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It just occurred to me that I did not award the coveted Comment of the Week today, nor did I do so last Saturday because I was out of town. It also occurs to me that I do not know how to spell "occurred," as I just had to try 70 different ways before I got it right, above.

Tomorrow I will go through the last two weeks of comments and award a Comment of the Week. See what you have to look forward to?

As I write this, I really, really wish I didn't have to be listening to God Loves a Terrier being sung. Marvin is watching Best in Show. I guess that is obvious. Well, I guess he could have just been in the next room with the stereo going, jamming out to God Loves a Terrier.

At any rate, I did many things today, and now I am going to force you to hear about them all. Oh, yes, I will. I will force your eyes open with toothpicks like they did in A Clockwork Orange.

First of all, it was Super Flea, which when my boss told me this weekend was Super Flea, I said, "I can go home and see super fleas all day." Nevertheless, I emailed Marvin and told him it was Super Flea, and did he want to go, and he emailed me back and wrote, "We can go home and see super fleas all day."

Really, there is no point in both of us existing. We've just melded into one annoying person.

My 'fro and me at the Super Flea. Seriously, is my hair just getting BIGGER?? I look like the guitar player for The Doors.

So, we went to Super Flea, which in case you haven't figured it out, there, Einstein, is a giant flea market, held in the Greensboro Coliseum, although I do not know why I just felt the need to tell you where it was held. My boss warned me that you had to pay to park and that there would be crowds, but I really have to remember she grew up here, so her version of "crowds" and also "pay to park" differs from mine. Four dollars to park does not count as actually paying, really.

And look at those crowds fightin' to get in, above! Wooo! I was claustrophobic with all the folks!

Anyway, there was much to see. Marvin stampeded for the records, because he certainly doesn't already have any of those or anything.


I looked at old jewelry and got annoyed when people pronounced it "jew-el-ry," although I just looked it up on Merriam Webster and it is the preferred pronunciation. IN WHOSE WORLD? I say "jul-ry." Which is the second pronunciation in Merriam Webster.

Anyway. I ended up buying a tablecloth and tried not to look at the horrid KKK memorabilia they had. Marvin bought 9 million records and off we went to Stein Mart. Which if you do not have a Stein Mart, I feel personally sorry for you.

Stein Mart is a lot like TJ Maxx, although I think it is a lot nicer. The only reason I am telling you about Stein Mart is that I tried on a couple dresses and THEY WERE ALL TOO BIG!!


I even asked someone else in the dressing room, in case I was having some sort of body dysmorphic disorder where I was thinking I looked thin when I didn't. But the woman AND her friend were all, "Honey, no! You are swimming in that dress! Look at it gape on the sides!" It was exciting, but I really did like one of the dresses and I couldn't find a size SMALL ENOUGH to fit me.

I LOVE Topamax so bad I could write a sonnet to it but Topamax has made me too stupid to do so.

And speaking of stupid, I had knitting again today, and my knitting instructor tried me on new needles (they are curved now) and a new casting-on technique (for dumb people). Also, I am going back on Wednesday for some one-on-one problem student tutoring. I TOLD him he'd hate me.

Look at what my classmate Cindy did! She FINISHED a hat already!


She did that all by herself! A whole hat! I have knitted one row. I'm a loser, baby. So why don't you purl me.

After class was over, the other June and I got a much-needed drink. Really, I don't know why people try to knit when all they really have to do is just get tanked. Sitting outside in the sun, getting to know someone you have 9,000 things in common with is way relaxinger than fussing with needles and steins or skins or whatever they're called, if you ask me.

Otherjune The other June. No, really, we have the same name in real life. And she used to live in Southern California. And she proofreads. And she doesn't like Slurpees. The similarities are scary. She probably has a blog she has yet to tell me about. It's probably called Hi, Hi Cake.

So, I am headache tired now, and I have to take my next-door neighbor to an art show tomorrow because I promised, so I must rest up. Am I 110, feeling that I must rest up to attend an art show? It's not a triathlon, for goodness sake.

Oh, but don't go just yet. There was one more thing I wanted to show you. I took this photograph this morning, and you know what I thought?


What I thought was, that's it for pets? That's all we got? Two measly cats and a dog? It doesn't feel like enough pets. I guess I am not used to Ruby being gone yet.

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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

26 thoughts on “Super Flea”

  1. I agree that “jew-el-ry” is annoying…it sounds all hoity-toity. But “joo-luh-ry” is the worst.


  2. I agree with you, you might need a few more furry creatures in your life. Maybe you want to wait a bit and grieve for Ruby and see?
    Stick with the knitting for a while, I am sure you will come to love it. Or maybe you will just love the other knitters and go to class to keep them laughing and in stitches??? Hmmm? (Ducking and running for cover over that lame pun!!!)


  3. I think it’s time you got a PUPPY!!!
    I instantly noticed Ruby’s orb in the photo. She’s not getting left out!
    Maybe if you get tanked BEFORE knitting class, you’ll do better?


