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In my hometown, they opened the first multiplex cinema in the 1970s. It had four theaters, so they named it The Quad. I remember my father and mother and me driving out there before it opened, because my father had to photograph it for work. At the time, driving to The Quad was kind of a drive out to the country. Now it is surrounded by crap like Applebee's.

Anyway, it was a hit. I was there pretty much every weekend during my teen years. They even had midnight movies, like Rocky Horror, that we would all go to. Naturally, the Quad people decided to expand, and they added four more theaters. They called it?

The Quad 8.

I am sorry, but this is such a my hometown thing to do. The Quad 8. No one seemed to care that that meant THAT IT SHOULD BE THIRTY-TWO THEATERS.

There is also a store in my hometown called Unique Uniforms.

So let's be like everybody else in an original way and plunge forthwith into Ask June.

My Pal from MA, who I grew up with and probably went to the Quad 8 with, asks, "You know what drives me batty? When people write numbers and use 's to mean plural. It's never in the 20's as a temperature. NEVER. It's 20s. It's in the 20s and it's friggin COLD!! Same for things like: I grew up in the 1960s. No possession. UGH. Drives me nuts. Please discuss, June!"

Pal from MA, I feel you on this, really I do. It is not "20 is" degrees. It is not "1960 is." Nor do the degrees or decades own anything. But I am sorry to tell you that some very reputable style guides actually condone the use of 20's. And just typing right now made my parts pucker.

I still feel like it's wrong, and nowhere that I have worked has used it as a style, thank heavens.

Paula, who is pretty swear-y about being from New York, wonders "How do we get the nickname Peggy from Margaret?"

It is funny you should ask this, Paula from New York, %$##@!%, because our next-door neighbor has become a friend and she has always called herself Peg. Then when she started calling us, our caller ID identified her as "Margaret," a fact that annoyed the pee out of Marvin. Of course, just now at dinner Marvin said someone's bra size was 1000 QQQ, so I do not know how aware Marvin is of reality, but he really seemed baffled that someone could be named Margaret and legitimately have the nickname Peg.

The name Margaret has a ton of nicknames associated with it, in fact I'd estimate it had about 1000 QQQ of them. Included in the list are Maggie, Madge, Marguerite, and Meg. Some say "Peg" trickled down from "Meg." And then there's this annoying poem I kept finding when I looked this up online:

In search from A to Z they passed,
And "Marguerita" chose at last;
But thought it sound far more sweet
To call the baby "Marguerite."
When grandma saw the little pet,
She called her "darling Margaret."
Next uncle Jack and cousin Aggie
Sent cup and spoon to "little Maggie."
And grandpapa the right must beg
To call the lassie "bonnie Meg."
From "Marguerita" down to "Meg,"
And now she's simply "little Peg."


M, who is often funny in her comments, queries, "Will you and Marvin dress your hair as the singer with Flock of Seagulls and send us a picture? Thanx."

Dear M,



M's sister J, who is also funny so it must be genetic, wonders, "In the spirit of a Playboy forum question, who sleeps in the wet spot?"

You know, J, it occurred to me some time ago that it was the Playboy Advisor, not Forum. In the original Ask June I said this could be like the Playboy Forum, but it's the Penthouse Forum and the Playboy Advisor. I do not really know why I am so well-versed in men's pornography, but there you go.

That said, Tallulah has not peed in the bed in almost a year.

And finally, Doodles said: "I have a blog question. When people leave comments on your blog, should you respond to each comment? If so, by what means? Email or how exactly? I'm so confused. I don't want to seem rude by not acknowledging them. I'm sure if I had a million readers (like you) I would not be able to respond to each and every one. I'm sure I only have about two readers!" 🙂

When you go on Doodles' blog, it's called Polly Wolly Doodle All the Day.

My friend Lisa's kid would NOT listen to any other song when she was a newborn, which led Marvin and me to become obsessed with that song, as well. He'd be in one room and start singing, POLLY WOLLY DOODLE! and I'd sing back POLLY WOLLY DOODLE! and we didn't annoy the whole world or anything.

And Doodle, no. Stop now with the answering everybody. First of all, you CAN'T email people back on Blogspot and second, you're not supposed to. You'll wear yourself out and start to hate your blog and you'll disappear like Miss Doxie and everyone will say, "Where's Polly Wolly Doodle? (Polly Wolly Doodle)?"

Your blog is the place where you communicate with people, and the comments are where they communicate back. I only email people back if they have specifically asked me to or if I have something pressing to say. And by "pressing" I mean I think I have a funny reply. But I think I respond to maybe 10% of my comments.

I don't think anyone expects you to respond. Although to this day I am a little resentful that Crazy Aunt Pearl never wrote me back even once when I was brand new and didn't know that no one "big" wrote back.

Does anyone else out there have a differing opinion on that?

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  1. There is a lot of mystery surrounding “J” and “M”. Both are hilarious and seem to have a similar sense of humor to June’s. Does anyone else wonder if “J” is for JUNE and “M” for MARVIN????????? Hmmmmmmmm…..


