This week’s special? You just need to fart.

Good gravy. They're lights.


For those of you who don't read my comments, yesterday I posted a perfectly nice photo of my cat Ruby, and at the end of my workday I checked my comments, and did anyone write in and say, "My! What a lovely cat!" No. Probably because nobody uses the interjection "My" unless they're 98 years old.

What every single human being said in the comments was, "What are those ball-looking things in the background?" It was like you were all from some planet where round shapes didn't exist or something, so great was your thirst for the answer to the ball query. So here it is. They are little polka-dotted lights. Wait. I'll go take a picture with them lit up. This should REALLY be exciting…


Note that in the first photo, there was no Marvin but there was a coffee cup on the table, but in the second, the coffee cup was gone and Marvin appeared. Leading one to believe that perhaps Marvin turns into a coffee cup at certain times of the day. That'd be great. That'd be like the female version of that joke where the woman turns into a sandwich and a beer.

Anyway. This week's comment of the week liked to kill me. I did not even give J an honorable mention, so great was my love for Gladys, who made this week's comment. And really? It was not Gladys who killed me, but her husband, who apparently thinks every ailment can be cured by the expelling of gas. You have no idea how many times I have thought of that and gotten hysterical. Slays me.

So Gladys, please share your trophy with your spouse.

Oh man, I should totally make a trophy to mail to the comment of the week person. Some sort of June trophy. It should be really awful. I have no visual skills. Suggestions, please.

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24 thoughts on “This week’s special? You just need to fart.”

  1. I knew those were lights, but I liked seeing them lit up, so thank you.
    All of your cats are beautiful (and Tallulah, too). Most of all, I love their names.
    Ooh, here’s a question for “Ask June”: How did you come up with the names for your animals? Are those their real names or did you give them blog names, like “Marvin” and you have? And, if so, what are their real names? (But I guess you won’t answer that if you ARE using blog names for them.)
    Is that a train on the ledge?
    And, one more, that wasn’t Marvin’s coffee mug on the table, in the first picture, that he picked up and took to the couch with him in the second picture?
    That is all.


  2. I think your trophy should be one of those aluminum foil pie plates (metallic, shiny and pie-related) with a picture of you in the center (sans lights of course, because then instead of everyone commenting to the recipient on the lovely trophy he/she had just received, they’d just be asking what the heck those lights were in the background)


  3. My, my, my! I guess that makes me about 150. What is the reason for the orange balls? Are they left from Christmas or are they President’s Day decorations? Gladys’ comment cracked me up! She is a funny lady. I always enjoy her comments.


  4. Well .. I did notice what a pretty profile Ruby has but .. and forgive me for this .. I didn’t see your balls until this post June.
    Also I think Marvin was trying to look seductive in the photo .. I think he has plans that include you June.
    Oh yeah .. and also .. nice balls. :o)


  5. I think it should be the back end of one of those plastic horses girls used to collect in the seventies on top of a pie. The entire sculpture should be painted in chrome because of its elegance. So shiny… You could call it the “Funny, But…” award. You know, after that song, “Funny, but when you’re near me! Funny, but when you’re near me, I’m in the mood for love…”
    The balls could light up and it could fart.
    I’v thought about this way too much, huh?


  6. I think the trophy could be made out of assorted odds and ends decorated with macaroni and spray painted gold. It would be lovely, don’t you think?


  7. The trophy could be one of the little polka-dotted balls. I’m still fascinated by them.
    I thought it was kind of creepy that when you turned the lights on Marvin appeared. He was an apparition on your couch!
    How did you turn the lights on? Did you simply fart?


  8. I’m going to keep that farting thing in mind tomarrow when I run that bloody half marathon in the snow. And June, you were the inspiration for me to run this thing I’ll have you know…


  9. Kahuna is a funny guy.
    Trophy? Just send us cash, June. Or gift cards to swanky places like Target or Wal-Mart.
    I thought those were trains up there, as well.
    When I saw Marvin I was thinking he probably thinks we are all insane or extremely bored since we all were dying to know about those ball lights.
    Finally… are you two still fighting, hating one another and being a crappy family? Is he going to allow you to let us in on the details? Just do it behind his back. Kind of like your informing us about the DNA of the fight.


  10. Next will you please post pictures of the shelf on the wall to the left of the doorway? What do you store up there? What fits?
    It looks like there’s little trains on it. Do they run? Do you have little trains choochoochooing around the tops of your walls?


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