Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood

First of all, some smart, computery friend of mine said people will want to know this so they can do something called RSS. This means nothing to me. Am I helping y'all do something dirty?

Two hundred and seventy-ninth, today was kind of a run-around-y kind of a day. When that alarm went off at 6:50, I thought it had to be wrong. Don't you hate that? Marvin, who should have been a fireman, LEAPED out of bed and left the room, even though he is still on Christmas vacation. I dozed until 7:20.

When I finally got up, I grabbed a banana, half an avocado and several whole-wheat crackers. I ate these during the four hours that I work, along with 47,000 cups of black coffee, which is my life sustenance. Nothing makes me happier than that french roast in a cup. Do not take it from me. Not yet.

Anyway, as soon as work ended, I had to run errands then scream on over to Charlotte, where I had a doctor's appointment. I had to go to a dermatologist, because I have had this mysterious rash.

I am not one of those people who can go, "Oh, a rash. I'm sure it's nothing." No. I have to look up yellow fever online. I have to read about anaphylactic shock symptoms. I have to keep thinking the lights are going out and this is it.

Saw the doctor and hi, I'm stressed. Got some cream and drove back to TinyTown, where I live.

I want you to know my banana and half an avocado and several whole-wheat crackers kept me relatively happy from 8:00 until about 2:00, when I was in the midst of driving back home. Do you have any idea how many fast-food restaurants there are between my house and Charlotte, North Carolina? Seven hundred and twenty-six million, that's how many. And between them? Billboards offering more fast food just ahead.

Oh, and didn't a Big Mac sound good. But you know what? I persevered, and got home and ate leftover potatoes and carrots from the pot roast I made for new year's eve. Is that bad? I mean, are vegetables left over from pot roast just full of fat?

So that was my day. Marvin is making spaghetti and I am soon to get on the treadmill again, but before I go, I wanted to run down for you what my healthy friends say that they eat. So if that bores you, you can go now. Bye! See ya!

Smell ya!

Back at ya!

Don't let the door hit ya, and all those other phrases that end in "ya"!

As I said before, these women do not know each other, but the way they eat is startlingly similar.

It's nothing we haven't heard before, but keep in mind both these women have kids and full lives and still find time to eat well.

Both say they eat more than three times a day, and try to eat a protein and a carb each time.

For breakfast, one friend has 1 cup of cereal with 1/2 cup skim milk and half an apple. (HALF an apple!? I've never eaten half of anything in my life!) The other friend runs out the door with coffee and a banana.

Both eat just a few hours later, having snacks such as apples and peanut butter, or peanut butter and Triscuits, baby carrots and hummus, cheese and almonds. (Okay, no, they don't eat ALL of these, which is what I'd do.) (And one says she eats the full-fat cheese. She buys nothing low fat.)

For lunch, they both said the big salad. It includes 80 million vegetables and a protein like avocado or turkey or hard-boiled eggs. They both said they could also have turkey or tuna sandwiches and a small salad, or sliced tomato and mozzarella cheese, or a taco with avocado and black beans. Sometimes one will add a piece of fruit and baked chips.

Then they have afternoon snacks! Now, you see, I am liking this. And it's way more than I ate today, actually. The afternoon snack is yogurt with Grape Nuts or low-fat granola, or chips and salsa. If you are starved, have a protein rather than a carb.

When my one friend gets home from work, she'll have fruit and milk as she makes dinner. Both friends eat a lean protein for dinner, such as chicken, fish, burritos with beans, and also spaghetti. They both serve many vegetables and both make good stir fry, as well. One said she just puts a plate of carrots and orange slices and cheese cubes on the table for everyone as a side dish.

At night, these heifers snack AGAIN (seriously, they both look really really good. I cannot believe they get to eat this much) with treats like mini bagels and peanut butter, an English muffin and low-fat cheese, sliced bananas in skim milk, hummus on pita bread, cottage cheese, yogurt or half-fat ice cream.

They also both said they make lots of soups, and one friend said buy every bean you like, as they are filling and good for you. They also both mentioned that they sort of pace it out; like they won't have a more fattening snack if they had something higher-fat that day, or they will eat carefully that day if they know they are going out with friends that night.