  2. Parts pucker. LOL! Crazy Aunt Purl never talked to me either. HMPH.
    I don’t reply to everyone, but I reply to a lot. I’ve been trying to leave more answers in the comments too. But that’s extra clickage, and there’s not always time for that.


  3. We also had the Green Acres Cinema in Saginaw that was built in 1969 and it was within walking distance of my home. I remember going there shortly before they closed. Before the movie started they kept playing the Musac version of the “All In The Family” theme song over and over and over. Finally, myself and the person i was with started singing along and everyone in the theater laughed. June, was it you that was with me that time or was it Donna? I know it was one of you.


  4. In the photo, are you stretching your quad-ra-SEPTS? Try finding jeans with 56 pant legs. (I know, I know, that was pretty lame….)


  5. Thanks for the clarification on the 20s and 60s thing. I cannot believe a style guide would condone the use of the 20’s…Ugh. I am similarly puckering in my nether region.
    Just to let you know, I’m always thrilled if I get a nod from you, June, either in the comments or a mention in your blog! You’re a cyber-celebrity to me! 🙂
    Hope you’re feeling better. You look adorable in your jammies!


  6. June,
    And I just threw away all those saved ticket stubs from you and me going to the QuadOctet. They have mended their ways; however, and now call themselves the Saginaw 8/Quad — two separate “units” with 8 and 4 screens respectively. (By the way, I put “units” in quotation marks not because I was quoting anyone, rather by doing so, it becomes a sexual innuendo. The second time, I did it because I was referring to the word unit rather than the concept of unit-hood.)
    As for names, I had a great-aunt named Othello but she was called Pelly. I want to go back in time and ask her father if he’s aware that he’s naming his little white farmgirl baby after a black man who kills his wife. What does Ann-Nan-and-Amy think about all this name business?


  7. I just want to sing a little song and do a little dance because you answered my question. Woo hoo. I feel like I’ve talked to a celebrity or something!


  8. OK, here’s the deal on how you get Peg from Margaret and all that jazz:
    It’s because all these names are old Anglo Saxon names, and they only had about four names to go around.
    Way back in the day, when people were dying of the plague every other day, this wasn’t such a big deal, but then it became the norm to name your kid after all the people in the family who had the same name. (Although chances are good that they had kicked the bucket by the time your kid came along).
    When people started living longer, they realized that everyone HAD THE SAME NAME, so they came up with all these nicknames.
    My husband is Scottish, and you should hear all the nicknames my MIL can rattle off in her Scottish brogue.
    And guess what – her name is Margaret. That is a HUGE name in Scotland, hence all the nicknames. My MIL has relatives named Margaret who go by “Violet” and “Helen.” That’s like being named “Tom” but telling everyone to call you “Greg.”
    My MIL is very proud of the fact that she goes by no nickname. She’s got the original, baby.


  9. You and Marvin are so cute together. I love how you always have little things that you do together, like Polly Wolly Doodle, or Yoko-ing (ok that’s something you do TO Marvin) but you know what I mean.


  10. I do try to respond to anyone who is smart enough to enable public access to their Blogger e-mail (check the box on the Blogger profile page, silly!). Then it is easy just to hit Reply and type something. Otherwise it is a real pain, which is a shame, as I do like carrying on conversations with perfect strangers, evidently.
    Don’t parse that last sentence – it’s messed up.
    It always bugged me in Little Women that Meg’s twins were named after their parents (Margaret and John), but they were called Daisy and Demi (with no explanation!). How does one get Daisy from Margaret, hmmm?


  11. I don’t have a ton of readers, but I try to answer all my comments. I appreciate it when people answer mine, like acknowledging they read it and appreciate you read their post, and took the time to care enough to respond. It’s almost like a thank you for the comment thing to me.
    Anyhow, that being said.
    My mothers name was Margaret, and she was Peggy since she put on her first diaper. She said she hated being called Peggy cuz in school they called her Piggy. But she hated being called Margaret, or Maggie even more than Peggy. So…who knows.


  12. Ive a complex about commenting on Junes blog because I fear misusing my punctuation mark’s. Evn tho I used to teach English to middle school student’s, I fear that my comment’s will get a comment back from June correcting my grammar. So I would rather that June just continue to learn me some punctuation in her post, than recieve a scathing edit’s of my comment’s.


  13. Just as a curiosity, I find that “big” people do write back when it makes sense to reply to a comment! I write to just a few bloggers and authors, when I think it makes sense to give them some feedback, and interestingly enough, get more replies (almost 100% of the time) from really famous people – recently a famous marketer and best-seller author, previously a well-known cartoonist, and so on.


  14. Is that footie pajamas?! I thought for most of my reading-your-blog time that it was an orange jogging suit with really fun running shoes. Tricky, the way you’re doing a quad stretch in your pjs…. wait. I totally get it now! Quad stretch, quad theater… oh I am QUICK.
    and I do not remember what I was going to comment on originally.


  15. I am SO. SHOCKED. I was like, “hm, what is Jane @ What About Mom talking about?” So………………I looked it up.
    Bad idea.
    I can’t BELIEVE that I just read that on WIKIPEDIA!!!


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