wasn’t sure if I had mentioned that. I want a Henry. I really do.
    Except that every day, at least once a day, I say out loud to no one in particular, “My life would be a whole hell of a lot easier if I had two less animals.” The two I am referring to always know that I speaking about (and to) them. Now my Jessie Girl can stay. She is pleasant, she is fat, she is old and she purrs a lot. She doesn’t make messes, she doesn’t sneeeze and get kitty snot on the wall (like her brother) therefore I don’t have to chase her around wiping snot up before it dries. Jessie is the world’s most perfect cat.


  6. Ok. I looked again. I’m also enamored of Henry. He is just so cute, love the picture of him looking quizzically at the camera.


  7. Your hair looks like Prince Valiant because it wants to curl and you are trying to straighten it out. Get some fun goop for your hair (my daughter uses Totally Twisted hair gel) and put it on the ends to encourage the curls. There is also stuff you can use to damp down the frizz at the same time.
    I know, I sound like the hair Nazi – but my daughter has natural Botticelli-like tresses that are gorgeous as long as she puts the right stuff on them. If she doesn’t, she looks like Roseanne Roseannadanna. Seriously. It’s horrific. I bought her a book – I think it’s called Curly Girl – for Christmas that has lots of great ideas for women with natural waves and curls. Be fair to your hair!


  8. Henry is so cute. I still want a kitten. Except tonight I saw a puppy so now I want one of those too.
    I’m so relieved to finally have clear rules on how to use punctuation with parentheses. I once had a boss who prided himself on his grammar and he insisted, INSISTED, I tell you, that the punctuation ALWAYS goes inside the parentheses. He used to correct all of my documents. If he used a pencil I would just erase it and go with it. He wised up and started using ink. Bummer.


  9. Dear Gladys,
    Winston is my favorite, if you don’t count Mr. Horkheimer, seeing as Mr. Horkheimer is dead. Currently Winston is growling and carrying on and being most unpleasant, however.


  10. Drat you, June! My daughter just happened to be standing by my side as I clicked onto your blog. She was enamored of wee Henry and immediately started talking about getting a cat. I agree that Henry is adorable. But we are not getting a cat. My daughter is no longer allowed to read over my shoulder, a despicable habit, anyway.


  11. that was an excellent explanation of the punctuation thing! thanks. and Henry is very cute. I’d love a kitten, but my old boy would eat it for breakfast…


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