2008, a Year in Review

Don't you hate people who say, "See you next year!" on December 31? I have been saying it all day. I am sort of professionally annoying.

So I thought I would take stock and make chicken soup, and also kind of review my stupid year.

2008 brought me my new blog, Bye Bye Pie, which you're looking at. It was supposed to be a health blog, which I guess it was. I am about 13 pounds lighter than I was at the beginning of the year, although I attribute that to my Topamax and not to eating well.

In February, I got me a puppy, which as you know has been either the bane or the light of my existence, depending on what she has eaten that day.


I think she still has that Black Power-looking fist or whatever it is. It is just much, much smaller. Okay, who can't even stand how CUTE SHE WAS? Look at her little toofs! And her piddy paws! How did I ever leave for work? LOOK at her! And yes, I do still think about Meadow. Does anyone remember Meadow? Kills me.

In March, I accepted my new job as an editor/proofreader at a yet-unnamed place where I went on to meet Tank and Hammy and other people who you may notice I do not mention anymore now that Tank and Hammy read my blog.


And of course, who could forget stressless April, when I left TinyTown, bought a house, lived away from Marvin and the cats and started my new job? What acne blemishes? What rash? What migraines? Okay, it wasn't that bad, but it was kind of stressy.

Nothing really dramatic happened in May, except that Marvin and I discovered that living apart wasn't nearly as fun as we were thinking it'd be. Oh, and Lula got fixed.


And I know one reader who is going to be pretty annoyed with me if I don't mention that it was in May that I had gas at work.

And just one more thing. May is when I discovered we had a webcam.


I guess I spoke way too soon when I said nothing dramatic happened in May.

In June, our little family reunited. Also, I wanted to do Tallulah's DNA and Marvin didn't want to spend the money, so we compromised and I did it behind Marvin's back. I was delighted to discover that our girl was a charming mix of beagle, Tibetan spaniel and American Staffordshire Terrier, or as they say everywhere that they're NOT being politically correct, pit bull.

Some things are better left un-found-outable. Yes, this is a phrase. I would like to take this opportunity to say that my lovely dog has eaten the throat out of very few people, however.

July brought our one and only vacation this year, because we are some kind of weird, work-obsessed, self-punishing Puritans, or maybe because I have a new job and no time off.

Anyway, we celebrated our 10-year anniversary of being married by going back to the bed and breakfast where we did the deed. So to speak.


Yep. Four or five years of happiness. BA! Hahahahaah! That's funny, is what that is.

I really don't remember August. Maybe that was the month I experimented with acid. Oh! I know!


I was training for that ding and also dang half-marathon that Sleeping Beauty and I ran. It is also when I taught you all how to Yoko someone.

Yay! I loved my half-marathon with Sleeping Beauty! I guess that also counts as a vacation, as I got to go to Virginia Beach. And get a ticket.


And then it seems like after that, all I did all autumn was worry about having a brain tumor and breast cancer. Doesn't it seem that way to you? I am still kind of not over how traumatic that whole thing was. Have I mentioned I am still trying to find a new doctor? Everyone I have called isn't accepting new patients.


But you see? Life hands you lemons, and you get a nice hypochondriac's gift from one of your blog readers for Christmas.

So I guess that sums up my year. I hope yours was less drama-filled but that you got a nice hypochondriac's gift. And some use out of the whole how-to-Yoko someone thing.

And hey, people have asked what my theme for next year is, seeing as how the first year it was Bye Bye Buy, about not spending, and then this year was supposedly about not eating crap (not literally. There's a theme. Went another day not eating poop! Well, it really would be a theme for Tallulah). So, next year? My theme? Drum roll…

None. No theme at all. I mean, come on. I never stuck to either of my themes. Must I have a ruse for 2009? Puleese. You know I'm just gonna ramble about peeing myself or annoying Marvin or maybe even peeing on Marvin. Who knows? The world is my oyster.

So, see you next year!

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At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

26 thoughts on “2008, a Year in Review”

  1. Hi June!
    I am deciding to stop lurking and say hello. I love your blog(s) and think it’s okay you don’t have a theme. You are so “ding dang” entertaining all by yourself.
    I did want to let you know that you have inspired me to do my own “no spend” year! I just thought you might want to know that, since I’m a copycat. (I don’t know if copycat is one word or two – don’t hate me.)
    Love your blogs!