  4. Oops…tense discrepancy. I should have said “countertop” or “on them”, shouldn’t I? You keep me on my toes, grammatically speaking.
    And I can never spell occurred right the first time, either.


  5. Do you clean off your countertops before you take these pictures? Wow, there’s not even a dirty glass on it. My countertops are visible for brief moments after I finish the dishes and before someone puts another dirty one on it.
    Don’t you wish you could SEE Ruby instead of having her spirit show up in all these pictures?


  6. So what is it with Marvin? Has he watched all of the documentaries in the world, so now he has to watch mocumentaries? Better not tell him there is a fantastic looking one (of the doc, not moc variety) coming on tonight on MSNBC… its about hoarding. Maybe he SHOULD watch it, what with all his record owning and whatnot.


  7. That knitting would! My hat is off to you taking the lessons. Hang in there it might just pay off and you too can knit a hat.
    That flea market looks like lots of fun! I love flea markets and yard sales. Tell Marvin I have The Beatles first album, “Meet the Beatles”. I bought that album just after I started working my first real job–with my own money. I found some old 45 rpm records at a yard sale once and bought a bunch of Mo Town records for my neighbor that had an old juke box. I paid a nickle a piece for them. I had a huge stack for just a dollar.
    When I saw the photo of all your fur babies I thought that was a lot of mouths to feed. LOL! I know your heart is still broken over losing Ruby.


  8. Losing a pet is always so much more painful than expected. They really are family. I’ve been sending you happy thoughts.


  9. Hey June, you know what would make knitting more enjoyable? Drinking a half glass of wine at the end of every row! Believe me, it will make it sooooo much more fun and you won’t even care if it turns out or if you drop a stitch!


  10. I love the fact that three other of your fans tgought the orb was Ruby – that was my thought before I even read the comments…


  11. Oh my gosh Cindy is adorable. I want to go to knitting class just to meet her.
    I haven’t found the superflea to be very super since when I was little. It really was enormous then. It was two huge rooms. Not that little building outside… oh but now I see admission was free this weekend. AWESOME!
    I went to that Easter Egg Hunt downtown… or stood in line for 1.5 hours with 5 kids to be turned away when they got too full.


  12. I have knit my last washcloth and am feeling like I can tackle knitting a baby blanket. Do I have a baby? No. Do I know anyone that’s pregnant? No. I have no idea why I’m doing this.
    I’d love to try a hat, but until they come up with one that’s square, it’s just not going to happen.


  13. Hi Junie,
    I thought the very same thing that Jan did. Ruby is right there by Winston!
    We had a ghost dog visit us a few times in our bedroom – so they’re out there! I’m not even joking…This really happened!
    Off to walk Sadie and Koty. Combined, 160 pounds of pure love!! 🙂


  14. Wow! What a great Saturday!
    Ok…look at the picture. Look Closely. See the orb next to Winston? That is Ruby telling Win “As soon a Lulah moves I’m eatin her food.” Winston can hear her but no one else can. Winnie is psychotic that way. 😉


  15. Fortunately, Lazy Mom Leslie, very little handling of food goes on in the kitchen. Unless you count slapping dog food in the bowl. And making coffee. And getting the Lean Cuisine out of the freezer.


  16. See, you thought,”that’s it for pets?” and I though, my word, that’s a bunch of animals in the kitchen. That is why my blog is not entitled Aloha Cookie!


  17. You really don’t have enough pets anymore. We share air with four dogs, a cat, two hamsters, a Gouldian finch, three fish, two African dwarf frogs, three snails and a ‘possum named “Mousse”.
    You’re falling way behind…
    In the meantime, while you’re building up your livestock, you really need to knit them all matching hats in case one of them gets lost so you can identify them. With matching toboggans, who needs a micro chip?


  18. Actually, knitting class IS just a front for getting tanked.
    Good for you, finding this out so early in the game! Knitting will be much more enjoyable for you now.


  19. That’s how I feel when I look at my 6 kids. Is that all? Where are the other ones?
    Crazy, I know.
    Tell your instructor to cast on for you. Just worry about the knitting. That’s how I teach my kids. You can learn casting on later.


  20. Aw, I’m sad about Ruby and I didn’t even know her 😦 Today I got an email from those HomeAgain microchip people that a pet was missing in my neighborhood, and it was a 3 month old 8 pound baby West Highland Terrier, and I actually cried that someone I never met had lost their puppy. I’m gonna go cry again right now just thinking about it. His name is Coltrane. Sad.


  21. Oh Ruby is there all right! There is an orb right by Winston. I think it is Ruby’s spirit in the photo. She’s thinking “You best not be taking a picture that doesn’t include me.” Of course, a skeptic would say it is dust but I am convinced it is Ruby.
    I am also VERY sleepy and most of the words in the above sentences look misspelled and I don’t have the energy to check it out.
    Topomax. Topomax. Why can’t I get some Topomax??????? Did you think they might sell it at any flea markets???


  22. I probably mentioned this but when I took my knitting class there was a woman who looked so much like you. And I was disappointed when she wasn’t funny AT ALL. So the similarity clearly ended there.


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