Okay, yes, we  know all this already, so why do we feast on Pop-Tarts and pizza rolls? Or is that just me? Everything I mentioned  above is a food I like, except for the glass of milk part. Bluuuh. So it is just a matter of planning what I'm going to eat and being prepared. I could have made a sandwich for my drive to Charlotte. Having gone a whole year without spending, I know making lunch takes two minutes once you get it down.

All right. Enough rambling. See you tomorrow!

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  1. And June, you may want it shown on the main page of your site, as that is where people typically find RSS feed info.


  2. I really enjoyed reading your Bye
    Bye Buy blog! You have a gift for writing and always bring a smile to my face. I am looking forward to this new blog of yours. There is another blog that I think you and readers of this Bye Bye, Pie! would really enjoy. It is at Click on her blog for some hilarious reading that is also informative about exercise and diet.


  3. I am so happy there are others out there that hate milk – I can’t handle drinking a glass of milk and my husband will have it sometimes with dinner!! It’s just not right.


  4. Sorry, I fotget to tell you–you MUST eat. If you don’t your metabolism will s.l.o.w. down because your body thinks it’s going to starve, so if you want to keep that metabolish going you have to eat. Now, that’s good new, just eat the healthy things. 🙂 Five small meals are better than three large ones.


  5. I’m with you, what is RSS? If you find out let me know.
    As for eating healthy, we start the day with old fashion oatmeal (1/2 cup), a little soy milk and a few raisins. It will lower your cholesterol if you eat it consistently, well it lowered my husband’s about 20 points. He was thrilled.
    Almonds are a great snack, no more than your hand full per day. If you have a Sam’s Club in Charlotte you can buy them in large quantities at a rather reasonable price.
    We had steamed cauliflower with sauteed garlic and raisins over whole wheat pasta with fresh lemon juice over that and some grated parmasian cheese. Yum! Just saute the chopped garlic, add the califlower and raisins with a little water, cover and steam until tender. If you want to cut down on the carbs substitute bean sprouts for the pasta. It’s not as good, but it works when you are hungry. Oh, we had chicken sandwiches for lunch (from leftover grilled chicken) on 40 cal. bread with celery sticks, and a sugar-free popcicle. Makes me think I’m having dessert.


  6. June,
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with coffee. You sound like you are thinking of cutting that out. Which scares me. A lot.
    Those two friends of yours sound like they keep a reasonable diet, but I am certain they wouldn’t cut coffee out. Because, coffee is good for your soul.
    Maybe cutting back caffeine would be a better option, like say instead of drinking 47,000, you could drink 46,999 and a half.


  7. My husband reduced his cholesterol a lot by eating 5 times a day as per nutritionist orders.
    I’ve always ate 5 times a day – and as other poster suspected, it is all in the portion size! I never gain weight but my 5 meals are small – not like any entrĂ©e served in a restaurant in the US!
    I don’t feel hungry and my body keeps the sugar levels much more stable that way. As June says, it’s all about planning so you can have the healthy snacks available for when it’s time to eat.


  8. When I lost some weight recently I followed some other really good rules: never eating after 7 p.m. and drinking a glass of water before sitting down to a meal. And, though I love bagels, remember that they’re basically equivalent to 2 slices of white bread–go with whole grains!!


  9. I agree with Ree… soy milk is pretty good and the vanilla flavor is even better. Rice milk is good too.
    I hate milk. Ew.


  10. June, if you don’t like milk (and believe me, just the thought of it makes me want to puke a little) try soy milk. Especially 8th Continent, lowfat vanilla. Yum. It sweetens cereal a little so you don’t need a sweet cereal, and it’s drinkable for those of us who either a) hate milk or b) can’t drink it for lactose reasons.
    (I’m the former)


  11. These are such GREAT ideas! I am seriously so excited to try some of their suggestions. I, too, am attempting the annual “eat healthy” party that everyone seems to have this time of year. I get in such a rut and don’t know what to eat…that’s when I turn to the cheetos and cookie dough. Not so good for you, it turns out.


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