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Now, hey! This is important! Do I sound like your seventh-grade gym teacher? Listen up, people!

Remember when I did not get to be a finalist in those weblog awards last week? Well, guess who did? Chatting at the Sky, that's who. I am not even going to imagine that any of you do not read Chatting at the Sky, as everyone reads her. Which is Danielle Steele's slogan ("Everybody Reads Danielle Steele").

Chatting at the Sky is my actual friend in real life, and we spent Thanksgiving with her and her sister, The Nester. I know that this makes me awfully cool.

After I didn't get to be a finalist, I was glumly looking at the people who were clearly better than me who did, and when I saw her name I SCREECHED and yelled out to Marvin, "CHATTING AT THE SKY IS UP FOR A BLOG AWARD!"

Now, it is Marvin's fault that I blog in the first place. I never wanted to do it. So he tries to be supportive. But he did not know that people would, you know, actually READ me and he did not know that I would actually read other people, so even though he spent Thanksgiving with Chatting at the Sky and her entire family, he does not have the first clue what her blog name is, which I quickly discovered when he said,

"Chatting at the Sky. Is that a Native American blog?"


Those of you who have read me for a while, think back. Have you noticed my vast interest in all things Native American? Have you noticed how often I reference the Sioux peoples and sweat lodges in my posts? And those drum circles! You can't get me away from them!

Did he think I secretly had an interest in Native American things? Or maybe he just thought I wanted to be well-rounded, read up about everyone. But if that were the case, why would I be EXCITED about Chatting at the Sky being a finalist?

Anyway, the point of this whole story is that today starts the day that you can vote for Chatting at the Sky for Best Small Blog, which conjures up fewer images of lodged emeralds than my Best Hidden Gem category, doesn't it? Go vote for her here. You can vote once a day until — oh, I forget. A few days from now, so do it quickly. You can only vote once a day. When I voted, she was in second place. We can't have that. Power to the Native American blogs.

Okay, I'm gonna feel really bad if she's competing against an actual Native American blog.

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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

20 thoughts on “Marvin Hawk Speaks”

  1. June, my sister had a past life reading done. I heard all about it at Christmas. 🙂 Heyyyyy…are you sure you’re not related to me in some way??


  2. All right, I have to tell you the truth. That stuff sounds kind of cool to me. But I have paid money for a past life reading, so…


  3. Oh no, Cristy, my mom does those things too. The sweat rooms and the drum circles and the drill sergeants and the assembling and disassembling chairs as a test of leadership and communication…she pays, and my step-dad pays, and then they pay to be volunteer staff too. It’s amazing, the ways you can find to waste money in the world.


  4. Sharone- I can one up you…. my mom went to mid-life-crisis-mom-indian camp a couple of years ago and PAID money to sleep in a dark cold cave with bats flying overhead and then went to a tent and sweated her brains out.


  5. Oh, yeah you can totall call her Emily since she calls herself Emily in her blog (see we really do read her blog!)
    oh, and the title of this thread implied (to me) that we were getting a guest post from Marvin. He hasn’t done that in a while. Oh, you should do the interview Marvin thing again. That was fun.
    I’m random today. Blah.


  6. Don’t joke about drum circles. My mom does them at her wizard camps and they are a-MAZING. Just ask her.
    None of the above is fictionalized. Not the drum circles, not the wizards, and definitely not the painfully suppressed snort of laughter whenever my mom brings it up. And my mom is definitely NOT Native American, in case you were wondering.


  7. Lima bean casserole! Now THAT is a recipe I need.
    I voted. 🙂 And I will vote again tomorrow! And that’s not even cheating!!!


  8. I think we should do what Al Franken did and just keep calling for a re-count until we win! I mean after all us big hairs have to stick together.


  9. Chatting at the Sky is extremely talkative. She’s way out in front as of 10:49 p.m. Dec. 5. Even better than that? You are feeling cheerier.


  10. I voted. And now she’s a-winnin’ thanks to you, Gas When She Walks and your fine husband, Marvin Head in Clouds.
    Why did we not know that you spent Thanksgiving with the Nester and CATS??? Did that not deserve a blog entry? We need details!
    PS… Can you not listen to Sirius online at work? Are you not allowed to listen at work? Because you should just listen to it on your computer. Put on some headphones and tell everyone you are listening to calming rain water or thunder or whatever the Native Americans listen to when they need to de-stress after a day of rain dancing. And when you start to giggle uncontrollably, tell them the part when the lightening strikes gets you started every time.


  11. Yes, Culpepper, I was feeling blue at work and then Tank and I started emailing (our email subject was “Editing spreadsheet,” even though there is no earthly reason Tank and I would ever need to email work to each other, and even though there is no such thing as an editing spreadsheet at work) about having lunch tomorrow.
    Anyway, I suggested a restaurant and Tank wrote, “I don’t know. Is it classy?” and for some reason this sent me into hysterics. Every restaurant within a 10-mile radius of our workplace serves lima bean casserole and Tank knows it. Is it classy. Killed me. After that I kind of cheered up.


  12. Yea, you are back with your funny, lovable self. Of course I read Emily’s blog and I about wet my pants with the Native American blog comment. I swear, I love you and Marvin Gardensalad!


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