  2. Oops. Originally I was only going to list two things, but I expanded to four. I really can count!


  3. Lee the Girl – my two favorites from June’s blog are:
    1 – Girl Who Doesn’t Get Me, fondly referred to as GWDGM.
    2 – Overzealous Dogwalker and her passive-aggressive notes to June.
    3 – Tank and Hammy (The Miracle Angel Baby posts were the best!).
    4 – Of course, any mention of Your Pal from MA, since that is ME! I am also a self-absorbed only-child, who is similarly a hypochondriac that enjoys talk of fecal matter with June!! We were not even separated at birth – they didn’t separate us until we were 6!!
    Still think next year’s theme should be Axe June. WAAAY more interested than Dear Abby!
    Happy New Year, June & Marvin and all of you June blog peeps!
    Yours truly,


  4. Thanks for the recap. It all seems to ring a bell. I feel like I have been around your block forever. Glad you are going with the “no theme” theme this year. I think it works for you. Happy New Year June. I am looking forward to a wonderful 2009 with you, Marvin and Lula.


  5. This year is going to be the year of the Blog Awards for June! Maybe we can even lay out a red carpet at June’shouse and all show up to take pictures rapidly so she gets the paparazi affect.
    Oh the angst she will have trying to find dressed for her red carpet nights. Remember the trying on jeans fiasco?? One of the funniest of the year for me. Also, taking a shower at her Mother’s place in cold water…classic June.
    I cannot wait to spend 2008 in stitches (not literally, of course) with you, Marvin,Tallulah, The Cats, Hammy, Tank and others who shall remain nameless because Tank and Hammy now read your bog.
    What are the other reader’s favorites????


  6. Thanks for all the laughs this past year. I’m so glad your health scares weren’t really serious (I do relate to the breast cancer one). I’m just thankful for good reports for both of us!!! I’m looking forward to all your posts AND the comments. I do wish you would post about Tank and Hammy, you could use other names, so they don’t recognize themselves. LOL! Happy New Year to you June and Marvin.


  7. OH, ding and dang, I shoulda never come here tonight! I am just recovering from the whole gastro-intestinal bug thing and my ribs hurt (from upchucking) and I shoulda known that you would make me laugh! OUCH! (TMI ?)
    Happy New Year and thank you for continuing this saga. Makes some days worth it! {hugs}


  8. No fake theme? You mean, Bye Bye Lie?
    See you next year!
    Oh, and my friend’s dad, whenever congratulated on being married 45 years (or whatever the number is now), always nods solemnly and intones, “Yup – 5 wonderful years…”


  9. I forgot how cute your house is, but now I am wondering when you’re going to paint your shutters (all 54 of them, it looks like) and front door pink? Or is the Nester thinking I should be shot now for suggesting pink? It would be so YOU.


  10. That’s a very busy year! I’m glad you added links, I was able to fill in the blanks between Moving from LA to Tiny Town, to How the Hell Did She Get to the City?
    I cannot wait to share your 2009!


  11. Hey, I did a similar post to yours. I reviewed the highlights of each month. My year was pretty eventful, sometimes stressful, but thankfully less possibly-diseased than yours.
    Oh, and I remember when you talked about how to Yoko someone. I will never forget. I occasionally think about employing my knowledge. But it never works.
    Happy New Year! I will continue to read your blog in 2009, no matter what you write about.


  12. I really hoped you were going to have a contest for all your loyal readers to suggest next year’s theme. I even had my entry ready…I was going to suggest you take up recreational drugs for the year and call your blog “hellohigh”.
    Yes, I remember Meadow. I remember you were so distraught that you took down all her pictures from the website. I was so happy when she found a new home.
    Thanks for the recap – I must have been on vacation when you got Lula’s geneology. She sure doesn’t look like a pit bull.


  13. Awww, I was hoping for Bye, Bye Blackbird…a year of everything “Joe Cocker”, um…no? okay. Seriously, I have really enjoyed reading your blog this year!


  14. I have nothing clever to say, just “Thanks” for a year of laughs. It was fun reminiscing, too. Happy New Year, June and Marvin. The same to all the June fans, whose comments I enjoy so much.


  15. Aahhh sweet memories! It was fun reminiscing about your eventful year. I’m so glad that you have Tallulah, and that you DIDN’T have a brain tumor or anything! Looking forward to seeing you next year!


  16. Do you have yo wait for someone to die for a spot to open with the Dr. you want? On the other hand, do you really want to go to the Dr. whose patients die? What a quandary.
    Read ya next year! Happy New Year.


  17. So actually, as I understand it, a Pit Bull and an American Staffordshire are in fact different breeds. So…. to my knowledge the AST is the show dog while the other is the sport dog. Just so ya know… 🙂 Happy New Year. From me and Nola (the dog).


  18. Thanks for the review. I’m new to your blog, so I learned a lot. The main thing I learned is you have the cutest house ever. I’m very jealous.


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